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A website about the City of Gillette in Wyoming, resources for Unix-like systems, and other projects.

Gillette, Wyoming in the Media

Gillette appears in many forms of media. I sort, catalog, and index any work that mentions or features Gillette and its citizens in movies, articles, board games, tv shows, books, and more. Besides the indexes and citations is a collection of quotes and the beginnings of a timeline. Gillette in the Media is a large PDF and will take some time to load.

The Satterly Name

de Soterle, Saterleigh, Saterle, Saterlaye, Saterleye, Satherley, Satterlee, Satterlei, Satterleigh, Satterley, Saturleigh, Saturley, and Saturly. So many variants that no one can pronounce or spell correctly, but like most names it has a long history and pops up in a few surprising places. In the first half I document the origins and meaning of the surname which includes all those variants while the second half looks at the usage of the name Satterly.

OpenBSD Gaming Resource

If you have heard of OpenBSD you may be intrigued that it has games. Each way to play is given a few paragraphs and there is the beginnings of a list of free notable games. While it is OpenBSD specific, users from Linux, BSDs, and other Unix-like systems may find it interesting.

GNU diction Database

One of the tools I use to polish my documents is GNU diction. It's a command-line utility that is designed to parse text and prints grammar suggestions. I compiled a database for it that covers a variety of English errors with quite a few suggestions.

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