Mr. Satterly

A website about the city of Gillette in Wyoming, the Satterly surname, and other projects.

The Essence of Gillette, Wyoming

I seek to learn what Gillette is, what it was, and what it will be. Gillette is many things with many parts. There are so many questions to ask. Why does the city exist? What is there to do in Gillette? Who lives in the city? Where is Gillette? And the most important question – what is Gillette, Wyoming?

The Satterly Name

Satterly, Satterlee, Satterley, and so many variants. Many spellings, but only one name. What does it mean, where did it come from, and how is it used? In this series I work on answering those questions.

OpenBSD Gaming

OpenBSD and video games are no longer strangers. Stand your ground and run only the games the operating system ships with or watch as I blur the lines of security and fun. You decide as I tell you about the ways to plays and show you what notable games work on OpenBSD. Unknown unknowns are made known as the obscure is brought to the light.

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Mrs. Satterly