Mr. Satterly

A website about the City of Gillette in Wyoming, resources for Unix-like systems, and other projects.

Gillette, Wyoming in the Media

Gillette appears in many forms of media. I sort, catalog, and index any work that mentions or features Gillette and its citizens in movies, articles, board games, tv shows, books, and more. Besides the indexes and citations is a collection of quotes and the beginnings of a timeline. Gillette in the Media is a large PDF and will take some time to load.

OpenBSD Gaming Resource

If you have heard of OpenBSD you may be intrigued that it has games. I focus on ways to play giving each section a few paragraphs and links to games, articles, documentaries, and documentation. While it is OpenBSD specific users from Linux, BSDs, and other Unix-like systems may find it interesting. An update is coming soon.

GNU diction Database

In an attempt to fix my own grammar mistakes and learn more about English I compiled a database for a program called GNU diction. It's a command-line utility that parses text and prints suggestions.

The Satterly Name

It is name no one can pronounce or spell correctly, but like most names it has a long history and pops up in a few surprising places. I document its usage and a little of its origins.

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