Photos of Gillette, Wyoming

Not everything about Gillette needs to be hundreds pages of text. We can visually explore Gillette both in the here and now and in the distant past.

Updated July 27, 2022
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End of the line


photo of downtown Gillette
Gillette Avenue looking south.

Construction era

Sleepy cowtown


photo of downtown Gillette showing the businesses on Gillette Avenue
Downtown Gillette Avenue.


photo of US Highways 14 and 16 in Gillette and the businesses along the road
Photo taken looking West near the intersection of US 14/16 and Highway 59.



photo of a Gillette neighborhood
“Miners in the West often live near reminders of their work. Behind this neighborhood in Gillette, Wyo., is a coal tipple.”

Blue-collar days

The decline


photo of Wyoming Highway 59 in Gillette
Wyoming Highway 59 has become one the main roads through Gillette. Seen here from Interstate 90.


photo of Southern Drive in Gillette
A typical Gillette scene on Southern Drive. Layers of trailers surrounded by signs of the energy industry set to a backdrop of rolling hills and hints of a treeline in the far distance.


Looking South on Gillette Ave, Gillette, Wyo.. Chas. E. Morris Company. 1914~. Postcard.

Business Section of Gillette, Wyoming. Noble Postcards. 1961~. Postcard.

The President's Commission on Coal. The American Coal Miner: A Report on Community and Living Conditions in the Coalfields. pages 40, 41. 1980.

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