Gillette, Wyoming in the Media

Did you know Gillette is the setting of the first scene in the TV show Dark Angel? Maybe you need a list of Gillette history books and people mentioned in them. My exhaustive list will cover your needs and surprise you.


I verify all the entries my self or I speak with the creator, but I don't verify if the work was honest and accurate. A work needs to mention or feature Gillette to be included here. That could be someone who was living in Gillette at the time or a place in Gillette.

Citations are in MLA 8th edition format with a few slight changes. I used the page numbers from the content of the book not the PDF numbers because the PDFs are generated from scanned images. I did the same with online book previews. The preview can change at any time and is generated from a scan or digital copy of the book.

Even when some of the works are political I tried to avoid politics. I tell my opinions especially when a work is awful, but try to avoid political and religious controversies. The purpose of this document is to list all media about Gillette, not to be a political platform.


All the photos are resized and lower quality than the originals to prevent the page from being too large. The ones without a copyright notice are taken by me.

Academic: History

Annals of Wyoming

The Annals of Wyoming is published by the Wyoming State Historical Society. All the volumes have been digitized and put on both the historical society's webpage and Internet Archive. The publication is almost as old as Gillette and has been called Quarterly Bulletin, Annals of Wyoming, Wyoming Annals, and Wyoming History Journal.

A Timely Arrival

This is one of the wilder stories from Gillette's past. In the mid 1890s George Curry the outlaw known as "Flat Nose" came to Gillette in winter. His sister told his friends heard a rumor that he would be killed by officers if he came back to Gillette.

When Curry arrived in Gillette by train there was an officer at the platform waiting to kill him. Curry held his revolver under his overcoat as he got off the train and walked towards the officer. What he didn't know was there was another officer in the "eating house" watching him.

His friends arrived and told the officers they couldn't kill Curry and to go home. Curry stared at one officer John Nelan and Nelan became too scared to shoot Curry. Curry and his friends then went to eat at Mrs. Meserve's log restaurant.

Curry hired a cowboy named Thompson to gather his horses from the Jack Garner ranch. Curry and his friends rode back to the Hole-in-the-Wall area, but the story continues for Thompson.

Jim Ricks one of the officers who confronted Curry found a cow branded TJ had been butchered by Jack Garner. Ricks confronted Thompson at the Garner ranch. Thompson laughed at him. Ricks returned with officer John Nelan who shot Thompson in the neck. Older Gillette residents said they thought it was a murder by officers too scared to shoot Curry. They believed Thompson was an innocent young cowboy looking for work.

Garner was later convicted and sent to prison for butchering the cow. Curry went on to commit murder and robbing trains. He was killed near Price, Utah on April 17, 1900.

George Curry
also known as "Flat Nose"
outlaw and rancher in the Hole-in-the-Wall area
Barbara Curry
school teacher
sister of George Curry
Alex Ghent
rancher in Hole-in-the-Wall area
friend of George Curry
confronted officers in Gillette
Al Smith
friend of George Curry
confronted officers in Gillette
Hi Bennet
friend of George Curry
confronted officers in Gillette
John Nelan
confronted George Curry in Gillette
killed Mr. Thompson
Jim Ricks
confronted George Curry in Gillette
John Carter
town marshal in Gillette
Mr. Thompson
hired by George Curry
was sent to the Jack Garner ranch to gather his horses
killed by officer John Nelan
Mike Elmore
Gillette resident
owner of the old Garner ranch at the time of writing
killed Converse County Sheriff Joe Hazen with George Curry
killed Converse County Sheriff Joe Hazen with George Curry
Walt Monett
Gillette rancher
gave information to the author
C. P. Berry
Gillette resident
was a livestock inspector and detective
worked for Wyoming Stock Growers Association
an honorary life member of the association
called to identify George Curry's body
George Smith
Al Smith's brother
Mrs. C. P. Berry
gave Walt Monett information about George Curry's sister

Brock, J Elmer. "A Timely Arrival". Annals of Wyoming, volume 15, number 1, January 1943, pages 63-67,

Wyoming in World War II

The article says it is a complete list of military men and civilians who were killed, injured, or captured from Wyoming in World War 2. It may have been true then, but it obviously isn't true today because this was published in 1943 and the war didn't end until 1945.

Gene D. Hoel
United States Marine Corps
Elwood Lee Tyrelle
United States Marine Corps
Howard Earl Davis
Yeoman, second class
United States Navy
Robert B. Birdsall
Technical Sergeant
United States Army

"Wyoming in World War II". Annals of Wyoming, volume 15, number 1, January 1943, pages 301; 306,

Academic: Religious

The Churchman

The Churchman is still around and was renamed to simply Churchman.

Diocesan News: Wyoming and Idaho

In 1892 several churches had been built in Wyoming and more were being considered. Gillette was one of the possible locations

"Diocesan News: Wyoming and Idaho". The Churchman, volume 65, June 11 1892, page 774,

Academic: Sociology

Economic Development and Community Social Change

The paper talks about rural industrialization with details on boomtown problems and economic issues. Gillette is used as an example of boomtowns, but not discussed in detail.

Gene F. Summers
Department of Rural Sociology
University of Wisconsin
author of paper
Kristi Branch
The Research Branch
author of paper

Summers, Gene F and Kristi Branch. "Economic Development and Community Social Change". Annual Review of Sociology, volume 10, 1984, pages 141-166,

Social Consequences of Boom Growth in Wyoming

Psychologist ElDean Kohrs famously coined the term Gillette Syndrome in this paper. It sounds as if he heard the term from someone else. He says the Gillette Syndrome is a husband coming home from 16 hour shift and his wife is short with him after a day of dealing with wind, children, living in a mobile home, and mud. Then the man heads out to the bars with other men experiencing the same problems. Kohrs goes on to say that this leads to divorce, alcoholism, emotional damage, depression, suicide, neglect, and more.

Kohrs is negative about the future (now the past) of Gillette. It sounds as if everything that could go wrong would go wrong. It would take too long to list everything he says will or could happen. He does say though that eventually it leads to a larger city that needs better entertainment than bars and eventually schools. Which is what happened in Gillette years later.

A large portion of the paper talks about trailer parks in Gillette and their awful existence. How they are bad psychologically and what to do about it. Mud seemed to be on his mind as I hear the word used repeatedly to describe muddy children, wives dealing with mud, too much data being like mud, and fighting mud. He sounds as if he was exhausted by the suffering he saw.

Kohrs, ElDean V. "Social Consequences of Boom Growth in Wyoming". Rocky Mountain American Association of the Advancement of Science Meeting, April 24-26 1974,

Books: Biographies

The biographies section only covers nonfiction. There are some fictional biographies in the fiction section.

Cow Chips 'N' Cactus

Florence Blake Smith of Chicago, Illinois recalls her memories about homesteading at Pumpkin Buttes in Wyoming in her self-published book. The back cover says it was designed by Smith so I assume she also picked the eye catching title of cow feces and cactus. This book has no chapters or sections and many pages have no paragraphs either. The book needed an editor.

It's hard to understand when and where Smith was at any time in the book, but she was in Gillette for a time. She says it was about 20 years after the railroad was built. The first railroad line to Gillette was built in 1891 which places the story around 1911.

Smith describes an emotional murder trial, staying at the Goings hotel, eating at Olson's Waffle Shop, and rambling about day to day life. She clearly missed Chicago because she spends nearly as much time talking about Chicago as she does Wyoming.

Smith, Florence Blake. Cow Chips 'N' Cactus, First Edition, Unity Publications, 1962, pages 56-76.

Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne

The biography of John Wayne says he went to Gillette to film Hellfighters in 1968. This is not true. He went to an area around Casper, Wyoming and Midwest, Wyoming. In 1967 a film crew came to Gillette to record an oil fire being put out by "Boots" and "Coots" of Paul "Red" Adair's company. The movie was in preproduction and none of the actors came.

Davis, Ronald L. Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne, University of Oklahoma Press, 1998, page 284.

The Farmer Boy Who Became a Bishop

Anson Roger Graves says while he was a bishop 4 or 5 years ago he sent a missionary to the "village" of Gillette. The book was published in 1911 which places his time as a bishop to around 1906-1907. He found out the town was run by cowboys and saloon keepers and they didn't have or want any Christian services. The information he got was wrong. There was a Protestant church in Gillette and people did want services both Protestant and Catholic.

Graves says in the Spring of the previous year (1910) he heard that Gillette did have people who wanted services so he decided to come to Gillette. When he arrived by train he was greeted by the leading physician and went to his house. Two hours later he gave a lecture on baptism and gave sacrament to 5 people. 45 people came to the Baptist church and he confirmed 5 people.

On his way back home Graves stopped at Gillette again and baptized 2 people and gave communion to 6 people. He says he had originally setup the Ladies Guild and the group had already started a fund to build a chapel. After the book was published the guild succeeded and one was built. It still exists as of 2017, but it is no longer a chapel.

Graves, Anson Roger. The Farmer Boy Who Became a Bishop; The Autobiography of The Right Reverend Anson Roger Graves, The New Werner Company, 1911, pages 189-190,

The Homestead Doctor

Joe Hoadley wrote this biography of his father Archie Guy Hoadley, but it has Hoadley family history and the history of the area including Gillette. It covers from 1905 to around the 1960s. There are a few illustrations and low quality black and white photos.

As with other low-volume and self-published books in this list there is no index. Yes, I do understand the irony of this document not having an index. The difference is that this page can be searched easily with any browser.

Hoadley, Dr. Joe. The Homestead Doctor, 1996.

Last o'Mountain Man Top o' Rockies

In Timber Jack Joe's (Joseph Earnest Lynde) autobiography he says his father I. W. Lynde homesteaded near Gillette. I. W. married Winnie McCawley of Hyannis, Nebraska. They were both still living in Gillette in 1977. The copy I saw was signed by Timber Jack Joe. The book is a collection of newspaper and magazine articles and letters.

Timber Jack Joe. Last o'Mountain Man Top o' Rockies, Rustler Printing & Publishing, 1982, page 8.

The Life & Sacred Times of Timber Jack Joe

Joseph Earnest Lynde (Timber Jack Joe) had a long and varied life. He was a coal miner, mountain man, actor, animal lover and so much more. The book includes many black and white photographs and poems which are on this list. What caught my attention was the story about his image used for a postal stamp and when Lynde road on a float with the now former President of the United States George Bush Sr.

Lynde was a popular and well liked person. The book has dozens of letters from friends. He received many awards and honors during his life.

Lynde knew Shields Wright (White Eagle). Wright is in several entries in this document and wrote several books. Lynde called him Chief White Eagle. I assumed White Eagle became a chief later or it was a nickname because he wasn't called that by anyone else.

Lynde, Marilyn J. The Life & Sacred Times of Timber Jack Joe: Wyoming's Last 'O Mountain Man, Mountain States Lithographing, October 2000.

My Army life and the Fort Phil. Kearney Massacre

While the book briefly talks about Edward Gillette's accomplishments and his wife's dinner parties in Sheridan there is only a small mention of the actual city of Gillette. It says there is a promising town named after Edward Gillette.

Carrington, Frances C. My Army life and the Fort Phil. Kearney Massacre with an account of the celebration of "Wyoming Opened", J. B. Lippincott, 1910, page 299,

Quite A Life: John C. Ostlund

John C. Ostlund wrote a lengthy autobiography shortly before his death in 2004. He covers his entire life with many photos of him and of Gillette. I didn't finish reading it, but I can say the book is much better than it sounds.

Ostlund, John C. Quite A Life: John C. Ostlund, Elton-Wolf Publishing, December 2000.

Video Games & Machine Guns

I saw this book in a store and verified it does have mentions of Gillette in it, but I haven't read it yet. The author is from Gillette.

O'Neal, Thomas K. Video Games & Machine Guns: A Wyoming Marine in Afghanistan, Actual Publishing, 2012.

Books: Cookbooks

I have heard of several more cookbooks than what I listed here, but I haven't found titles or copies of them yet.

Buffalo Cookery

It's a cookbook. Not much more to say because all it has is recipes. Below is a list of the recipes by people in Gillette.

Meat Recipe
Mrs. Stone
page 42
Meatless Mince Meat
Mrs. N. M. Fitch
page 120
Potato Cake
Mrs. Mary Wakeman
page 141
Bread Dough Cake
Mrs. Elwood Anderson
page 149
Angel Food
Mrs. W. M. Underwood
page 152
Sugar Cookies
Mrs. Alice Alcott
page 157
Browned Steamed Pudding
Mrs. McComickey? (unable to read name)
page 184
Green Tomato Pickles
Mrs. O. W. Hall
page 224

The Green Tomato Pickles recipe is also in The Gillette Cook Book.

Buffalo Cookery: A Collection of Choice Recipes Carefully Selected and Arranged for Western Housewives, compiled by Ladies' Auxiliary of St Luke's Sunday-School, second edition, Brown & Whitaker, 1907; 1916, pages 42; 120; 141; 149; 152; 157; 184; 224,

Cooking with Love

I haven't found a copy yet, but I did see the book's cover and index. It was compiled by a church in Gillette and mentions Dunlap Photography which is in Gillette.

Morlene Riggle
thanked for their help
Martha Reimer
thanked for their help
Pat Mills
Coordinator for Bethlehem Missionettes

Cooking with Love, [photos by Dunlap Photography], Walter's Cookbooks, Waseca Minnesota.

The Gillette Cook Book

White Eagle (Shields Wright) was deaf, mute, and uneducated yet he still managed to write several books which he printed himself. His short cookbook has recipes of all kinds, a few poems, cooking and general life tips, and advertisements.

The original was published in 1916 and two reproductions were made in 1966 and 2012. The 1966 reproduction looks like it has 2 added pages because they are not typeset the same as the rest of the book. One page is a photo of White Eagle and the other is a short biography about him.

Here is a list of all the recipes and the people who gave them. The names may not be spelled correctly because the book has many other spelling errors. Question marks mean I am not sure what it says, because the copy I had was not clearly reproduced. I corrected some of the recipes names.

Molasses Layer Cake
Mrs. E. W. Brown
Sour Cream Cake
Mrs. E. W. Petersen
Fried Cake
Mrs. W. W. Clevland?
Presto Cake
Mrs. Bert. D. Rohan?
White Cake
Mrs. Frank Jones
Potato Cake
Florance French
Buttermilk Cake
Mrs. W. R. Wright
Caramel Frosting
Mrs. W. R. Wright
Small Layer Cake
Mrs. John Paisley
Devil's Food Cake
Mrs. Ben F. Morgan
Another Devil's Food
Mrs. S. P. Hardy
White Cake
Mrs. S. D. McKenner
Brown Stone Front
Mrs. John Paisley
Dark Cake
Mrs. Fitch
Brides Delight
Mrs J. C. Moore
Orange Cake
Miss Lucy Schmidt
Lemon Pie
Mrs. E. W. Petersen
Sour Cream Pie
Miss Gladys Wilson
Chicken Pie
Mrs. Amy Carey
Crust for Chicken Pie
Mrs. Fannie Cook
Mock Mince Pie
Mrs. W. R. Fox
Cheese Pie
L. F. Gielish
Cream Pie
Mrs. Maria Royal Irving
Cream Puffs
Mrs. I. Worthy Lynde
Ginger Cookies
Mrs. Fannie Cook
Sheepherder's Cookies
Mrs. G. W. Stone
Oatmeal Cookies
Mrs. Ernest A. Littleton
Another (Oatmeal Cookies)
Mrs. John Hill
White Sugar Cookies
Mrs. Edith Paisley
Mrs. Fannie Cook
Soft Ginger Bread
Mrs. W. R. Fox
Tea Cakes
Mrs. W. E. Littleton
S. D. McKenner
Graham Gems
Mrs. H. J. Chassell
Light Buns
Elsie Johnson
Graham Nut Loaf
Mrs. L. H. Barlow
Oatmeal Bread
Mrs. G. W. Stone
Steamed Cornbread
Mrs. Amy Carey
Steamed Brownbread
Miss Lucy Schmidt
Raised Doughnuts
Mrs. Elmer Reno
Potato Doughnuts
Mrs. G. W. Stone
Good Cinnamon Rolls
Mrs. E. W. Brown
Raisin Pudding
Mrs. J. W. Hanson
Date Pudding
Mrs. Glen Cruzen
Spotted Pup
Miss Gladys Wilson
Lemon Dumplings
Mrs. O. W. Hall
Francis Eliza Chassell
Irene Gielish
Sea Foam
Mrs. J. W. Hanson
Chocolate Fudge
Mrs. Kinnamar
Maple Mousse
Mrs. Fitch
Cook Dried Apricots
Mrs. Burt J. Reno
Scotch Lemon Sponge
Mrs. Jas Wilson
Corn Bread
Mrs. B. L. Johnston
Cream Taffy
Josie Maycock
Lemon Drops
Josie Maycock
Orange Fudge
Josie Maycock
Peanut Fudge
Josie Maycock
Josie Maycock
Potato Soup
Mrs. B. L. Johnston
Chow Chow
Mrs. B. L. Johnston
Cream Tomato Soup
Mrs. W. D. McGrew
Cream Tomato Soup 2
Mrs. Henry Vedder
Potato Soup
Mrs. Chas Boyaton
Noodle Soup
Mrs. Henry Vedder
Puree of Beans
Mrs. Chas Poynton
Bean Soup
Mrs. B. L. Johnston
Meat Salad
Mrs. G. La. Noue
Apple Salad and Dressing
Mrs. Glen Cruzen
Salad Dressing
Mrs. Fannie Cook
Salad Dressing 2
Mrs. W. Bernard Reeder
Mrs. E. W. Brown
Green Tomato Pickles
Mrs. O. W. Hall
Green Corn Pickle
Mrs. T. J. Gates Jr.
Tomato Ketchup
Mrs. E. W. Brown
Chili Sauce
Mrs. Anna Marquiss
Pepper Relish
Mrs. J. P. Fowlston
Salmon Salad
Mrs. Mabel L. McIntosh
Salmon Loaf
Mrs. J. W. Hanson
Breaded Oysters
Clara Cates
Baked Halibut, ala Spanish
Mrs. T. A. Frey
Baked Fresh Fish
Mrs. Fannie Cook
Scalloped Oysters with Mushrooms
Mrs. T. A. Frey
Mrs. G. LaNor?
Fried Sage Chicken
Mrs. Billy Bishop
Fricasseed Veal, or Pork
Mrs. Billy Bishop
Spring Chicken a la Maryland
Mrs. Billy Bishop
Virginia Ham
Mrs. Billy Bishop
Poached Eggs with Tomato Sauce
Mrs. Billy Bishop
Squab Pie
Miss Ida V. Farmer
Corned Beef
Mrs. J. M. Harper
Beef Loaf
Mrs. E. E. Littleton
French Pot Roast
Miss Ida V. Farmer

White Eagle. The Gillette Cook Book: 96 Choice Recipes By Gillette Ladies With Notes on the Town, Country and Citizens, White Eagle, 1916; 1966.

Saint Elizabeths Cook Book

I saw the book's cover and index, but haven't found a copy of it yet. The catholic church in Gillette wrote the book and I assume it has recipes from them.

"Saint Elizabeths Altar Society of Saint Matthews Parish". Saint Elizabeths Cook Book, Clouds Peak Printery, Sheridan Wyoming.

St. Matthew's Catholic Cookbook

I saw photos of the book, but I haven't seen a copy yet. The cover says Gillette, Wyoming and it was written by St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Gillette so I assume the recipes were written by them as well.

[St. Matthew's Catholic Church]. St. Matthew's Catholic Cookbook, [St. Matthew's Catholic Church], [1981].

Books: Fiction

Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy

The character Dare is from Gillette and so is his family which lived in a trailer park. Nothing specific is said about Gillette. The city for Dare's history had no impact on the story.

Crane, Megan. Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy, EPUB Edition, Tule Publishing Group, 2014,

Dark Angel

See Dark Angel in the television section first because these books are based on the show and were printed after it ended. Just like the show the books give little attention to Gillette.

Number 1 - Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn takes place before the events in the series. The author was not one of the original writers for the show. Not only is chapter 1 is set in Gillette, but the first line in the book says Gillette, Wyoming. As with the show, Gillette is mentioned when referencing the distant past of the characters. It repeats and expands on the past events already covered in other episodes including repeating the same goofs.

Collins, Max Allen. Dark Angel: Before the Dawn, First Edition, Random House Publishing Group, October 2002, page 3,

Directive 51

The story bounces all over the world every few paragraphs. When I skimmed through the book I saw a few portions set in Gillette. I wasn't surprised that everything written about Gillette was fiction because it gives the standard disclaimer about it being a work of fiction and any resemblance is coincidence.

Why bother using a real city if everything is fiction? Other books had no problem using Gillette as a location and mentioning real places.

Barnes, John. Directive 51, Ace Books, 2011.

Ghosts of Wyoming

The chapter Oil and Gas is set in Gillette. It is split into smaller pieces about different people. It is accurate enough that I could believe it is about Gillette including all the cursing. I would describe it as a mix of internal thoughts and conversation fragments.

Hagy, Alyson Carol. Ghosts of Wyoming, Graywolf Press, 2010.

Kiss the Morning Star

This book gives the warning about places being completely fictional so it is no surprise Gillette described as a tiny dusty town with only one place to get car repairs. The location is important to the story, but it could have been any other city. Maybe there is some legal reason they can't use a real location. If that is true why are there other fiction stories that use the real Gillette as a location?

Hoole, Elissa Janine. Kiss the Morning Star, First Edition, Marshall Cavendish, 2012.

The Legend of Colton H Bryant

This book is a fictional biography based on a true story. There are two mentions of Gillette in it. One is about the Gillette Syndrome which I cover in academic papers. The other is a story about a driller's helper in Gillette. The helper was poorly trained in a prisoners to work program by Volunteers of America. While drilling for natural gas his hand got caught in the drill and he reached for it with his free hand causing the drill to tear off both his arms killing him.

Fuller, Alexandra. The Legend of Colton H Bryant, Simon & Schuster, 2009, pages 21; 32.


Motor is a series about car racing for young adults.

Number 3 - Checkered Flag Cheater

While chapter 7 is partially set in Gillette I believe everything wrote is intended to be fiction. Some of the locations the author mentions such as Walmart and Gillette Thunder Speedway are real, but there has never been a Denny's or a casino in Gillette.

Weaver, Will. Motor: Checkered Flag Cheater, First Edition, number 3, RR Donnelley & Sons Company, pages 85; 93-98.

Books: Genealogy

I decided to put all the genealogy books together. They are similar to military books because they have people listed from Gillette with a bit of information about them. The genealogy books are a bit of a boring read, but they could be useful to someone.

Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp Families

The book says Luther Lycurgus Cloyd born in Holt County, Montana on August 26, 1855 was a pastor at some point in Gillette. He retired from being a pastor in 1909 so it was sometime before that. It also says he built and dedicated a church in Gillette.

Cloyd, MD A D. Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp Families in America: with brief sketches referring to the families of Ingels, Jones, Marshall and Smith, The Champlin Press, 1912, pages 165-166,

Our Black Family in America

I hope the rest of what was on the title page isn't part of the title. That would be obscenely long if so. Why are some of these old history book titles so long?

The only thing about Gillette is that Bernice Black born June 22, 1917 married Kenneth Hugh Clements born December 31, 1913 in Gillette. He was the son of Hugh Clements and Ruth Wallace.

Our Black Family in America: Some of the descendants of William Black and Sarah Stevens, compiled by Chester A Black and Sarah H Black, Sugar House, 1960, page 135,

Our Young Family in America

Only mention of Gillette is that Wayne S. Hough born September 18, 1894 at New Haven, Ohio and Olive Cartwell born December 24, 1889 at Urbana, Ohio were married in 1920 at Gillette. They moved to California in 1921.

Our Young Family in America, compiled by Professor Edward Hudson Young, Sanborn and Ruth Young; Ruth Young Orb; Helen Young Hardy; Professor Edward Hudson Young, 1947, page 183,

The Spaid Family in America

Sherman Cale was born on April 3, 1865. His wife Emma Moorehead was born at Senecaville, Ohio on February 3, 1870. They married on October 1, 1888. After having their children they moved back to Gillette. Sherman Cale worked for a railroad company. Their 4 children were Lola Belle Cale, Henry George Cale, Sherman Franklin Cale, and James Manchester Cale.

The Spaid Family in America, compiled by Abraham Thompson Secrest, Nitsehke Brothers, November 1922, page 224,

Books: History

The Banditti of the Plains

Gillette is only a side note in this book. During the Johnson County War on April 13th 1892 John R. Brooke Brigadier General Commanding in Omaha, Nebraska sent a telegram to Amos W. Barber the Acting Governor of Wyoming. He said Major Wolcott surrendered to commanding officer at Fort McKinney. He asks if the Governor wants an escort from Gillette. The Governor replied on the same day at 10 P.M. from Cheyenne, Wyoming saying send the escort to Douglas, Wyoming because everything will be over before he gets there so he wont need an escort from Gillette to Buffalo, Wyoming.

A second mention of Gillette during the war was a story recounted by Thomas Hathaway who was cowboy working for H. A. Blair Company known as the Hoe outfit. He said George A. Wellman who was in charge of the Hoe outfit came from Gillette to the Hoe ranch. The rest is a long story about how Wellman was murdered on their way to Buffalo, Wyoming.

Mercer, A S. The Banditti of the Plains or, The Cattlemen's Invasion of Wyoming in 1892: The Crowning Infamy of the Ages, foreword by William H. Kittrell, University of Oklahoma Press, 1954, pages 78-79; 139,

The Barristers of Northeast Wyoming

This brief book recounts not only the history of the lawyers in Campbell County, but of Gillette and how technology changed practicing law. Several events like the bulldozer incident and dealings with Roy Montgomery owner of the Pea Green Brothel are talked about.

Brorby, Wade. The Barristers of Northeast Wyoming: A Chronicle of the Campbell County Bar Association, April 29 1997.

Campbell County Chronicles: The Way We Were

The first page says it was written by Mrs. Toni Stone's 1983-1984 freshman English class from Campbell County High School in the spring of 1984. About half of this short book is black and white photos both historical and near 1984. Some of these are available online. Scattered through the book are interviews by long time Gillette residents, poems, and historical information. Each section is written by a different student on a different topic.

Campbell County High School. Campbell County Chronicles: The Way We Were, Campbell County High School, Spring 1984.

Corporate History of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

The section on the Grand Island and Northern Wyoming Company talks about the founding of the company, its corporate charter, railroad construction, leases and deeds to Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company. The line they built from Moorcroft going west to Gillette was 28 miles long (45.06 kilometers) and was opened on August 20, 1891. This railroad construction is the reason Gillette exists. The line from Gillette going west to Croton, Wyoming was 30.1 miles (48.44 kilometers) long and opened on July 7, 1892.

Corporate History of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company and Affiliated Companies, prepared by W. W. Baldwin, [1921], page 371,

From Wagon Wheels to Jets

I briefly skimmed the book and it is mostly about Gillette, but I haven't read it yet.

Heald, George D. From Wagon Wheels to Jets, 1963.

History of Campbell County

Similar to Campbell County Chronicles this is a history report written by a senior English class from Campbell County High School in 1954. It covers prehistory Indians to near 1954. There is a small section on suggestions for the future and predictions. The photographs and maps in the book are low quality.

According to the book around the time Gillette was a tent town called Donkey Town and the railroad was being built a man named Deacon Wilson who was a horse wrangler working for a railroad subcontractor played a prank on the workers. It says at the time the workers were aware of possible Indian troubles.

One night Wilson rode quickly into the camp yelling "Indians". Everyone in the camp ran into the hills and sagebrush in their night clothes. They punished him by spanking him with a wooden board yelling Indians every time it hit.

1954 Campbell County High School Senior English Class. History of Campbell County, Campbell County High School, 1954.

History of Carroll County, Iowa

W. I. Kortright first worked on newspapers in Fairfax, South Dakota. He then moved to Gillette to edit the Gillette News. He worked at the Gillette News owned by S. D. Perry for a year before moving to Randolph, Nebraska.

History of Carroll County, Iowa: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement, volume ii, S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912, page 55,

History of Pomona Valley, California, with Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the Valley Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present

The title of this book is way too long. Who even thought that was a good idea? Well there is one entry on Dr. Paul W. Newcomer. It says he first practiced in Gillette in 1913 and became a pharmacist. He went to Pomona Valley, California in 1916.

History of Pomona Valley, California, with Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the Valley Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development from the Early Days to the Present, prepared by F. P. Brackett, Historic Record Company, 1920, page 693,

History of Richardson County, Nebraska: Its People, Industries and Institutions

Stephen Conlee Barlow married a second time to Ruth Draper and one of their sons Louis Henry was said to be a successful ranchman in Gillette.

Edward D. Morris had 10 children with his wife Elizabeth Davis all of them born in Nebraska. Their children Anna Morris and Elizabeth Morris lived near Gillette while John Morris lived in Gillette.

History of Richardson County, Nebraska: Its People, Industries and Institutions, volume 2, B.F. Bowen, 1917, pages 773; 1098,

History of Wyoming

The book briefly mentions the railroad line surveyed by Edward Gillette, the Black and Yellow Trail (through route road) coming to Gillette in 1912, the first airplane at the 4th of July in 1911, and coal mine statistics in the 1970s. These things are covered better in other sources.

Larson, T A. History of Wyoming, line drawings by Jack Brodie, second edition, University of Nebraska Press, 1982, pages 298; 407; 425; 518.

Images of America

The Images of America books are photo books with short descriptions and bits of information for each picture. They are written by locals and all the photos are black and white. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of these books covering what seems to be every city in the United States and what makes them unique.

I spoke with the author Mary Kelley who wrote both Coal in Campbell County and Gillette in 2015. She was helpful and excited about Gillette's history. She gave me more information about Gillette's history and knew of several of the entries on this list.

Coal in Campbell County

This book covers coal mining in Campbell County from the earliest mining history to near 2013. It was written by local historian Mary Kelley and the Campbell County Rockpile Museum.

Kelley, Mary. Images of America: Coal in Campbell County, photos from Campbell County Rockpile Museum, Arcadia Publishing, 2013.


Mary Kelley with the help of several others wrote what I would call a photobook. I have a hard time describing the book because it has a little bit of everything about Gillette. It is full of all sorts of facts, descriptions, profiles, and stories.

The photos are high quality, but the typesetting isn't. Likely the publisher was responsible for the poor typesetting since the other books in the series look the same.

Kelley, Mary. Images of America: Gillette, photos from Campbell County Rockpile Museum, Arcadia Publishing, 2010.

Standing Witness: Devils Tower National Monument

John M. Thorn was a Crook County Commissioner from Hulett and became custodian of Devils Tower in 1921. At some point he had the world record for a calf roping he did at a rodeo in Gillette.

Newell F. Joyner was the custodian of Devils Tower National Monument in the 1930s. In October 1932 he collected items for a geological library. He found out that Dick Stone of Gillette had been compiling history and Indian stories about Devils Tower. Joyner somehow got a copy of Stone's unpublished work for the geological museum. The only book by Dick Stone I could find was "First encounters: Indian legends of Devils Tower". I assume this was the unpublished work.

The book quotes the Belle Fourche newspaper from June 24, 1932. It says that Harry J. Chassell of Gillette was a resident of the area for 44 years reviewed the early history of the territory near Devils Tower.

A contract was made with J.J. Dolling of Gillette. He was to furnish and stockpile gravel for resurfacing the entrance road in the spring of 1935.

The Gillette High School (Campbell County High School) played music during the Old Settlers' Picnic in June 20, 1937 by the Northern Black Hills Pioneer Association.

Veterinarian H. L. Edwards from Gillette was on the set during the filming of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devils Tower. He anesthetized cattle brought to make them appear to be dead for a scene.

In 1986 there was a helicopter service from Gillette to see Devils Tower. Many low flying aircraft were going around the tower and were not logging their flights.

The Northeast Wyoming Climbers Club of Gillette along with others from Rapid City volunteered to repair trails going to the climbing routes on June 26 (1991-1992?).

The rest of the Gillette mentions are about Gillette as a leg of a journey or where a road is at.

Rogers, Jeanne. Standing Witness: Devils Tower National Monument: A History, 2007, pages 58; 67; 77; 84; 91-92; 101; 177; 187; 194; 199; 226;

The Way It Was

Earl Dillinger recounts his life in this book. He was in Gillette around 1925-1930. He says cars were uncommon and salesmen would ride the train to Gillette and walk store to store. Gas was sold in 5 gallon cans in wooden crates. There was only 2 gas stations with a hand pump glass tank. He wasn't sure, but thought the streets had not been named yet.

Families milked cows and delivered whole milk in quart bottles, half pint whipping cream, cottage cheese, butter, and eggs. The families who did this were the Ditto family, Marshall family, Hitt family, Cole family, and Robb family.

While renting a shack from Chris Hansen his roommate was Earl Cross. He worked for Jim Wright, Jacob Longnecker a janitor at the Campbell County High School on Main Street, Earl Paris, H. M. Paris who worked at the Gillette Hotel, Tommy Brooke, and Herb Jones who worked at Gillette Motor Company. He ate daily at the Sage Cafe.

Dillinger's sister Margeret worked with Lucille Gates Holcomb, Tillie Gregersen McClure, and Mary Butler Mapel in Rylands basement doing "light housekeeping". At first I thought this was a euphemism for prostitution because there is no context. Dillinger assumes you will know what he is talking about. Ryland probably refers to a reverend who according to another article had collected money to improve a church which included a basement.

Dillinger, Earl. The Way It Was, Asuwil Graphic Company, 1980, pages 16-18; 37; 68.

Whispers From the Past: A Compilation by the Campbell County Cemetery District

The preface of the book says it is a compilation of articles from the Gillette News, the Campbell County Record, and the News-Record. Most of the book is obituary notices and a list of death records. The rest is poems and random news articles.

The book has a poem for Carlos A. Cook who was killed in France during World War 1 on July 15th 1918. It was written by Marie Royal Burton Irving in July 1918. It says the brave friends of France will tend to his grave after he died defending France from Germany. To this day France still honors the soldiers from the United States who died in both World Wars that fought with them.

Carlos is also in the book Price of our Heritage listed as Carl J. Cook. Read that entry for more details.

Maycock, Christina and Campbell County Cemetery District. Whispers From the Past: A Compilation by the Campbell County Cemetery District, Campbell County Cemetery District, 1990.

Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century

Walt Farmer's book is similar to this list. He focuses on films made in Wyoming. His research looks thorough and I certainly learned a few things from it. Almost all the mentions of Gillette are on this list already, but he goes into more detail. If you read this document then I suggest reading his book as well.

Farmer, Walt. Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century, Shane Edition, Walt Farmer, November 2001, CD-ROM.

Wyoming Blue Book

The state of Wyoming made several volumes of Wyoming history called Wyoming Blue Book. Every so often they make a new volume with updated information. The series is a great resource for factual information about Gillette, Campbell County, and Wyoming. It has the locations of libraries, voting numbers, profiles of state treasurers, state song, significant court cases, top news for each year, list of presidential visits, county histories, history of natural resource production, number of sheep, historical pictures, and much more.

Volume II

Volume 2 covers 1890 to 1943.

Post offices in Wyoming, 1940-
Postmaster - Ernest A. Littleton
page 488

Post Offices by Counties
Gillette in Campbell County
page 493

Population of Incorporated Places of Less Than 10,000 in Wyoming
Gillette 1930 1,340
Gillette 1940 2,177
page 506

County Statistics
Campbell County
County Seat - Gillette
page 520

Wyoming Newspapers
Campbell County
Gillette News-Record every Thursday
page 683

County Libraries in Wyoming 1942
Campbell County
George Amos Memorial Library of Campbell County in Gillette
page 688

The first plane to come to Wyoming is during Independence Day celebration in Gillette. I have more information about this in other entries on my list.
page 751

White Custer wolf killed $25,000 ($306,193 in 2017) worth of livestock in the Gillette Canyon area. It was tracked and killed by H. P. Williams by instruction of the United States Biological Survey.
page 754

Erwin, Marie. "Wyoming Blue Book", edited by Virginia Cole Trenholm, volume 2, First Edition, August 1974, pages 488; 493; 506; 520; 683; 688; 751; 754,

Volume III

Volume 3 covers 1943 to 1974.

Justices of the Supreme Court
Justice Harry P. Ilsley had a son John Ilsley who was an attorney in Gillette.
page 34

Legislative Branch 1945-1974
State Senators
Alex B. Maycock - Republican from Gillette
State Representatives
R. B. "Ted" Marquiss - Republican from Gillette
E. W. "Slats" Record - Republican from Gillette
pages 52-53

Legislative Branch
29th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 14, 1947
State Senators
Allen Hunter - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
R. B. Marquiss - Republican from Gillette
Wm. E. Taylor - Republican from Gillette
pages 55-56

Legislative Branch
30th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 11, 1949
State Senators
Allen Hunter - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
R. B. Marquiss - Republican from Gillette
Wm. E. Taylor - Republican from Gillette
pages 57-58

Legislative Branch
31st State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 9, 1951
State Senators
Allen Hunter - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
Fred S. Wagensen - Republican from Gillette
Otis Wright - Democrat from Gillette
pages 60-61

Legislative Branch
32nd State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 13, 1953
State Senators
Allen Hunter - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
Alice Spielman - Republican from Gillette
Wm. W. Smith - Republican from Gillette
pages 62-63

Legislative Branch
33rd State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 1, 1955
State Senators
LeRoy Christnick - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
Alice Spielman - Republican from Gillette
Otis Wright - Democrat from Gillette
pages 65-66

Legislative Branch
34th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 8, 1957
State Senators
LeRoy Christnick - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
Otis Wright - Democrat from Gillette
pages 67-68

Legislative Branch
35th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 13, 1959
State Senators
LeRoy Christnick - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
Robert I. Laramore - Democrat from Gillette
Otis Wright - Democrat from Gillette
pages 70-71

Legislative Branch
36th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 10, 1961
State Senators
LeRoy Christnick - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
Otis Wright - Democrat from Gillette
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
pages 72-73

Legislative Branch
37th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 8, 1963
State Senators
LeRoy Christnick - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
U.S. Archibald - Republican from Gillette
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
pages 75-76

Legislative Branch
38th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 12, 1965
State Senators
Otis Wright - Democrat from Gillette
State Representatives
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
pages 77-78

Legislative Branch
39th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 10, 1967
State Representatives
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
page 81

Legislative Branch
40th State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 14, 1969
State Representatives
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
page 83

Legislative Branch
41st State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 12, 1971
State Representatives
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
page 86

Legislative Branch
42nd State Legislature of Wyoming
convened January 9, 1973
State Senators
John C. Ostlund - Republican from Gillette
State Representatives
C. H. "Cliff" Davis - Republican from Gillette
pages 88-89

A county high school for serving more than one district was created in Gillette around 1920.
page 113

In 1917 Wyoming created departments in high schools to train teachers. By 1942 there was only two left with one being at the Campbel County High School in Gillette.
page 115

University of Wyoming Board of Trustees
C. Thomas Morgan - Gillette - 1963-1967
John C. Ostlund - Gillette - 1969-
page 148

Economic Strength in Natural Resources
Gillette doubled in population in 1967-1970 because of an oil boom. The book predicts that Gillette will have 20,000 people by 1980 (the 1980 census was 12,134).
pages 275-276

Wyoming Coal: 1868 to 1974
Gillette was a service center for nearby mines.
page 287

Campbell County
When the railroad was built in 1891 towns formed around it. Gillette was one of the first named after Edward Gillette the chief surveyor for the railroad. It was called Rockpile Draw before this (also called Donkey Town). It was the only city in the county when it was incorporated and was experiencing an oil boom at the time of the book.
page 312

Post Offices, Post Masters, Zip Codes, and License Plate County Numbers 1974
Gillette Zip Code - 82716
County Number License Plate - 17
Miles Knapp - postmaster
page 396

Radio Stations
Address - Gillette Box 1009
Frequency - 1970 kHz
Phone Number - 307-682-4747
Manager - Roy Mapel
page 401

Wyoming Newspapers
Gillette News Record
Editor and Publisher - Jack Nisselius
Editor and Publisher - Bruce Kennedy
Phone Number - 307-682-9306
page 402

Chamber of Commerce
Secretary-Manager - Ken Baab
Address - Box 1006
Phone Number - 307-682-3673
page 403

The American Association of University Women Favors Ratification
Frances Hoadley - AAUW resolutions chairman from Gillette
page 431

"Wyoming Blue Book", edited by Virginia Cole Trenholm, volume 3, First Edition, August 1974, pages 34; 52-53; 55-58; 60-63; 65-68; 70-73; 75-78; 81; 83; 86; 88-89; 113; 115; 148; 275-276; 287; 312; 396; 401-403; 431,

Volume IV

Volume 4 covers 1974 to 1990. This volume has many pages about Gillette.

"Wyoming Blue Book", edited by Loren Jost, volume 4, Centennial Edition, 1991,

Volume V

Volume 5 covers 1990 to 2007. This volume has many pages about Gillette.

"Wyoming Blue Book", edited by Phillip J Roberts, volume 5, 2008,

Volumes I-V

Volumes I-V is a set of 5 CDs that has some Windows software and 1 PDF of a volume on each CD. The PDFs are the same as the ones found online so there is no reason to use the CDs. My other entries on each volume has more details. I linked to the PDFs in my citations. Neither the physical CDs nor the case had any information to cite other than the title.

Wyoming Blue Book: Volumes I-V, CD-ROM.

Wyoming's Big Horn Basin to 1901: A Late Frontier

The book recounts again the story of how Edward Gillette shortened a railroad line for Burlington by 5 miles. The company named Gillette after him and it was previously known as Donkey Town. Gillette said he would have preferred a raise at the time.

Woods, Lawrence M. Wyoming's Big Horn Basin to 1901: A Late Frontier, Arthur H. Clark Company, 1997, page 226.

Books: Military

I put all the books about the United States military here. All of them have someone from Gillette in the rosters.

Twelfth U.S. Infantry, 1798-1919: Its Story - By Its Men

In the roster one man from Gillette named Ed. Moore was a Private in Company A.

United States Army 12th Infantry. Twelfth U.S. Infantry, 1798-1919: Its Story - By Its Men, United States Army 12th Infantry, 1919, page 355,

25th Naval Construction Battalion: Pacific Diary

The roster lists Daniel G. M. Bennett with an address of Box 444, Gillette, Wyo. There is also a photo of him named as D. G. M. Bennett with Charlie Company.

By the looks of the book I thought it was a class year book. There are photos of the soldiers having fun, cartoons, and even a signatures area near the end of the book. Beyond the pictures of dancing and good times are lines like this.

"A heart breaking sight are the dead Marines scattered all over the area. They look like tired little boys sleeping. ... We had to load the Marine dead onto a truck. I vomited violently and was left off the detail. The stench of death is everywhere. There are many enemy dead, and their death saddens me, too. Surely they had post-war plans. Their dream of marrying Lotus Blossom and settling in Yokohama, or wherever the hell they came from, is now shattered forever. Militarism treats its victims harshly."

While not related to Gillette there are more entries like this in the book.

25th Naval Construction Battalion: Pacific Diary, Lieutenant Commander George J Whelan, [1946], pages 108; 118,

The 88th Division in the World War of 1914-1918

The roster lists one man from Gillette.

Earl C. Todd
Private First Class
Company E
Box 511 Gillette, Wyoming

The 88th Division in the World War of 1914-1918, Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford, July 15 1919, page 172,

A History of the Sixty-third U.S. Infantry 1917-1919

The roster lists one man from Gillette.

Albert B.C. Drew
Company D

A History of the Sixty-third U.S. Infantry 1917-1919, United States Army 63rd Infantry, 1920, page 331,

A History of the Sixty-Sixth Field Artillery Brigade

There was quite a few men from Gillette in the rosters including one who died during service. The book doesn't list a publisher or author, but I assume it was written by the men who served in World War 1.

James C. Wright
Private First Class
Battery B 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
Douglas G. Gibson
Battery B 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
Earl Dunlap
Battery D 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
Merle S. Engdahl
Battery D 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
Raymond F. Parry
Battery D 148th Field Artillery
Killed in action or died from wounds, disease, or accident.
Edward J. Corley
Battery D 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
Aaron M. Spielman
Private First Class
Battery D 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
George V. Fox
Battery E 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.
Jesse E. Spielman
Battery E 148th Field Artillery
John Raitt
Battery E 148th Field Artillery
Served with brigade at front.

A History of the Sixty-Sixth Field Artillery Brigade, American Expeditionary Forces, 1919, pages 320-321; 330-332; 337-338,

The Price of Our Heritage

This book has a short biography and picture of Carl J. Cook a Private in Company F. He was killed instantly by a German shell during on the morning of July 15, 1918 in Lorraine, Chateau Thierry, St., France during World War 1. He was a stretcher bearer at the end of the line as his company was going into the front line trenches when he was killed. He was buried the next day July 16, 1918 in grave number 13. His emergency contact was listed as Harvey J. Cook in Gillette, Wyo.

The book also says he showed great courage, faithfulness at his work, and was a willing hard worker. The day before he was killed on July 14, 1918 he carried wounded all night long while being bombarded by shells.

He is listed twice in the book with each biography being slightly different. Price of Our Heritage lists him as Carl J. Cook while Whispers of the past has him listed as Carlos A. Cook. It is probably a typo or some other problem because both books list the same date and location of his death; July 15, 1918 in France. Cook's name is also inscribed on the Campbell County War Memorial at Lasting Legacy Park as Carl Joseph Cook.

The book doesn't say this, but he would have been part of the American Expeditiary Force which was attacked by Germany. He died during the Second Battle of the Marne that started on July 15, 1918 and ended on August 6, 1918. It was Germany's last major offensive in the war. 12,000 United States soldiers were killed or wounded during those weeks.

Carl J. Cook
Company F
168th Infantry
United States Army
killed in action
Harvey J. Cook
emergency contact for Carl J. Cook
lived in Gillette, Wyoming

Robb, Winfred E. The Price of Our Heritage: In memory of the Heroic Dead of the 168 Infantry, American lithographing and Printing, 1919, pages 143; 397,

State Summary of War Casualties: Wyoming

The book says that addresses are based on where the next of kin live. The casualties are for World War 2.

Howard Earl Davis
Yeoman Second Class
United States Navy
killed in action, died of wounds, or died because of war zone movement
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis
Box 823, Gillette
page 2
Gene D. Hoel
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
killed in action, died of wounds, or died because of war zone movement
Mother Mrs. Irene E. Hoel
P.O. Box 465, Gillette
page 2
Thomas Anthony Wolff
Seaman Second Class
United States Navy Reserve
killed in action, died of wounds, or died because of war zone movement
Father Mr. Henry Wolff
Box 635, Gillette
page 4
Elmore F. Yokom
United States Marine Corps Reserve
killed in action, died of wounds, or died because of war zone movement
Mother Mrs. Bessie M. Yokom
P.O. Box 414, Gillette
page 4
Elwood Lee Tyrrell
United States Marine Corps Reserve
wounded in action or during operational war missions
Mother Mrs. Fern Tyrrell
Box 232, Gillette
page 7
Kenneth Clyde Lindsey
Private First Class
United States Marine Corps
Mother Mrs. Laura K. Lindsey
Box 174, Gillette
died or killed in prisoner of war status
page 8

US Navy. State Summary of War Casualties: Wyoming, compiled by Casualty Section Office of Public Information Navy Department, August 1946, pages 2; 4; 7-8,

With the 364th Infantry

There are several people listed from Gillette in the rosters of this book. They served in World War 1.

Joseph A. Muller
Box 172 Gillette, Wyoming
Private in One-Pound Section
Clyde R. Clements
Private in Company K
Earl S. Gupton
Private in Company L

Wilson, First Lieutenant Bryant and Tooze, First Lieutenant Lamar. With the 364th Infantry in America, France, and Belgium, The Knickerbocker Press, 1919, pages 174; 250; 256,

Books: Mystery

Jesse Stone

Number 1 - Night Passage

This is the only book of the series that mentions Gillette. One of the minor characters is from Gillette and all the other mentions are about Jesse Stone driving towards Gillette. None of them seem important to the story. The 2006 movie Jessie Stone: Night Passage was based on this book, but it doesn't mention Gillette.

Parker, Robert B. Jesse Stone: Night Passage, number 1, Penguin Group, 2013, ebook.

Parker, Robert B. Jesse Stone: Night Passage, number 1, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1997, book.

Compilation - The Jesse Stone Novels 1-5

This compilation includes Number 1 - Night Passage which I cover in that entry.

Joe Pickett

Number 1 - Open Season

In the book it says Joe Pickett and another game warden were permanent trainees in Gillette in the past. This is the only mention of Gillette and it is not important to the story.

Box, C J. Joe Pickett: Open Season, number 1, Berkley Publishing, December 2000; January 2011, page 64.

Number 4 - Trophy Hunt

This book only has one mention about a character being from Gillette. It is not important to the story.

Box, C J. Joe Pickett: Trophy Hunt, number 4, Berkley Publishing, January 2004; January 2011, page 211.

Number 6 - In Plain Sight

This book only has one mention about Gillette which is unimportant. One character says they are bringing some materials in from Gillette.

Box, C J. Joe Pickett: In Plain Sight, number 6, Berkley Publishing, February 2010; January 2011, page 364.

Number 9 - Below zero

This book has several mentions of Gillette in multiple chapters. All of them deal with mining operations, Gillette as a reference point on a map, and other generic references. None of them are important to the story.

Box, C J. Joe Pickett: Below zero, narrated by David Chandler, number 9, Recorded Books, 2009, audio book.

Box, C J. Joe Pickett: Below zero, number 9, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2009; March 2013, ebook.

Number 14 - Stone Cold

This book has 2 sets of mentions about Gillette, both are unimportant to the story. One set is about industries in Wyoming and the other is about characters near Gillette.

Box, C J. Joe Pickett: Stone Cold, number 14, Berkley Publishing, March 2014.

The Posadas County Mysteries

Posadas County Mysteries are a continuation of the Bill Gastner Mystery series.

Number 4 - Before She Dies

This is the only book of the series I saw that references Gillette. Chapter 29 is almost all about Gillette. Even though the book is mostly accurate, the mentions are generic. The location seems unimportant to the story. The next few mentions after Chapter 29 are just in passing.

Havill, Steven F. The Posadas County Mysteries: Before She Dies, Poisoned Pen Press, July 2011.

A Walt Longmire Mystery

Similar to Bill Gastner this is another police mystery series with Walt Longmire as the main character and title of the series. The series takes place in a fictional county in Wyoming, but is based on Buffalo, Wyoming and the nearby region. Because of that an event called Longmire Days is held in Buffalo and has even been held in Gillette. The television show Longmire based on the books is still being recorded, but so far has not mentioned Gillette. Maybe one day they will.

Number 1 - The Cold Dish

There are only a few mentions of Gillette in this book. None of them have any importance to the story. In one of them a character insults Gillette saying the city's Christmas decorations are ugly.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: The Cold Dish, narrated by George Guidall, number 1, Recorded Books, 2006, audio book.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: The Cold Dish, number 1, Penguin Books, May 2012, ebook.

Number 2 - Death Without Company

An unclaimed property manager at a bank says one time in Gillette they found an unclaimed box with clothes, a ski mask, and a pistol. This isn't important to the story.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: Death Without Company, narrated by George Guidall, number 2, Recorded Books, 2007, audio book.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: Death Without Company, number 2, Penguin Books, December 2005; April 2013, page 187, ebook.

Number 4 - Another Man's Moccasins

There is only a single brief mention of Gillette.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: Another Man's Moccasins, number 4, Penguin Books, May 2009; April 2013, page 37.

Number 5 - The Dark Horse

There are multiple mentions of Gillette in this book which are fairly accurate, but unimportant to the story.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: The Dark Horse, number 5, Penguin Books, May 2010; April 2013, ebook.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: The Dark Horse, narrated by George Guidall, number 5, Recorded Books, 2009, audio book.

Number 8.1 - Christmas in Absaroka County

There are only 2 mentions of Gillette in this book, both in passing near each other and are not important to the story. This book makes a mistake when it says Gillette is one of the largest open pit mines in the world. It should say Gillette has one of the largest open pit mines in the world. A later compilation called Wait For Signs that included this book corrected the error.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: Christmas in Absaroka County, number 8.1, Penguin Books, December 2012; April 2013, page 55.

Number 9 - A Serpent's Tooth

There is only a single mention in passing that someone was going to run errands in Gillette.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: A Serpent's Tooth, number 9, Recorded Books, 2013, audio book.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: A Serpent's Tooth, number 9, Viking, June 2013, page 301, ebook.

Number 10 - Any Other Name

This book is set in Gillette and many of the places mentioned are real, others are fictional, and some are puns on real places. This is an adult book with plenty of cursing and adult themes. It is accurate enough to believe it is about Gillette although exaggerated. A few parts are out of place though.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: Any Other Name, number 10, Viking, May 2014.

Wait for Signs: Twelve Longmire Stories

This compilation of 12 short stories includes Number 8.1 Christmas In Absaroka County. See that entry on this list for more details. This does correct an error about Gillette in the original book.

Johnson, Craig. A Walt Longmire Mystery: Twelve Longmire Stories, Viking, October 2014.

Books: Nonfiction

10-4 and I'm Gone

There are some stories about the antics the author had while truck driving. He recounts one of them about the weighing station in Gillette. He says while in the office another trucker pulls up. The man running the scale didn't bother to look at the truck or he would have saw it had no load. The driver told him he was carrying Harley-Davidson motorcycle radiators and the office says those bike radiators don't weigh much. He says the joke is those motorcycles are air cooled so they don't use radiators.

He says there is an us vs them mentality with the scale stations and the truck drivers. One of the things the truck drivers do is play tricks on weigh stations. This includes calling empty loads fresh air yacht fuel, post holes, Volkswagen radiators (air cooled), and political promises. This is an old story because today both Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Volkswagen cars have radiators.

Harrop, Frederic. 10-4 and I'm Gone, Xlibris Corporation, 2014, page 109.

101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution

Number 11 of the 101 things to do is just say no. The book repeats the advice on the back of a business card by William Curley an attorney of Gillette. The card says if a cop asks to search anything, come in to your house, have you perform a test, or make a statement you should just say no. Now you have my list repeating the book that repeats the card.

Wolfe, Claire. 101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and resources for self-liberation, monkey wrenching and preparedness, Breakout Productions, 1999, page 11,

52 Cups Of Coffee

I verified this is about Gillette, but have not finished reading it yet. Megan Gebhart was interviewed by Wyoming PBS about her book. That entry is also on this list.

Gebhart, Megan. 52 Cups Of Coffee: Inspiring And Insightful Stories For Navigating Life's Uncertainties, First Edition, IRL Press, August 2014.

The BIG Wyoming Reproducible Activity Book

Well this book certainly stands out as something different. It's an activity about Wyoming for children. The book is part of a series with one for each state.

There are two activities that mention Gillette. The first is a time zone question about Gillette. The other is an educational quiz on consumers and produces with a fictional kid from Gillette.

Marsh, Carole. The BIG Wyoming Reproducible Activity Book, Gallopade International, page 13; 32,

Brand Book of the Montana Stock Growers' Association for 1899

This brand book for the Montana Stock Growers' Association has a list of members, bylaws, and animal brand markings. The brands are for both cattle and horses. They include the location on the animal and there are also earmarks. I thought the index was interesting because it is a visual index of brands.

G. de Saumarey Hamilton was a member with several brands. His address was Gillette, Crook County, Wyoming. This was before Campbell County was created. It says his foreman was Charles E. Kent from Olmstead, Wyoming. Hamilton's cattle ranging area was Olmstead Creek Little Powder River.

Montana Stock Growers' Association. Brand Book of the Montana Stock Growers' Association for 1899, 6th Publication, Independent Publishing Company, 1899, page 74,

Brand Book of the Montana Stock Growers' Association for 1903

The brands are the same as the 1899 book. There are several changes from the first book for the Gillette area. The address, range, and foreman for G. de Saumery Hamilton changed. Again Olmstead Creek is misspelled.

G. de Saumery Hamilton
Gillette, Wyoming
Range, Elk, Bitter and Olmstead Creek, Little Powder River
M. H. Swartz
Foreman for Hamilton
Gillette, Wyoming

Montana Stock Growers' Association. Brand Book of the Montana Stock Growers' Association for 1903, 7th Publication, Independent Publishing Company, 1903, page 81,

Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist

This book has a history of Phil (Philip) Anschutz and the oil well fire in Gillette. It wrongly says the fire happened in 1968. It happened in October 1967.

The book says a rig supervisor called Anschutz about a bad fire and he chartered a flight to Gillette. According to other stories Paul "Red" Adair initially refused to help him, but eventually was convinced. Anschutz convinced Universal Studios to pay him $100,000 to film Adair's crew putting out the fire for the movie Hellfighters. Anschutz is quoted as saying when the Gillette oil fire happened he thought that was the end of his business career, but he later went on to become a billionaire.

Malik, Om. Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist, John Wiley & Sons, 2003, page 41.

C is for Cowboy: A Wyoming Alphabet

This children's alphabet book is one of a series. Each book is about a different topic. In this one each letter is about a different feature of Wyoming. The letter U is for underground seems of coal and it mentions the coal mining operations in Gillette.

C is for Cowboy: A Wyoming Alphabet.

Devils Tower

The book says in 1892 the State of Wyoming commissioned photographer William H. Jackson to take photos of Wyoming for the World's Columbian Exposition. He brought his friend Thomas Moran a landscape painter with him. The round trip from Gillette to Devils Tower and back took them 4 days to complete by horse drawn wagon. It says Moran also wrote about and illustrated this trip in a magazine.

Division of Publications National Park Service. Devils Tower, National park handbook 111, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1981, page 12,

Eyewitness Guides: Natural Disasters

In a chapter about weather there is a photo of thunderclouds in Gillette. It looks unimpressive because there is almost nothing in the picture. The book it self is interesting though.

Watts, Claire. Eyewitness Guides: Natural Disasters, consultant Trevor Day, DK Publishing, 2006, page 35.

Frontier Industrialists: Fifty Years of Innovation at L&H

L&H is a multinational company that was started in Gillette. It's headquarters is still in Gillette. They make large industrial equipment and parts for a variety of companies and industries.

The book is a history of not only L&H, but of Gillette as well. Since the company was only in Gillette early on there are some descriptions of life and business in Gillette. Part of the way through the book moves on to other locations and focuses on their recent accomplishments.

There are many full page color photos through out what is a coffee table book. The photos are high-quality. There were too many people in the book to even list here.

Hurst, Sam. Frontier Industrialists: Fifty Years of Innovation at L&H, book design by Mike Palmer, L&H Industrial, 2014.

Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success

In looking at how businessmen have succeeded the book examines Philip Anschutz and the oil fire in Gillette. It says Anschutz was a wildcatter and defines that as drilling for oil in places randomly where oil hasn't been found before. He eventually discovered oil in Gillette.

Then in 1968 (the book is wrong it happened in 1967) the well blew out. It says the well was spewing oil all over because they had hit oil unexpectedly. After half a day of his crew trying to fix it he went to a hotel and saw the news that it was now on fire. At this point he negotiated with his partner for more interest and he would take on all liability.

Here the story goes into more detail about the deal between him and Adair. It says Adair refused to help him until he had Universal Studios pay him $100,000 for filming them put out the fire. Anschutz says the Gillette incident was the most important event in his career.

Kahan, Seth. "Getting Innovation Right: How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success, Jossey-Bass, [2013], pages 88-89.

The Jews of Wyoming: Fringe of the Diaspora

The book starts off with a history of Jews as they made their way to Wyoming in waves. It moves on to become a high quality black and white photobook with profiles from 1860 to 2000. It asks are there Jews in Wyoming or from Wyoming with no answer. The people in the book are considered Jewish by race, religion, or both.

The book says there has never been more than 30 Jews in Gillette. It is no surprise that I only counted 4 or 5 Jews from Gillette interviewed, profiled, or photographed. There is a 1997 eulogy for Judith Kraushaar, a picture of a man next to a sign for Kentucky Fried Chicken in Gillette, a profile of an unnamed man who is an attorney and hunter living in Gillette, and two men Joe and Jeremy who are given a paragraph each. Joe talks about being unable to find 3 practicing Jews in Gillette while Jeremy says they do not have the luxury of continuing rivalries between hasidic Jews and reform Jews.

I read many instances of self pity. Some tried to obscure the fact they were a Jew in Wyoming. Others described rich cliques who operated the same in Wyoming as they did in the place they immigrated from. Some refused to marry non-Jews while others had no problem doing so. One man said not all Jews had the stereotypical jobs of lawyer and banker which was shown when one profile was of a pig farmer. Some fit in becoming ranchers and hunters while others hated cowboys and the outdoors.

Wolin, Penny Diane. The Jews of Wyoming: Fringe of the Diaspora, First Edition, Crazy Woman Creek Press, 2000, pages 76-77; 105; 161; 168-169.

Life on a Wyoming Homestead ... And Beyond

I confirmed this has several minor mentions of Gillette, but I have not finished reading it yet.

Life on a Wyoming Homestead ... And Beyond.

Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West

The author says in her book she grew up in Gillette, but moved away because she hated the idea of becoming a coal miner. She also says she trained to learn academic writing. This shows as she slips in and out of normal writing. I assume this was to meet the requirements of the book being her dissertation as a graduate student at the University of Michigan.

There are two stories in this book. One story is an interesting and entertaining look at mining life, its effects on family, and interactions between men and women. The other story is a dense dry over analyzing paper only for those interested in identity politics in the coal mines around Gillette.

Rolston, Jessica Smith. Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West, Rutgers University Press, 2014.

National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light

National Geographic is well known for publishing their interesting magazines with great photos. This is one of their photobooks. It is split into sections based on the time of day. Every page or two is a new photo of a different location across the world with a line or two of descriptive text. In the twilight section there is one photo of the snack bar at the Gillette Thunder Speedway by George Steinmetz. The photos and the print quality in this book are excellent.

Hitchcock, Susan Tyler. National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light, preface by Jim Richardson, National Geographic Society, 2013, pages 334-335.

Remembering Gillette

Campbell County Historical Society published this history book. The first page best describes the book as a collection of the author's personal memories, research, and stories told by others. There are a few low quality black and white photos at the end of the book. It is one large text and is not split into chapters. There are stories in this book I have not seen anywhere else.

Roadside Geology of Wyoming

Roadside Geology is a series of books that covers each state and this one is about Wyoming. I do not know much about geology, but this was an interesting book. I liked how each page had a little picture of Wyoming on the upper right side with the area marked that it covered. Section 3 is Northeastern Wyoming - The Powder River Basin. It covers both the region and Gillette is mentioned several times. More on this to come later.

Rumblings From Razor City: The Oral History of Gillette, Wyoming, an Energy Boom Town

This book is a transcription of interviews. There are predictions, ramblings about numbers long out of date, personal stories, and lots of local history. I did not see the interviewer's questions in the book only the responses. The names of the people interviewed are the same as the table of contents.

I talked to one of the men interviewed Dr. Bill Heineke in 2017. In the book he talked about psychological and sociological issues in Gillette including the media frenzy and misuse of the term Gillette Syndrome. He remembered the interview and told me that the author was using a grant to write the book and that he was never given a copy. I made sure to give him the link to my document after hearing that. We discussed the numbers in the book of how around 2% of the mental health patients need serious medications and in-patient treatment, while the rest just need some help to get through their problems. He said that was true not just in Gillette, but nationally and has stayed the same since the interview.

Gardiner, Steve. Rumblings From Razor City: The Oral History of Gillette, Wyoming, an Energy Boom Town, [1985].

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Naomi Klein describes Gillette and Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada as a blighted place where transient workers come to stay for decades trying to save enough to pay off debts, buy a house elsewhere, or retire and then leave. She says the workers want to be anywhere but Gillette or Fort McMurray and there is high divorce rates, drug addiction, and that workers must pretend to be on another planet to ignore the massive damage to the earth they are doing.

Klein, Naomi. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, narrated by Ellen Archer, Audioworks, 2014, audio book.

Klein, Naomi. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, Alfred A. Knopf, 2014, pages 296-297; 341-342, ebook.

Klein, Naomi. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate, Simon & Schuster, 2014, pages 343-344; 395-396, book.

Wild Again

While driving along the interstate the author passes through and describes Gillette in one paragraph. He says there has been a migration of workers from the midwest to Gillette for the natural gas boom. He saw new bulldozed roads heading out to the wells and new trucks and SUVs in the driveways of trailers while they wait for housing to be built. I think my description of his description is longer than the actual entry in the book. Even though the book was released in 2014 this must have happened a few years before that.

Jachowski, David. Wild Again: The Struggle to Save the Black-Footed Ferret, University of California Press, 2014, page 3,

Wyoming Curiosities

The title of the book says it all. There is not much to say about the book because it says little about Gillette. It talks about the rock pile next to the Campbell County Rockpile Museum and the LORAN-C tower.

Mishev, Dina. Wyoming Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff, Insiders' Guide, 2007, pages 220-222.

Wyoming Treasures: Profiles of Senior Residents

Just as the title says the book has profiles of a elderly residents from across Wyoming. Each person is covered in a few pages with pictures, quotes, and facts about their life. Eva Burton in the section Eva Burton: A True Wyomingite is the only person I saw from Gillette.

Burton was born in Gillette and her family homesteaded in Campbell County. Most of this profile is about her experiences and day to day life. Little is said about Gillette. I wish this book had an index.

Zeller, Penny A. Wyoming Treasures: Profiles of Senior Residents, Third Printing, Medallion Books, January 2006, page 134-143.

Wyoming Trivia

The book is in a question and answer format. Brian Day asks a trivia question then immediately gives the answer. There are 3 trivia questions about Gillette.

The first piece of trivia is about colleges and says there is a junior college sub-campus in Gillette. Day is describing the Gillette College. The other two are about airplanes. The first airplane arrived in Gillette in 1911 and famous pilot Charles Lindbergh landed in Gillette in 1916.

Day, Brian. Wyoming Trivia, Riverbend Publishing, 2008, pages 4; 106.

Books: Romance

Some of these books aren't just romance they are full out erotic novels or a fancy way of saying pornography books.

B.A.D. Agency

The series is a spy thriller with romance.

Number 4 - Silent Truth

I wasn't sure if this was pornography looking at the cover. The long haired Fabio clones and muscled cowboys are replaced with a lizard. Once I started reading the book was clear it was another romance novel. It would have been more interesting if it was about the lizard.

While driving east some of the characters stop in Gillette before going to Chicago, Illinois by plane. I didn't understand exactly what was going on and I'm not sure I want to.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn and Dianna Love. "Silent Truth". B.A.D. Agency, number 4, paperback edition, Pocket Books, May 2010, chapter 31-32, ebook.

Celestial Justice

Celestial Justice is a gay erotic novel series for adults. I spoke to the prolific author Serena Yates who confirmed 3 of them are set in Gillette. Yates said Gillette is important to the story as it is the center of activity for the main characters.

Number 4 - Taharial's Struggle

The author told me this book is almost entirely set in Gillette. It is rare to find a fiction book that has Gillette as the main setting.

Yates, Serena. Celestial Justice: Taharial's Struggle, number 4, Silver Publishing, 2011.

Number 5 - Sachael's Test

The author told me characters in this book end up in Gillette.

Yates, Serena. Celestial Justice: Sachael's Test, number 5, Silver Publishing, 2012.

Number 6 - Mihael's Trial

The author told me the main characters in this book start in Santa Fe, New Mexico and end up in Gillette.

Yates, Serena. Celestial Justice: Mihael's Trial, number 6, Silver Publishing, 2012.

Creekside Story

Creekside Story is a German book series. I spoke with the author Ulrike Dietmann and said she was an exchange student at the Campbell County High School in 1980. She also said she has been to Wyoming and Gillette over the years for research. I will use her words to me to best describe the book series.

"The books are for riders and horse people from the age of 12 on and portrait the life on a typical Wyoming ranch, the riding activities like branding, cattle driving, rodeo, and the deep love for horses and nature. The main characters of the three books are young women who meet the challenges of life in the prairie and and falling in love for the first time in their lives."

Several German websites list the books in the romance genre. Based on her description they are not an American style romance novel. From Dietmann's response to me and her online postings I read through an online automated translator the books are based on and possibly set at the Lake Ranch in Hulett, Wyoming.

Moonwalker - Pferd Der Freiheit

This entry stands out as a unique entry to this list being originally in German. I can't read German so I was only able to verify this book by translating excerpts. According to Google Translate the title says Horse of Freedom and the excerpts mention Gillette for the coal mining and travel. One of the characters wears a jacket that says "Rodeo Club Gillette Wyoming". I don't know the context of any of these, but they don't seem important to the story.

Dietmann, Ulrike. Creekside Story: Moonwalker - Pferd der Freiheit, Bindlach Loewe, 2006.

Hope Springs

Number 1 - Second Chance Ranch

Gillette is right on the first page. A character travels from Nashville, Tennessee to Gillette by plane before driving to the fictional Hope Springs, Wyoming. It says she prayed every time the plane bumped a bit of turbulence. Maybe the author has flown here before.

Madsen, Cindi. Hope Springs: Second Chance Ranch, number 1, edited by Stacy Abrams and cover design by Jessica Cantor, Entangled Publishing, September 2014, page 8.

Rough Riders

Rough Riders is another western romance novel series or literary porn books. There are over 15 books in the series and each cover has hairless muscled men dressed up as cowboys on the cover.

Number 2 - Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

There are two brief mentions about Gillette in this book. Both are about a foundry in Gillette that had called asking why some statues they had cast hadn't been picked up yet.

James, Lorelei. Rough Riders: Rode Hard, Put Up Wet, number 2, Samhain Publishing, October 2007, page 263.

Number 4 - Tied Up, Tied Down

Same as the previous book, but this time there is only 1 mention of Gillette. The main character gets a letter post marked Gillette. While the letter is important to the story the location isn't.

James, Lorelei. Rough Riders: Tied Up, Tied Down, edited by Angela James; cover by Scott Carpenter, number 4, Samhain Publishing, July 2008, page 257.

Books: Yearbooks

I don't plan to go through any yearbooks, but I do list some of the local ones here.

The Camel

The Camel is the yearbook for the Campbell County High School.

Fan Fiction

I was surprised, but then not surprised to find quite a bit of fan fiction that mentions Gillette. Reading through the biographies of the writers some of them live in the area or have visited. Fan fictions are just what they sound like; fictional stories written by fans of another work. While they aren't a professional work, some of them are completely about Gillette.

Buffy x Dark Angel

I don't know what vampires and vampire hunters have to do with a dystopia full of genetically altered humans or how that would make a good crossover story. The most likely explanation is they aired around the same time and fan fiction writers enjoyed both shows.


I don't understand what is going on in this story, but it is set in Gillette for the first 2 chapters. Gillette is only mentioned because of the Manticore facility.

The wander. X5471, December 5 2005,

Dark Angel

I was surprised Gillette was featured in so many fanfictions despite it playing such a minor role in the television show. Maybe the fans thought there wasn't enough backstory.


Even though parts of this story take place in Gillette not much is said about it. I did like this part.

"... it wasn't the nicest place she had ever seen but it was way more scenic then Gillette, and a lot warmer. Anything is more scenic than Gillette."

Looks like the author never got used to the scenery in Gillette.

inside12. Breakaway, February 15 2002,

Manticore Remodeled

This story takes place entirely in Gillette and the Manticore facility. The author was a 13 year old Brittany Cooper who listed the story as humor. She tried to imagine Gillette as a big city with gigantic schools, luxury apartments, street hookers, and 24 story buildings.

brilliantbrunette494. Manticore Remodeled, November 18 2006,


Half of this story is set in Gillette during season 2 of the TV show. It is about a soldier turned guerrilla fighter. This line caught my eye.

"Gillette had been so dirty, so disgusting and downtrodden"

I don't believe the author has ever been to or seen the real Gillette because the story has the same goofs as the TV show.

Procitus. Sanguine, February 12 2009,

The Wound of Sorrow

Half of Chapter 1 is about the Manticore facility in Gillette in the past. Nothing new is said about Gillette that the TV show didn't cover.

poestheblackcat. The Wound of Sorrow, March 2 2010,

X5 593

While most of the story is set in Gillette it only takes place inside the Manticore facility.

Trigs. X5 593, September 1 2001,

Dark Angel x Supernatural

These kinds of bizarre crossovers remind me of Plan 9 from Outer Space.

Crossing Paths

This story says Gillette hasn't had a new grave dug in 50 years (story is set in 1998 so since 1948) and residents buy graves outside of town. I don't remember anything in Dark Angel mentioning this and it certainly isn't true about the real Gillette.

It accurately says there is a cemetery in the middle of town which is left unnamed (Mount Pisgah Cemetery). It also mentions the Campbell County (Memorial) Hospital by name. The authors real name is listed as Elaine Taylor.

Silvertayl 57. Crossing Paths, December 22 2014,

The Southern Vampire Mysteries

The Southern Vampire Mysteries series is also known as the True Blood Novels or the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. The books and TV show True Blood never mention Gillette.

Now and Then

A mother from Rock Springs, Wyoming wrote this fan fiction. The story sounds like it is based on the writers own life. I don't understand what is going on, but parts of it are set in Gillette.

donael. Now and Then, February 2 2012,

Games: Board Games

I never imagined there was board games set in or based on Gillette.


Wheeler-Dealer seems to be a promotional game. Each version was for a different city with local business names on the board. I read it plays similar to Monopoly and it certainly looks like a Monopoly board. I saw photos of a Wheeler-Dealer for Gillette, but I couldn't read the names of the businesses on it.

Wheeler-Dealer: The Game of Gillette Campbell County, Wyoming, Michael Glenn Productions, 1980.

Games: Video Games

This section is almost nonexistent. The only video games I have seen that directly reference Gillette were less of a game and more of a calendar organizer. Those organizers had a list of cities to select from.

Dark Angel

In the TV series pilot episode children are trained at a facility called Manticore in Gillette. Any Dark Angel media that references that event is referencing Gillette.

The intro video shows past events at Manticore. Gillette is never mentioned by name because it is not important to the game or the story. The game itself would only be interesting to a Dark Angel fan. It was released for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. Both versions should be the same. I added a link to the trailer for the citation which includes the intro sequence and some game play.

Dark Angel, Sierra, 2002, PlayStation 2 game,

Dark Angel, Sierra, 2002, Xbox game,

Government Publications

North Central Power Study: Report of Phase I

This study is well beyond my knowledge to understand and comment on. I have seen it referenced as being an important study that was later cancelled. It deals with expansion and development of the energy industry in multiple states, which is probably a massive understatement given everything in the study.

Volume I

In Volume I Gillette is mentioned on almost every other page of this document. There are all sorts of figures and maps in the pages.

North Central Power Study: Report of Phase I: Study of Mine-Mouth Thermal Powerplants with Extra-High-Voltage Transmission for Delivery of Power to Load Centers, prepared under Coordinating Committee North Central Power Study, volume 1, October 1971,

Volume II

Volume II is much larger than Volume I, but again Gillette is on many of the pages.

North Central Power Study: Report of Phase I: Study of Mine-Mouth Thermal Powerplants with Extra-High-Voltage Transmission for Delivery of Power to Load Centers, prepared under Coordinating Committee North Central Power Study, volume 2, October 1971,

Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book was the famous study done by the United States Air Force about UFOs. Sometime between September 1-15, 1966 someone named Thorne took photos in Gillette. The Air Force concluded the UFO in the photo was a reflection. I can't even make out what is in the photo or where it was taken at. It looks like a glowing disc in a terrible quality photo.

This specific report was published internally by the Air Force in 1966. In 1970 the Air Force released the documents to the public at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1975 the Air Force put it on microfilm and stored it at the National Archives.

United States Air Force. Project Blue Book, Maxwell Blue Book 2, United States Airforce, [1975], page 599,

United States Air Force. Project Blue Book, NARA Blue Book Roll 94, United States Airforce, [1975], pages 994-996,

Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs

This is less of a report and more of a book. Gillette shows up when it gets to the part about the Ute Indians traveling through Wyoming in 1906. The report itself gives conflicting information because it was unclear what had happened.

The report says the John Morton Sheep Company sent a telegraph to the Department (of the Interior?) on October 11, 1906. The company said the Ute Indians were 15 miles away from Gillette and the Utes were stealing livestock and poaching.

On October 14, 1906 the Governor of Wyoming (Bryant B. Brooks) sent a telegraph to the Department (of the Interior?) that the Ute Indians were in Gillette. He said they were drinking, insulting people, stealing, and defied the police. The federal government asked if he needed help and he replied yes. The President of the United States (Theodore Roosevelt) handed it over to the Department of War which sent the military in.

An unnamed Indian agent of the Crow Agency said on October 20, 1906 that the Ute Indians were 40 miles north of Gillette at Little Powder River. They had bought supplies in Gillette, but did nothing illegal.

This event is recorded in several other books and some of them are on this list. From what I know the Utes never came to Gillette. The report has much more information and I suggest reading it if you are interested.

[United States Office of Indian Affairs]. Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior, Government Printing Office, 1907, pages 127-128,

Ham Radio Call Books

I made call books its own section because there were government publications, books, and magazines yet they are all simply a directory of call signs. Gillette is always listed in district 7. The documents have searchable text, but it isn't perfect. I may have missed some call signs.

Amateur Radio Stations

In the early days of call books the United States government printed them. It seems no one had a call sign registered in Gillette until 1930.

Edition of June 30, 1930

Eddie Pacot
Gillette, Wyoming
page 205
Eddie Pacot
Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming
page 206
Harold F. Ross
Box 786, Gillette, Wyoming
page 206
Olive Marquiss
Gillette, Wyoming
page 209

United States Department of Commerce Radio Division. Amateur Radio Stations of the United States, United States Government Printing Office, June 30 1930, pages 205-206; 209,

Edition of June 30, 1931

Eddie Pacot
Gillette, Wyoming
page 231
Eddie Pacot
Gillette, Wyoming
post office address
page 232
Mrs. Olive Marquiss
Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyoming
page 234

United States Department of Commerce Radio Division. Amateur Radio Stations of the United States, United States Government Printing Office, June 30 1931, pages 231-232; 234,

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine

For some reason the call books start to be printed in private magazines in the early 1930s. The formatting remains mostly the same with the addition of advertisements.

Spring 1933

W7ACR Portable
Eddie Pacot
Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming
page 94
Mrs. Olive Marquiss
Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyoming
page 95
David M. Sayles
Gillette, Wyoming
page 99

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 14, number 1, Spring 1933, March 1933, pages 94-95; 99,

Spring 1938

Eddie Pacot
Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 19, number 1, Spring 1938, March 1938, page 114,

Spring 1940

Eddie Pacot
Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 21, number 1, Spring 1940, page 117,

Spring 1941

Eddie Pacot
Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming
page 120
Olive H. Marquiss
Gillette, Wyoming
page 120

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 22, number 1, Spring 1941, page 120,

Fall 1946

Eddie Pacot
Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming
page 123
Olive H. Marquiss
Gillette, Wyoming
page 123
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 133
Thomas W. McGee
Gillette, Wyoming
page 133

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 24, number 3, Fall 1946, pages 123; 133,

Fall 1947

Olive H. Marquiss
Gillette, Wyoming
page 147
Arlen D. Gaddis
244 Richards, Gillette, Wyoming
page 153
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 155
Thomas W. McGee
Gillette, Wyoming
page 155
T. P. Robertson
730 S. Main, Gillette, Wyoming
page 160

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 25, number 3, Fall 1947, pages 147; 153; 155; 160,

Fall 1948

Arlen D. Gaddis
244 Richards, Gillette, Wyoming
page 157
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 158
Miles L. Fox
Gillette, Wyoming
page 164
Thomas P. Robertson
730 S. Main St. Gillette, Wyoming
page 165

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 26, number 3, Fall 1948, pages 157-158; 164-165,

Summer 1950

Arlen D. Gaddis
244 Richards, Gillette, Wyoming
page 168
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 170
Miles L. Fox
Gillette, Wyoming
page 174
Harold E. Ross
Box 149 Gillette, Wyoming
page 176

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 28, number 1, Summer 1950, pages 168; 170; 174; 176,

Spring 1951

Arlen D. Gaddis
244 Richards, Gillette, Wyoming
page 177
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 179
Miles L. Fox
Gillette, Wyoming
page 183
Harold E. Ross
Box 149, Gillette, Wyoming
page 185

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 29, number 1, Spring 1951, pages 177; 179; 183; 185,

Fall 1954

Arlen D. Gaddis
244 Richards, Gillette, Wyoming
page 208
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 209
Harold E. Ross
Box 149, Gillette, Wyoming
page 213
Charles E. Rossi
232 Carey Avenue, Gillette, Wyoming
page 222

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 32, number 3, Fall 1954, pages 208-209; 213; 222,

Spring 1956

Arlen D. Gaddis
244 Richards, Gillette, Wyoming
page 246
Robert E. Wade
Gillette, Wyoming
page 247
Harold E. Ross
Post Office Box 149, Gillette, Wyoming
page 251

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine, volume 34, number 1, Spring 1956, pages 246-247; 251,

Radio Amateur Callbook

Winter 1973-74

W7HNI Advanced
Arlen D Gaddis
210 Richards Av, Gillette 82716 WY
page 407
WA7IAV General
Leslie E May
Bronco Car Wash, Gillette 82716 WY
page 408
W7ITF Conditional
Darrell L Mc Cawley
37 Peterson Ct, Gillette 82716 WY
page 410
K7JNX Conditional
Howard L Grams
P O Box 463, Gillette 82716 WY
page 412
W7NOU Advanced
Harold E Ross
Box 149, Gillette 82716 WY
page 418
WA7RZJ Advanced
John D Murphy
608 Osborne Av, Gillette 82716 WY
page 427
WA7TAY Conditional
Elton E Smith
710 Lincoln, Gillette 82716 WY
page 429
WA7UMT General
Archie G Carraway
14 Ridgecrest Box 1049, Gillette 82716 WY
page 433

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine, volume 51, number 4, Winter 1973-1974, pages 407-408; 410; 412; 418; 427; 429; 433,

Winter 1979-80

KA7AJB Novice
Richard J Bell
Box 2399, Gillette WY 82716
page 696
N7BDH General
Quinton A Gieason
908 Fir, Gillette WY 82716
page 701
K7CWB General
Patrick F Bauer
Nickelsons Little FM B1116, Gillette WY 82716
page 710
KA7FQL Novice
Darryl W Lenz
POB 2114, Gillette WY 82716
page 724
W7HNI Advanced
Arlen D Gaddis
210 Richards Av, Gillette WY 82716
page 728
W7ITF General
Darrell L Mc Cawley
Box 194, Gillette WY 82716
page 732
K7JNX Advanced
Howard L Grams
808 Gillette Av, Gillette WY 82716
page 735
WA7KST General
John J Krizan Jr
Garner Lk Rd, Gillette WY 82716
page 738
WB7RYO General
Wilford T Bell
Box 2399, Gillette WY 82716
page 759
WA7TAY General
Elton E Smith
203 Overland Trl, Gillette WY 82716
page 763

Radio Amateur Callbook, volume 58, number 1, Winter 1979-1980, pages 696; 701; 710; 724; 728; 732; 735; 738; 759; 763,

Winter 1986-87

KA7AJB General
Richard J Bell
POB 2399, Gillette WY 82716
page 798
KA7BLX Technician
Ralph D Reed Sr
2400 Whitetail Dr, Gillette WY 82716
page 805
K7CWB General
Patrick F Bauer
90 Patrick Henry Rd, Gillette WY 82716
page 812
N7DBE Technician
Jeffrey D Stewart
1018 Skyview Cir, Gillette WY 82716
page 813
N7GQC Advanced
Fokke M Gerrits
2410 Knollwood Dr, Gillette WY 82716
page 831
N7HBK General
Patricia A Wheaton
3304 Alberta Dr, Gillette WY 82716
page 833
N7HHQ Advanced
Walter M Foster
601 Tyler M-21, Gillette WY 82716
page 835
N7HME Technician
Bill Burke
211 Gillette Ave, Gillette WY 82716
page 835
WA7JNA General
Jody L Wiggins
325 E Boxelder Apt 104, Gillette WY 82716
page 845
KD7JY Advanced
Charles W Burns
3700 Hidden Valley, Gillette WY 82716
page 847
WA7KLC Advanced
Joseph G Jingle
2801 S Hwy 59, Gillette WY 82716
page 849
KA7KSO Novice
David N Lankford
2704 Dogwood, Gillette WY 82716
page 850
KE7NT Advanced
Leo C Bingham
193 Battlecry, Gillette WY 82716
page 861
KC7RJ Advanced
Kevin P Collins
Box 309, Gillette WY 82716
page 875
KA7UWG Technician
Arden D Bingham
1491 Hilight Rd 2, Gillette WY 82716
page 890
WB7VTT General
Jack R Dempsey
Box 194, Gillette WY 82716
page 894
KA7WPH Novice
Randall A Schaefer
2702 Antler Rd, Gillette WY 82716
page 897
KA7WOZ Technician
Richard L Harrod
801 Rockwood Dr, Gillette WY 82716
page 897
KA7WYF Novice
Ben D Mitchell
904 Bobolink Ct, Gillette WY 82716
page 899
KA7ZAC Novice
Thomas E Howard
4111 Teepee St, Gillette WY 82716
page 903

Radio Amateur Callbook, volume 65, number 1, Winter 1986-1987, pages 798; 805; 812-813; 831; 833; 835; 845; 847; 849-850; 861; 875; 890; 894; 897; 899; 903,

Magazines: Adult


Unlike Playboy no one is reading this magazine for the articles.

Virgin Territory

I found this in a magazine search engine looking for Gillette articles. A man named R. W. wrote in from Gillette, but almost everything he had to say was explicit. I believe he is from Gillette because he said he used to go to a skate park next to a gym. The old skate park was next to the old recreation center which had a gym. An elderly home is now where they used to be at. I was surprised this magazine had a volume and number just like real journals.

"Virgin Territory". 18, volume 13, number 5, Hardcore Edition, May 2010, pages 6-7.


The joke is when a Playboy magazine was found the person claims they only read it for the articles. Everyone laughs, but Playboy had talented writers and they published good articles. A few of them are entirely about Gillette.


The authors criticize United States President George W. Bush, so called land men, and companies who drill for natural gas in this article. Most of it is about rancher Ed Swartz and how the companies are ruining the land dumping salty water killing plant life. Swartz says the State of Wyoming didn't help him and that the Campbell County Commissioners from Gillette all sided with the natural gas companies over him.

There were also conflicts of interest. Lobbyists and others involved with natural gas companies were appointed to positions in the government that dealt with issues affecting the companies they worked for. It also demonizes the land men who suckered ranchers into selling for 1/100 of the price federal land goes for then flipping it to other buyers.

There are several photos and a full page picture of Swartz. Swartz died 11 years after this article in 2014 and the obituary said he lived in Gillette. He is also on this list for being photographed in a National Geographic special issue that had an article on Gillette.

Ivins, Molly and Dubose, Lou. "Ambushed!". Playboy, volume 50, number 10, October 2003, pages 86-89.

Boom Dreams

There is no nudity on the pages of the article, but there are a few racy photos and drawn comic. Between the pages listed is plenty of nudity and advertising.

This article is about the rough days of the oil and coal boom. The author is Craig Vetter; the first staff writer for Playboy. He is a good writer and this is one of the best written pieces I have seen about Gillette. A Gillette News Record article says it is more entertaining than factual.

He describes fights between locals and transplants, rampant drug use, dangerous working conditions, overcrowding, ugliness, and high prices. Thankfully it is not the wild west in Gillette today, but some of the descriptions still come and go. Lack of housing is an on and off again problem which leads to high prices in housing. One paragraph about how Gillette is in slow motion is still true.

Everyone who was named in the article is in this list. There were a few unnamed people as well.

Berry Smith
Manager of Stockmans
conductor for Burlington Northern
"Wild Bill"
unemployed rig worker
bouncer at the Gay 90s (1890s were called the Gay 90s)
waitress at the Mine Shaft
waitress at the Mine Shaft
Ed Calahan
Manager of the Belle Ayr Mine

Vetter, Craig. "Boom Dreams". Playboy, volume 29, number 3, March 1982, pages 116-118; 166; 200; 202; 204; 206; 208,

Dear Playboy

Jay Igo of Gillette wrote to Playboy in 1999 to tell them the Titan Roadrunner Sport RM is the true big bike and had a 107 inch motor.

"Dear Playboy". Playboy, volume 46, number 7, July 1999, page 16.

Magazines: Advertisers

I don't plan to ever go through every copy of these magazines unless they have any articles of interest. Usually they are purely advertisements so I only list which ones exist with a description. These cover Gillette or both Gillette and Campbell County.

Anybody's Auto

Autos & More

From the Big Horns to the Black Hills

The title changes to whatever the current year is. The articles are either Gillette News-Record articles or by the same staff.

From the Big Horns to the Black Hills: Your (year) vacation guide.

Gillette & Campbell County Relocation Guide (year)

Gillette Advertiser

Here's My Card

Here's My Card is a yearly publication of business cards and advertisements.

Homes & More

House Hunter

(year) Hunting Guide

Images: Gillette-Campbell County, Wyoming

Some of the photos this magazine has published are excellent.

Inside Gillette

Livability: Gillette-Wright and Campbell County, WY

Northeast Wyoming Real Estate

It says on the cover it used to be called the magazine. It is well organized for a real estate magazine. Most of the local ones have few listings mixed with advertisements for random places. The center of this one has tables for land and a grid layout for houses with it split for commercial and residential. The page edges are labeled with type and price range for that page. There are no articles inside.

I don't understand why other advertisers that are only about one product or service include unrelated advertisements. The magazine it self is an advertisement anything after that is diluting the purpose of its existence. At least this one got it right.

Northeastern Wyoming Hunting Guide (year)

This is a combination of advertisements and either these are Gillette News-Record articles or it is written by the same staff members.


Tidbits of Campbell County

Tidbits is printed like a newspaper or newsletter and is a combination of a weekly advertiser and Reader's Digest, only much shorter. The local content is almost entirely advertising with most of it being syndicated bible trivia, national advertising for elderly services, crossword puzzles, recipes, and comics found in Sunday newspapers. Many of the local advertisements are for Crook County despite the name.

Magazines: Agriculture

The American Elevator and Grain Trade

Elevator and Grain News

The mentions don't get any shorter than this. A single line says the Farmers Union would be leasing out a grain elevator in Gillette that was going to be constructed.

"Elevator and Grain News". The American Elevator and Grain Trade, volume 46, number 12, June 15 1928, page 778,

FFA New Horizons

FFA New Horizons is the official magazine of the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

FFA in Action: Iowa Ride'em Rodeo

FFA members competed in the Iowa High School State Rodeo finals before they would compete at the National High School Finals in Gillette.

"FFA in Action: Iowa Ride'em Rodeo". FFA New Horizons, volume 42, number 2, November-December 1993, page 36,

Fund Raisers in Action

The Wix Corporation gave $250 ($468 in 2017) to several FFA chapters including Gillette for collecting the most boxtops per capita for the 1989 Wix/FFA fundraiser.

"Fund Raisers in Action". FFA New Horizons, volume 39, number 6, August-September 1990, page 42,

The National Future Farmer

This was the official magazine of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) until 1989 when the name was changed to FFA New Horizons.

The Chapter Scoop

The Gillette FFA chapter took in 27 new members.

Pitzer, Jack. "The Chapter Scoop". The National Future Farmer, volume 23, number 2, December-January 1974-1975, page 44,

The Chapter Scoop

Andy Greer told the magazine the Gillette chapter had a swim party at the recreation center.

Pitzer, Jack. "The Chapter Scoop". The National Future Farmer, volume 23, number 3, February-March 1975, page 49,

FFA in Action: The Heart of the Matter

A device called AMBU for teaching CPR was given to several chapters including Gillette for distributing a large amount of lifesaving kits in their area. The kits were made by CENEX to treat farm field accidents. Today a company called Ambu sells CPR manikins. I assume that it is the same company and the article was describing a CPR manikin.

"FFA in Action: The Heart of the Matter". The National Future Farmer, volume 25, number 3, February-March 1977, page 50,

The FFA News in Brief: Safety Awards Come to FFA

The National Safety Council's Youth Advisory Committee gave Awards of Commendation to the Gillette chapter.

"The FFA News in Brief: Safety Awards Come to FFA". The National Future Farmer, volume 34, number 2, December-January 1985-1986, page 4,

The Joke Page

Janet Greer of Gillette sent the magazine this joke.

Policeman: "Do you know you were doing 60 miles per hour?"

Sam: "How could I? I've only been driving 10 minutes."

Maybe this was funnier in 1973.

"The Joke Page". The National Future Farmer, volume 21, number 5, June-July 1973, page 44,

Magazines: Aircraft



This article turned out to be interesting because the event talked about is mentioned in several other books. This is a testimonial by E. L. Mathewson President and Treasurer of the Mathewson Aeroplane Company. He says how great the Hall-Scott motor was when he and a pilot named (George) Thompson were the first to fly a plane in Wyoming during the Independence Day celebrations in Gillette. Thompson died barely a year later at another exhibition in a plane crash.

Here Mathewson says their headless biplane had a 5 minute flight on Sunday (July 2nd 1911) and was having trouble. They ordered a Hall-Scott motor and got it on Monday (July 3rd).It was installed by the morning of the next day. They took off on a run of less than 75 feet (22.86 meters) at 10 A.M. on July 4th on top of the foothills which. Mathewson he said it was at least 800 feet (243.84 meters) high, the temperature was 102 degrees fahrenheit (38.8 celsius), and the wind was blowing at least 20 miles (32.18 kilometers) per hour with eddies. They were in the air for 7 minutes and circled 3 times at 500 feet (152.4 meters).

Mathewson said at 7:30 P.M. on the same day they made another flight with a run of 61 feet (18.59 meters) from a small baseball field. They circled Gillette a few times at 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) and performed tricks.

"Hall-Scott: Aviation power plants mean professional success". Aeronautics, volume 9, number 3, September 1911,


Flying mail: Cook Knight-Flat on His Aztec

James T. Fulkerson from Gillette in 1971 wrote in saying Cook Knight in a previous article either wasn't qualified to fly or the story was faked. Several other people wrote in saying similar things.

"Flying mail: Cook Knight-Flat on His Aztec". Flying, volume 88, number 4, April 1971, page 8,

On the Record: Cessna P210N

This article says there was a crash of a Cessna P210N at Gillette. The pilot diverted to Gillette due to low fuel and was forced to land on hilly terrain shearing off the landing gear on the nose. The likely cause was loss of power due to lack of fuel because of a pilot error of not refueling sooner. No one was injured in the crash. It feels silly to summarize a summary of a National Transportation Safety Board report.

"On the Record: Cessna P210N". Flying, volume 132, number 3, March 2005, page 79,

Sportsman Pilot

Howard Odyssey

The article tracks the history of a Howard Expert DGA-15P NC22423 airplane. The last owner was Ron Rippon from Sioux City, Iowa. At some point after 1952 he spent a year in Gillette before moving to Mansfield, Missouri.

"Howard Odyssey". Sportsman Pilot, volume 2, number 4, winter 1983, pages 17-18,

Magazines: Black

This section is for magazines made for black people.

Black Ink

A Historic Meeting

There was a meeting between the Casper, Wyoming chapter of the NAACP and a KKK member from Great Falls, Montana. They discussed KKK literature handed out in Gillette. The man who handed out the literature was chased off and the police were called. There has never been a clan presence or any activity besides the literature incident in Gillette.

Joe, Danielle. "A Historic Meeting". Black Ink, October 2013, page 7,

Black World

Black World was a magazine similar to Ebony or Jet. It was originally called The Negro Digest and was a black alternative to Reader's Digest.

Dear Editor

In 1974 Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Williams from Gillette wrote in saying an article about a novel called Two Thousand Seasons was not fiction, but fact about black history. I assume they are black since they used the phrase "our history".

"Dear Editor". Black World, volume 13, number 10, August 1974, page 76,


Ebony is a magazine that focuses on black people similar to Essence, Jet, or older ones like Black World.

Lady Pioneer in the Oil Fields

This article is a profile of 25 year old Edith Williams who was an exploration geophysicist for Mobil Exploration and Producing Services working in Gillette in 1984. The article says Williams was the first black American woman to get a degree in geophysics. She earned her masters for it at Stanford University. She was in Gillette and Wyoming for 3 weeks as part of her 1 year training. There are over a dozen color and black and white photos.

The article has a ridiculous description about how the smell of her perfume swirls around her in the mountainous Gillette. I am willing to give plenty of leeway to authors make fiction, but this is a non-fiction article. It's hard to focus on the content with absurd descriptions of her scaling steep mountains. Did the writer not see all the photos that were taken?

Edith Williams
exploration geophysicist
worked for Mobil Exploration and Producing Services
first black American woman to get a degree in geophysics
D. L. Fullbright
Clifford T. Glenn
Roland Henderson
Randolph Bromery
James Williams
father of Edith Williams
Esther Williams
mother of Edith Williams
Reginald Beasley
geophysicist for Mobil
Anna Shaughnessy
interpretation supervisor
T. G. Greer
Mobil's party boss in Wyoming
Warren C. Davis Jr.
fiance of Edith Williams
Levi Williams
brother of Edith Williams

White III, Frank. "Lady Pioneer in the Oil Fields". Ebony, photos by Vandell Cobb, volume 39, number 3, January 1984, page 3,

Magazines: Car and Motorcycle

American Motorcyclist

Nine Days in May: Atlanta to Montana by Back Roads

While traveling unaware of how the roads are in May the author got stuck in Gillette due to weather. It was cold and snowing by the time he reached Gillette. He stayed at Thrifty Inn and ordered pizza while waiting for the weather to clear. He said the town seemed nice. The rest of the article is much more interesting than the parts I picked out.

Tyler, Jerry. "Nine Days in May: Atlanta to Montana by Back Roads". American Motorcyclist, volume 51, number 6, June 1997, pages 36-41,

Road Report: Big Jim and the Sacred Buffalo

The article covers James "Big Jim" Durham. Durham is a half-German and half-Indian artist who carved a large bull buffalo. At this point the author begins to bash white people and white culture. Every chance he gets he frames Durham as an Indian who rejected white culture and was better for it.

Durham and his son had visions and dreams about him creating a buffalo art piece based on an Indian creation story. Eventually he followed through on the dreams and carved the buffalo. It says in 1996 the art piece was first shown in Gillette. 1,000 people saw it in the first week.

Youngblood, Ed. "Road Report: Big Jim and the Sacred Buffalo". American Motorcyclist, compiled by Roger T. Young, volume 51, number 2, February 144,

Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide

21-Year Old Studies Diesel Technology

Levi Krech lived in Gillette and worked as a mechanic part time. When it says he went to college I assume he attended Gillette College because it has a diesel program. He was inspired by Pat McCreery and bought a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 to work on. He wanted to open a shop called Unique Performance in the future. The rest of the article is a list of people he thanked and detailed descriptions of parts used with some color photos of the truck.

Pat McCreery
inspired and taught Levi Krech
Travis Grubb
college teacher for Levi Krech
Marlin Doop
worked at Marlins Auto Body
painted Levi Krech's truck
Joey Doop
worked at Marlins Auto Body
painted Levi Krech's truck
Brandon Davis
helped Levi Krech
Dylon Lara
helped Levi Krech
Aaron Lounsberry
helped Levi Krech
Dillon Matthews
helped Levi Krech
Ty McCortney
helped Levi Krech
Coltin Mortson
helped Levi Krech
Dalton Starbuck
helped Levi Krech

"21-Year Old Studies Diesel Technology (with Hands-on Approach)". Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide, volume 4, number 6, text and photos by Bob Carpenter, December-January 2016, pages 36-41,

Magazines: Children

Boys' Life

Hobby Hows

Chris S. Rigsby from Gillette wrote to the magazine in 1987 saying he was going to build an arctic sled and wanted more of Ben Hunt's articles. The response was ask an older relative or check a library for bound copies or on microfilm.

Csatari, Jeff. "Hobby Hows". Boys' Life, April 1987, page 7,

Think and Grin

Think and Grin was a regular article and contest asking boys to send in their jokes. How can I criticize little kids jokes from nearly a hundred years ago? One of the winners was Robert L. Streeter from Gillette, but the it doesn't say who sent in which one. The prize was either a scout diary or a handbook.

"Think and Grin". Boys' Life, edited by Francis J. Rigney, volume 14, number 9, September 1924, page 39,

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas was a kids magazine with fictional stories, puzzles, poems, advertisements, riddles, true stories, and more.

The Letter-Box

Sometime around the end of 1905 and the beginning of 1906 a girl named Dorothy W. Barney from Gillette wrote to St. Nicholas. She said she lived on a ranch with a big lake in Wyoming and used to live in Chicago, Illinois. She goes on to say they will have a row-boat soon and her mother lost 3 fine saddles in the last year. The writing style is old, but good and probably better than mine.

"The Letter-Box". St. Nicholas, volume 33, part 1, November 1905-April 1906, page 94,

Magazines: Christian

The Baptist Home Mission Monthly

Preaching, Dancing and Poker

In 1902 Reverend D. L. Schultz wrote in saying a Baptist church was recently built in Gillette and that there was no religious services of any kind until Brother Shupp came. Most of the new members of his congregation lived on ranches in the summer and in town during the winter so their kids could go to school.

Schultz then complains about what he believed were the evils in Gillette. He said there was 200 people in Gillette, yet there was multiple saloons, places to gamble, and what he called places of vice. Catholics had no service available to them, but were forbidden by a visiting priest to hear him. I assume this was because he was a Protestant. He also says the town council let them use the town hall, but other events like dancing had priority over religion.

"Preaching, Dancing and Poker". The Baptist Home Mission Monthly, volume 24, number 11, November 1902, page 304,


3 Steps to Living a Better Christian Life

The author starts off with a personal story about working for Gane Production Company around Gillette with a backhoe and was doing manual labor as a ditch digger once it broke down. He says a man from a competing company came by with a backhoe and helped him out. He relates that story to the rest of his article.

Adsit, Chris. "3 Steps to Living a Better Christian Life". Blessed, October-November 2014, pages 23-28,


Knights in Action: Knights Offer Prayers, Funds in 9-11 Aftermath

One line said the Msgr. James Ruddy Council 3477 in Gillette donated the money they made from its October 28th (2002) bingo to the Heroes Fund.

"Knights in Action: Knights Offer Prayers, Funds in 9-11 Afermath". Columbia, volume 82, number 1, January 2002, page 26,

The Continent

News and Notes of Missions: New Edifice for Gillette

One line says Reverend S. C. Ryland was leading excavation for a new edifice for the First Church of Gillette. This is probably the same Ryland in the mention of Ryland's basement mentioned in the book The Way it Was.

S. C. Ryland
Reverend at the First Church of Gillette

"News and Notes of Missions: New Edifice for Gillette". The Continent, volume 53, number 30, July 27 1922, page 982,

In the Field of Missions: Synod Needs $600,000

One paragraph says Reverend S. C. Ryland finished the improvements on the First Church of Gillette. It included a basement, entrance, and bell tower. There is praise for him increasing Sunday school enrollment by 300% and the congregation from 12 to 70.

David McMartin
Reverend and Synodical Superintendant of home missions
P. N. Fredin
Reverend in La Grange, Wyoming
S. C. Ryland
Reverend in First Church of Gillette

"In the Field of Missions: Synod Needs $600,000". The Continent, volume 53, number 52, December 28 1922, page 1688,


Fixing What Ails Catholic Schools

One paragraph says that 3 professors who make up CUA's Center for the Advancement of Catholic Education make recommendations on closing or opening new schools. They use data on Catholic school enrollment, baptism rates, demographic projections, and attitudes of Catholics and their priests. A Catholic school was opened in Gillette because they recommended it.

R W. "Fixing What Ails Catholic Schools". CUA, volume 21, number 3, Fall 2009, page 9,

The Living Church

Diocesan: Wyoming

On December 9, 1942 Sidney L. Morgan was ordained deacon at Holy Trinity Church in Gillette. It said he was 52 years old at the time and had came from England 20 years earlier (1923) to work for the Union Pacific Coal Company in Hanna, Wyoming. Bishop Zieglar assigned Morgan to work in Gillette, Newcastle, and Sundance.

Sidney L. Morgan
52 years old
from England
ordained deacon in Gillette
Philip Benedict Hawley
from Providence, Rhode Island
Miss Jessie Van Brunt
from Brooklyn, New York
made a stained glass window

Capron, Mildren S. "Diocesan: Wyoming". The Living Church, volume 106, number 2, January 10 1943, pages 20,


Colportage Work: Transition Period in Wyoming

Reverend W. B. Charles of Gillette wrote in saying things were changing and the rough days were passing. He talks about handing out pamphlets and that there was an interest in buying the bibles he was selling.

"Colportage Work: Transition Period in Wyoming". Missions, volume 6, number 9, October 1915, page 982,

Pentecostal Herald

New Start: Steve Carahan: He Came and Stayed

Steve Carahan (article also spells it Carnahan) saw an ad that churches were needed in Wyoming and other states. He decided to start a United Pentecostal Church in Gillette. He moved his family moved from Iowa to Gillette in the late 1980s.

At the time he came there was only 12,000 people and the church was in a trailer. He struggled through the boom and bust cycles, but expanded the church by ministering in a nursing home and the county jail. Eventually he was successful and ran the Abundant Life Church and was the superintendant of the Rocky Mountain District.

The article has a few odd phrases such as church planting or planting a church which means starting a church. It also uses the phrase under-Churched and says there was no church service in Gillette. I have read Catholics saying the same thing. What they mean is there was no churches of their denomination in Gillette.

Rice, Ronald. "New Start: Steve Carahan: He Came and Stayed". Pentecostal Herald, volume 90, number 9, August 2014, page 33,



T.R. Mader from Gillette thanked the magazine for recognizing the Korean War. He called it the forgotten war and said because of it missionaries can spread christianity in South Korea.

"Mailbag". World, volume 28, number 19, September 21 2013, page 67,

Magazines: College

Gillette College Insider

Every year the Gillette College produces this magazine. Every article in each edition of the magazine is about Gillette.


The Lantern is the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse alumni magazine.

Class Notes

For the class of 1965 William Heineke of Gillette was selected. He was running a summer day treatment program for its 26th year. The program was at the Behavioral Health Services in the Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette. I spoke with Dr. Heineke about this entry and he said the magazine never contacted him about it.

"Class Notes". Lantern, volume 38, number 2, summer 2012, page 29,

Magazines: Computer

Compute!'s Gazette

The magazine says it was for owners and users of the now old Commodore VIC-20 and Commodore 64 computers.

User Group Update

Normally I wouldn't include something so minor, but this one caught my eye. In 1984 there was a Commodore 64 user group in Gillette run by Jerry Hughes and Linda Hughes.

Yakal, Kathy. "User Group Update". Compute!'s Gazette, volume 2, number 5, May 1984, page 94,


As the name suggests the magazine is for Apple Macintosh users.

Quick Tips: Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Sara Neyer from Gillette wrote in asking where could she get software to switch they keyboard layout on a Mac to Dvorak. The answer was to check America Online and CompuServe for free layout files not software and to read about Dvorak variants.

Dvorak is an alternative layout designed by analyzing typists. While it cuts finger travel significantly, but there is no evidence it prevents or reduces RSI or increases speed. The variants are ANSI, other languages, left and right hand only layouts, and the classic version that changes the number keys.

The answer given was for System 7. Almost 5 years after this was written Apple released Mac OS 8.6 which included a way to officially change the layout to Dvorak. Today all major operating systems include Dvorak and all its variants.

Poole, Lon. "Quick Tips: Dvorak Keyboard Layout". MacWorld, August 1994, page 145,


Contest Winners

Part 6 of the Oracle contest to win an Apple IIe computer was predicting the who announced to run in the 1984 presidential election by September 30, 1983. David Miles of Gillette was in 2nd place with a total of 74 points.

"Contest Winners". Softalk, volume 4, December 1983, page 6,

Contest Winners: An Apple Awarded; A Trickster Treated

The Oracle contest to win an Apple IIe computer ended with part 7 which was to predict 5 companies who made the most Top 30 appearances. David Miles of Gillette finished the Oracle contest in 2nd place with 94 points total.

"Contest Winners: An Apple Awarded; A Trickster Treated". Softalk, volume 4, January 1984, pages 10; 222,

A Hot Day in San Jose

David Miles of Gillette won the 5th part of the Oracle contest where contestants predicted the temperature in San Jose, California on July 4th Independence Day. It was part of a larger contest to score enough points in each round to win an Apple IIe computer. Miles was number 2 in the total ranking with 45 points. Jean Mattson from ComputerLand is in a picture with David Miles presenting him a copy of Microsoft Multiplan. Multiplan was a spreadsheet program that was replaced by Microsoft Excel. Mattson ran a ComputerLand in Gillette at the time and the photo was almost certainly taken in Gillette.

"A Hot Day in San Jose". Softalk, volume 3, August 1983, pages 6; 8,

Magazines: Guns

Guns & Ammo

Reader Blowback

In 2015 W. A. Murray Jr. from Gillette wrote into the magazine disagreeing with an article about how to use a flashlight with a pistol for home defense. Murray Jr. believed the light should be held in the off hand or you would give away your position to the intruder. He said he learned that from his time in the military. Tom Beckstrand responded saying the other hand would be needed to call 9-1-1, hold a child, open a door, and handle recoil.

"Reader Blowback". Guns & Ammo, volume 59, number 12, December 2015, page 6; 8.

Sure Shots

Women in the Industry: Competitive Shooter Jessie Dussart

During an interview with the magazine Jessie Dussart says Chuck McIntosh from Mac's Gunworks in Gillette does gunsmithing for her even though Dussart lives in Rapid City, South Dakota.

"Women in the Industry: Competitive Shooter Jessie Dussart". Sure Shots, photos by Jessie Dussart, number 16, March 2015, page 35,

Women & Guns


Grace Christianson from Gillette wrote in saying she thought a Legally Speaking article called Continuum was a great article about gun rights legislation. She said anyone supporting 2nd amendment rights should read it. Below is the full text of the 2nd amendment to the United States Constitution.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

"Letters". Women & Guns, volume 24, number 4, July-August 2013, page 3.

Magazines: Local

This section is for magazines for locals in a specific city.

Aspen Times Weekly

Voyages: Destination Palomas, Mexico

This article is about the 16th Cabalgata Binacional Villista. Mexicans and Americans ride on horseback from Palomas, Mexico to Columbus, New Mexico in a parade. It commemorates General Pancho Villa's attack on the United States Third Cavalry regiment that killed 18 American soldiers in 1916. This somehow morphed into an entire festival that promotes American-Mexican border relations. At this point there is some politics in the article by the author complaining about border security.

There was reconocimientos given out which it says is a certificate of appreciation. Benny Acuna and his wife Becky who showed up to the event got one. People were shocked people as far as Gillette came to the event. The Acuna name has a mark on the n I'm not able to type in. Both of them are photographed receiving the certificate.

Smith, Morgan. "Voyages: Destination Palomas, Mexico". Aspen Times Weekly, volume 4, number 18, March 19-25 2015, page 30-31,

Fort Collins Style

This is one of those local publications that are almost completely advertisements with a few articles squeezed in.

Education: Our Legacy of Knowledge

Near the beginning of the article John Clarke talks about how his grandmother lived in Gillette when she was young around 1900. He said she was the Campbell County Superintendent of Schools in her 20s. That she rode needed a horse to reach the schools and that life was simple back then. The rest of the article talks about how complex the education system was in Fort Collins, Colorado at the time.

Clarke, John. "Education: Our Legacy of Knowledge". Fort Collins Style, 1994-'95, page 94,

Missoula Independent

Week in Review

There is one paragraph about how Erik Wengren plead guilty to disorderly conduct. He posted a message on Facebook saying he was going to shoot up his cousin's school in Gillette. Wengren said he was joking.

If the government did nothing and he carried out that threat they would be blamed and replaced by someone who would claim to be more vigilant. If every person who told an offensive joke was convicted humor would effectively be outlawed. Next time you say "I would give my right arm for that" you will be detained and put into a mental institution for threats of self harm. Moral of the story, no fun allowed.

"Week in Review". Missoula Independent, volume 24, number 1, January 3-10 2013, page 6,

Planet Jackson Hole

The Buzz: Refugee Debate Reignites

This article is highly political and there is some twisting of words and biases. I didn't verify what they said I am only going to summarize it. It is about the reaction to Wyoming Governor Matt Mead's decision to call for a temporary ban on refugees.

Bertine Bahige came to the United States as a refugee whose family was tortured in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bahige eventually escaped from Rwanda. He lived in Gillette as a teacher at the time of the article. He made several arguments for a refugee settlement.

Groups like the Wyoming Humanities Council argues against a refugee program. They say there is almost no support for it in Wyoming. They were going to host a panel about it at the Casper College Humanities Festival at the Casper College in of course Casper, Wyoming.

Suzan Marie Pritchett a professor at the University of Wyoming College of Law to Wyoming also makes several arguments for the refugee program. She was afraid other states would follow Wyoming in not having a refugee program. She believes people should stand up for the program.

Bertine Bahige
high school math teacher
Matt Mead
Governor of Wyoming
Barack Obama
President of the United States
Seth Waggoner
Spokesperson for Matt Mead
Marti Halverson
Republican State Representative
Andy Schwartz
Democrat State Representative
Shannon Smith
Executive Director of Wyoming Humanities Council
Sara Flitner
Mayor of Jackson, Wyoming
Suzan Marie Pritchett
Professor at University of Wyoming College of Law
Aden Batar
Director of Immigration and Refugee Resettlement for Catholic Community Service of Utah

Kling, Julie Fustanio. "The Buzz: Refugee Debate Reignites". Planet Jackson Hole, photos by Reiley Wooten, volume 13, number 47, December 2-8 2015, page 6,


News: Gay Native American Wyoming man dead in apparent suicide

The article says Trevor O'Brien was found dead in a park in Gillette by the Gillette Police Department. They were investigating the bullying done to him. O'Brien had posted 4 years earlier on Facebook about being bullied because he was gay.

After the article was written his death was found to be a suicide. His parents blamed the bullies. Their evidence was the incidents that happened to O'Brien in high school years earlier.

"News: Gay Native American Wyoming man dead in apparent suicide". QSaltLake, number 254, April 2016, page 14,

News Regional: Wyoming Lesbians Denied Communion

This must have been a syndicated story from the Gillette News-Record because I have seen this in other publications. It says Reverend Cliff Jacobson of the Saint Matthew's Catholic Church in Gillette sent a letter to Leah Vader and Lynne Huskinson saying because they were a married lesbian couple and advocated gay marriage they wouldn't give them communion.

The two groups have incompatible beliefs. Vader and Huskinson practice and promote homosexuality and the Catholic church believes both of those are a sin. The outcome shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. The article says after the letter both of them left the church. Vader also had her cat trapped and ransomed years earlier and that story is on this list.

"News Regional: Wyoming Lesbians Denied Communion". QSaltLake, number 74, March 16 2007, page 7,

Sioux Falls Women

Travelogue: The Sweet Highway 16

The article talks about taking a road trip down Highway 16 and all the sites to see. It says Gillette isn't the old west and mine tours are available twice a day in the summer. It also says there are also rodeo and horse events all year round.

Ryan, Thea Miller. "Travelogue: The Sweet Highway 16". Sioux Falls Women, photos by Buffalo Wyoming Chamber of Commerce and Cody Wyoming Chamber of Commerce, August-September 2012, page 60,

Magazines: Nonfiction


73 was also called 73 Amateur Radio Today. It is no longer published today.

Letters: Can You Top This?

Peter A. Lovelock from Santa Monica, California wrote in about a complicated story dealing with KOTA TV station in Gillette. He says Lydia Johnson of Rapid City, South Dakota noticed KOTA announced a new station in Gillette. She saw they were using an odd callsign and looked it up in a callsign book finding it was already used by Lovelock.

Lovelock contacted KOTA and confirmed they were using his amateur radio callsign for broadcasting audio and video. An engineer also confirmed the K6JM callsign was the one printed on their license. KOTA later switched to K06JM. Lovelock says both callsigns are not for broadcasters. The FCC didn't responded to his letter by the time he wrote this.

Peter A. Lovelock
Santa Monica, California
Lydia Johnson
Rapid City, South Dakota

"Letters: Can You Top This?". 73, [issue 235], April 1980, page 20,

Letters: K06JM

Peter A. Lovelock writes in again saying the issue with KOTA TV repeater station in Gillette using his callsign had been resolved. The entry "Can You Top This?" has the backstory. Lovelock said the manager at KOTA TV told him there was a typo on the license and it was corrected. The FCC Public Radio Division confirmed the K06JM was the right callsign for KOTA TV.

Philip E. Galasso of Iselin, New Jersey callsign K2PG wrote in saying K06JM is a legitimate callsign for a repeater station. As of 2016 Lovelock's callsign K6JM is used by another man and KOTA's callsign K06JM is not used at all.

"Letters: K06JM". 73, [issue 238], July 1980, page 164,

Ritty Loop

M.D. Marc I. Leavey of Pikesville, Maryland callsign WA3AJR said greetings to Robert Davis of Gillette calling him a loyal reader.

Leavey, Mirc I. "Ritty Loop". 73, issue 313, October 1986, page 70,

The American Dog Magazine

Working Dogs: Guard Duty-

The cover to this magazine is ridiculous. It looks like a dry and family friendly magazine you might find in a doctor's office. Why does the cover have huge text saying "Love Me Some PITTIES!"? Did they think no one would notice?

Fortunately this is different article about dogs who guard and herd other animals. A few paragraphs are given to Eric Barlow and his dogs. Barlow was a sheep rancher and veterinarian in Gillette.

While the article says it is good for dogs to not interact with humans so they wont chase people leaving the herd Barlow argues this can be a problem. If the dogs are too feral he can't approach them to heal them. He prefers the dogs interact with him then go back to the sheep.

Monahan, Tamra. "Working Dogs: Guard Duty-". The American Dog Magazine, volume 4, number 3, Fall 2011, pages 78-79,

The American Legion

Life Membership Awarded

Campbell County Post number 42 gave Past Commander Dr. E. S. Wertz a life membership for his years of service.

"Life Membership Awarded". The American Legion, volume 52, number 3, March 1952, page 34,

Ride 'Em, Cowboy!

A photo says the Campbell County Post will be ready for use in July (1939). The picture is the current American Legion building in Gillette during construction. The article says it would be 60 by 90 feet (18.28 by 27.43 meters) plus a basement and would have enough space for the 115 members plus guests.

Harry K. Hays the adjutant of the Campbell County Post wrote about Gillette transforming from a cowtown to a modern city. He said a few years before they were bragging they had 3 general stores and 6 saloons.

The Campbell County Post began to sponsor a rodeo in Gillette with the help of the County Commissioners. It said Gillette rodeo was the biggest and fastest amateur show in America. The 5th one was to be held in July which means the first one was in or around 1934.

Harry K. Hays
Campbell County Post Adjutant
Noble Cates
rodeo committee
cowboy rancher
Lawrence Ricks
rodeo committee
cowboy rancher
Bill Eaton
rodeo committee
cowboy rancher

"Ride 'Em, Cowboy!". The American Legion, volume 27, number 1, July 1939, pages 30-31,

Changing Times

Letters: Readers Talk Back

Wayne Moore from Gillette wrote to the magazine in 1981 making an interesting argument about food prices. He said a previous article claimed a bad harvest of wheat could increase prices 20% at the store. His argument is that raw product costs have little to do with prices at the store.

His evidence is the price of wheat would need to increase 400% to cause a 20% increase at the store if the raw product costs were the only factor. He also said carcass beef has decreased in price yet there has been no decrease in prices at the store. His conclusion was that the cause of price increases was somewhere else in the supply chain.

"Letters: Readers Talk Back". Changing Times, volume 35, number 6, June 1981, page 69,

New growth: Where People and Money are Going

There is a brief mention about Gillette growing primarily because of coal.

"New growth: Where People and Money are Going". Changing Times, volume 31, number 1, January 1977, page 13,


A Cowboy's Life

This is a profile of the life of rough and tough cowboy Dennis Clymer. While talking about all the times he suffered broken bones he said he broke his arm one time in Gillette.

Kokjohn-Wagner, Johi. "A Cowboy's Life". Chrome, photos by Deahna Brockman, volume 1, number 1, Summer 2013, page 18,

Dagens Nyheter: Fokus

I read Dagens Nyheter is a daily newspaper from Stockholm, Sweden. Fokus is their longer reports and interviews. Many of the stories involve identity politics. Their online articles look like a magazine to me even if it comes from a newspaper. I don't know if these are printed in their newspaper.

Mosken i Cowboyland

According to Google Translate the title says The Enemy Within. The title for Chapter 1 translates to Mosque in Cowboy Country.

The article is about the only mosque in Gillette and the muslims who go there. It starts by pushing the ideals of American freedom then trashes America for not following them. This is followed by the history of Indians sent to reservations and the wild days of Gillette full of saloons, cowboys, gambling, and so on. Near the end it goes back to saying America is racist and always has been.

As Aftab Khan said in the interview when talking about muslims it is talking about the Khan family because they are the only muslims in Gillette. Although later it says dozens of Indonesians also attend the mosque for Eid. The history of the Khan family is documented a bit. From Zanfar's beginnings in the US with his restaurant to their time as hotel owners after his death.

The Khans had received many threats for being muslims and having the mosque in Gillette. I read in other articles Aftab said they received death threats. From what I understand these were sent online and they were not threatened in person. Either way I would be scared too.

The article is highly political even when it wants to sound neutral. There are several high quality color photos included. I would recommend reading the full thing if you can. Chapter 2 continues this story with Chelsea Roan and her opposition to Islam in Gillette.

Mujahid Khan
lives in Gillette
works in a furniture store
leads worship at the mosque
Zarif Khan
immigrated to the United States 1907
came to Wyoming in 1909
married Fatima in an arranged marriage
was 60 years old while Fatima was 15
Donald Trump
Republican Presidential Canidate
Hillary Clinton
Democratic Presidential Canidate
Phyllis Schlafly
Christian commentator
died at 92
Queresha Khan
woman the mosque was named after
Zanfar Khan
55 years old
came to the United States in the 1980s
Fatima Khan
married Zarif Khan in an arranged marriage
was 15 years old while Zanfar was 60
Aftab Khan
41 years old
born in Wyoming
owns and operates hotels in and around Gillette
Donald Trump supporter
Chelsea Roan
white nationalist
burned a Quran in Gillette
Sophia Khan
10 years old
daughter of Aftab Khan
Shabnam Khan
aunt of Sophia Khan
studied microbiology at the University of Wyoming
runs a hotel in Sheridan
Amani Khan
sister of Sophia Khan
Ning August Mulyaningsih
43 years old
works at a Japanese restaurant in Rapid City, South Dakota
from Jakarta, Indonesia
Hillary Clinton supporter
was injured in a terrorist bombing in 2003
Takao Ozawa
involved in a famous US Supreme Court case in 1922

Orrenius, Niklas. "Mosken i Cowboyland". Dagens Nyheter Fokus: Den inre fienden, chapter 1, photos by Anders Hansson, October 21 2016,

Digital SLR Photography


James Smart took a photo of the sky with on orange color in Gillette titled Orange Beauty. He said he was driving from Texas to Montana stopping in Gillette. It was taken on a Canon EOS 5DSR body and a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. The photo looks over processed to me.

Digital SLR Photography, issue 119, October 2016, page 14,

High Plains Art

Sculpture in the Hills

Sculpture in the hills is an art competition with sales. This article has pictures and short bios on the artists who participated in the 5th one in 2013. One of them was Edie Reno from Gillette. It says she was a teacher and artist for decades. Her sculpture was what looks like an antelope with birds on it. The image is low quality so it is hard to judge how good it is.

"Sculpture in the Hills". High Plains Art, volume 7, number 1, 2013, page 41,

Illustrated World

Where Wild Ducks are Tame

White Eagle (Shields Wright) wrote about Mrs. L. Jenne's farm near a large lake where she raised and sold the ducks she had domesticated. She managed to get two of them to answer when called by name. It is a short article so there isn't much more to say.

There are two black and white photos in the article. One is White Eagle sitting on his horse Red Bird on Michigan Boulevard in Chicago, Illinois. The other is Jenne's farm with ducks and a little girl.

White Eagle. "Where Wild Ducks are Tame". Illustrated World, volume 37, number 4, June 1922, page 561,

Industrial Worker

Barbarians in America

Louis Moreau member number 140 said while going through Gillette he got on a soap box and began talking. After half an hour he says people at the livery barn were throwing eggs at him. The eggs hit the crowd and shop windows. The crowd ran off and he left because no one was listening to him. Here is what he had to say about Gillette.

"I have travelled far and wide and have lived among people called savages (uncivilized), but never did I meet such a low degree of intelligence as I witnessed at Gillette, Wyo."

I assume he was saying the workers of the world should unite. The whole article sounds like satire, but I believe it is real.

Moreau, Louis. "Barbarians in America". Industrial Worker, volume 4, number 20, August 10 1911, page 3,

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Drilling for Dollars

The first paragraph talks about Rod Linafelter when he was a roughneck drilling for oil around Gillette before becoming rich as a manager of an oil fund. He worked for the owner Marvin Davis who was a wildcatter or someone who drills for oil where none has ever been found before. On the night shift in 1981 the drill hit a pocket of natural gas which pushed mud and gas back up to the surface. It took them weeks to get the well under control.

Sheets, Ken and Spears, Gregory. "Drilling for Dollars". Kiplinger's Personal Finance, volume 51, number 2, February 1997, page 63,

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa

Organic & Wellness: Stress Therapy

This is a minor advertisement, but I couldn't pass it up. One paragraph is about Monix Clinical Skincare & Spa Retreat in Gillette. It says treatment is based on vibration, synchronized music and light show, and smells. I don't know how, but according to the article this is supposed to stimulate you spiritually.

The language used in the article is ridiculously fluffed up. I would have thought I was getting a life changing experience based on the description.

Berg, Oyvind. "Organic & Wellness: Stress Therapy". Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, American Edition, May 2014, page 102,


Letters to the Editors

G. H. Abel of Gillette wrote to TIME in 1939 saying the photos of Detroit, Michigan veterans beating minorities similar to stormtroopers beating Jews should be sent to Adolf Hitler because he would be impressed by the techniques used. The editor responded by writing civil liberties on a man being beat.

The incident Abel was referring to happened during a race riot in Detroit in 1939. The military was sent in. Over 30 people died during the riot.

"Letters to the Editors". LIFE, volume 7, number 25, December 18 1939, page 4,

Montana Outdoors

Powder River: Historical Underdog

The author said because of overburden the mines in the Montana portion of the Powder River Basin couldn't compete with the strip mines around Gillette. They are open-pit mines not strip mines.

Rehwinkel, Bruce. "Powder River: Historical Underdog". Montana Outdoors, volume 10, number 1, January-February 1979, page 2,

Mother Jones

Moving Gary, Indiana, to the Great Plains

This is a longer article about pollution and the human costs of the planned coal development and boom town areas in Powder River Basin in the 1970s. While the article seems a little biased they had some real concerns. It changes pace from being dense with facts to human interest stories. The article also has a few black and white photos.

The article says there was a North Central Power Study written by the United States Bureau of Reclamation and 35 major utilities for developing coal in the western United States published in 1971. The study was later scrapped. It called for 42 new power plants mostly around Colstrip, Montana and Gillette, Wyoming. 13 of them would be 10 gigawatts each. The Yellowstone River would have its flow cut by 1/3 and 50,000 to 175,000 miles of land would be stripped. It expected 500 thousand to 1 million people to migrate to the area. The reason for coal development in the west was the Clean Air Act of 1970, an energy crisis, and nuclear power having multiple problems.

It says that the reason oil companies wanted to strip mine the federal and Indian land was so they could avoid regulations and unions controlled by United Mine Workers Association. That the eastern United States mines could last past the year 2000, but the strip mines only had a life expectancy of 35 years. At the time there was already 8 mines in Campbell County.

The mining and oil drilling was possible because of a few reason. Even when homesteading happened the United States Department of the Interior kept the mineral rights. Ranchers and Indians also sold leases to their lands. Other times it was taken by eminent domain. Later the Crow Indians and Northern Cheyenne Indians revoked their leases, but it was expected they would do the mining themselves.

There was concern over reclamation. It says guarantees of reclamation were vague or nonexistent. Of the 6,515 acres only half had been properly reclaimed and leases are never expire or are cancelled due to noncompliance. None of the land reclaimed could be grazed. Even if the land was reclaimed the article said it changes the underground water flow, the soil is more alkaline, the water table is lower and contaminated, topsoil is lost to wind, and the surface is contaminated with things like lead and mercury. In one area of Indian land that had not been reclaimed it turned into a desert. The Academy of Sciences proposed calling it National Sacrifice Area because of the damage done to the land.

There are several stories from people in the region who talked about the costs of the development. Duke McRae near Colstrip, Montana a company town was a rancher who sold property to Peabody Coal had his springs muddied or dried up, gates left open, and animals poached. Jack Chase and his wife Ginny Chase held a meeting for Powder River Basin Resource Council at their Chase Ranch outside of Leiter, Wyoming on stopping the spread of trailers from Gillette. Bob Weisz in Gillette who ran a mental health care center said he treated women and children who suffered the hardships of transient life that was designed for men. Bill Barlow and his Cambodian wife Bernadette Barlow at their Barlow Ranch had 12 oil wells dug on his land through eminent domain and all his fish died when chemicals were dumped in the pond.

The future they saw was full of lawsuits by the Sierra Club and Indian tribes, plans for 11 new coal gasification plants, a slurry pipeline from Gillette to Little Rock, Arkansas, and many other problems. As for Gillette they describe it as a depressing place full of migrant workers living in trailers paying inflated prices on everything. There is so much more in the article. I tried to pick out all the facts and summarize the rest without being too long hopefully. I suggest reading the original if possible.

Bass, Thas. "Moving Gary, Indiana, to the Great Plains". Mother Jones, photos by Earl Dotter and Burk Uzzle, volume 1, number 5, July 1976, pages 34-38; 56-58,

Razing Appalachia

There is a brief part about how Arch Coal bought Atlantic Richfield's strip mine in Powder River Basin. Ricky Light a miner from Sharples, West Virginia was laid off and was told he could go work at Arch Coal's new mine in Gillette which the article points out didn't have any unions unlike the mine he worked at.

Vollers, Maryanne. "Razing Appalachia". Mother Jones, July-August 1999, page 87,

Movin' On


In a complete abuse of the word alumni this magazine by Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado has patients write in about their success in life after treatment. Jordan Ostlund from Gillette a former patient from 2004 is one of the people who wrote in. There is a photo of him in a wheelchair with his family. It says Jordan and his wife Lexi Ostlund who own a real estate already had one child named Anderson Ostlund. His news was that his wife had recently given birth to twins named Crew Ostlund and Creed Ostlund in September 2014.

"Alumni". Movin' On, volume 30, number 2, 2014, page 28,

Taking Life Head-On

Jordan Ostlund and his wife Lexi Ostlund appear a second time in Movin' On. This time they are on the front cover with an entire article about them. It says they both grew up in Gillette and had family living in Gillette for generations. Another Ostlund is on this list in another entry. It says Gillette is a small rough town and talks about the Stay Strong Gillette signs.

While doing gymnastics Jordan Ostlund damaged his spinal cord putting him in a wheelchair. He went to Craig Hospital the publisher of the magazine for treatment. After treatment he returned to Gillette and wasn't able to get a job so he joined his wife's real estate business. The article is gentle with describing a spinal injury as affecting male fertility. They had several children using artificial insemination.

"Taking Life Head-On". Movin' On, volume 32, number 1, 2016, pages 6-9,

National Geographic

Powder River Basin

This is another article about the coal boom days. It is not as gritty and rough as the Playboy article. Most of the article is interesting black and white photos. There is one of a filthy miner wearing a t-shirt that says "Where in the hell is Gillette Wyoming".

Ed Swartz
Chuck Voglewede
ranch hand
Dorothy Reno
Gary Glass
Deputy Director of Wyoming Geological Society
Chris Kimbrough
setting explosive charges
Ed Martinez
Marty Yuill
packing blasting materials
Mike Enzi
Mayor of Gillette
Joe Hamner
President of Carter Mining Company
Karen Turner
wife of a roustabout
Pete Erickson
Rawhide Mine Manager
Rozland Landry
helped form Powder River Basin Resource Council
Malcolm Wallop
Wyoming US Senator

Richards, Bill. "Powder River Basin: New Energy Frontier". National Geographic, photos by Louie Psihoyos, volume 81, number 2, February 1981, pages 96-115.

Neok Casino Connection

Poker Showdown

This is another article of scores in paragraph form. It says Gary Germann is a retiree from Gillette. He placed 8th in the Colorado part of the Heartland Poker Tour and won $6,094 for the week. There is a picture of Germann in a group photo. He is on the top row, third from the left.

"Poker Showdown". Neok Casino Connection, volume 2, issue 5, March-April 2014, pages 26-27,

On Earth

Coal on a Roll

Well this article started off with a big surprise. It says Bill Gates and Warren Buffett flew in a fleet of 9 private airplanes and landed at the Gillette-Campbell County Airport. They were visiting Black Thunder Mine. It says they are both directors of Berkshire Hathaway that makes money from coal.

If it wasn't obvious by the title it is by now that the article is against the using coal and of selling it over seas. Most of the article is dedicated to the details and the push by companies to sell their coal from Powder River Basin to places like China by trains through the northwest United States eventually to ports. These plans never worked out and now it looks like they never will.

The article says the reason coal from Powder River Basin is in demand is because of the Clean Air Act and the 1990 amendment which made the lower sulfur coal more valuable. That and it is near the surface in thick seams. The downside is that it has less energy than other coal.

The article also describes the pollution and destruction of the land and impact on ranchers. Everything from orange clouds from blasting operations to ranchers grazing land leased out to the coal mines instead. It says few are against coal so regulations are minimal and people overlook the costs for a paycheck.

My description tapers off here because at this point the article begins to talk to people outside the area and discuss global issues. It is an interesting article and it was their cover story. There are many high quality color photos included, some of which are in Gillette.

Bill Gates
Director of Berkshire Hathaway
visited Black Thunder Mine
Warren Buffet
Director of Berkshire Hathaway
visited Black Thunder Mine
physical education teacher
Shannon Anderson
lawyer for Powder River Basin Resource Council
Jeremy Nichols
WildEarth Guardians
Karla Oksanen
lives next to Rawhide Mine
Leland "LJ" Turner
Wendy Hutchinson
regulatory affairs manager at Black Thunder Mine
in videos on YouTube because of American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
Tom Pride
author's old classmate who died
Thomas Power
Professor of Economics at the University of Montana
Richard Morse
Director of Research on Coal and Carbon Markets at Stanford University
Brett Vandenheuvel
Executive Director of Columbia Riverkeeper
Chris Gregoire
Governor of Washington
George Raiter
Chairman of Cowlitz County Commissioners
Gayle Kiser
President of Landowners and Citizens for a Safe Community
Sandy Davis
Secretary of Landowners and Citizens for a Safe Community

Black, George. "Coal on a Roll: Plundering America to Power the Asian Boom". On Earth, photos by Rob Howard, volume 33, number 3, Fall 2011, pages 28-38,

Our Public Lands

News Highlights

The Department of the Interior announced 4 new coal mines and new rail lines in northeast Wyoming. They were going to hold hearings for comments from the public in several cities including Gillette.

Our Public Lands, volume 25, number 1, Winter 1975, page 4,


Photoplay was a magazine for movie fans published 1911-1980.

Take a Dip- in Your Inkwell

A notice in the magazine says to write 25 words or less why you like a star. The prize was signed portrait of a movie star of your choice. A previous winner was Morilyn Scott of Gillette. I wonder who she picked.

"Take a Dip- in Your Inkwell". Photoplay, volume 34, number 2, January 1949, page 92,

Nine Hundred Miles on Horseback

White Eagle (Shields Wright) documents his journey riding on his horse Red Bird as he traveled most of the Custer Highway. The entire town and a brass band escorted him out of Hardin, Montana when he started out on December 12, 1920. It took him 24 days and 5 hours to reach Omaha, Nebraska which was 900 miles (1,448 kilometers) away. The highway took him right next to his house in Gillette.

The full length of the highway was 1,475 miles (2,373 kilometers) from Omaha, Nebraska to Glacier Park, Montana. It was mostly made up of existing roads which were improved. White Eagle says by the time he traveled much of the construction and improvements had already been finished, but that he still saw plenty of work happening. There was new bridges and roads while others were being straightened and graded.

By the descriptions the roads must have been primitive. White Eagle says after it is completed you will be able to travel the full length without having to ask for directions or open a gate. It wasn't yet a road that could be traveled in winter, but if they finished the upgrades it would allow year round travel.

A black and white photo shows White Eagle on his horse Red Bird. There isn't a date or location for the photo. The article also has a map of the highway and a drawing of monument of General George Custer's last stand.

White Eagle. "Nine Hundred Miles on Horseback Along the Custer Highway". Popular Mechanics, volume 35, number 6, June 1921, pages 844-845,

Fighting Infernos Underground

The article talks mostly about underground coal fires, how they are put out, and the effects they have. It says many of them had been burning for 40 to 50 years (article was written in 1951 so 1900-1910). They were started mostly by burning trash near old strip mines. The article says this is how a fire started back in 1885 when a horse thief in Gillette was using a mine as a hideout and started a fire in it. The United States Bureau of Mines didn't put it out until about 65 years later in 1950.

Dempewolff, Richard F. "Fighting Infernos Underground". Popular Mechanics, volume 96, number 3, September 1951, pages 125-130,

Hellfire Made to Order

This article is a behind the scenes look at the special effects of the movie Hellfighters which is about the men who put out oil rig fires loosely based on Paul "Red" Adair. A film crew did come out to Gillette to record an oil well fire. The article says Fred Knoth a special effects expert came to Gillette to look at the fire as well. He was checking to see how close they could record near a fire and how to work with the specialized explosives used to put out the fires.

The work is dangerous not only for the workers, but also for the actors and film crew even though they didn't use real oil. John Wayne barely avoided injury multiple times on set.

There are plenty of interesting photos in color and black and white. All of them look like they were during the filming and not of the Gillette oil fire. There was talk of Adair's other crew members "Coots" Matthews and "Boots" Hansen. Both of them came to Gillette to put out the fire and were recorded by the film crew, but I have never confirmed it made it into the movie.

Richter, W D. "Hellfire Made to Order". Popular Science, volume 193, number 6, December 1968, pages 48-51; 174-175,

Say Smokey-

In 1967 James O. Bishop from Gillette wrote in asking in a mechanic column if he should buy a new Porsche 911 because he was 300 miles (482 kilometers) away from the nearest specialized servicing. The answer was it would take long wrenches to reach 300 miles away or simply no.

Yunick, Smokey. "Say Smokey-". Popular Science, volume 190, number 3, March 1967, page 12,

Prairie Business

Prairie People

Shawn Burgad was promoted to northwest regional business development manager for Border States Electric. He used to work as an account manager at Border States Electric's Gillette branch.

"Prairie People". Prairie Business, volume 13, issue 12, December 2012,

The Rotarian

Back to School

One of the many ways the Rotary Clubs could help their community was to teach. The Rotary Club of Gillette taught every class all day long at Campbell County High School for a day. Of course this would never be allowed now.

"Back to School". The Rotarian, volume 89, number 3, September 1956, page 47,

The Clubs ... in Action

My entry is longer than the actual text in the magazine. These kinds of articles are so short it is hard not to copy them directly. The Rotarian Club in Gillette reimbursed a local student $1,000 ($8,417 in 2017) for travel expenses to New Zealand. He stayed with the Rotarians of Greymouth, New Zealand.

"The Clubs ... in Action". The Rotarian, volume 95, number 4, International Student Issue, October 1959, page 48,

The Clubs... in Action

The Rotary club in Gillette was going to hold an annual radio jamboree to raise money for the Easter Seal campaign. The Easter Seals help people with disabilities. The year before (1959) they had raised $1,490 ($12,542 in 2017 using 1959).

"The Clubs... in Action". The Rotarian, volume 97, number 4, October 1960, page 48,

Huntsmen Home on the Range

This article talks about the plenty of pronghorn antelope in Campbell County and how they were dealt with. In the late 1940s Wyoming allowed thousands of them to be hunted in Campbell County. It also says until 1950 when the Rotary Club came to Gillette there wasn't a single place to find out about where to stay, permits, keeping the meat fresh, and so on which setup an entire project about it called Gillette's Annual Antelope Roundup.

There are many black and white photos of hunting and Gillette. There are some of the downtown area and of hunters confused by the mysterious jackalope which looks like jackrabbit with antelope horns. Everyone mentioned or photographed is listed here.

John Ilsley
lawyer of Rotary Club's hunters' clearinghouse
head of Rotary Club's hunters' clearinghouse
Bill Fulkerson
maker of a pamphlet for the hunters' clearinghouse
Ken Kerr
Jack Bennick
Rotarian Secretary
"Doc" Wade
Dutch Dahlman
Rotarian President
Dr. L. W. Fetter
from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Dan T. Rutledge
from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
C. G. Lewis
from Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ray Camp
sports editor of New York Times
C. H. Dunning
from Colorado
Tom Marshall
of Ducks Unlimited
Hank Saunders
Rotary host
Francis S. Yenowine
from Terre Haute, Indiana
Forrest Sherer
insurance man
from Terre Haute, Indiana
Otis Wright

Krueger, Karl K. "Huntsmen Home on the Range". The Rotarian, volume 81, number 6, December 1952, pages 28-30,


An Eagle Against Death

Eagle Scout Jon Pratt was working for Energy Fuels in Steamboat Springs, Colorado when he was told to fly to Gillette and drive a company truck from Gillette to Steamboat Springs. The first half of his trip was a flight from Steamboat Springs to Denver, Colorado before taking a connecting flight to Gillette.

He never made it to Denver. On December 4, 1978 Rocky Mountain Airways Flight 217 crashed a few miles outside of Steamboat Springs. Most of the story is about how he survived the plane crash due to his skills he learned as an eagle scout. The cause of the crash was later determined to be from icing and strong downdrafts.

Monroe, Keith. "An Eagle Against Death". Scouting, illustrations by Jack Unruh, volume 67, number 4, Sept. 1979, page 88,

The Kind of Job I've Always Wanted

Several people are profiled that left their unfulfilling jobs to work for Boy Scouts of America. One of them was Hama Wharemate who moved to Gillette. He is a Maori from New Zealand who sold his business to become the only district executive with two districts covering the Gillette and Sheridan area. He was responsible for 43 units with 640 children. There is an illustration of Wharemate in the article.

Sloan, Bill. "The Kind of Job I've Always Wanted". Scouting, illustrations by Joel Snyder, volume 92, number 4, Sept. 2004, pages 34-35,

Seven Days

Hackie: A Jacket for Dad

During a conversation with a customer about bartering the author mentions an old friend was a lawyer in Gillette. His friend said a client once paid him with a gold brick in exchange for major legal work. I thought they meant the slim gold bar which is 1 kilogram. Assuming the story is true, that would be incredible if it was the 12.4 kilogram brick used by banks and dealers.

Feel free to pay me for working on this document with gold bricks.

Pontiac, Jernigan. "Hackie: A Jacket for Dad". Seven Days, volume 16, number 43, June 29-July 6 2011, page 7,


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

On May 16, 1976 the crew and cast of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind flew from Los Angeles, California to Rapid City, South Dakota. They took a bus from Rapid City to Gillette. Despite what is implied, none of the filming was done in Gillette.

The article has several mistakes. It misspells Hulett, Wyoming and falsely says Devils Tower is a mountain. Devils Tower is a butte, not a mountain. A butte is a type of hill.

Meyers, Richard. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Starlog, number 11, January 1978, page 47,


Readers, Gentle and Otherwise

A military veteran and agricultural college graduate named R. F. from Danvers, Massachusetts wrote in to the magazine asking about homesteading in Gillette in 1922. The response was half factual information about Gillette and half advice.

The advice was he would need to be mentally tough, conservative with money, hard working, and have some money up front. He would also need to be able to be able to handle loneliness, living in a shack, the cold, bad luck, and no trees. If he could survive all that then he might get joy from creating a working farm from his own labor.

"Readers, Gentle and Otherwise". Sunset, volume 48, number 4, April 1922, page 88,

Tribuna Do Para

Internacional: Americano quebra recorde e coloca 1.501 piercings

A few paragraphs in Portuguese describe how Ed Bruns (misspelled Burns in the article) set the world record for number of piercings in Gillette at Pain For Sale. It was verified by the Guinness World Book of Records. This wasn't a big deal to see in a Portuguese magazine because I assume this was syndicated news.

I contacted Pain for Sale about the video and despite an advertisement online they didn't have any copies of it for sale. A Gillette News-Record article says the video was lost and the world record claim was denied. That newspaper article is on this list.

"Internacional: Americano quebra recorde e coloca 1.501 piercings". Tribuna Do Para, volume 1, number 32, April 24-30 2010, page 16,

US Executive Journal

Ballard Petroleum Holdings LLC

Ballard Petroleum Holdings drilled, built, and operated oil wells in the Powder River Basin. The owner said they did the acidizing and cementing for wells, but contracted for the equipment. They had a production office in Gillette. At the time they were experiencing troubles with the Bureau of Land Management, Endangered Species Act, solar and wind power, and low oil prices.

Bill Ballard
worked at Phillips Petroleum
graduated from Oklahoma University
worked with Bill Cronoble
started several companies
founder of Ballard Petroleum Holdings
Bill Cronoble
worked with Bill Ballard
started several companies with Ballard
Dave Ballard
founder of Ballard Petroleum Holdings
Jeff Ballard
founder of Ballard Petroleum Holdings

Cohen, Molly. "Ballard Petroleum Holdings LLC". US Executive Journal, produced by Matt Duncan, fall edition 2010, pages 99; 101-102,

Vegetarian Times


In 1994 Cindy Grafton from Gillette wrote in disagreeing with an an article about using synthetic materials instead of natural materials like wool. Grafton said that shearing sheep can be easy on the animal and that the sheep can live good lives. Without a mutually helpful relationship the sheep wouldn't exist in Wyoming.

She said these beliefs might seem radical to them, but are common in Wyoming. I would agree with that statement. From what I have seen and read, people in Wyoming believe in caring for animals.

"Letters". Vegetarian Times, number 202, June 1994, page 8; 10,


Success Stories

The article profiles John Harvey Jr. He was the owner of a tattoo shop in Gillette called Felony Ink. When the magazine XfelonINK was searching to make sure no one else had used the name they found a similar company. They contacted him and presented his story.

Harvey Jr. is an ex prisoner and his prison number was 22641. He received a 3-9 year sentence at some point. When he was released he changed his life and opened a business. He also participated in suicide and drug abuse awareness through the ; project (Semicolon project) and donated to the Campbell County Suicide Prevention Coalition. Other people mentioned and quoted are listed here.

Nathan Payne
City/Living Editor for Gillette News-Record
Ed Glazar
Gillette News-Record
Ashley Simonson
organized donating profits from Felony Ink to Campbell County Suicide Prevention Coalition

"Success Stories". XfelonINK, number A1, December 2015, pages 45-47,

Magazines: Sports

The Break

The Break is a magazine about pool players, tournaments, and other pool related news.

2015 Andy Cloth Wyoming Open

The article says Aaron Maki from Gillette was 4th in the classic 8-ball double elimination in the Wyoming Open Pool Tournament. The tournament was held in Saratoga, Wyoming. Maki won $425. Nothing else is mentioned about Gillette.

"2015 Andy Cloth Wyoming Open". The Break, volume 16, number 173, May 2015, page 13; 33,

2016 9th Annual Andy Cloth Wyoming Open

The article is a list of scores in paragraph format. Below is a list of everyone from Gillette.

Chuck Wise
4th in the 64-person classic division
won $475
Kohy Maki
12 years old
3rd in Nubbins Memorial Wyoming State Junior's Championship
Kadesa Maki
11 years old
1st in Nubbins Memorial Wyoming State Junior's Championship - girls

"2016 9th Annual Andy Cloth Wyoming Open". The Break, volume 17, number 5, May 2016, pages 19-20,

Colorado Runner

Race Reports: Blizzard Conditions at Snowman Stampede

The article says Sara Whitis drove from Gillette to participate in the Snowman Stampede event held at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora, Colorado on February 24, 2007. She placed second in female overall with a time of 1:11:02.

Sara Whitis
29 years old
2nd 10 mile (16.09 km) Female (overall)
time 1:11:02

"Race Reports: Blizzard Conditions at Snowman Stampede". Colorado Runner, issue 23, May-June 2007, page 23,

Race Reports...: Event Record Set At Casper Marathon

In the Casper Marathon on June 4, 2006 in Casper Wyoming two people from Gillette placed 1st in their groups.

Darryl Anderson
55 years old
1st in Half Marathon Male Grand Masters (50+)
time 1:37:14
Dawn Fischer
39 years old
1st in Half Marathon Female (overall)
time 1:29:49

"Race Reports...: Event Record Set At Casper Marathon". Colorado Runner, issue 18, July-August 2006, page 34,

Race Reports: Inaugural New Denver Marathon

Dawn Fischer from Gillette appears again in this magazine at the Denver Marathon and Denver Half Marathon held on October 15, 2006 in Denver, Colorado.

Dawn Fischer
40 years old
1st in Half Marathon Female (overall)
1st in Half Marathon Female (40+)
time 1:29:20

"Race Reports: Inaugural New Denver Marathon Hosts Largest Marathon in Colorado". Colorado Runner, issue 20, November-December 2006, page 36,

Fly Fisherman

Pretty in Pink

Gordon Rose creates and tests a lure based on a crustacean called the sow bug in the Bighorn River. He mentions that Harold Jenkins in Gillette makes a lure that imitates the sow bug without a bead head. Rose learned the bead head is more important than the body of the lure for where he was fishing.

Rose, Gordon. "Pretty in Pink". Fly Fisherman, photos by Cathy Beck and Barry Beck, volume 47, number 3, April-May 2016, pages 52-54,

Pro Fantasy Rodeo

I had no idea there was fantasy rodeo. You gamble for prizes and money by sending in money with your winning picks.

Barrel Racing

Cassidy Kruse from Gillette is listed as one of the possible picks for a fantasy team in barrel racing. She is number 8 based on her real life 2014 winnings.

A paragraph about her says she seems comfortable with her horse JJ and had just finished a championship in Omaha, Nebraska. It says it will be her first time at the National Finals Rodeo.

"Barrel Racing". Pro Fantasy Rodeo, 2015, page 19,


reader forum

Luther D. Martinez from Gillette wrote to the magazine in 1998 to tell them James Ford stayed at his home during a sanctioned tournament. Martinez then proceeds to praise Ford on everything from his skill to his sportsmanship.

"reader forum". Racquetball, volume 9, number 3, May-June 1998, page 4.

Rodeo Athletes

Getting to know Cassidy Kruse

Pam Kruse wrote this profile of her daughter Cassidy Kruse a professional barrel racer from Gillette. Maybe only something a mother would talk about she begins with Cassidy's favorite color, favorite food, and favorite TV show. She proudly says Cassidy had a 4.0 in high school, was a star athlete, can hold a conversation with anyone, loves her horses, and so on. Pam Kruse couldn't be prouder of her daughter. There are several photos of Cassidy Kruse and what is probably her family in the article.

I have never seen a profile written by a relative for a paid magazine, but the entire magazine looks to be written by relatives of young people involved in rodeo. The cynic in me wonders is this to sell more copies to the families involved or get more eyeballs on those advertisements? Maybe it was to cut the cost of staff writers by offloading the work? The magazine says it also exists to help advertisers find rodeo stars to promote their products.

Ray Kruse
father of Cassidy Kruse
Casey Cash Kruse
brother of Cassidy Kruse
Lonnie Farella
mentor of Cassidy Kruse
Martha Josie
nominated Cassidy Kruse to be on a TV show called PROPS
Charmayne James
famous barrel racer who Cassidy Kruse won a day with
Johnny Mosely
narrator of the TV show PROPS

Kruse, Pam. "Getting to know Cassidy Kruse". Rodeo Athletes, July 2015, pages 31-33,



In 2010 Trevor Taffner from Gillette wrote in saying protecting the environment was important, but the magazine needed more education about wind farms. He says they aren't reliable because they turn off when the wind is blowing too hard and don't generate electricity when it isn't blowing hard enough.

"liftlines". Ski, volume 74, number 5, January 2010, page 13,

Snow Country

Postmark Snow Country

In 1993 Linda Cunningham from Gillette wrote in to tell them that beef producers in Colorado against Amendment 2 were outnumbered so the magazine shouldn't call for a boycott of beef.

"Postmark Snow Country". Snow Country, volume 6, number 6, October 1993, page 12,

Sports Destination Management

Peaks and Valleys

A few paragraphs talk about facilities in Campbell County including the Energy Capital Sports Complex and an upcoming Aquatic Center. Both of those are in Gillette. Mary Silvernell says they are working hard on attracting all kinds of sports to the area.

There is heavily edited photo of someone riding a bike on a dirt trail. The Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau gave the photo, but I don't know where it was taken at.

Cohen, Andrew. "Peaks and Valleys". Sports Destination Management, March-April 2016, page 66,

Sports Illustrated

The best high school athletic programs

The article said the Campbell County High School which is in Gillette had the best athletic programs in 2005 for the state.

Shipnuck, Alan. "The best high school athletic programs". Sports Illustrated, special reporting by Doug Huff, volume 102, number 20, May 16 2005, page 70,

Cross Road

This is an article about the 8 students of the University of Wyoming's cross-country running team who were killed in a car crash. They were killed on September 16, 2001 driving on Highway 287 near Tie Siding, Wyoming. The 8 who died were Cody Brown, Kyle Johnson, Josh Jones, Justin Lambert-Belanger, Morgan McLeland, Kevin Salverson, Nick Schabron, and Shane Shatto. The driver who hit them was Clinton Haskins who was charged with aggravated homicide by vehicle. Haskins was convicted and later released on parole years after this article.

Most of the article is background on each person involved. There are several photos of the runners, their parents, and the accident. The vehicle looks absolutely destroyed in the photos. There are also several good quotes.

Morgan McLeland was from Gillette and was attending the University of Wyoming at the time he was killed. He was a track star at Campbell County High School. It says he loved to fish, was a happy guy, had a reading disability, had stress fractures in his leg, and wanted to be a teacher. He had set the 5K record for the state which was later broken. There was more said by his parents who lived in Gillette at the time as well.

Cody Brown
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
Kyle Johnson
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
Josh Jones
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
Justin Lambert-Belanger
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
Morgan McLeland
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
from Gillette
Kevin Salverson
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
Nick Schabron
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
Shane Shatto
cross-country runner for University of Wyoming
killed by Clinton Haskins in a car crash
George Howing
rodeo coach
Jason Delaney
Cowboys runner
Jim Sanchez
running coach
Nancy Vasa
mother of Josh Jones
David Salverson
father of Kevin Salverson
Debrah Shaw
wife of Gordon Shaw
hit while driving on Highway 287
Gordon Shaw
Assistant Football Coach for the Cowboys in 1992
Aubrey Shaw
injured in crash
Philip Dubois
University President
Jennifer Vessa
cross-country runner
Dave Rettinger
State Trooper
Greg Schabron
brother of Nick Schabron
Karen Perkins
mother of Cody Brown
Lucie Lambert-Belanger
mother of Justin Lambert-Belanger
Richard Johnson
father of Kyle Johnson
Chris Jons
former teammate and the Cowboys' captain
Arte Huhn
cross-country runner
Amy Wroe Bechtel
disappeared running in 1997 in the Wind River Mountains
still missing as of 2016
Erin Engle
died base jumping in 2000 in the Italian Alps
Debbie McLeland
mother of Morgan McLeland
Kerry Shatto
father of Shane Shatto

Price, S L. "cross road". Sports Illustrated, photos by Simon Bruty, volume 95, number 21, November 26 2001, pages 86-90; 92; 94-97,

High school sports: top programs

Again Campbell County High School in Gillette had the best athletic programs in the state for 2008.

Murphy, Austin. "High school sports: top programs". Sports Illustrated, photos by Rich Frishman, volume 108, number 21, May 26 2008, page 60,

Scorecard: Definitely not a NASCAR town.

One paragraph said a sports promoter might want to avoid Gillette because the city was considering a strict noise ordinance in 1996. I don't know if this is true or not, but based on the description it never passed or was repealed long ago because I didn't see anything like that in the city ordinances. The writer didn't do their research because there is a racing track in Gillette called the Gillette Thunder Speedway since at least the 1970s.

"Scorecard: Definitely not a NASCAR town.". Sports Illustrated, edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien, volume 84, number 16, April 22 1996, page 20,

Scorecard: Sports On Stage

Hall of Fame running back John Riggins was going to play the lead role in the play Gillette at Storm Theatre in New York, New York in 2002. The rest of the article is a review and more information about the play. The Gillette play is also on this list. See that entry for more information.

"Scorecard: Sports On Stage". Sports Illustrated, volume 96, number 7, February 18 2002, page 32,

Sports Planning Guide

Campbell County, Wy

This is more of an advertisement than an article. Given all the talk about the visitor center it was likely them who paid for it. It mentions the facilities available in Gillette for many types of sports, tourist attractions in the county, and practical ways of traveling to the area.

"Campbell County, Wy". Sports Planning Guide, 2015 Edition, 2015, page 57,

Magazines: Trade

ABA Journal

Lawscope: Water Wars Predicted in a Thirsty Nation

The article says in August 1981 a coal company proposed using water to float coal in a nearly 2,000 mile long pipeline to Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota. It was going to use water from the Great Lakes pumped back to Gillette. It wasn't a practical plan so it never happened.

Quade, Vicki. "Lawscope: Water Wars Predicted in a Thirsty Nation". ABA Journal, volume 68, September 1982, page 1066,

Obiter dicta: Purr-loined

This is a paraphrasing of a Gillette News-Record article. Without getting too meta here it says Deryl Miles a Gillette resident trapped his neighbor Leah Vader's cat Brunswick and held it for ransom because it was making a mess on his property. The police with a search warrant rescued the cat and jailed Miles.

Miles also owned Miles Plumbing in Gillette. After the article he appeared on several TV and radio shows because of the story. The criminal theft charges against him were later dropped.

Sullivan, Brian. "Obiter dicta: Purr-loined". ABA Journal, stories by Gillette News-Record, volume 89, November 2003, page 86,


Vote of Confidence

This article is about absentee voting for military members. It encourages them to vote and says how people like Airman 1st Class Andrew Jennings from Gillette changed their mind about not voting. He had just passed his airborn mission specialist course with the 344th Training Squadron and was going to move to Tinker Air Force Base. It says he never voted before until he joined the Air Force and wanted to make sure he had a direct impact.

Arana-Barradas, Louis A. "Vote of Confidence". Airman, photos by Lance Cheung, volume 52, number 5, July-August 2008, page 43,

American Libraries

Library Life: Not our average patron

Timber Jack Joe (Jospeh Ernest Lynde) was called the last mountain man. The article talks a little about his life and how he lived. He was elderly by this point and spent time researching health issues at the Campbell County Public Library in Gillette. Timber Jack Joe is shown with reference assistant Vivian Carson in a photo. At the bottom it says the article was based on a report by Karen Hill the public information officer at the library.

Timber Jack Joe (Joseph Ernest Lynde)
mountain man
patron of the Campbell County Public Library
starred in the movie Jeremiah Johnson
Vivian Carson
Reference Assistant at the Campbell County Public Library
Robert Redford
starred in the movie Jeremiah Johnson
Karen Hill
Public Information Officer at the Campbell County Public Library

"Library Life: Not our average patron". American Libraries, volume 16, number 5, reference issue, May 1985, page 343.

The Billboard

The Billboard covered a variety of entertainment. The mentions of Gillette in the magazine are minor.

Chart Beat

The article says in 1997 Dusty Goehring of Gillette noticed that producer Sean Combs was listed as a producer on five number 1 rap singles.

Bronson, Fred. "Chart Beat". The Billboard, volume 109, number 29, July 19 1997, page 108,

Circuses: Kelly-Miller Corrals Wyo. Crowds, Wind

One paragraph of this article says in 1954 the wind blew off the top of the circus tent for the animal show in Gillette and the audience was dismissed. They were probably unprepared for how windy it is in Gillette.

"Circuses: Kelly-Miller Corrals Wyo. Crowds, Wind". The Billboard, volume 66, number 28, July 10 1954, page 58,

Fires and Robberies

This is just a few paragraphs about random fires and robberies around the country. One of the paragraphs is about a fire in Gillette at the Rex Theater (The Rex) in 1930 that destroyed the stage and roof. It says the manager J. T. Morgan was arranging repairs.

Motion Pictures: Gibralter Expands

The article says a theatre holding company named Gibralter Enterprises bought two theatres one was The Rex in Gillette from J. T. Morgan in 1935. They renovated both of them and installed Western Electric wide-range sound. They renamed The Rex as the Fiesta (Theatre).

Inside Track

One paragraph in this news section says Allstar Video a company who puts videos in racks at stores based in Gillette and founded by Chase L. Caldwell was going to be offering $1.9 million ($4,325,413 in 2017) in stock at $1.50 ($3.41 in 2017) each with Douglas Stewart as the underwriter. The article uses the term rack jobber which given the time frame means they were putting VHS tapes in odd places like truck stops.

"Inside Track". The Billboard, edited by John Sippel, volume 97, number 43, October 26 1985, page 86,

Latin Notas

Miami Sound Machine a latin band was at the time having major successes with their songs in the movies or soundtracks of Cobra, Top Gun, Hot Summer Nights. It says they were touring across the United States outside the Latin circuit which included Gillette.

Fernandez, Erique. "Latin Notas". The Billboard, volume 98, number 32, August 9 1986, page 41,


The article says during a break on a small market advisory committee several people took a group photo. One of people in the photo was Roy Mapel from Gillette and KIML radio station.

"Newsmakers". The Billboard, volume 98, number 6, February 8 1986, page 15,

Wyo. Foundation Cuts A Fundraiser Album

The article says the Wyoming Country Music Foundation released an album called Wyoming Country Music with 12 songs by those who won its award shows in the past. It was made at Mountainwood West Studios in Thermopolis, Wyoming and 1,000 copies were made.

The relevant Gillette mention was that the foundation would be meeting in Gillette for its next award ceremony. It says the album was pressed as if it was a CD or record, but the only copy I have seen is on cassette. I don't believe any musicians from Gillette or anything about Gillette made it on the album, but I am not positive about that.

Morris, Edward. "Wyo. Foundation Cuts A Fundraiser Album Supports Supporters". The Billboard, volume 98, number 18, May 3 1986, page 37,


The Exhibitor has his say about pictures

Dave Merrill from Fiesta Theatre in Gillette said the movie Follow the Boys was disappointing both for his business and as a movie.

"The Exhibitor has his say about pictures". Boxoffice, volume 83, number 13, North Central Edition, July 22 1963, page 116,

The Exhibitor has his say about pictures

Again Dave Merrill from Fiesta Theatre in Gillette talks about a movie. This time it is about Dr. No. He said people loved the movie, but business was slower because of a circus in town.

"The Exhibitor has his say about pictures". Boxoffice, volume 83, number 15, North Central Edition, August 5 1963, page 124,

The Exhibitor has his say about pictures

Yet again Dave Merrill from Fiesta Theatre in Gillette talks about a movie. He says people in Gillette love Debbie Reynolds and enjoyed the movie My Six Loves despite the repetitive story.

"The Exhibitor has his say about pictures". Boxoffice, volume 83, number 19, North Central Edition, September 2 1963, page 140,

Gillette, Wyo., Fiesta Assigned to Dave Merrill

Just as the title says Dave Merrill took charge of the Fiesta Theatre in Gillette back in 1963. The article goes on and says he previously worked at Denver Paramount Theatre and Denver Denham. The manager he replaced was Jim Markham who left to manage the Sands motel which was still under construction. Merrill may have made a mistake since the Fiesta Theatre burned down in February 1964, 7 months after this article was printed.

"Gillette, Wyo., Fiesta Assigned to Dave Merrill". Boxoffice, from Western Edition, volume 83, number 10, North Central Edition, July 1 1963, page NC-1,

Theatre Building Sold

A short paragraph says Rialto Theatres from Casper, Wyoming bought the Fiesta Theatre and other downtown property in 1950.

Western Service & Supply Equips Wyoming Drive-In

A short article about the new at the time Ski-Hi drive-in theatre in Gillette. The article says Western Service & Supply made the equipment used by the theatre which was owned by William C. Semple.

"Western Service & Supply Equips Wyoming Drive-In". Boxoffice, from Western Edition, volume 83, number 13, North Central Edition, July 22 1963, page NC-4,

Franchising USA

Liberty Tax offers financial security and time to enjoy it

Besides the glowing reviews of Liberty Tax franchising the rest of this cover story talks about Nicole Ossenfort and Scott Ossenfort who own 3 Liberty Tax franchises in Rapid City, South Dakota and 1 in Gillette. They operate only in tax season from January to April hiring around 100 people temporarily. I assume this also includes the people wearing the statue of liberty costume dancing on the sidewalk with the Liberty Tax sign.

Nicole Ossenfort who started their franchises by going to a 5 day training course. Liberty Tax helped her pick a location and setup a lease on a location. She was so successful her husband Scott eventually quit his job to join her in working in the franchise.

"Liberty Tax offers financial security and time to enjoy it". Franchising USA, volume 2, number 10, August 2014, pages 56-57,

Latitude 38

The Bizarre Theft of Darling

The article is about how Lesley Gardner of Gillette lied to 2 passengers a couple named Dario Mira and Lisa Modawell and stole a famous yacht called Darling which he ran aground. It says the couple met him a few days earlier in Santa Cruz, California and he told them he inherited $270 million dollars and the Darling. He then asked if they wanted to go sailing with him.

All 3 of them had a party on the yacht in Sausalito Yacht Harbor then went sailing at night. Since Gardner is not a sailor he was following an odd path. The Vessel Traffic Service saw the path from the transponder and told the United States Coast Guard how the ship was doing loops near Daly City, California and eventually landed on a beach in Pacifica, California.

All of them were arrested, but the couple was released. At the time of the article Gardner was in San Mateo County Jail waiting for a psychological evaluation. After the article Gardner was convicted and sentenced to 1 year in the jail with time served and 5 years probation. There is some confusion if his name is spelled Leslie or Lesley.

ladonna. "The Bizarre Theft of Darling". Latitude 38, volume 430, April 2013, pages 85-88,

Monitoring Times

Communications: Rockin' the Kremlin

Ben Doud of Gillette was the president of the Top 40 KGWY-FM. The Soviet Union and Doud worked on a joint project called Radio 7. It was going to be 60kW FM American style radio station in Moscow, Russia. The agreement for Doud was 50% ownership and a 10 year lease on the transmitter. I thought the deal wouldn't have happened since the Soviet Union dissolved a few months later, but Radio 7 still exists as of 2016.

"Communications: Rockin' the Kremlin". Monitoring Times, September 1991, page 4,

American Bandscan: International Bandscan

Not much is said that wasn't already in the previous article "Rockin' the Kremlin" which is on this list. Ben Doud of Gillette and the president of KGWY-FM was going to operate the Radio 7 station in the Soviet Union. He added that he was told he could play anything he wanted. The Soviet Union heavily censored all media, but this was right before the union was dissolved in December 1991. I assume the Soviet Union was easing restrictions by that point.

"American Bandscan: International Bandscan". Monitoring Times, October 1991, page 51,


"Split Reel" Notes For Theatre Men

One paragraph of this article says a new theatre was being opened in 1918 and Ben Morgan was to be the manager.

"Split Reel: Notes For Theatre Men". Motography, volume 19, number 1, January 5 1918, page 43,

The Moving Picture World

How to Join

In 1924 a man from Gillette writes to a trade magazine asking how to join a movie operator union. Whoever responded to him proceeds to roast the guy for not understanding the proper terms for a projectionist and operator. My favorite line is

For the information of this good brother, there is no such thing on, in or under the earth, so far as I know, as a "moving picture operator."

"How to Join". The Moving Picture World, volume 70, number 2, September 13 1924, page 170,

Nation's Restaurant News

Wyo. Town has Appetite for Restaurants

During the extreme growth in population Gillette underwent in the mid 2000s restaurants couldn't keep workers. One employer tried to increase wages, but eventually gave up.

It is a retelling of the same old story of boom and bust in Gillette. The article says boom, today we say bust and by the time you read this it might be boom times again. Only two people were interviewed for the article, Ruth Benson - Campbell County Economic Development Corporation and Todd Church - Quiznos Sub franchisee.

Berta, Dina. "Wyo. Town has Appetite for Restaurants, But Operators are Starved for Workers". Nation's Restaurant News, volume 40, number 50, December 11 2006, page 70.


International News: Rocky Mountain Planetarium Association

The article says the Campbell County School District Planetarium upgraded after 30 years since being built. It upgraded to one of the first GOTO Chronos II Hybrid systems and added a AVI SkyLase system. It also had a Viewspace display, Bowen Technovations MicroTiles, a video wall, and touchscreens. It says in the future it will put in red LED lights and iPod Touch units. There is a fish eye photo of the new interior of the planetarium.

The planetarium is at Sage Valley Junior High School at the rear of the building with its own entrance and parking. They have shows open to the public sometimes.

Broman, Lars. "International News: Rocky Mountain Planetarium Association". Planetarian, photos by Ken Miller, volume 41, number 2, June 2012, pages 55-56,

Radio Digest

Contest decides slogan for KFAB

Dick Stone from Gillette submitted the winning slogan "The Home Sweet Home Station" for Nebraska radio station KFAB in 1926. He beat nearly 143,000 other entries and won a car; a Buick Standard Six. KFAB is still around, but they no longer use the slogan.

"Contest decides slogan for KFAB". Radio Digest, volume 16, number 1, January 9 1926, page 8,

The Railroad Telegrapher

Personal Mention

In 1904 J. E. was looking for a train dispatcher whose address was "S.F. Cornell". The man had worked the Toronto Grey and Bruce railway in the 1870s and had worked for Vandalia Line in Terre Haute, Indiana.

It says Oriva via Gillette. All of Oriva Hills has a Gillette address even if it isn't in the city limits. I wonder if he ever found the man he was looking for.

"Personal Mention". The Railroad Telegrapher, volume 21, number 1, January 1904, page 1367,

The Talking Machine World

An Active Bunch of Dealers in Denver Territory

One paragraph in the 1921 article says Dick Stone from Gillette was using hard work as a Victorola brand record player seller and that he had the best looking and equipped store in the region.

"An Active Bunch of Dealers in Denver Territory". The Talking Machine World, volume 17, number 8, August 15 1921, page 43,

Movies: Fiction

Bright Angel

There are so many recognizable actors in this movie and it was filmed in Billings, Montana; Broadview, Montana; and Casper, Wyoming. I think there may have even been a shot of a place near Gillette, but I couldn't tell. Why it is in this list is because a man offers a job to the main character to work on oil rigs doing roughneck work in Gillette. He says it will take half a day by car or jokingly 20 years by bus to reach Gillette from Casper. It only takes a couple hours to drive it and given the limited bus routes in this area his joke isn't that far off.

The movie is similar to Powwow Highway in that it is another road trip movie about people in trouble. I could go on, but there isn't much about Gillette. It was a decent movie despite the bad acting. Maybe it was because I recognized the places they were going.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

In one scene a large globe is used to figure out the location of coordinates. In a close up of the globe the camera pans and when it slows down Wyoming comes into focus. All that is on screen are two fingers pointing at a spot with Gillette between them. It only lasts a few seconds and no one mentions Gillette. It appears on all 3 editions.

Several people from Gillette were extras in the movie and the film crew came to Gillette. There are several other entries on this list that deal with the filming of the movie.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition, original theatrical edition, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, November 13 2007, 00:44:29-00:44:32.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition, special edition, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, November 13 2007, 00:45:50-00:45:52.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition, director's cut, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, November 13 2007, 00:47:06-00:47:09.

The Outlaws is Coming

The credits at the end of the movie thank Bud Basolo and the B-Bar-B Ranch which was a filming location. The ranch is now called the Durham Ranch and has a Gillette address.

The Outlaws is Coming.

Powwow Highway

Beyond the heavy handed anti-white complaints and identity politics Powwow Highway is a road trip movie. It is about two men traveling from a Cheyenne reservation in Montana to New Mexico. The movie explores some of the modern day Indian culture and life, though it might be dated by now.

Near the beginning of the trip the main characters are driving on Highway 50 near the interstate overpass and turn right onto Highway 14/16 passing an entrance sign to Gillette. The scene lasts just a few seconds and the credits don't list Gillette as a filming location.

Powwow Highway, Handmade Films and Image Entertainment, 1988; 2011, time 00:18:16-00:18:32, DVD.

Movies: Nonfiction

2014 Primary Election Candidates' Forum July 21, 2014: County Races

This was a debate held at the Gillette City Council Chambers by the Campbell County League of Women Voters and Gillette Public Access Television. Depending on the type of office they were running for some candidates were nervous and others were comfortable in the debate. Obviously a candidate for Coroner would not be as experienced with public speaking as an attorney.

Susan Saunders
Campbell County Clerk
running for reelection
Becky Brazelton
Campbell County Deputy Treasurer
running for Campbell County Treasurer
Laura Sundstrom
running for Campbell County Coroner
Elliot Basner
Campbell County Deputy Coroner
running for Campbell County Coroner
Sterling Albers
part time worker at Campbell County Memorial Hospital
technician at Rawhide Mine
running for Campbell County Coroner
Steve Urman
retired Campbell County Sheriff's Office Sergeant
running for Campbell County Coroner
Carmen L. Patterson
private practice attorney
running for Campbell County Attorney
Ron Wirthwein
Campbell County Attorney Chief Deputy
running for Campbell County Attorney
Lisa Finkey
private practice attorney
part-time guardian representing children
Circuit Court Magistrate
District Court Commissioner
substitute judge for Juvenile Court and Drug Court
running for Campbell County Attorney
Troy D. Clements
Campbell County Assessor
running for reelection
Cheryl Chitwood
Campbell County District Court Chief Deputy
running for Campbell County Clerk of District Court
Rebecca Gilbertz
certified mediator for Wyoming
running for Campbell County Clerk of District Court
Matt Avery
volunteer firefighter
(former?) Campbell County Commissioner
running for Campbell County Commissioner
Rusty Bell
owner and manager of a taxidermy business
running for Campbell County Commissioner
Lyle Schmitt
worker at Belle Ayr Mine
running for Campbell County Commissioner
Mickey Shober
Campbell County Commissioner
running for reelection
Mary E. Silvernell
Director of Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau
member of Campbell County CARE Board
treasurer of Campbell County Land Board
member Air Service Enhancement Committee
president for Campbell County Republican Women
Republican Precinct Committee Woman
member of Women in Business
running for Campbell County Commissioner

2014 Primary election candidates' forum, July 21, 2014, Campbell County League of Women Voters, 2014.

Civic Pride

This is a promotional video by the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce. It is a collection of segments showcasing groups, businesses, and people. Many of the video spotlights are recorded in Campbell County, but a few are stock clips. The Matrix style special effects seem out of place. All the groups, businesses, and people in the video are listed below.

Julie Simon
President of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
Ron Harper
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Nathan Lopez and Gretchen Kohlar
Robert Morasko
CEO of the Campbell County Memorial Hospital
Wyoming Machinery Company
Jamie Tarver
PCA Engineering
Rex Brown
Ruth Benson
Campbell County Economic Development Corporation
Eric Roesler
Dawn Rader
Clarion Inn
Bootlegger Restaurant
Norine Kasperik and Stacy Hobbs
Gillette College Nursing Program
Mike Enzi
United States Senator
Dan Coolidge
Chairman of the Campbell County Board of County Commissioners
Duane Evenson
Mayor of Gillette
Brett Jones
Gillette City Administrator
Alice Bratton
Respected Citizen
Leta Tanner
Respected Citizen
Christine Overton
Office Operations Manager Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
Jamie Tarver
Chair Person of the Public Policy Committee
Josh McGrath, Katie Alo, and Harvey Jackson
Fuel Gillette
Rachel Kalenberg
Projects Coordinator for Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
Gail Lofing
Vice President of Finance for Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
Kent Levi
Senior Vice President of First Interstate Bank
Brian Pierce
Destination Marketing Attendant for Campbell County Chamber of Commerce

Overton, Christine. Civic Pride: A Story Of The People And Businesses Of Campbell County, Campbell County Chamber of Commerce, 2008.

Crystal Clear: The Jessica Dooley Story

Half of this documentary is an anti-drug message through interviews of ex-addicts. They describe methamphetamine as an awesome drug with devastating consequences. A few facts are thrown in randomly by the narrator.

The other half of the video is interviews with Jessica Dooley's family. Jessica Dooley lived in Gillette and was visiting Helena, Montana in 2004 when she was brutally murdered by methamphetamine addict Jared Rosling. This is the only mention of Gillette. All the interviews and on site shots appear to be in Helena. The audio and video are low quality.

Annaliese Johnson
Lifelong friend of Jessica Dooley
Lynn Neer
Dooley family friend
Julie Grecko
Jessica Dooley's aunt
Phyllis Reynolds
Jessica Dooley's grandmother
Rick Dooley
Jessica Dooley's father
Daniel Coleman
recovering methamphetamine addict
Tracy Boone
recovering methamphetamine addict
Leroy Huseby
recovering methamphetamine addict
Patricia Hodges
recovering methamphetamine addict
Billie Joe Reynolds
recovering methamphetamine addict
Myra Ford
substance abuse therapist

Andrew McGee Films. Crystal Clear: The Jessica Dooley Story, Andrew McGee, June 2008.

Dry Fork Station - Powering Rural America

This is a short informational and promotional video about the Dry Fork power plant from Basin Electric Cooperative. It covers the planning, construction, and usage of the plant. Below is a list of everyone interviewed.

Ron Harper
CEO of Basin Electric
General Manager of Basin Electric
Clyde Bush
retired Vice President of Coal Based Resource Development for Basin Electric
Tom Stalcup
Manager at the Dry Fork Station
Larry Lamaack
Executive Director of the Wyoming Municipal Power Agency

The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth

This conservation documentary interviews people and shows places from around the world. One section is an interview with John Flocchini and while showing his Durham Ranch. The ranch is in the county area, but has a Gillette address. This documentary lists it as Gillette.

Flocchini talks about the life cycle of the area. How the predators and buffalo lived in the past creating a cycle of grazing and regrowth. He said he believes it because he has seen it.

Near the end the children of the people interviewed earlier are shown and they talk about the environment. I believe two of them are Flocchini's kids. They aren't named, but one was wearing a Wright, Wyoming pullover.

The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth, [Christopher Productions and Santa Fe Productions], 2009,

The Great American West

There is a brief part of the documentary where Indians are chasing buffalo. That was filmed at the Durham Buffalo Ranch. The Wyoming Movie List says it was in Gillette, while the credits at the end of the documentary say it was filmed at the Durham Buffalo Ranch in Wright, Wyoming. After speaking with the Durham Ranch I was told they are in the county and not part of either Gillette or Wright, but that their mailing address is Gillette.

Railroad Classics

This compilation by Burlington Northern includes The Western Coal Connection. See that entry for more information.

The Western Coal Connection

A man narrates this cross between a documentary and self promoting advertisement by Burlington Northern. The video starts off with a pro-coal message and promotions of Burlington Northern. Most of the video is about Burlington Northern building a rail line from Gillette to Orin, Wyoming to shorten travel time between coal mines and power plants. I believe several of the shots are at the coal mines around Gillette. It is an interesting video even if it is an advertisement.

Movies: Talks

Talks include presentations, lectures, discussions, and other similar videos.

Friends With Coal

A lengthy set of presentations, question and answer panels, and speeches were given at the CAM-PLEX. All of them were pro-coal. The message from all the speakers was people who support coal should work together, coal generates money for cities and businesses, and environmental groups are convincing the government that coal is bad.

Charlene Murdock
Executive Director of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
former coal mine employee
Louise Carter-King
Mayor of Gillette
Judy Colgan
Friends With Coal West
David Moss
Friends With Coal West
Jonathan Downing
Wyoming Mining Association
Jeremy Murphy
coal miner in the Powder River Basin
Jack Laakso
in the coal mining industry
Kelly Mader
worked 11 years at Peabody
worked several years at Kennecott
worked 25 years total on coal policies
President of the Energy Policy Network
64 years old

Friends With Coal, Gillette Public Access Television, April 18 2016,

Gillette: The Boom Years

This is an hour long presentation given at the Campbell County Public Library. The video starts after the first presentation by John Kennedy has already begun. He covers the history of Powder River Basin, mining operations, the boom years of 1973-1981, and contemporary energy industry problems. There is a few interesting stories and quite a few facts and numbers.

The second speaker was by Paul Conrad from the Gillette Police Department. He talks about his history coming from New York as a recent college graduate to the culture shock of 1970s Gillette. He recalls experience with dangerous bars, drugs, gambling, fights, fatal car accidents, sexual diseases, and how cops were constantly injured. By his descriptions it sounded like a modern day wild west complete with the Sheriff at the time taking people to the county line and telling them to leave town. Conrad enjoyed his time as a police officer.

The audio and video are poor quality. Half the shot is the audience with the highlights blown out and the audio is full of hissing.

Kennedy, John. Gillette: The Boom Years, Campbell County Public Library, 2008.

Mining for Morals (2012)

Dr. Jessica Smith Rolston gave a lecture that covers 3 case studies on October 9th, 2012. One of those was the Powder River Basin. Rolston mentions Gillette by name and references it several times including the Gillette Syndrome. The lecture includes history about mining in the area, environmental concerns, how corporations responded, and much more.

Ralph Hennebach
graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1941
gave money to the school when he died around 2010
Dr. Jessica Rolston
Hennebach Assistant Professor of Energy Policy
Dr. Murry Hitzman

Mining for Morals: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Mining Industry, Colorado School of Mines, December 17 2012,

Mining for Morals (2016)

This is an updated lecture by Dr. Jessica Rolston Smith. It has about the same material as the other entry on this list. She mentions Gillette several times.

Mining for Morals, Colorado School of Mines, May 20 2016, Spring 2015,

Powder River Basin Archaeology

Gene Munson of GCM Services gave this presentation on archaeology in the Powder River Basin at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum in Gillette. Some of the areas he discusses are near Gillette. The video is split into 3 parts so I assume that some of it was cut out. The lighting and audio are low quality.

The talk is interesting. Munson shows slides and discusses several dig site, technology used in archaeology, Indian history, and geology. Below is a list of all the dig sites shown on the slides.

Munson, Gene. Powder River Basin Archaeology, Campbell County Rockpile Museum, November 15 2011,;;

Saturday University

The University of Wyoming comes to Gillette and gives talks on variety of topics. These were all recorded in Gillette and the audience is almost entirely Gillette residents. The audience asks questions to the speaker at the end of each talk.

A Biological Arms Race

Holly Martin gave a presentation on the basics of the human immune system at the Campbell County Public Library in Gillette. While interesting the biology talk had nothing to do with Gillette.

Paul Flesher
Department Head of Religious Studies
University of Wyoming
Holly Martin
teaches biology, life sciences, microbiology
in charge of laboratories
Gillette College
attended Morningside College in Iowa
attended University of Nevada
graduated with a masters in science
stayed to manage a microbiology lab

Martin, Holly. "A Biological Arms Race". Saturday University, UWTV, August 17 2015,

Gender, Whiteness, and Power in Rodeo

Patton and Schedlock mention several other people, but they are only shown in the slides. Despite the title I don't have much to say about it because the only relation to Gillette it has is that it was filmed at the Campbell County Public Library in Gillette.

Tracey Owen Patton
Director of African American and Diaspora Studies
Professor of Communications
Sally Schedlock
Professional Barrel Racer

Patton, Tracy Owens and Schedlock, Sally. "Gender, Whiteness, and Power in Rodeo: Breaking Away from the Ties of Sexism and Racism". Saturday University, UWTV, August 17 2015,

Leave Everything and Sing to God

This talk is special because if you look carefully you will find me in it. The topic was religious women in India. It was recorded in Gillette at the Campbell County Public Library.

Paul Flesher
Antoinette DeNapoli
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
University of Wyoming
Mr. Satterly
audience member

DeNapoli, Antoinette. "Leave Everything and Sing to God: Hindu Holy Women in India". Saturday University, UWTV, February 28 2017,

Russia and America's Road to the Bright Future

The moderator starts off with McGuire's entire work history. If you are looking to hire John McGuire you can watch this video. The first half of the talk is the history of Russia around World War 2. The next half is McGuire's personal experiences in Russia with his friends being assassinated for being reformers. The final part is a plea that if we can get over the past to imagine what would happen if we would work with Russia.

There was no question and answer segment in this video and the audience isn't shown. If it happened it was edited out. It is on the list because it was recorded at the Campbell County Public Library in Gillette and McGuire worked in Gillette at the time. The video has several large specks of dust that glow annoyingly and distract from him speaking.

Maggi Murdock
Professor of Political Science
University of Wyoming
John V. McGuire
Faculty of Business Education
Director of Business Education
Gillette College
worked for Bank of New York
worked for Chase Manhattan Bank
managed a trust fund
1993-2007 lived and worked in Russia
started a business selling modular homes
Masters in Business Administration
attended University of Chicago
Bachelors in Business Administration
attended Indiana University Bloomington
attended Leningrad State University
... and so on

McGuire, John V. "Russia and America's Road to the Bright Future". Saturday University, UWTV, February 11 2016,

Why You May Be Driving an Electric Car in the Future

The title gives away what the topic is. It was recorded in Gillette at the Campbell County Public Library. DeStefano mentions Gillette and shows a picture of Wyodak during the talk.

Paul Flesher
Ray DeStefano
Industrial Electricity Instructor
Gillette College

DeStefano, Ray. "Why You May Be Driving an Electric Car in the Future". Saturday University, UWTV, February 28 2017,

Wyoming's Geologic Secrets

Frost discusses some lesser known geologic features of Wyoming. She selected locations not around Gillette so the audience wouldn't know them all. This was recorded in Gillette at the Campbell County Public Library.

Dr. Carol Frost
Department of Geology
University of Wyoming

Frost, Dr Carol. "Wyoming's Geologic Secrets". Saturday University, UWTV, November 6 2014; August 17 2015,

Women Coal Miners in the Powder River Basin

Dr. Jessica Smith Rolston who had a long list of credentials gave a presentation at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum about her upcoming book Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West. Her presentation is similar to what she wrote in her dissertation and the book based on it. See those entries for more information.

Robert Henning
Campbell County Rockpile Museum
introduced Jessica Rolston
Dr. Jessica Smith Rolston
Hennebach Assistant Professor
taught Energy Policy in Liberal Arts and International Studies
worked at the Colorado School of Mines

Rolston, Jessica Smith. Women Coal Miners in the Powder River Basin, Campbell County Rockpile Museum, July 19 2013,


Gillette, Wyoming

Evitt is a country music singer from North Dakota. The song seems to be about him traveling from Williston, North Dakota to Denver, Colorado passing through Gillette along the way.

Evitt, Riley Dakota. "Gillette, Wyoming". The Best Begins.

The Kid from Gillette, Wyoming

Campbell on an acoustic guitar repeats the lines about how he knows a kid from Gillette, Wyoming.

The Campbells. "The Kid from Gillette, Wyoming". The Kid from Gillette, Wyoming, 2007; August 15 2015,

Songs in the Key of Art: Live!

Grey Percy performed at the CAM-PLEX Heritage Center in Gillette in the fall of 2008. None of the children's songs have anything to do with Gillette.

Triple C.S

Finn sings a country song about how awful people in Gillette drive and handle their money while ruining every place around them. There is cursing and even the full song title is obscene. Finn has played this song live in Gillette.

Finn, Brock. "Triple C.S". Tugnificent Eleven.

Music Videos

2015 CCHS Lip Dub, One Shot?

Without getting into what qualifies as a music video the Campbell County High School students made one in 2015 and another in 2016. They are continuous shots of walking through the high school while students dance and throw things. Some of the students are dressed to show what club they are in. Parts of popular songs are played during the video.

None of the people in the video speak, sing, or lipsynch. No one is listed by name while they are onscreen. I listed everyone in the credits below. Some of them are shown, but I don't know which ones.

Britteny Bell
Claire Carter
executive producer
Tanner Denton
Jake Burke
Jacob Edwards
Student Council
special thanks
Tiller Orozco
special thanks
(CCHS) Journalism
special thanks
TV Production
special thanks
CCHS Student Body
special special thanks

Campbell County High School. 2015 CCHS Lip Dub, One Shot?, October 9 2015,

CCHS Lip Dub 2k16-2k17

The 2016 Lip Dub video is similar to the 2015 Lip Dub. In addition to going through the school the video starts with some staff driving to the front of the building. See the previous entry for more information.

Tiller Orozco
Tanner Denton
Jacob Burke
Jacob Edwards
Claire Carter
CCHS Student Body
special thanks
CCHS Journalism
special thanks
Anthony Edwards
special thanks
Abbie Krussow
special thanks
Connor Short
special thanks
Becky Eldger
special thanks
Linda Settlemeye
special thanks
Scott Arthun
special thanks
Jason Garman
special thanks
Troy Zickefoose
special thanks
CCHS Custodians
special thanks

Campbell County High School. CCHS Lip Dub 2k16-2k17, October 24 2016,

Save Love

A band called Big Bang which I could find nothing about played live in Gillette in 1989. I can't tell where it was recorded at, but the song has nothing to do with Gillette.

Big Bang. "Save Love". Big Bang at Gillette WY Oct 1989; Save Love, October 1989; April 9 2017,


Barrel Racing Report

It's Finally Here, the 2015 NFR

This is an article about the 2015 National Finals Rodeo that was going to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. In one paragraph it says Cassidy Kruse (from Gillette) would be competing in her first National Finals Rodeo. She was ranked 8th in the world. Her horses were Jkr Assured Win (JJ) and Guys Dashing Girl (Ellie).

"It's Finally Here, the 2015 NFR Begins This Week". Barrel Racing Report, volume 9, number 48, December 1 2015, page 8,

Campbell County Annual Report

The Gillette News Record includes this report as an insert every year. It doesn't fit neatly into any section, but I think it is similar to a newsletter.


2003 Campbell County Annual Report, 2003,


2004 Campbell County Annual Report, 2004,


2005 Campbell County Annual Report, 2005,


2006 Campbell County Annual Report, 2006,


2007 Campbell County Annual Report, 2007,


2008 Campbell County Annual Report, 2008,


2009 Campbell County Annual Report, 2009,


2010 Campbell County Annual Report, 2010,


2011 Campbell County Annual Report, 2011,


2012 Campbell County Annual Report, 2012,

Heard on Main Street

As of 2017 Gillette Main Street published only one newsletter in 2015. It had some advertisements for local businesses, updates on construction, and information about upcoming events. All the construction and new installations mentioned have been completed.

Gillette Main Street. Heard on Main Street, volume 1, issue 1, Gillette Main Street, Spring-Summer 2015,

Left Tribune

Newsletters are always interesting in origin. The Left Tribune from Ireland's Labour Youth wing of the Labour Party was no exception.

Serotax: "The Wonder Drug"

The author called for restrictions in Ireland on anti-depressant drugs including Seroxat also known as Paxil. Some of the evidence for banning Seroxat is what happened to Donald Schell in Gillette when he was on Paxil. Schell murdered his wife, daughter, granddaughter, and then killed himself after taking 2 Paxil.

Schell's son-in-law Toby Tobin sued GlaxoSmithKline. During the trial it was proven that GlaxoSmithKline hid clinical trials that showed 25% of healthy people taking Paxil suffered the same problems Schell did. Tobin was awarded $6 million.

The title misspelled the name of the drug. It is spelled Seroxat, but I left the original spelling in the title and citation.

O'Neill, Ciaragh. "Serotax: The Wonder Drug". Left Tribune, February 2006, page 7,

Rockpile Roundup

Members of the Rockpile Museum Association get the Rockpile Roundup newsletter.

UFO Investigator

If you believe then you might believe the reports in UFO Investigator.

Law Enforcement Continue to See UFOs

At 8 P.M. on January 25, 1976 an anonymous Sheriff's Deputy in Gillette was driving his own car when he saw an object in the sky the size of a semi-truck. He then turned off his lights. The object had rotating lights and a bright center. He said it came towards the car and he thought it was chasing him. He drove in reverse for 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) because he was unable to turn around. The object was 100 yards (91 meters) from the car and 10 feet (3 meters) above the ground. It stopped following the car and flew off into a small valley with trees.

After he got home he went back to search for it in the same area. He saw a bright light rise into the air and disappear.

"Law Enforcement Continue to See UFOs". UFO Investigator, May 1976, page 1.


I listed all the current and former newspapers that were published in Gillette or covered Gillette extensively. I occasionally add articles from newspapers not published in Gillette.

Campbell County Observer

No longer published, but many of the old issues are still available as of 2017.

Campbell County Observer, 2011-2015,

Campbell County Record

Deaf-Mutes Journal

Miller Praised by Sioux Poet

White Eagle describes himself in third person as deaf, mute, an Indian, a poet, and a story writer. He lived on a large ranch near Gillette. The line between near Gillette and in Gillette is blurred because it was the only city in the county and people near the city had a Gillette address.

White Eagle describes his life from birth to his final wishes. His travels, family, and writings are briefly cod writings are briefly covered. He said that fame is deathless. Unfortunately he overestimated his fame. White Eagle has been mostly forgotten today even in the city he spent many years in.

A reprint of his final wishes in poem form is in the article. White Eagle didn't die in Gillette and it doesn't say if he wrote this while living in Gillette.

White Eagle (Shields Wright)
Mrs. Able
wife of White Eagle
daughter of White Eagle and Mrs. Able
Joaquin Miller

White Eagle. "Miller Praised by Sioux Poet: Impressions are Penned by Remarkable Deaf-Mute?". Deaf-Mutes Journal, volume 49, number 24, New York, June 10 1920,

Gillette News

Gillette News-Record

This daily newspaper is still being printed. The articles here are to further explain other entries on this list and as a citation for that supporting information.

Gillette Man Who Endured 1,501 Piercings Gets Mention

Ed Bruns had 1,501 16 gauge needles put in his body to set a world record, but the video documentation was lost so he never made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Instead he made it into Ripley's Believe it or Not: Strikingly True book.

Payne, Nathan. "Gillette Man Who Endured 1,501 Piercings Gets Mention in Book". Gillette News-Record, October 8 2011,

Pronghorn Gazette

This is the Gillette College newspaper. It moved to an online blog format in 2015 and may not be printed anymore.


Newspapers: Tabloids

Tabloid is a physical newspaper format not a description of content, though I always think of Weekly World News and celebrity gossip when I hear the word.


This is an eye-catching tabloid. The Slingshot describes it self as a radical anarchist newspaper and is published in Berkeley, California. The articles aren't just anti-government, but they are also anti-capitalism.

Growing the New World in Our Hearts

Pizza Carrelo in Gillette was one of the radical spaces listed. It was a mobile wood-fired pizza truck that had a different location each day. The article says it was a gathering spot for the alternative community.

Today in 2017 Pizza Carrelo has its own restaurant. I have tried their pizzas and they are great. The wood-fired truck is in the back and they take it to events to sell food.

"Growing the New World in Our Hearts: Radical Spaces Around the Globe". Slingshot, compiled by Jesse D Palmer, Spring 2013, page 19,

Weekly World News

Weekly World News defines the word tabloid with its outrageous and false stories. I laughed when I cited Weekly World News, but it surprisingly had a volume and number as if it was a prestigious work.

Ask Christie: Hollywood Answer Girl!

Supposedly Carl T. from Gillette wrote in saying he was tired of Tom Hanks playing warmhearted characters and asked when would we see him play something else. Christie responds that he was going to be playing a mobster in a new movie. The movie Road to Perdition with Tom Hanks as a mob enforcer was released about a year and a half after the article.

"Ask Christie: Hollywood Answer Girl!". Weekly World News, December 26 2000, page 12,

Christie ... Hollywood's Answer Girl

Supposedly Terri N. from Gillette wrote in asking if rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers) pistol whipped a man who was kissing his wife Kim (Kimberly Anne Scott). He also asked if someone tried to kill Kim. Christie said it was Mathers that tried to commit suicide. If you enjoy celebrity gossip the answer is Mathers pistol whipped the man and was sentenced to two years probation.

"Christie ... Hollywood's Answer Girl". Weekly World News, October 17 2000, page 12,

Crimewatch: Caught Up

This story is also true. Cheryl Trover a math teacher at Campbell County High School murdered her husband John Trover then faked her own kidnapping and rape, burned her truck, and kidnapped her own kids as a coverup. Eventually the police figured out it was her and she killed herself. It says it was because they were going through a divorce and she didn't want him to have the kids.

There is a picture of both Cheryl Trover and John Trover. Ric Paul the Chief of Police for the Gillette Police Department is also mentioned. There seems to be some inconsistencies in the article or maybe that is from the original story it self. I also highly doubt there was a 1,000 piece puzzle called How to Murder Your Husband at the Trover house.

Forsyth, Michael. "Crimewatch: Caught Up". Weekly World News, February 9 1999, pages 2-3,

Hijacked Bulldozer Tears Through Town

This is the famous bulldozer story. Thompson left a bar 3 a.m. and stole a large bulldozer riding it through Gillette. He crushed cars and knocked over poles. The police fired shotguns into the radiator, but it didn't stop it. The article says John Thompson wasn't drunk, but Thompson later said he had been drinking.

Roger Foster and his roommate fled their apartment right before Thompson ran into it. Thompson then jumped out of the bulldozer and ran off. He was found out because he left his wallet behind on accident. He was later fined and sentenced to prison. There is a black and white picture of the damage which was said to be $3 million ($8,084,323 in 2017).

Don Schnieder
Police Chief
John Thompson
24 year old
took a joy ride with a stolen bulldozer
Roger Foster

"Hijacked Bulldozer Tears Through Town and Does $3 Million Damage". Weekly World News, volume 2, number 34, June 2 1981, page 47,

Mom Chopped Her Babies' Head Off, Say Cops

This story is true as well. Lee Rice murdered her children Danielle Lee and Joanne Rice by chopping their heads off with a butcher knife and putting them in plastic bags. It says the father Daniel Runyon called the police after finding the heads. Lieutenant Gregory Bennick from the Campbell County Sheriff's Office relayed what Rice said that if she waited a few days the real children would be returned to her. Rice also said a woman called her and told her she had to kill the fake children to get the real ones back.

The Gillette News-Record said she was found not guilty because of insanity. She was sent to the Wyoming State Hospital and was still there in 2006 where I assume she is still at today.

Jimison, Susan. "Mom Chopped Her Babies' Head Off, Say Cops". Weekly World News, July 25 1989, page 27,

Police Beat: Kid Breaks Into Homes to Steal Porn!

I don't know if this story is true, but it probably is. It says a 17 year old boy broke into peoples houses then used stolen checks to sign up to pornography websites under his own name. Dave Adsit a detective for the Gillette Police Department laughed saying they didn't have to do anything hard to solve the case.

Marx, Jane. "Police Beat: Kid Breaks Into Homes to Steal Porn!". Weekly World News, January 21 2003, page 20,


This one might seem to be a bit of a stretch, but I included it anyways. I will limit this to either professional or at least well made amateur work.

Energy Capital Sunrise

Pat Love painted this sunrise of Gillette with Wyodak Power Plant in the skyline. Love donated it to the Gillette College Foundation for their Dinner Theatre auction. The quality is similar to other local artists meaning there is some skill, but it hasn't reached a level of excellence yet. The painter is probably Patrick Love a good local dentist. His skill shows through his sculptures.

Love, Pat. Energy Capital Sunrise,

Shipping Time. Gillette, Wyo. 1904

That isn't the year it was painted in only the title. J. W. (Jacob William) Benson painted a large scene with seemingly random things happening. In the center a man throws a cast iron skilled at another man riding a bucking bronco who knocked over his cooking pot. A fur trader and people driving cattle are in the background.

Benson had skill, but he wasn't a master. The painting isn't beautiful or inspiring. The description at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum next to the painting said he was a local artist who painted western murals for cafes and bars in the area.

Benson, J W. Shipping Time. Gillette, Wyo. 1904, 1946, Campbell County Rockpile Museum.


There have been over a hundred patents filed by people who listed Gillette as their address in the filing forms.

October 21, 1913
Henry Jenkins, Gillette, WY

January 13, 1914
Henry Jenkins, Gillette, WY

September 11, 1917
Benjamin M. Doud, Gillette, WY

May 10, 1921
Jacob A. Kohlruss, Gillette, WY

June 6, 1922
George W. Stone, Gillette, WY

March 13, 1923
Helen V. Nordgren, Gillette, WY

August 5, 1924
Rex G. Schnitger, Gillette, WY

April 21, 1925
Earl Edgar Campbell, Gillette, WY

March 16, 1926
Willard G. Bunnell, Gillette, WY

April 13, 1926
Dale Craig Wilhelm, Gillette, WY

April 10, 1928
Earl Edgar Campbell, Gillette, WY

March 26, 1929
John H. Keck, Gillette, WY

December 6, 1932
Earl E. Campbell, Gillette, WY

December 13, 1932
Emma L. Kinnaman, Gillette, WY

October 13, 1936
Owen C. Ankeny, Gillette, WY

July 29, 1941
Raymond H. Landers, Gillette, WY

September 21, 1943
Thomas F. McManamen, Gillette, WY
Leon White, Gillette, WY

June 13, 1944
Roy G. Harless, Gillette, WY

May 10, 1949
Ruth C. Lathom, Gillette, WY

March 25, 1952
Robert E. Gilbert, Gillette, WY

April 21, 1953
Charlie Banister, Gillette, WY

June 28, 1955
Floyd P. Bentz, Gillette, WY

March 25, 1958
Robert E. Isenberger, Gillette, WY

July 21, 1958
Raynerd D. Freer, Gillette, WY

September 24, 1968
Byron P. Edmonds, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Joy Elledge, Gillette, WY

April 20, 1971
Note: Title on patent misspelled as "Mechansim"
Stephen C. Tarver, Gillette, WY

March 26, 1974
Frank J. Blaney II, Gillette, WY

June 18, 1974
Wilbur L. Keas, Casper, WY
Notes: Lists Gillette, WY as additional address

July 15, 1975
Wayne A. Miller, Gillette, WY

November 18, 1975
William L. Todd, Gillette, WY

July 04, 1978
William L. Todd, Gillette, WY

March 17, 1981
Earl D. Williams, Gillette, WY

May 26, 1981
Keith L. Shelstad, Gillette, WY

January 25, 1983
Edwin J. Dorius, Gillette, WY
Amos Norris, Gillette, WY

April 23, 1985
Bruce V. Bowersox, Moorcroft, WY
Thomas I. Shepherd, Gillette, WY

November 11, 1986
Steven R. Youngbauer, Gillette, WY

March 10, 1987
Stephen C. Tarver, Gillette, WY

April 21, 1987
Stephen C. Tarver, Gillette, WY

April 28, 1987
Bobbie L. Mosley, Gillette, WY

May 12, 1987
Billie L. Halbrook, Gillette, WY

July 07, 1987
Jay S. Wold, Gillette, WY

July 21, 1987
Al W. Paulsen, Gillette, WY

March 22, 1988
Wade A. Woodfork, Gillette, WY

August 16, 1988
Jeffrey C. Beckham, Gillette, WY
Wesley D. Hartwigsen, Gillette, WY
Alan D. Johnson, Gillette, WY
Kenneth L. White, Gillette, WY

January 10, 1989
William C. Machmer, Sugarland, TX
Mark A. Siddoway, Houston, TX
Neal D. Stidham, Gillette, WY

February 06, 1990
Roy G. Bellew, Thermopolis, WY
Donald P. Dunn, Gillette, WY
Charles T. Stilwell, Midland, TX
Johnny D. Wood, Moorcroft, WY

February 27, 1990
John A.L. Campbell, Oklahoma City, OK
Robert L. Elder, Columbus, MS
Tony G. Gardner, Oklahoma City, OK
Jerry L. Hughes, Gillette, WY
Kenneth E. Krause, Edmond, OK
Ronald K. Pepper, Moore, OK

July 10, 1990
Robert A. McCreary Jr., Gillette, WY

July 24, 1990
Jeffrey C. Beckham, Gillette, WY
Wesley D. Hartwigsen, Gillette, WY
Alan D. Johnson, Gillette, WY
Kenneth L. White, Gillette, WY

December 11, 1990
Loren K. Dobyns, Gillette, WY
Gary S. Hanson, Wright, WY
Durel B. Shrum, Wright, WY

October 15, 1991
James V. Patton, Gillette, WY

November 12, 1991
Robert A. McCreary Jr., Gillette, WY

November 12, 1991
Kelly M. Smith, Gillette, WY

April 14, 1992
Theodore W. Cecil, Gillette, WY
Durel B. Shrum, Wright, WY
Kelly M. Smith, Gillette, WY

July 14, 1992
Keith L. Shelstad, Gillette, WY

August 25, 1992
Steven M. Svatek, Gillette, WY

September 22, 1992
Martin R. Lebrun, Gillette, WY

March 16, 1993
Monica S. Cummins, Gillette, WY

September 07, 1993
James P. Frederick, Gillette, WY
James A. Salter, Katy, TX
Edward C. Sumner IV, Houston, TX

September 28, 1993
Tetsuo Ota, Gillette, WY

October 05, 1993
James D. Fraser, Salt Lake City, UT
Theodore F. Gundlach, Belleville, IL
Patrick W. Ryan, Gillette, WY
Randall S. Shinn, Gillette, WY

November 16, 1993
Jon L. Shirley, Gillette, WY

January 04, 1994
Lee M. Schlothauer, Gillette, WY
George Spector, New York, NY

May 03, 1994
Duane S. Butcher Jr., Gillette, WY

June 28, 1994
Robert L. Moore Jr., Gillette, WY

August 16, 1994
Richard E. Powell, Gillette, WY

August 30, 1994
Ed Wales, Gillette, WY

September 06, 1994
Robert G. Bauer, Gillette, WY
George W. Land, Greenwood, IN
Michael W. Shackelford, Carmel, IN

September 13, 1994
Chong S. Yun, Gillette, WY

February 07, 1995
Robert G. Bauer, Gillette, WY
Mark H. Berggren, Golden, CO
Michael W. Shackelford, Carmel, IN

February 28, 1995
Howard E. Craft, Gillette, WY
Jeffrey W. Kuray, Gillette, WY

March 14, 1995
Timothy R. Fitzer, Buffalo, WY
Eric J. Holte, Gillette, WY
Sean M. Holte, LaMesa, CA

May 09, 1995
Monica S. Cummins, Gillette, WY
Randall N. Evans, Upton, WY
Robert L. Ferguson, Wright, WY
Marlyn G. King, Gillette, WY

February 11, 1997
Dennis Wayne Coolidge, Gillette, WY
Ernest Peter Esztergar, La Jolla, CA
Deane Avent Horne, Toledo, OH
Franklin George Rinker, Perrysburg, OH

March 04, 1997
Harold F. Galbraith, Gillette, WY
Douglas R. Roe, Gillette, WY

June 10, 1997
William C. Archibald, Gillette, WY
Kim H. Eckert, Austin, TX
Ken Ota, Tokyo, Japan

June 17, 1997
Matthew D. Brenneman, Gillette, WY

August 19, 1997
Donald Tennant, Gillette, WY

January 27, 1998
Dennis Wayne Coolidge, Gillette, WY
Ernest Peter Esztergar, La Jolla, CA
Deane Avent Horne, Toledo, OH
Franklin George Rinker, Perrysburg, OH

March 24, 1998
Dennis Wayne Coolidge, Gillette, WY
Timothy J. Kuhn, Newbury, MI
James G. Powers, Perrysburg, OH
Franklin George Rinker, Perrysburg, OH

April 07, 1998
Robert W. Engstrom, Gillette, WY

April 14, 1998
William C. Archibald, Gillette, WY
Ken Ota, Yokohama, Japan

January 05, 1999
Michael D. Jackson, Gillette, WY

November 02, 1999
Kevin E. Schreiner, Gillette, WY

November 30, 1999
Robert E Harr, Gillette, WY

January 04, 2000
Shelly M. Jauch, Gillette, WY

January 11, 2000
Alfred W. Paulsen, Gillette, WY
D. Michael Pogue, Golden, CO

July 11, 2000
Kevin B. Avery, Gillette, WY
Mark H. Berggren, Golden, CO
Randall L. Rahm, Gillette, WY

September 19, 2000
Greg A. Dougherty, Gillette, WY

October 24, 2000
Delmer Leroy Shelstad, Gillette, WY
L. Alan Weakly, Gillette, WY

December 05, 2000
Delmer Leroy Shelstad, Gillette, WY

February 27, 2001
Jerry J. Gatlin, Jackson, WY
Trigg Marquiss, Gillette, WY

March 27, 2001
Raymond A. Wicker, Gillette, WY

May 01, 2001
Alfred W. Paulsen, Gillette, WY

July 24, 2001
Randy J. Tinken, Gillette, WY

September 4, 2001
Leslie Steven Bricker, Gillette, WY

April 9, 2002
David D. Cramer, Littleton, CO
Donald L. Purvis, Parker, CO
David D. Smith, Gillette, WY
Douglas L. Walton, Littleton, CO

August 26, 2003
Clint Rhodd, Gillette, WY

February 24, 2004
Mark D. Hettinger, Gillette, WY

March 30, 2004
Albert Eugene Rumfelt, Gillette, WY

May 18, 2004
Kenneth L. Ford, Gillette, WY
Thomas S. Osborne, Gillette, WY

July 13, 2004
Guy Morrison III, Gillette, WY
James Eric Morrison, Gillette, WY

June 7, 2005
Terry A. Jones, Gillette, WY
Gregory W. Ritter, Gillette, WY

May 16, 2006
Jerry R. Elsberry, Gillette, WY

May 23, 2006
Mark A. Blake, Gillette, WY

July 4, 2006
James D. Kintz, Gillette, WY
Richard Van Horn, Spearfish, SD

July 25, 2006
Bruce W. Bandorick, Buffalo, WY
James C. Roberts, Casper, WY
Ronald St. John, Gillette, WY

November 14, 2006
Alan M. Williamson, Gillette, WY
Cody Williamson, Gillette, WY

January 9, 2007
Gregory A. Dougherty Sr., Gillette, WY
Bradley J. Fehn, Highlands Ranch, CO
Thomas B. Smith, Centennial, CO

May 15, 2007
Francis M. Carlson, Gillette, WY

June 5, 2007
Terry A. Jones, Gillette, WY
Gregory W. Ritter, Gillette, WY

June 19, 2007
Corey Rang, Gillette, WY

July 24, 2007
Francis M. Carlson, Gillette, WY

October 30, 2007
Francis M. Carlson, Gillette, WY

March 18, 2008
Peter C. Allee, Gillette, WY
Philip G. Pucel, Cheyenne, WY

May 27, 2008
Roy E. Knutson Jr., Gillette, WY
Richard E. Scallen, Gillette, WY

June 17, 2008
Gregory W. Ritter, Gillette, WY

August 5, 2008
Mark Tjensvold, Gillette, WY
Mike Tjensvold, Ridgefield, WA

May 19, 2009
Terry A. Jones, Gillette, WY
Gregory W. Ritter, Gillette, WY

February 8, 2011
Robert W. Engstrom, Gillette, WY

January 19, 2010
Richard E. Scallen, Gillette, WY

June 1, 2010
Tate D. Schipporeit, Gillette, WY

August 10, 2010
Gracie Lauffer, Watauga, TX
Michelle L. Shea, Big Lake, MN
Donald C. Wind, Dallas, TX
Barry P. Wunker, Gillette, WY

January 11, 2011
James D. Kintz, Gillette, WY

February 1, 2011
William Russell Bell, Gillette, WY

March 15, 2011
Contes Andrew, Chandler, AZ
David Carey, Phoenix, AZ
Travis Nice, Gillette, WY

September 27, 2011
Gracie Lauffer, Watauga, TX
Michelle L. Shea, Big Lake, MN
Donald C. Wind, Dallas, TX
Barry P. Wunker, Gillette, WY

June 12, 2012
James P. Frederick, Gillette, WY
James S. Warwick, Doylestown, PA

July 24, 2012
Jess D. Anderson, Gillette, WY

September 4, 2012
William Olen Fortner, Gillette, WY

February 5, 2013
John Mayer Kaufman, Centennial, CO
Bret Hettinger Wolz, Gillette, WY

July 9, 2013
Shane Bower, Golden, CO
David Brock, Littleton, CO
Verlin Dannar, Sheridan, WY
Roland P. DeBruyn, Highlands Ranch, CO
Mark Finkelstein, Morrison, CO
Jim Ford, Gillette, WY
Travis Meyers, Gillette, WY
Robert S. Pfeiffer, Parker, CO
Glenn A. Ulrich, Rolla, MO
Jeffrey L. Weber, Denver, CO

March 4, 2014
John Mayer Kaufman, Centennial, CO
Bret Hettinger Wolz, Gillette, WY

September 30, 2014
Doug Gerard, Gillette, WY
Bryan Pittman, Thomasville, NC
Chandler Reubush, Toano, VA
Kurt Roehrig, Lexington, NC
Stephen C. Southward, Danville, VA

November 11, 2014
Brian Glenn Gilbert, Gillette, WY
Aaron Richard Maki, Gillette, WY

April 7, 2015
Troy K. Becicka, Sahuarita, AZ
Jean-Jacques Clar, Edelstein, IL
Lance Cowper, Metamora, IL
Thandava K. Edara, Peoria, IL
Kyle Edwards, Gillette, WY
Brian G. Funke, Peoria, IL
Daniel Stanek, Chillicothe, IL

October 27, 2015
Greg Dougherty, Gillette, WY
Duane Goetz, Gillette, WY
Don Larsen, Gillette, WY

January 1, 2016
Larry A. Satur, Gillette, WY

June 7, 2016
Troy K. Becicka, Sahuarita, AZ
Thandava K. Edara, Peoria, IL
Kyle Edwards, Gillette, WY
Michael Taylor, Swissvale, PA
Mo Wei, Dunlap, IL

July 12, 2016
Guy Morrison, Gillette, WY

October 18, 2016
Troy K. Becicka, Sahuarita, AZ
Jean-Jacques Clar, Edelstein, IL
Thandava K. Edara, Peoria, IL
Kyle Edwards, Gillette, WY
Michael Taylor, Swissvale, PA
Mo Wei, Dunlap, IL

November 1, 2016
Jean-Jacques Clar, Edelstein, IL
Kyle Adam Edwards, Gillette, WY
Robert Jason McGee, Peoria, IL
Michael Allen Taylor, Swissvale, PA

State of Wyoming. "Wyoming Inventors Database". Wyoming Inventors, November 21 2016,


A Plea For The Old Rock Pile

Buster Lynde the half-brother of Josephe Lynde (Timber Jack Joe) wrote a poem to save the Rockpile from being destroyed. He said the kids in Gillette used to play there and it was used as a landmark. He thought we would regret if we tore it down.

Lynde's plea was heard and the Rockpile was saved. About 15 years after the poem was written the Campbell County Rockpile Museum was built next to it. The book says the poem was from another book called The Scrapbook Diamond Jubilee.

Buster Lynde. "A Plea For The Old Rock Pile". Campbell County: The Way We Were, Campbell County High School, page 48, [1958]; 1984.

The Call of Gillette

This poem was written by the people of Gillette and dedicated to people in the eastern United States in 1905. It says if they are tired of their life in the city and want to see the prairie, skies, and nature they should come west to Gillette.

The poem is in at least two books and probably more. The copy in Campbell County: The Way We Were has an extra stanza and better formatting, but there is another copy in The History of Campbell County which is also on this list.

[people of Gillette]. "The Call of Gillette". Campbell County: The Way We Were, Campbell County High School, 1905; 1984, page 2.

Gillette Will Drill For Oil

The book says house painter O. D. Burton wrote this poem and had it published in the Gillette News in 1915. Burton says when everyone in Gillette has grown old and when the impossible has happened then Gillette will drill for oil. The people and things happened he described would only make sense if you either study local history or lived in Gillette at the time.

I assume everything came true because time has passed them by. All the people he talked about are long gone. Just as Burton said the companies came to Gillette to drill for oil and they found it. They also found lots of profitable coal and natural gas.

Burton, O. D. "Gillette Will Drill For Oil". 1916 Wyoming, Here We Come!, Pioneer Printing, 2002, page 69.

Houdini Comes to Gillette, Wyoming

The only thing I fully understand about this poem is the title has Gillette in it. I leave the interpretation to someone else.

Harrod, Lois Marie. "Houdini Comes to Gillette, Wyoming". The Meadowland Review, Fall 2010, pages 20-21,

How Buster Lynde Reaches Wyoming

Buster "Buster" Lynde the half-brother of Joseph Earnest Lynde (Timber Jack Joe) wrote a poem about his early life and how he got to Gillette. At the end of it he says he was still living in Gillette. I assume this was written decades before the book was because the poem said he was born in '87 (1887).

Lynde, Buster. "How Buster Lynde Reaches Wyoming". The Life & Sacred Times of Timber Jack Joe: Wyoming's Last 'O Mountain Man, Mountain States Lithographing, October 2000, pages 10-11.

Men's League Softball, Gillette, Wyoming

Lucas Howell lived in Gillette and worked in the Powder River Basin. His poem is about coal miners playing baseball and it mentions Bicentennial Park which is in Gillette.

Howell, Lucas. "Men's League Softball, Gillette, Wyoming". A Weekly Poem, Read by the Author, May 5 2009,

Timber Jack Joe

Ruth Hays wrote this poem around the time of the book it was in. The poem says it has been 89 years since Joseph Earnest Lynde's (Timber Jack Joe) birth. Lynde was born in 1911 so that places it in 2000. It is a short and simple poem about Lynde being a mountain man with his dog Tuffy. Lynde was living in Gillette at the time this was wrote.

Hays, Ruth Lorraine. "Timber Jack Joe". The Life & Sacred Times of Timber Jack Joe: Wyoming's Last 'O Mountain Man, Mountain States Lithographing, October 2000, page 179.

Television: Fiction

Dark Angel

A dystopian science fiction TV show and Gillette don't seem related, but the backstory of the main characters starts in Gillette. Dark Angel began as a TV show on Fox and only lasted 2 seasons. As with most TV shows there was several books, trading cards, toys, and more made for it.

Season 1 Episode 0 - Pilot

The episode begins with a flashback to a wooded area where children are being chased by armed masked men on snowmobiles. A brief text at the bottom says Gillette, Wyoming 2009. That was the future when the show was aired, but the past for the characters. There are a few more mentions of Gillette and Wyoming further in the episode, but all are related to the incident in the past. I read the movie Hitman reuses the scene where the children are at Manticore, but it isn't set in the same place.

This episode was filmed in Vancouver, Canada which looks nothing like Gillette. That is the source of the goof listed by Internet Movie Database. A character repeats this goof again later by referencing the past saying there was a facility (Manticore) in the mountains of Wyoming (Gillette).

Season 1 Episode 1 - Heat

A character in this episode says that a Strategic Air Command base at Gillette was shutdown in 2009 which was the past for the characters. This is a goof because there has never been an Air Force base in Gillette. It is possible the writers meant a base was built between 2000 the airing date of the show and the future in 2009. I do not believe that was the case because the episode right before this one had major goofs about Gillette.

Season 2 Episode 1 - Designate This

A character mentions going through physical rehabilitation at the Veterans Affairs in Gillette. The second mention is talking about what happened in the pilot episode at the facility in Gillette. There is a Veterans Affairs clinic in Gillette, but they don't offer rehabilitation.

The F.B.I.

Episodes of The F.B.I. are based on real FBI cases. I assume they are mostly fiction the same as other shows that claim they are based on true stories.

Season 1 Episode 13 - How To Kill An Iron Horse

This episode opens with a man blowing up a train and the title screen says EXTORTION. During the episode a train depot is shown that says GILLETTE, WYO on it. The location is unimportant to the story and none of the characters mention Gillette.

The Director of the Campbell County Museum told me this episode was not filmed in Gillette and the train depot is a prop. He said it was probably filmed somewhere on a studio lot in California. The museum has a large high quality photo of the prop.

Television: Games

I put game shows and gambling together in this section.

Heartland Poker Tour

Episode 217 - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Gary Germann a retired man from Gillette appears in this and many other episodes in this series. He talks briefly after finishing in 8th place. He won $25,163. The event is split in half due to time, but Germann only appears in the first half.

"Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour". Heartland Poker Tour, episode 217, March 11 2013,

Episode 218 - Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour

Gary Germann is only mentioned in the scores and isn't shown.

"Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour". Heartland Poker Tour, episode 218, March 11 2013,

Episode 241 - Indigo Sky Casino

Gary Germann from Gillette appears again and finished in 8th place again. He won $6,094. Neok Casino Connection published a magazine article about this part of the tournament and it is on this list.

"Indigo Sky Casino". Heartland Poker Tour, episode 241, October 21 2013,

Episode 242 - Indigo Sky Casino

Footage of Gary Germann from the previous episode and his placement are shown.

"Indigo Sky Casino". Heartland Poker Tour, episode 242, October 21 2013,

Episode 289 - Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg

Jaymz Larson one the hosts said it was Gary Germann's 4th Heartland Poker Tour final table. For the first time Gillette is mentioned by name. Gary Germann said he lives in Gillette. That he had a propane company for 30 years until he sold it 2 years ago (2012). I assume he both owned and operated it. Besides playing poker he was investing in oil and gas. I wonder if he lost money since oil and gas prices have dropped.

Germann was wearing a neck brace of some kind. Despite any physical problems he played better and wasn't eliminated in this episode. Read about the next episode for the results.

"Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg". Heartland Poker Tour, episode 289, October 20 2014,

Episode 290 - Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg

Jaymz Larson one of the hosts said Gary Germann had won about $115,000 playing poker live and $600,000 online. Maria Ho the other host jokingly wondered what Germann's online poker name was so she could avoid him. Germann placed 5th and won $9,964.

"Ameristar Casino Hotel Vicksburg". Heartland Poker Tour, episode 290, October 20 2014,


Jeopardy is the classic quiz game show where contestants are given an answer and must respond with a matching question.

Season 7 Episode 91

One of the contestants in this episode was Lorraine Miller a dental hygienist from Gillette. About half way through the episode the host Alex Trebek asks her about Gillette, but they don't say much about it. This was her only appearance and she lost with a score of $950 ($1,708 in 2017). The 3rd place prize she won was a Maytag washer and dryer combo.

Jeopardy!, season 7, episode 91, King World Productions, January 7 1991.

The Price is Right

Episode 2715K

For the host Bob Barker's 80th birthday a group of people from Gillette sent him a video greeting. They don't say who they are, but I think the man speaking was a radio host. He says they are from Gillette and all of them wish him a happy 80th birthday.

The Price is Right, episode 2715K, CBS, December 12 2003.

Television: News

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace for June 28, 2005

Joseph Duncan murdered Brenda Groene, Brenda's boyfriend Mark McKenzie, Brenda's son Slade Groene and kidnapped Brenda's son and daughter Shasta Groene and Dylan Groen in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He later murdered Dylan Groen. A few weeks later Shasta was seen with Duncan and he was arrested immediately. Duncan was sentenced to life in prison. This episode takes place during the search for Dylan and Shasta before the killer was known.

Nancy Grace and James Warden from the Gillette News Record discuss the case. Then Grace interviews Sue Torres from Gillette the great aunt of the children. Not much is said besides Grace trying to get Torres to push any theories about the case.

Nancy Grace
James Warden
Reporter at the Gillette News Record
Ben Wolfinger
Sheriff's Department
Kootenai County, Idaho
Rocky Watson
Kootenai County, Idaho
Sue Torres
great aunt of Groene children

"Nancy Grace for June 28, 2005". Nancy Grace, CNN, June 28 2005,

Stephanie Low Missing After Abrupt End to Phone Call

At the end of the episode Nancy Grace profiles people who were missing. One was Amanda Gallion who went missing six weeks after moving to Gillette in 1997. She never made it to her first day of school. What I assume is her father said she played the violin, had never been away from home, loved getting her hair and nails done, and sang country and western music.

Gallion is still missing as of 2017. I read on other webpages the story is complicated with a liar framing a criminal for her murder with that case overturned. Then another criminal claimed he murdered her, but died in prison. Now it seems after 20 years Gallion may never be found.

"Stephanie Low Missing After Abrupt End to Phone Call". Nancy Grace, CNN, February 14 2011,

Paula Zahn Now

Interview with Aunt of Shasta Groene; Sex Offender Neighborhood; Guitarist Finds God

Joseph Duncan murdered Brenda Groene, Brenda's boyfriend Mark McKenzie, Brenda's son Slade Groene and kidnapped Brenda's son and daughter Shasta Groene and Dylan Groen in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He later murdered Dylan Groen. A few weeks later Shasta was seen with Duncan and he was arrested immediately. Duncan was sentenced to life in prison.

Duncan is not mentioned by name, but is referenced several times. This episode takes place after Shasta was found and returned to her family.

Miles O'Brien was filling in for Paula Zahn and he interviewed Shasta's great aunt Sue Torres in Gillette by phone. Torres said Shasta was going to therapy trying to cope with what happened. She also said the system was failing everyone and wanted the laws changed because the man who killed them stole a vehicle. She never says what laws she wanted changed or why, but all the things Duncan did were already illegal with severe penalties. Since this question was asked by the host it looks like CNN wanted a nice soundbite of wont someone please think of the children.

Miles O'Brien
Steve Groene
Shasta Groene
kidnapped and found
Dylan Groene
Sue Torres
lived in Gillette
great aunt of Shasta Groene
Andy Kahn
worked with crime victims
lived in Houston, Texas
Lenore Terr
wrote book "Too Scared to Cry"

"Interview With Aunt of Shasta Groene; Sex Offender Neighborhood; Guitarist Finds God". Paula Zahn Now, CNN, July 6 2005,

World in Action

Season 21 Episode 4 - The Coal War

This episode is about the 1984-1985 coal miners strike in Britain. Half the episode looks back at the history of Ian MacGregor the man called in by Prime Minister Margarat Thatcher to end the strike. The other half is about Arthur Skargill who was a big figure in unions in Britain.

MacGregor was the Chairman of AMAX and opened Belle Ayr Mine in 1972 which was the third largest in the United States at the time. Back then the unions negotiated with all the mines collectively, but he decided to have AMAX do their negotiations by themselves. AMAX wanted to cut pensions and prevent them from transferring to other mines as well as requiring a certain number of years to get into a union. In 1975 the United Mine Workers Association workers Local 1854 at Belle Ayr Mine went on strike. It says they were hardened by a recent drive by shooting on picketers trying to join a union by a foreman at Brookside Mine in Harlan County, Kentucky.

AMAX sent letters to the strikers saying come back to work or you will be fired. Then they called in Wackenhut which were known as strike busters. One of the picketers asked MacGregor about resolving the strike and he said there would never be a union contract and AMAX would never work with the unions.

After that the union workers were replaced and AMAX got everything it wanted. New pay scales were introduced called incentive grading, there was no right to strike, and wages and benefits could be changed based on the market. After this 14 more mines opened in Wyoming and none of them had unions. MacGregor bragged he defeated the coal unions and this is why he was called in by Thatcher to deal with the problems in Britain.

There are several video shots of Gillette including some on Highway 14/16 near downtown and some of Belle Ayr Mine. The rest of the video focuses on the strike in Britain and how their area is much different than Wyoming criticizing MacGregors methods would be much more harmful there. After this was aired MacGregor did indeed win again in Britain and he was later knighted. Here is a list of everyone else interviewed or shown.

"The Coal War". World in Action, season 21, episode 4, Granada, October 15 1984.

Television: Nonfiction

Coal: The Documentary

Coal is another climate change documentary that interviews people who work in the coal industry and those opposed to it. Most of the focus is on the economic and environmental impact a coal shipping port in Washington for Power River Basin coal would have. It shows locations across the world including the mines around Gillette and Gillette itself. Phil Dillinger a Powder River Basin coal miner and Leland "LJ" Turner a Wyoming rancher are interviewed during the Gillette segment.

Coal: The Documentary, KCTS 9 and EarthFix, June 25 2013,

Cold Case Files

Season 3 Episode 6 - The Killer's Tattoo

Robert (William) Greer (Jr.). Greer was a career criminal who committed identity theft against Terry Green and Michael Bertinot. He also murdered a gay man named John Dobbs in Saginaw, Texas by strangling him with a telephone cord in 1988 while pretending to be Terry Green.

The United States Internal Revenue Service contacted Greer's stepdaughter Patricia Hackett in October 1997 while investigating a fraud claim by the real Michael Bertinot. She said her mother was married for 3 years to Greer and he worked as a mechanic in Gillette. Two years earlier (1995) he went fishing and disappeared. They never saw him again.

While in Gillette Greer went by the name Michael Bertinot. There is a town shown during the Gillette segment, but it isn't Gillette. It is probably wherever Hackett lived at the time of recording.

"The Killer's Tattoo". Cold Case Files, season 3, episode 6, A&E Network, February 10 2004,

CrossWest Adventures

CrossWest Adventures is travel TV show that promotes areas across the western United States. There is a narrator who talks about why someone should travel to the featured area along with interviews of locals and plenty of nice video shots. I see the episodes as advertisements to be used by cities to promote their area.

Unknown title

This episode covers Gillette, Campbell County, and the surrounding region. It is trying to convince people that Gillette is a good place to stay with plenty of facilities while they travel to other nearby attractions. I saw this episode online, but never found the original episode title or what season it came from.

Mary Silvernell
Executive Director of Campbell County CVB
Jay Lundell
Airport Manager at the Gillette-Campbell County Airport
Armando John Flocchini
Manager of the Durham Ranch
Reed Robinson
Superintendent of the Devils Tower National Monument
Thomas Murphy
Boating Enthusiast
Dave McCormick
Executive Director of Campbell County Parks and Recreation

CV&A Films. CrossWest Adventures, Altitude TV, November 27 2014,

Distant Roads

Distant Roads is travel show for people with RVs.

Unknown title

I saw what I believe is just a clip of an episode about viewing Eagle Butte Mine either by a tour or at a viewing spot off the road. The episode mentions Gillette several times and to contact the visitor center for tours. The only person interviewed was Steven Laird - Eagle Butte Mine. He talks about the mining operations.

Ashley Gracile. Distant Roads,

Unknown title

Same as the other episode of Distant Roads this is probably a clip of a larger episode. This is about the facilities in Gillette and the things to do around it. There are some video shots of coming off the interstate in different places, one of the coal mines, the CAM-PLEX, Gillette City Pool, Campbell County Rockpile Museum, the old recreation center that was tore down, and downtown. The only person who is named and shown is Ruth Benson - Executive Director Gillette Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Ashley Gracile. Distant Roads,

Late Show with David Letterman

Season 17 Episode 104

During an interview with Donald Trump about energy in 2010, Trump mentions how Wyoming has enough coal for 300 years of energy usage. David Letterman says he would rather have windmills than choking clouds of smoke. Trump responds with clean coal. Letterman tells him there is no such thing as clean coal. Letterman then says how coal is being strip mined in Wyoming and he thinks Gillette has a softer coal.

The mines around Gillette are open pit mines which is similar, but not exactly the same as strip mining. Both open pit mining and strip mining are a form of surface mining. The coal in the mines around Gillette is harder not softer. I think he meant to say it is lower in sulfur. Both are only minor mistakes and not important to his arguments.

Late Show with David Letterman, season 17, episode 104, CBS Television Studio, March 11 2010.

Larry King Live

The Best of Jay Leno

While interviewing Jay Leno the host Larry King takes a phone call saying "Gillette, Wyoming for Jay Leno". The caller asks if Leno the host of The Tonight Show had invited the former host Johnny Carson to come on as a guest. Leno rambles on without answering him directly, but says Carson knows the other late show hosts so him appearing on Leno's show might be seen as an insult to the others.

The citation is a transcript from CNN because I couldn't find a video of this episode. The episode might be a compilation of older interviews.

"The Best of Jay Leno". Larry King Live, CNN, March 3 2001,


Season 3 Episode 13 - School House Rocked

This episode is a dramatization of the murder of John Trover in Gillette. The rest of this will spoil the episode. I didn't verify all the details I am only repeating them here. Just like the Weekly World News article about this there seems to be some inconsistencies and made up things added.

According to the episode Cheryl Trover was a math teacher at Campbell County High School and was having an affair with her boss, neighbor, family friend, and the principal John Riley. He wanted both of them to divorce their spouses and get together. Cheryl said her husband John Trover got full custody of his children after his first divorce. She thought he would get the kids if they divorced. She created a plan that would take months to murder her husband.

John Trover worked as an accountant at Eagle Butte Mine. There was rumors the mines could close or layoff workers. Cheryl called John at work making threats with a disguised voice pretending to be a disgruntled worker. She told her friends about the calls and spread rumors of a dangerous looking man loitering around their house.

Cheryl stole a gun from the Riley house while John Riley was out of town at a conference. She kidnapped her own kids and shot and stabbed her husband pretending to be the fictional disgruntled man. Then she sets her truck on fire and runs into the woods.

There are at two goofs in this scene. There are no woods in Gillette, but this is what the episode says. In the episode there is no snow and the grass is green despite it being set in December.

After telling her wild story to the police they search John Riley's house and find the murder weapon. He calls Cheryl and once she realizes she has been found out she gets another gun and kills her self.

There was some missing details in their story, but they only had about 20 minutes to tell it. While there are Wyoming plates used they look fake and it wasn't filmed in Gillette. Several people from Gillette were interviewed and are listed here. All the other characters and actors are also listed.

Steve Rozier
former Detective Sergeant at the Gillette Police Department
Judi Marler
former neighbor of the Trovers
Carolyn Hagen
former neighbor of the Trovers
Doug Marler
former neighbor of the Trovers
Amanda Powers
played by Stefanie Bloom
Sergeant Rozier
played by Cory Boughton
Cheryl Trover
played by Candace Bryant
played by Marissa Carpio
played by Bryan Manley Davis
Torrey Trover
played by Michelle Moughan
Susan Riley
played by Ruth Mahala Sullivan
John Trover
played by Frank Vignola
John Riley
played by Jeffrey C. Wolf
Officer Randy Smith
played by Alan Zwerling

"School House Rocked". Redrum, season 3, episode 13, Investigation Discovery, May 19 2015.

Storm of the Century: The Blizzard of '49

This is a black and white documentary about the massive blizzard in the midwest in 1949. An arctic front hit with the wet air from the south creating a surprise blizzard. It snowed for days and the drifting lasted for weeks. There was 80 MPH winds that caused the drifts to reach over 20 feet high. People and livestock suffered and died. The conditions were miserable for those who were stranded. Travelers were especially unprepared.

What I found interesting was the bizarre things that happened. There was a photo and witnesses to upside down rainbows in the sky. People said there was so much static electricity in the air that one man's rifles on the wall shot out sparks for 3 days. Things happened I didn't even know was possible. Animals suffocated from snow freezing in their noses and large amounts of snow could drift through holes as small as a keyhole.

There were air operations conducted to bring in supplies. The Civil Air Patrol flew in supplies and the United States Air Force conducted Operation Haylift to bring in food for the livestock.

Gaylord Pearson from Gillette said everyone knew everyone else and they all worked together to help each other. Neil Matti also from Gillette talked about the rotary plows on the front of trains damaged by frozen cows hidden in the snow drifts. Gillette it self isn't mentioned because the storm hit southeast Wyoming the hardest. The end of the movie does thank the Campbell County Public Library and credits the Campbell County Rockpile Museum for footage and pictures. I didn't recognize any of them as being in Gillette.

It says that the Wyoming Governor Arthur G. Crane declared a state of emergency. County and city boards and committees were also setup. Eventually he also requested help from the federal government. United States President Harry Truman declared it a disaster area and ordered Engineers Major General Lewis A. Pick of the United States Army Corps of Engineers to lead Operation Snowbound. Even after they cleared the snow people still had to deal with the cleanup and repairs. Everyone else interviewed is below.

Storm of the Century: The Blizzard of '49, Wyoming PBS, December 8 2015,

Wreckreation Nation with Dave Mordal

Wreckreation Nation is another reality show that lasted 1 season. Its focus was weird recreational activities. Each episode covers 3 activities filmed in different locations.

Season 1 Episode 8 - Swamp Buggy Racing

Part of this episode covers the 2008 Firefest held in Gillette at the CAM-PLEX. Firefest is a yearly fireworks convention held by Pyrotechnics Guild International in a different city each year. While the episode has a few scattered views of Gillette in the background the main focus is on Firefest not the location. Not much is said about Gillette, except that there is plenty of open space to blow up fireworks. Because Wreckreation Nation is a reality show Dave Mordal tries to portray the people who participate in Firefest as being eccentric.

Wyoming Chronicle

Wyoming Chronicle is a weekly show produced by Wyoming PBS. All the ones I saw were friendly interviews.

A Reason To Give Thanks

The host Richard Ager interviewed Bertine Bahige a math teacher at Campbell County High School and Suzan Marie Pritchett a professor at the University of Wyoming College of Law about Bahige's life as a child soldier, refugee, and eventually math teacher. A good portion of the show is Bahige talking about his students and teaching methods. During the interview he says what it was like to be captured by rebel soldiers and imprisoned for 2 years. Bahige doesn't say and the host carefully avoids the direct question of did he participate in warfare?

Pritchett answers questions and talks about the refugee process in the United States. When asked how she felt about Wyoming she paused before giving a careful and polite answer of Wyoming being in a unique position. Elsewhere she has criticized the refugee process and pointed out that Wyoming lacks a resettlement program. She thought Wyoming was more open to refugees because she thought we weren't being flooded by immigrants and refugees like other states were. Even if you disagree with Pritchett she seems to want to do what she can to help people.

Bahige's story of being captured was compelling. He said his mother stepped in front of the soldier who grabbed him in a over my dead body way. The soldier said he had no mother and father and that bullets were cheap. Bahige was taken away and he never saw or heard from his mother again.

Wyoming PBS. "A Reason To Give Thanks". Wyoming Chronicle, Wyoming PBS, November 11 2012,

Megan Gebhart: 52 Cups of Coffee

The host Craig Blumenshine interviews Megan Gebhart about her book 52 Cups of Coffee. She is from Gillette and the book has interviews with several people from Gillette. Gebhart talks about going to the Campbell County High School and other events in her life leading up to the book. Her mother worked at the Campbell County Public Library and recommended her August Crabtree in Gillette for an interview. The other people mentioned are all in her book.

Wyoming PBS. "Megan Gebhart: 52 Cups of Coffee". Wyoming Chronicle, Wyoming PBS, October 7 2016,

State of the State of Energy

One segment displays Gillette, Wyoming and talks about Black Hills Energy and the coal mine next to it. The power plant was built in 2010 and $100 million was spent on pollution controls. That was around 40% of the total cost.

Bev Baughman and Rick Swanson are interviewed at home in Gillette. They were asked what would Gillette look like if coal went away. Baughman said it would look like West Virginia with no jobs.

I will add that when the coal mines close in Gillette and if I can stay here there will be plenty of new entries to add. The media will show up to record the collapse and the aftermath through news stories, magazine articles, and documentaries. The audience for this document will be much smaller than it is now.

Another segment was with Matt Mead the Governor of Wyoming in Gillette announcing a carbon testing lab. The construction was completed after this aired. It was going to be called the Wyoming Integrated Test Center and that is what they called it.

There are many videos of coal mines, power plants, and other facilities. I am sure some of them are in Gillette, but it doesn't say.

Craig Blumenshine
Leigh Patterson
Inside Energy Reporter
Mark Gordon
Wyoming State Treasurer
Harold Rogers
Kentucky Representative 5th District
Paul Ryan
Speaker of the House
Andy Barr
Kentucky Representative 6th District
Rob Godby
Energy Economist, University of Wyoming
Barack Obama
President of the United States
James Stevenson
Director of North American Coal, IHS Energy
Linn Evans
President of Black Hills Energy
Beverly Baughman
Coal Miner
Rick Swanson
Coal Miner
David Wendt
President of Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs
Ben Yamagata
Executive Director of Coal Utilization Research Council
Matt Mead
Governor of Wyoming
Xi Jinping
President of China
Connie Wilbert
Director of Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter
Dave Miller
Dave True
True Companies
Hank True
True Companies
Samuel Western
Economic Historian

Wyoming PBS. "State of the State of Energy". Wyoming Chronicle, Wyoming PBS, January 5 2016,

Wyoming PBS Specials

Over Wyoming

This special is an aerial look at almost every part of Wyoming. It talks about history, current events, geology, industry, and a little bit of everything while flying over an area. There is one small segment on Gillette where it talks about the geology, energy industry, and agriculture of Gillette and Powder River Basin. This is much better than the episode of Aerial America about Wyoming that didn't mention Gillette.

Wyoming PBS. "Over Wyoming". Wyoming PBS Specials, Wyoming PBS, March 9 2013,

Services for Wyoming Veterans

Gillette is mentioned as having a Veterans Affairs clinic and Billy Montgomery from Gillette asked questions. Montgomery was on the Wyoming AARP executive council and a military veteran. He served in the Vietnam War from 1968-1971 in the 101st Airborne Division.

Wyoming PBS. "Services for Wyoming Veterans". Wyoming PBS Specials, Wyoming PBS, November 10 2015,

Wyoming Perspectives

Wyoming PBS produces Wyoming Perspectives which is a round table discussion where people can call in to ask questions.

Juvenile Justice in Wyoming

Jeani Stone the Campbell County Prosecuting Attorney is from Gillette and all the county places like her office are also in Gillette even though she never says Gillette.

Margaret Bensen
Jeani Stone
Campbell County Attorney
Campbell County Prosecuting Attorney
Dr. Beth Evans
Chairman of the Wyoming State Advisory Council on Juvenile Justice
Kermit Brown
Wyoming Representitive House District 14
from Albany County
Chairman of the Joint Judiciary Committee
Chuck Kratz
Director of Youth Services of Fremont County

Wyoming PBS. "Juvenile Justice in Wyoming". Wyoming Perspectives, Wyoming PBS, January 1 2011,

Television: Public Access

And Karen Show

Karen Jenson made this spinoff of the Pinky and Karen Show after Shantell Shaw (Pinky) left. At least 12 episodes were made.

Episode 1

Karen Jenson went downtown and to a school in this episode.

Karen Jenson
Liz Jenson
Karen's mother
Shantell Shaw (Pinky)
via phone
via phone
female janitor
at a school (probably Campbell County High School)>. """

Episode 2

Besides several skits in places I don't recognize Jenson went to an RV rally at the CAM-PLEX. The people at the RV rally said they enjoyed visiting Gillette.

Jenson, Karen. And Karen Show, episode 2, Gillette Public Access Television; ChanZ.TV,

Episode 5

Karen Jenson and several people she knew went to New York, New York. It might have been a high school trip.

Karen Jenson
Carol (not sure about spelling)
friend of Karen Jenson (Pinky?)
went to New York
other unnamed people
went with Karen Jenson to New york

Jenson, Karen. And Karen Show, episode 5, Gillette Public Access Television; ChanZ.TV,

Episode 7

Karen Jenson went to Cottonwood Park in Gillette. It was still a ditch at the time. It now has trees, a path, and a center art piece. Jenson also went to Powder River Academy of Taekwondo and Walgreens.

Karen Jenson
Miss Ashley
worked at Walgreens

Jenson, Karen. And Karen Show, episode 7, Gillette Public Access Television; ChanZ.TV,

Episode 10

Karen Jenson went to Hardware Hank, Wal-Mart, and a few places I don't recognize.

Karen Jenson
several unnamed people
auditioning skit
"camera woman"
Liz Jenson?
worked at Hardware Hank
Liz Jenson
mother of Karen Jenson

Jenson, Karen. And Karen Show, episode 10, Gillette Public Access Television; ChanZ.TV,

Campbell County Connection

Gillette Public Access Television produces Campbell County Connection. Each episode has guests who talk about upcoming events and what is happening in the community. It is hosted by Garrett Rogers.

February 2016

This episode was about events at the Campbell County Public Library, Heart Awareness Month, events and classes at Gillette College, events and art gallery at CAM-PLEX, and events and exhibits at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum.

Garrett Rogers
Genevieve Schlekeway
Campbell County Public Library
Heidi Hunter
Campbell County Public Health Nurse
Micah Olsen
Director of Admissions Gillette College
Brendan Diamond
Assistant Media Relations Manager and Writer for Gillette College
Jaymi Gilmour-Crawley
CAM-PLEX Theatre Manager
Robert Henning
Director of Campbell County Rockpile Museum

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, February, February 2 2016,

March 2016

This episode was about the art gallery and events at CAM-PLEX, events at the Campbell County Public Library, events and exhibits at Campbell County Rockpile Museum, and events and classes at Gillette College.

Garrett Rogers
Jaymi Gilmour-Crawley
Theatre Manager of the CAM-PLEX
Anna Veinbergs
Circulation Manager of the Campbell County Public Library
Robert Henning
Director of the Campbell County Rockpile Museum
John McGuire
Director of Business Education at Gillette College
Brendan Diamond
Media Relations Manager of the Gillette College
Writer for the Gillette College

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, March, February 19 2016,

April 2016

This episode was about the art gallery and events at CAM-PLEX, National Public Health Week, Campbell County website redesign, events at Campbell County Public Library, events and courses at Gillette College.

Garrett Rogers
Jaymi Gilmour-Crawley
Theatre Manager of the CAM-PLEX
Joli Carr
Nurse at the Campbell County Public Health
Ivy McGowan-Castleberry
Justin Penning
Rebecca Schuh
Reference Librarian at the Campbell County Public Library
Micah Olsen
Director of Admissions at the Gillette College
Brendan Diamond
Media Relations Manager of the Gillette College
Writer for the Gillette College

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, April, March 28 2016,

May 2016

This episode was about the Zika virus, events at the CAM-PLEX, events at the Campbell County Public Library, a new exhibit and events at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum, and classes at the Gillette College.

Garrett Rogers
Heidi Hunter
Nurse at the Public Health Department
Jaymi Gilmour-Crawley
Theatre Manager of the CAM-PLEX
Susan Knesel
Youth Librarian at the Campbell County Public Library
Rachael Yates
Young Adult Librarian at the Campbell County Public Library
Robert Henning
Director of the Campbell County Rockpile Museum
Brendan Diamond
Gillette College
Carole Shafer
Gillette College

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, May, April 22 2016,

June 2016

This episode is about events at the Campbell County Public Library, Campbell County Rockpile Museum, and CAM-PLEX. One segment covered health safety tips.

Garrett Rogers
Elizabeth Albin
Reference Specialist at the Campbell County Public Library
Mandy Quarders
Campbell County Public Library Wright branch
Kim Roesser
Technician at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum
Jaymi Gilmour
Theatre Manager of the CAM-PLEX
Joli Carr
Registered Nurse at Campbell County Public Health

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, June, June 1 2016,

October 2016

Another episode about events at the Campbell County Public Library, influenza, what was happening at the Gillette College, and events at the CAM-PLEX.

Garrett Rogers
Genevieve Schlekeway
Campbell County Public Library
Heidi Hunter
Registered Nurse at Campbell County Public Health
Lindsey Lang
Registered Nurse at Campbell County Public Health
Brendan Diamonds
Media Relations at the Gillette College
Lauren Tompkins
Academic Support at the Gillette College
Jaymi Gilmour
Theatre Manager of the CAM-PLEX

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, October, October 4 2016,

November 2016

Another episode about events at the CAM-PLEX, Campbell County Public Library, Campbell County Public Health, and resources at Campbell County Public Health.

Garrett Rogers
Jaymi Gilmour
Theatre Manager of the CAM-PLEX
Richard Ward
Campbell County Public Library
Wendy Lergerski
Technician at the Campbell County Rockpile Museum
Joli Carr
Registered Nurse at Campbell County Public Health

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, November, November 4 2016,

December 2016

The December episode covered events at the Campbell County Public Library, Gillette College, CAM-PLEX, Campbell County Rockpile Museum, and Campbell County Public Health.

Garret Rogers
Jane Gebhart
Reference Department
Campbell County Public Library
Brendan Diamond
Gillette College
Jaymi Gilmour
CAM-PLEX Theatre Manager
Robert Henning
Director of Campbell County Rockpile Museum
Heidi Hunter
Nurse at Campbell County Public Health

Campbell County Connection, Gillette Public Access Television, December, December 5 2016,

It Takes a Church

It Takes a Church is a Christian dating game show. Each episode is filmed at a different church across the country. Contestants compete to win a date with a man or woman.

Season 2 Episode 3 - Never Been Wooed Before

Things started poorly when the host stood in front of Devils Tower said she was right outside of Gillette. I don't think over an hour drive and a few towns over is right outside of Gillette. Devils Tower isn't even in the same county as Gillette. It doesn't get any better after this.

Anna Laakso at New Life Wesleyan Church was the person picked for Gillette. Laakso said she wanted to meet a new man not in her social circle. She had been in abusive relationships and wanted a good Christian man this time.

After Laakso gave an emotional monologue the matchmakers stood up and presented a man they wanted her to date. After all the men briefly spoke or in the case of Kevin made a joke that became the title of the episode the congregation voted for Mike, Kevin, Tanner Lynde, and Josh.

It Takes a Church must have been a low budget production because the various trials the men go through were cheap and boring. The editing was done in the style of other reality shows so I don't know how much they changed what was said and done.

After some drama, debating, interviews, and reality show style tense moments Laakso picked Tanner Lynde. He was nervous on the show because he wanted to date Laakso for several months and prayed about it often. Lynde posted on Facebook that he and Laakso broke up shortly after the show.

Gillette is shown in brief flashes, but never talked about in detail. Everyone on the show except the host lived in Gillette or visited regularly. I would say it was entirely filmed in Gillette as well, but there was the Devils Tower scene.

Natalie Grant
Billy Wilson
Lead Pastor
brother of Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Lead Pastor
brother of Billy Wilson
Jack (Laakso)
father of Anna Laakso
Anna Laakso
Registered Nurse
worked 1 1/2 years in an emergency room
28 years old
been in abusive relationships
friend of Anna Laakso
Clay Matthews
Greenbay Packers
22 years old
tattoo artist
loves fitness
close to his mother
Mike's matchmaker
Matt Otto's matchmaker
Matt Otto
23 years old
Technology Assistant
1 of 12 children
father of Kevin
Kevin's matchmaker
mother of Kevin
Kevin's matchmaker
27 years old
Substitute Teacher
Kris' matchmaker
35 years old
Repayment Specialist
born and raised in Alabama
Paul's matchmaker
32 years old
Steel Metal Worker
Eric's matchmaker
went on date with Eric
32 years old
Jordan Fischer
Tanner Lynde's matchmaker
Tanner Lynde
27 years old
Associate Pastor at a church
hunting enthusiast
wife of Billy Wilson
Josh's matchmaker
30 years old
from South Dakota
running for State House of Representitives
friend of Mike Wilson

"Never Been Wooed Before". It Takes a Church, season 2, episode 3, Game Show Network, 2015.

North By Northeast

Gillette Public Access Televisions makes North By Northeast. They interview people, showcase businesses, and so in northeast Wyoming. Many of the segments are repeated in multiple episodes. I listed the hosts every time because all of them are not in every episode.

I use one citation because there are almost 50 episodes. All the episodes are hosted at the same place and all of them were made by Gillette Public Access Television.

North By Northeast, Gillette Public Access Television, 2014-2017,

Episode 1 - Pilot

The pilot episode covered the Campbell County Fair, Dry Fork Station, animal shelters, Cindy B's Cafe, Aladdin General Store, transportation, and the Doodle 4 Google competition.

Joe Lunne
Geno Palazzari
Jeremy Harder
Dave Slatterly
Chair of Campbell County Fair Board
Bobbi Jo Heald
Campbell County Fair coordinator
Tom Stalcup
Plant Manager, Dry Fork Station
Cindy B
owner of Cindy B's Cafe
Michael Von Flatern
Wyoming Senator District 24
Chairman Highway and Transportation Military Chairs Committee
Adelita Gerstner
Moorcroft High School student
won Doodle 4 Google contest for Wyoming, but not a final winner

Episode 2

The only new segment in this episode is motorcycle safety hosted by Jeremy Harder with Adam Edmondson police officer with the Gillette Police Department. There is some talk about both drivers and riders. They talk a little about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and that many of them going to the rally are novices.

Episode 3

The new segment for this episode is Joe Lunne talking to Mike Cole - Former Project Manager of the Madison Pipeline Project.

Episode 4

There are no repeat segments in this episode. The new ones are a monologue by the Governor of Wyoming, renaming Campbell County Memorial Hospital to Campbell County Health, Longmire Days in Buffalo, Wyoming, and showcasing the Pizza Carrello carry out restaurant.

Geno Palazzari
Matt Mead
Governor of Wyoming
Joe Lunne
Andy Fitzgerald
CEO, Campbell County Health
Randall Oakley
visitor from Okeechobee, Florida
Marti Kastner
visitor from Platteville, Wisconsin
Karen Fletcher
visitor from Nederland, Colorado
Jane Nawarrette
Buffalo, Wyoming local
Katee Sackhoff
plays Victoria 'Vic' Moretti in Longmire
Adam Bartley
plays The Ferg in Longmire
Louanne Stephens
plays Ruby in Longmire
Zahn McClarnon
plays Officer Mathias in Longmire
Robert Taylor
plays Sheriff Walt Longmire in Longmire
Craig Johnson
author of Walt Longmire Mystery books
Ariane Jimison
Pizza Carrello
Rachel Kalenberg
Pizza Carrello

Episode 5

This episode has all new segments covering northeast Wyoming Congressional fact finding tour hosted by Northeast Wyoming Municipal Leaders, Mountain Meadow Wool company, Occidental Hotel, WyoLotto, and Campbell County Rockpile Museum's 40th anniversary

Jeremy Harder
John Opseth
Mayor of Gillette
Geno Palazzari
Karen Hostetler
Mountain Meadow Wool
David Stewart
Occidental Hotel
Mary Ogg
first purchaser of a WyoLotto ticket
Robert Henning
Registrar, Campbell County Rockpile Museum

Episode 6

This episode covers the International Surface Mine Rescue Competition, Mountain Meadow Wool company again, Gillette-Campbell County Airport, and changes to Gillette Public Access Television channel numbers.

Lynn Busskohl
Safety Manager for Coal Creek Mine
Dan Smith
Chair of International Surface Mine Rescue Competition
Josh Tompkins
President of Powder River Basin Safety Association
Geno Palazzari
Valerie Spanos
Mountain Meadow Wool
Jeremy Harder
Jay Lundell
Manager of Gillette-Campbell County Airport

Episode 7

This episode covers the opening of Westwood High School and Lakeview Elementary School, an upcoming rare earth mine Bull Hill Mine at Bear Lodge, 2014 Affordable Energy Rally, Cardiac Cath Lab at Campbell County Health, and West Texas Trail Museum.

Mike Enzi
United States Senator for Wyoming
Kelly Morehead
Principal of Westwood High School
Jonathan Hines
Student at Westwood High School
Lisa Durgin
Trustee for the Campbell County School District
Anne Ochs
Trustee for the Campbell County School District
Geno Palazzari
George Byers
Vice President of Rare Element Resources
Julie Simon
President and CEO of Campbell County Chamber of Commerce
John Barrasso
United States Senator for Wyoming
Louise Carter-King
President of the Gillette City Council
Mark Christiensen
Campbell County Commission Chair
Norine Kasperik
Wyoming Representative for District 32
Matt Mead
Governor of Wyoming
Dan Byers
Senior Director for Policy U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for 21st Century Energy
Jeremy Harder
Dr. Nicholas J. Stamato
Dr. Sairav B. Shaw
Cynthia Clonch
Director of West Texas Trail Museum

Episode 8

This episode is about Kaycee, Wyoming and Chris LeDoux, the history of L&H Industrial, Invasion Bar and Restaurant in Kaycee, and Jim Gatchel Memorial Museum in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Joe Lunne
Tom Knapp
Mayor of Kaycee, Wyoming
Jeff Wandler
Vice President L&H Industrial
Director of Sales and Marketing for L&H Industrial
Mike Wandler
President of L&H Industrial
Amanda Taylor
Invasion Bar and Restaurant
Geno Palazzari
Sylvia Bruner
Assistant Director Jim Gatchel Memorial Museum
Registrar of Jim Gatchel Memorial Museum

Episode 9

The host Geno Palazzari said this episode would be a different and special episode, but it was the same as the others. The topic was veterens and it covered Lasting Legacy Park, Wyoming Army National Guard Armory, and the Employer Support of the Guard and Reservists program.

Geno Palazzari
Nick Kasperik
Chair Lasting Legacy Park Committee
Everett Boss
Chairman Bricks for Vets Committee
Deebee Worthington
Secretary Bricks for Vets Committee
Brian Pownell
Vice Chair Bricks for Vets Committee
Sam Cates
Sergeant First Class Wyoming National Guard
Gina Monk
Employer Outreach Representative Wyoming ESGR

Pinky and Karen Show

Shantell Shaw (Pinky) and Karen Jenson made this comedy show while they were Campbell County High School students. It was filmed in Gillette and was aired in the early 2000s on Gillette Public Access Television. There was a spinoff called And Karen Show when Pinky left.

Television: Sports

Professional Rough Stock

Buckin' Ball Part 1

The Buckin' Ball was part of the Eight Seconds Of Insanity tour rodeo competition and was filmed at the Wyoming Center part of the CAM-PLEX in Gillette. It had bareback riding, bull riding, and saddle bronc riding. The hosts were Monty "Hawkeye" Henson, Justin McKee, Spud Whitman, and Kelly Timberman. The backs of the riders says 2013 Kissack Buck N Ball. The final scores are in Part 2.

Professional Rough Stock: Buckin' Ball, part 1, RFD-TV, 2014,

Buckin' Ball Part 2

Part 1 and 2 should be considered one episode. It was split into a second episode due to time.

Bareback riding

Bull riding

Saddle bronc riding

Professional Rough Stock: Buckin' Ball, part 2, RFD-TV, 2014,

Pure Hunting

Season 4 Episode 1 - Prong In The Rough

The host of the show Willi Schmidt is invited by Zach Dorr from Gillette to come hunt pronghorn antelope near Gillette. A map held by Schmidt says Recluse (Wyoming) on it. The episode only follows Schmidt because Dorr's wife went into labor. He manages to kill one antelope after some difficulty trying to find a good spot. There are a few brief shots of Gillette in the beginning.

Pure Hunting: Prong In The Rough, season 4, episode 1, Sportsman Channel, 2015,

Women's Pro Rodeo Today

The show is a review of recent rodeos and interviews with the women in them.

Reno Rodeo 2 - Reno, NV

This episode profiles women who were in the Gold Tour Pro Rodeo in Reno, Nevada. The highlighted profile was Cassidy Kruse from Gillette. It says she qualified for the National High School Finals Rodeo 3 times and it was her second year in the Women's Professional Rodeo Association.

She says it was her first time at this rodeo and she had been looking forward to it. She also says she was born and raised in Gillette and still lives there while doing rodeo tours on the road, but never lived on a ranch. When she was young she had to choose which sports and activities she would focus on so she chose barrel racing.

Women's Pro Rodeo Today: WNFR 1 - Las Vegas, NV, Applebox Pictures, 2016,

WNFR 1 - Las Vegas, NV

This episode profiles women who qualified for the 2015 National Finals Rodeo. One of them was Cassidy Kruse a barrel racer from Gillette. She says she initially couldn't get into the bigger rodeos so she tried her best at all the smaller ones in the winter. She talks about her horses and how the experience has been overwhelming, but a lifelong dream.

There are pictures of Kruse and in one of them she is with Wyoming Senator John Barrasso. Some of the video shows her signing autographs. Her family is also briefly shown.

Women's Pro Rodeo Today: Reno Rodeo 2 - Reno, NV, Applebox Pictures, 2015,

Trading Cards

I thought the only trading cards I might find would be minor league sports or locally produced promotional items. Of course it would turn out to be Dark Angel related instead.

Dark Angel Premiere Series

Same as the Dark Angel book and video game it only references Manticore. While one of the cards says the mountains of Wyoming it does not say Gillette specifically, but the TV show says multiple times Manticore was in Gillette. Nearly every other card says something about Manticore and one of them specifically shows a scene of the kids at the facility during the pilot episode.

The total set of everything consists of

Only the base cards mention Manticore. I haven't found a picture of the dealer sheet yet.

Dark Angel - Premiere Series, Topps, 2002,

Web Television

I organized this section for TV style shows that are published and intended to be watched online. They may not have been broadcast on TV.

Chamber Chat

The Campbell County Chamber of Commerce made this web series. Only 1 episode was produced.

Episode 1

The host was Charlene Murdock the executive director of the Campbell County Chamber of Commerce. She interviewed John McGuire the Director of Business Education at the Gillette College. The video has been removed since I saw it.

Chamber Chat, episode 1, Campbell County Chamber of Commerce, February 2016,

National Finals Tonight

Season 9 Episode 1

This episode covers the first round of the 2015 National Finals Rodeo. While they never mention her name, Cassidy Kruse from Gillette is shown barrel racing. They said this was her first time at the National Finals Rodeo. They forgot to say her name because they said everyone elses. She finished in 13.84 seconds on her horse JJ without knocking down any barrels.

One thing that caught my attention is the hosts of the show have advertising embroidered all over their shirts like NASCAR racers have. What next, the audience too? After writing that question I went back and rewatched the episode. I should have known many people in the audience were wearing big bold logos advertising a brand also embroidered on their hats and shirts.

National Finals Tonight, season 9, episode 1, Boyd Gaming, December 4 2015,

Trivia and Extras

I put media here that involves Gillette, but does not feature or mention it.



Screenwriter Patrick Tobin's brother Tim Tobin found the bodies of his wife Deb Tobin, his daughter Alyssa Tobin, and his father-in-law Don Schell in Gillette. Don Schell had taken Paxil and it caused him to murder his daughter and granddaughter before killing himself. Tim Tobin was awarded $6.4 million dollars when the trial revealed that GlaxoSmithKlein covered up drug trials showing Paxil caused severe problems. Patrick Tobin used the experience of his brother to write the main character played by Jennifer Aniston in the movie.

Parry, Ryan and Jon Boon. "EXCLUSIVE: The true story behind Jennifer Aniston's Cake - how movie's scriptwriter was inspired by the brutal murder of his brother's wife, baby daughter and mother-in-law". Daily Mail, February 24 2015,

Cake, Cake Productions and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2014.


John Wayne stars in this movie about the men who perform the dangerous job of putting out oil well fires. I can not verify the movie has any scenes filmed in Gillette even after watching it.

From what I have gathered "Boots" and "Coots" came to Gillette in 1967 to put out an oil well fire. They failed to do so and it was put out by 60 MPH winds. To pay for the firefighters the owner of the oil well was paid $100,000 during the early filming stages of Hellfighters for a film crew to come out and record the fire. The film crew arrived after the rig had already burned down and none of the actors were present. Until I learn more I don't think the footage made it into the film. All the locations are clearly not Gillette, feature actors, or do not match the story of what happened.


Bryan Ragsdale - Cowboy Christmas Tree

Just as the title suggests, Cowboy Christmas Tree is a country music christmal album. All but one song on the CD was written by a school in Wyoming. The insert says Crayon Colored Lists was written by 4J Elementary School in Gillette. The song itself doesn't mention Gillette and wasn't recorded in Gillette.

The back cover says it was the Official Capital Christmas Tree CD for 2010. Ragsdale performed the song in Gillette as well.

Ragsdale, Bryan. "Crayon Colored Lists". Cowboy Christmas Tree, Wyoga Records, 2010, audio CD-ROM.

Unable to Find Copies of

This is a list of works I think has something about Gillette in them, but I can't find a copy of them.


Dark Angel 2002 Topps dealer sell sheet

Jamie Paul Koehler - It's Christmas Time
Album made right after he was a contestant on American Idol.

Unknown early 2000s documentary about Debra DeLay and Polly Munoz switched at birth


Hope for the Hungry

Rolling Stone
The Plunder of Wyoming


unknown episode about coal aired around the late 1970s to early 1980s
Mentioned in Rumblings from Razor City.

2002 episode about Debra DeLay and Polly Munoz switched at birth

60 Minutes II (60 Minutes Wednesday)
Season 7 Episode 17
Sitting on a Fortune, Searching for Mark, Comeback of the Year, Queen Latifah
Verified through a transcript.

American Idol
Season 4 Episode 08-10
with Jamie Paul Koehler
Verified through several sources.

And Karen Show
aired on GPA-TV in the early 2000s missing some episodes

Dream Chasers
13 episodes about people chasing dreams
David Johnston of Martial Arts Center was on the film crew
around 2002
Reported on by the Gillette News Record.

Season 17 Episode 20 - Friday September 29, 2000
Episode 3695
Gillette is the question (answer) for States by City for $400

Late Show with David Letterman
Season 17 Episode 79 - interview with Harrison Ford
Verified through a transcript.

Montel Williams Show
Segment about Deryl Miles who was arrested for trapping a cat
Reported on by the Gillette News Record as possibly going to happen.

Pinky and Karen Show
aired on GPA-TV in the early 2000s

2008 Cartoon Network episode about 12 year old Cassidy Kruse
Mentioned in several sources.

Roadtrip Nation
Season 2 Episode 5
Gillette, WY - Minneapolis, MN - Kansas City, MO - Peoria, IL
June 18 2005

Shooting Gallery
Episode 59 - The Testing Ground

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Season 18 Episode 34
April 19, 2010

Young Wild
Season 1 Episode 3 - Antelope Country

Unknown German TV show
TV crew from Germany came to Gillette
they interviewed with Ed Bruns about 1,501 piercings
Reported on by the Gillette News Record

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With help from Mrs. Satterly