mime.types File

When servers respond with a file extension and a MIME type I put them in my mime.types file. I exclude any that are obviously wrong.


mimetypes.txt <25 KiB


A mime.types file may be used by servers, news and email clients, web browsers, and with a mailcap file. Some programs will use it automatically while others require configuration. If a mailcap file exists it works as a database of file extensions. The most likely usage of a mime.type file like this would be to copy it to your home directory.

$ cp -i mimetypes.txt $HOME/.mime.types


Dont' use this file for a server. Servers should use official types and be as correct as possible. This file deals with servers that send nonstandard, old, and possibly incorrect responses. If you need a mime.types file for a server use the mime.types from Apache I linked to in the resources section.

The mime.types file is licensed as WTFPL version 2.

File Format

The format is the MIME type with a tab separator followed by the file extensions separated by a space.

group/type TAB extension SPACE extension

Here is an example line.

image/jpeg  jpeg jpg


Made by Mr. Satterly
With help from Mrs. Satterly