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Its origins and a list of things named Satterly.

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Updated April 2, 2018

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The Name

This document was only a list of things named Satterly and is now about the name itself. Because this section is new it will be small for a while.



Find a Grave has records, grave photos, cemetery photos, personal photos, and a few other things about the dead. The link shows every record with the word Satterly somewhere in the name.

Variant Spellings

Things Named Satterly


Jack Satterly Geochronology Laboratory

Jack Satterly Geochronology Laboratory
Department of Geology
University of Toronto
Earth Sciences Centre, 22 Russell Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 3B1

The lab was named after geologist Jack Satterly who also discovered the mineral Satterlyite. I assume by the pictures they don't have an entire building to themselves. The lab is probably housed inside the Department of Geology at the University of Toronto.

Satterly Barn, Woodhull-Satterly Barn, Woodhull-Satterly Stable, and Woodhull-Satterly-Jergenson House

Frank Melville Memorial Park
Setauket, New York
United States

The park is more of a historical district with several buildings named after either a Satterly family or a single man. It has Satterly Barn, Woodhull-Satterly Barn, Woodhull-Satterly Stable, and Woodhull-Satterly-Jergenson House.

Satterly Picnic Shelter

1-371 Westshore Drive
Campbellsville, Kentucky 42718
United States

It's a shelter. My only question is who was it named after? Well, the website says it also includes a bathroom, boat ramp, fishing pier, and dock.


Almost every business is named after a Satterly who founded it, but few are still around. Eventually you will notice that most of the addresses are in and around Kentucky.

Alana Satterly

350 Shalimar Lane
Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165
United States

Bizapedia says the person on file for the now dead company is Alana Satterly. Obviously she named it after herself.

Bryant and Satterly Electrical Contractors

4024 Winnipeg Way
Lexington, Kentucky 40503
United States

I don't know what happened to this company, but it no longer exists. I wasn't surprised by this when I saw the filing date listed as 1970.

Hilbert & Satterly

409 Camino del Rio S. Suite 104 San Diego, California 92108 United States

A law office which is surprisingly still around unlike most of the others on this list.

Kevin Satterly Agency

13427 North New Market Road
Marysville, Indiana 47141
United States

Another long gone company. Possibly started by the same Kevin Satterly from Kevin Satterly Construction.

Kevin Satterly Construction

1002 Gallery Circle
Bardstown, Kentucky 40004
United States

Another long gone company. Possibly started by the same Kevin Satterly from Kevin Satterly Agency.

Krane, Satterly & Davidson

1228 Starks Building
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
United States

Probably a law office based on the name. No longer around today.

P. Satterly Limited

Springers Cottage
46 Shillingford Road
Alphington Exeter
Devon Ex2 8ub
United Kingdom

Various sites said this company does construction work. The limited in their name might be the same as Co. or LLC.


4916 Lagoona Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40219
United States

This company is no longer active.

Satterly Appraisal Services

815 West Main Street
Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075
United States

The company appraises real estate and is run by a Satterly.

Satterly Construction

210 Dogwood Drive
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342
United States

Another dead company that was owned by a Satterly.

Satterly Corporation

1023 15th Street
Silvis, Illinois 61282
United States

Bizapedia has so many companies listed, but since they disappeared many years ago there is no more information about them online.

Satterly Creative

12012 Rosebrook Lane
Arlington, Tennessee 38002
United States

The chamber of commerce for Arlington, Tennessee says the company is in business and media. I was unable to see the website as it is a Flash only website.

Satterly Electric

2533 Larkin Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40503
United States

Another probably long gone company registered back in 1973.

Satterly Farm

3304 Rose Island Road
Prospect, Kentucky 40059
United States

The map shows some nice houses and land in the area, but I didn't see a large farm at the address listed.

Satterly Gulch Ranch

2792 State Highway 165
Westcliffe, Colorado 81252
United States

I couldn't find if this is a physical ranch. The address listed is near Satterly Gulch.

Satterly International

2474 Putter Road
Zellwood, Florida 32798
United States

There was a court case against this company in 1998. This company is no longer active.

Satterly Investments

89 Cedar Springs Drive
Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071
United States

I found no other information besides the company filing.

Satterly Lighting and Sign Servicing

120 Brad Circle
Winter Haven, Florida 33880
United States

This company is still around, but it seems they don't have a website.

Satterly Mark Antony

Bazac 16210

Probably another company named after the owner. I was surprised it was in France though. I didn't know any Satterlys made it to France. As with almost every business on this list there is no information about it online besides Bizapedia.

Satterly Portraiture

2434 East 3rd Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80206
United States

Satterly Portraiture is owned by a Satterly. The custom portraits it sells are paintings not photographs.

Satterly Services

4213 Leo Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40299
United States

This isn't the only Satterly Services, but the only one I could find solid information about.

Satterly Signs & Lighting

5337 North Socrum Loop Road 141
Lakeland, Florida 33809
United States

This company is no longer active.

Satterly Trucking

154 Zelma Place
Sheperdsville, Kentucky 40165
United States

Satterly & Oldfield Sweets

3920 Buckeye Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62712
United States

This company may have been renamed to SO Sweets. They made gourmet popcorn at one point.


4113 Murphy Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40241
United States

I couldn't find any information about what this company did.

Satterly-Stone Investments

2303-C Wellington Drive
Wilson, North Carolina 27896
United States

I assume this was a company that existed only on paper. Whatever it was it is gone now and has been for some time.

Satterly's Gun Shop

245 Martin Lane
Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330-9616
United States

Satterly's Lawn & Landscape

627 Woodfield Place
Lagrange, Kentucky 40031
United States

Another dead company from Kentucky.

Satterlyite Contracting

11 Hartington Street
United Kingdom

A company named after a mineral that was named after a Satterly. I couldn't find any other information besides a filing entry.

Tichenor & Satterly

37 W Main Street
Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071
United States

I couldn't find a website for this business, but it appears it is still around and that they are a law firm.

Bodies of Water

Satterly Creek (1)

Orange County, New York
United States

Satterly Creek is a tributary to Moodna Creek. It flooded a few houses in 1999.

Satterly Creek (2)


When I looked at the map I assumed the creek flows into Vichah Lake and that flowed into Satterly Lake.

Satterly Lake (1)

Antrim County, Michigan
United States

The lake is probably much larger than the satellite photos show. I think the split parts I saw form a larger lake when it has more water.

Satterly Lake (2)

Kenora District, Ontario

According to several press releases high concentrations of gold was found in this lake. Drilling may have already begun.

Satterly Lake (3)

Mallard Road, Sudbury, Ontario

I didn't see any kind of development around the lake only a minor road near it.


Old books especially genealogy ones always have excessively long titles. Nearly all the books on this list are for genealogy.

Ancestral lines of Jennie Cowen Hawkins Robinson of Hartford, Connecticut: traced through the families of Hawkins, Satterly, Mills, Reeve, Ruland and Williamson

Family Search says the book is only available on microfilm.

Genealogies of Long Island families; a collection of genealogies relating to the following Long Island families: Dickerson, Mitchill, Wickham, Carman, Raynor, Rushmore, Satterly, Hawkins, Arthur Smith, Mills, Howard, Lush, Greene.

The book says only 150 copies were printed, but luckily it was scanned and uploaded to the Internet Archive.

Satterlee-ley-ly & Allied Families Genealogy - Volumes 1-4

Goldie Satterlee Moffat wrote 4 books on genealogy. The first 3 volumes are available online. The 4th volume is not available to borrow at any library and few copies were printed.

Satterly Family Papers, 1867-1939

The WorldCat description says it is a box of materials not a book, but the description from the library it is held at says there is a manuscript in it as well.

Satterly Lake area: Red Lake mining division

Fictional Characters

I once listed the wrestler Ben Satterley/Satterly here, but I can't verify how his name is spelled. Every website has different spelling even the Wikipedia article spells it both ways on the same page. I contacted him through WWE to clarify, but he never responded.

Jet Storm - Mrs. Satterly

Mrs. Satterly is a character in the 1959 movie Jet Storm and is played by Hermione Baddeley. Baddeley commonly played characters formally addressed with Mrs.

Maneater - Roy Satterly and Rose Satterly

Roy and Rose Satterly are characters in the poorly rated 2007 TV movie Maneater. The movie is absolutely awful, but if you are reading this then it is a must watch. Roy Satterly is a little boy played by Ty Wood while Rose Satterly is played by Marina Stephenson Kerr.


Mary Claire Satterly Foundation

3826 Falmouth Court
Stockton, California 95219
United States

The foundation's website says Mary Claire Satterly was a young woman diagnosed with cancer. Once she experienced the pain of cancer she wanted to help children going through the same thing. After she died the foundation was setup in her name.


Satterlyite Mineral

Jack Satterly discovered this mineral in the Big Fish River area in Yukon Territory, Canada while working as a geologist at Ontario Department of Mines. Not only was the mineral named after him, but so was a laboratory.

Satterlyite Satterlyite (credit Chris857, copyright CC BY-SA 3.0)

The mineral doesn't look interesting and I didn't see any uses for it. One website said it is a rare mineral. Sellers said the site the mineral came from closed down.


Satterly Corners

Cayuga County, New York
United States

Satterly Corners is the area around the intersection of Toll Gate Hill Road and Erron Hill Road in Locke, New York. The map shows it is right next to Summer Hill State Forest.

Satterly Gulch

Custer County, Colorado
United States

There is an entry for Satterly Gulch Ranch. The dirt road near it looks private.

Satterly Hill

Schuyler County, New York
United States

Landscape painter John Whiting painted a view from Satterly Hill in 2002. The webpage it was on is no longer available.

Satterly Landing

Mount Sinai, New York
United States

I read that people launch boats from this park. There was a boathouse there at one point.

Satterly Landing Satterly Landing (credit Soundbounder, copyright CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Satterly Landing Satterly Landing (credit Soundbounder, copyright CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Satterly Landing Satterly Landing (credit Soundbounder, copyright CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


I don't know why these were named after Satterly, but there are several roads with the name. All of them appear to be short residental roads.

Satterly Hill Road

Logan, Schuyler County, New York 14818
United States

Satterly Lake Road

Wetzel, Antrim County, Michigan
United States

This road connects to several other roads named Satterly that lead to one of the Satterly lakes. OpenStreetMap shows it in multiple pieces, but I believe from images it is only one piece and they haven't fully mapped it yet.

Satterly Lane (1)

Wetzel, Antrim County, Michigan
United States

This road connects to several other roads named Satterly that lead to one of the Satterly lakes.

Satterly Lane (2)

Sotterley, Saint Mary's County, Maryland 20636
United States

Many other connecting roads or nearby roads are variations of the Satterly name.

Satterly Road (1)

Setauket-East Setauket, Suffolk County, New York 11733
United States

Satterly Road (2)

Ferrisburgh, Addison County, Vermont 05456
United States

Satterly Road (3)

Humber Summit, North York
Toronto, Ontario

Satterly Trail

Wetzel, Antrim County, Michigan
United States

This road connects to several other roads named Satterly that lead to one of the Satterly lakes.

Satterly Way

Roxburgh Park
City of Hume, Greater Melbourne, Victoria, 3048

I counted about 20 houses on this small side street. It looks like a middle class neighborhood. There are a few Satterly's in Australia so I assumed it was named after one of them.

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