Gillette, Wyoming Travel Guide

I edit the Gillette travel guide on Wikivoyage. Visit the link to read the guide or continue for details and my thoughts.

The Travel Guide

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If you know what Wikipedia is then you understand Wikivoyage. It is an informal travel guide run by the Wikimedia organization. Anyone can edit the guide and add anything from addresses and map coordinates to detailed descriptions of places.

Wikivoyage is different from Wikipedia and other travel information in several ways. It isn't an advertisement, a brochure, or a list of everything in a city. It should only list attractions or businesses worth visiting. Read "Welcome, Wikipedians" linked in the resources section for more differences.

Wikivoyage isn't just one city or attraction it covers the entire world. I read other guides for this region that described Gillette as an ugly stop with no history. I think every town has something to offer including Gillette.

Past and Future

The guide started as a Wikitravel article and was imported into Wikivoyage many years ago. Almost no edits were made since then. With some work the guide has gone from outline to usable. The next status level is given when it exceeds all other guides. The final level is awarded after discussion when it is perfect.

Read Wikivoyage's star articles to see the best they have to offer. Star articles aren't just the obvious ones like San Francisco, California, but also includes small islands such as Berneray, Scotland. Maybe one day with enough work Gillette might make it to that list.


If Wikivoyage isn't good enough or you want another perspective there are a few other guides and websites about visiting Gillette.

Trip Advisor: Gillette
A great source of information, photos, and reviews. Don't blindly trust the reviews though.
Visit Gillette-Wright Wyoming
The official website of the visitor center has a good list of events and a nice looking brochure if you can find it on the website.


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