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An inventory of published works that reference Gillette and its citizens

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My document exists to help you find published works that reference Gillette, Wyoming through cover images, summaries, and indexes. Works are sorted first by medium in the table of contents then by author in the glossary and finally by keywords in the index. It is a continually updated resource.

If you need photos, quotes, maps, travel information, or encyclopedic information about Gillette then see the Home Page.

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Conference Papers

The Distribution of the Genus Cyclops in the Vicinity of Haverford, Pennsylvania

Title page Ectocyclops phaleratus (Cyclops phaleratus) a microscopic freshwater copepod was found in a small spring-water pond near Gillette among other locations. [Paper-Distribution_Cyclops-1914]


Men on the Move: Occupational Communities in Western Boom Towns

Title page Men on the Move discusses types of workers, how they live, and why they move. The paper looks at a previous study of the workers who moved to Gillette and built the Wyodak Power Plant. [Paper-Men_Move-1976]


Social Consequences of Boom Growth in Wyoming

First page ElDean Kohrs' well known conference paper popularizes the term Gillette Syndrome with his observations and experience about psychological damage boomtowns cause and dismal predictions for the future of Gillette. [Paper-Social_Consequences-1974]



ERIC or Education Resources Information Center collects several types of materials about education including books, conference and journal articles, reports, and more.

Balancing Life & Work: The Humanities as an Essential Part of Career Exploration

Title page A technology course at Campbell County High School mixed Business Education and English in a program where students worked with local businesses. [ERIC-Balancing_Life-1998]


History Journals

Annals of Wyoming

The Annals of Wyoming is published by the Wyoming State Historical Society and was previously called Quarterly Bulletin, Annals of Wyoming, Wyoming Annals, and Wyoming History Journal.

Among the Books

Title page "In "The Iron Trail" Mr. Edw. Gillette of Sheridan has released much authentic hitherto unpublished history of northern Wyoming. Mr. Gillette writes only of what he personally knows and gives us a book without a dull page in it." [Journal-Annals_Wyoming-Among_Books-1926]


Pioneering in Crook County

Title page Eva Ogden Putnam writes about her experiences attending Sundance School. She said one of the students was Fred Townsend who was later a cashier at a bank in Gillette. [Journal-Annals_Wyoming-Pioneering_Crook-1926]


A Timely Arrival

Title page Gillette residents remember a showdown involving outlaw George "Flat Nose" Curry in Gillette and the murder of a young cowboy by the same officers in the mid-1890s. [Journal-Annals_Wyoming-Timely_Arrival-1943]


Wyoming in World War II

Title page A list of list of military and civilians who were killed, injured, or captured from Wyoming in World War II up to 1943. [Journal-Annals_Wyoming-Wyoming_WW2-1943]


Quarterly Bulletin

The Quarterly Bulletin is now the Annals of Wyoming.

A Tragic Death in the Early Days of Wyoming

Title page A short account of how bear hunter Hank Mason who homesteaded near Gillette was killed by a bear. [Journal-Quarterly_Bulletin-Tragic_Death-1925]


Religious Journals

The Churchman

The Churchman was renamed to simply Churchman and it is a journal for the Church of England and global Anglicanism.

Diocesan News: Wyoming and Idaho

Title page "Churches are contemplated at Weiser, Shoshone, Bonner's Ferry and Mountain Home, Idaho, and Gillette, Wyoming." [Journal-Diocesan_News-1892]


Personals (1)

Title page "The Rev. A. G. Mullen is in charge of the work of Holy Trinity Church, Gillette, Wyoming." [Journal-Churchman-Mullen_Charge-1920]


Personals (2)

Title page "The Rev. A. G. Mullen left Gillette, Wyoming, early in August, and has gone to California." [Journal-Churchman-Mullen_Left-1920]


Sociology Journals

Annual Review of Sociology

Economic Development and Community Social Change

First page This paper on rural industrialization and boomtown problems uses Gillette in one example. [Journal-Annual_Sociology-Economic_Development-1984]


Minerals and the Environment

Resource Development, Rural Communities and Rapid Growth: Managing Social Change in the Modern Boomtown

First page A paper about the social problems of rapid boomtown growth and how to manage it mentions Gillette and cites Stress and Mental Health in a Boom Town. [Journal-Minerals_Environment-Resource_Development-1981]

Wyoming Issues

The Gillette Syndrome: A Myth Revisited?

Journal cover This paper disputes parts of Social Consequences of Boom Growth in Wyoming which popularized the term Gillette Syndrome. It includes criticism of Kohrs' methods, poor data, and lack of journal publication. [Journal-Wyoming_Issues-Gillette_Syndrome-1979]




Energy Capital Sunrise

Painting of Wyodak The artist donated his oil painting of the Wyodak Power Plant to the Gillette College Foundation for their Dinner Theatre auction. [Art-Energy_Sunrise]


Jake W. Benson

Benson was a self-taught artist who painted western scenes. His paintings' style fit for the bars and cafes they were hung in. Benson is one of the few painters who made several works about Gillette.

The Good Old Days. Gillette, Wyo

Painting photo Benson's painting of Gillette Avenue from Gillette's early days was copied from a photo and from Charles M. Russell's 1907 painting A Quiet Day in Utica and possibly other sources. [Art-Good_Old-1946]


Shipping Time. Gillette, Wyo.

Painting photo Benson's painting of the Burlington Lake area in Gillette is based on a scene from Charles M. Russell's 1908 painting Bronc to Breakfast. [Art-Shipping_Time-1946]


Untitled (Campbell County Rockpile Museum)

Painting photo The painter learned his skills taking a local art class and practicing in his retirement years. He made this painting of the Campbell County Rockpile Museum's parking lot. The Rockpile is in the background. [Art-Untitled-CCRM_painting-2014]


Untitled (Goings)

Watercolor artwork Tim Ross made three watercolor pieces of Gillette for Tim Ross' Heartland: A Picture of Rural America! series on RFD-TV. The artwork was based on photos sent to him by Bette Britt of Gillette. [Art-Untitled-Goings]


Other Artwork

Who's Who In Gillette!

Drawing scan Roy Montgomery is the man carrying the woman off to the Pea Green brothel. [Art-Who_Gillette]


Untitled (Campbell County Rockpile Museum)

Artwork photo Woodburning also known as pyrography is an uncommon art form that uses a tool similar to a soldering iron. This example is a trace of a photo of the Campbell County Rockpile Museum. [Art-Untitled-CCRM_woodburning-2014]



Education Booklets

Class Report Harvard College 1876

Booklet cover The Class Report of 1876 was looking at Harvard College graduates 20 years later in 1896. One of those was Edmund Cunningham Hall of Gillette who graduated with an A.B. degree (bachelor of arts) in 1876 or as of 1876. He was a rancher in 1896 and was previously a special agent of the United Census of 1880. [Booklet-Class_Report-1896]


Colorado College of Dental Surgery: Thirty-Second Annual Announcement 1918-1919

Booklet cover William Howard Snoddy was in the rosters of graduates. He was in the military in 1919. [Booklet-Colorado_College-1919]


History Booklets

Gillette, Wyoming Walking Tour

Booklet cover The walking tour pamphlet is for a self-guided walking tour of Gillette Avenue. It has the history of each building and includes historical and recent photos. [Booklet-Walking_Tour-2015]


Nonfiction Booklets

Mohawk-Hobbs Grade and Surface Guide

Booklet cover The travel guide has illustrations on road surfaces, distances, and services available. [Booklet-Mohawk-Hobbs-1927]


Personal Computers in Business: An Introduction and Buyer's Guide

Booklet cover Apple Computer created this advertisement in 1982 to convince people to buy their computers. Dr. Paul Kauffman of Gillette said an Apple computer saved him money and gave him more information than an expensive accountant. [Booklet-Personal_Computers-1982]


Trees and Shrubs of Gillette & Campbell County

A list of trees and shrubs suited for the area with photos and basic information on each one. [Trees_Shrubs-2005]


Antiques and Collectibles Books

Antique Trader Answers and Questions about Antiques & Collectibles

Book cover E.D. and J.J. from Gillette wrote in asking about a steel engraving of George Washington, a windmill weight, and a pair of Virgin Mary glass bottles. All the items had photos and the author gave them some background information and their estimated value. [Book-Antique_Trader-2004]


Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles

Book cover A pair of spurs by Rex Schnitger of Gillette is shown. They are described as "Very large, heavy Cheyenne or Northern Plains spurs show a heritage of both California and Texas but evolved with early rodeo cowboys. These feature engraved inlaid silver bars and domed conchos on both sides and 2 3/4" thirty-two-point rowels." [Book-Cowboy_Gunfighter-1995]


Old Cowboy Saddles & Spurs: Identifying the Craftsmen Who Made Them

Book cover Four saddle makers in Gillette are listed. B Bar B Silver & Leather was the only contemporary maker while Frank Olzer, Ed Stok, and Percey A. Wilkerson were historical makers who had lived in Gillette at one point. Each of those three men have a short biography. [Book-Old_Cowboy-1996]


Art Books

Artists of the Old West

Book cover While discussing artist Thomas Moran's sketches the book briefly mentions Moran and his friend photographer William H. Jackson took a wagon from Gillette to Devils Tower. [Book-Artists_Old-1982]


The California Art Review

Book cover Includes a biography of glassworker Jo Campbell who was living in Gillette. [Book-California_Art-1989]


Dictionary of American Sculptors: 18th Century to Present

Book cover Biographies of sculptors Gloria Clay and Tom Knapp born in or near Gillette. [Book-Dictionary_Sculptors-1984]


National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs: The Magic of Light

Book cover The photobook is split by time of day - dawn, sunrise, morning, midday, afternoon, sunset, twilight, and night. The photo of Gillette Thunder Speedway is in the twilight chapter and spans two pages. [Book-National_Geographic-Dawn_Dark-2013]


Biography Books

10-4 and I'm Gone

Book cover Frederic Harrop tells colorful stories from his life as a trucker in his autobiography. One of those took place at the scale office in Gillette. The man at the scale office wasn't looking so he told him that he was carrying Harley-Davidson radiators. The joke is Harley-Davidson motorcycles were air cooled until they introduced liquid-cooled models in 2014. [Book-10-4_Gone-2014]


Angel On My Shoulder: An Autobiography by Natalie Cole Written With Digby Diehl

Book cover Natalie Cole's family was friends with the Basolo family. She tells of the time in 1963 she came to Bud Basolo's ranch in Gillette. Cole spent her time there singing to the horses which came to her to listen. [Book-Angel_Shoulder-2000]


A Black Hills Boy

Book cover In Potter Bowman's autobiography he wrote he worked in Gillette for Burlington Railroad before Campbell County was created. Based on context it happened somewhere between 1906-1911. [Book-Black_Hills-1960]


Page numbers are from the PDF.

Christa McAuliffe: Pioneer Space Teacher

Book cover Christa McAuliffe was a teacher who was killed while onboard the space shuttle Challenger when it exploded in 1986. Two children in Gillette tried to raise money for a new shuttle. [Book-Christa_McAuliffe-1986]


Cow Chips 'N' Cactus

Florence Blake Smith of Chicago, Illinois recalls her life homesteading in Wyoming and her stay in Gillette around 1911. [Book-Cow_Chips-1962]


Duke: The Life and Image of John Wayne

Book cover A single line says the actor John Wayne came to Gillette to film Hellfighters, but it isn't true. Only the pre-production crew came to film an oil fire. None of the actors came. [Book-Duke_Life-1998]


The Farmer Boy Who Became a Bishop; The Autobiography of The Right Reverend Anson Roger Graves

Book cover Anson Graves was told by a missionary around 1906-1907 that there was no church going Christians in Gillette and cowboys and saloon keepers ran the town. In 1910 he found out that was wrong and came to perform services. He organized the Ladies' Guild which was saving money to build a chapel. Graves described the experience as "a fresh breeze across the life of a missionary bishop". [Book-Farmer_Boy-1911]


From the Belle Fourche to Antelope

A history of Campbell County and Gillette organized by family name. Includes many photos and poems. [Book-Belle_Fourche-1991]


The Homestead Doctor

Hoadley family history, homesteading life, and some history of Gillette from 1905 to the 1960s. [Book-Homestead_Doctor-1996]


Last o'Mountain Man Top o' Rockies

Book cover A collection of articles, letters, photos, and other biographical pieces about Timber Jack Joe (Joseph Earnest Lynde) including one news report about his parents who homesteaded around Gillette. [Book-Last_Mountain-1981]


The Life & Sacred Times of Timber Jack Joe: Wyoming's Last 'O Mountain Man

Biography of Timber Jack Joe (Joseph Earnest Lynde) including his time spent growing up in Gillette. [Book-Life_Sacred-2000]


Life on a Wyoming Homestead...and Beyond

Ghost written biography of Josephine M. Winters Tharp documenting her life including time spent homesteading near Gillette. [Book-Life_Homestead-2002]


My Army Life and the Fort Phil. Kearney Massacre With an Account of the Celebration of "Wyoming Opened"

Book cover The book recounts dinner parties held in Sheridan by several high-profile women of the city. One of those women was Mrs. Gillette the wife of Edward Gillette. It mentions the town of Gillette was named after Edward Gillette. [Book-My_Army-1910]


People to Know: Steven Spielberg Hollywood Filmmaker

Book cover While listing filming locations for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind it mistakenly says Devils Tower is in Gillette. [Book-People_Know-1996]


Quite A Life: John C. Ostlund

Book cover John C. Ostlund's autobiography covers the years he spent in Gillette with many photos of the early days of the city. [Book-Quite_Life-2000]


Not fully indexed.

Searching For Jake W. Benson

Book cover Benson's granddaughter wrote this biography of western painter Jake W. Benson. The author catalogued every Benson painting made include two that depict Gillette - Shipping Time and Good Old Days. There are several photos of Gillette and Benson's murals some of which no longer exist. [Book-Searching_Jake-2012]


Video Games & Machine Guns: A Wyoming Marine in Afghanistan

Book cover Verified, but don't have a copy. [Book-Video_Games-2002]


Yesterday's Wyoming: The Intimate Memoirs of Fenimore Chatterton - Territorial Citizen, Governor and Statesman

Book cover Fenimore Chatterton passed through Gillette by wagon around 1898 with DeForest Richards the 5th Governor of Wyoming while campaigning. Chatterton became 6th Governor of Wyoming from 1903-1905 when Richards died in office. [Book-Yesterday_Wyoming-1957]


Children's Books

The BIG Wyoming Reproducible Activity Book

Book cover The book is part of a series with one for each state. In the Wyoming book there are two activities that mention Gillette. The first is a time zone question involving Gillette and the other is an educational quiz on consumers and produces with a fictional kid from Gillette. [Book-Big_Activity-2001]

C is for Campbell County...

Book cover Each page of this alphabet book is the first letter of a word about the history, animals, geography, and energy production of Campbell County and Gillette. The illustrations were drawn by the children of the 2003-2004 Sunflower Elementary School Third Grade class. [Book-C_County-2003]


C is For Cowboy: A Wyoming Alphabet

Book cover Every letter of the alphabet represents something about Wyoming. U was for underground seams of coal. It says the low-sulfur coal of Gillette is in high demand. [Book-C_Cowboy-2003]


The book doesn't have page numbers.

Comedy Books

I Love Her, But...

Book cover "I love her, but our car's full of half-eaten kids' snacks, spare diapers, books markers, sticky patches, toys, half-eaten lollipops, shoes, clothes, half-empty juice boxes. I get in clean and pressed, and get dropped at the train station looking like a refugee escaping the play group from Hell. --Bear, Gillette, Wy" [Book-I_Love-1996]

You're A Horrible Person, But I Like You: The Believer Book of Advice

Book cover Comedians, writers, and actors answer questions about things they know almost nothing about in a comedic way. Mario M. of Gillette jokingly asked Daniel Handler for help finding his car in the parking lot of Ross Dress for Less. [Book-You_Horrible-2010]



America's Best Recipes: A 1991 Hometown Collection

Book cover The meta collection of recipes includes oatmeal jim jams and regency dressing from Mothers of Twins Cookbook by Twice is Nice, Mothers of Twins Club in Gillette. [Book-America_Recipes-1991]


Buffalo Cookery: A Collection of Choice Recipes Carefully Selected and Arranged for Western Housewives

Title page Several Gillette women contributed recipes for meat, meatless mince meat, potato cake, bread dough cake, angel food, sugar cookies, browned steamed pudding, green tomato pickles, and sliced tomato pickles. [Book-Buffalo_Cookery-1916]


Campbell County Senior Citizens, Inc. Cookbook

Book cover The cookbook was made by senior citizens in Campbell County and more specifically Gillette. It has recipes for appetizers, pickles, relishes, soups, salads, vegetables, main dishes, breads, rolls, pastries, cakes, cookies, desserts, candy, jellies, preserves, beverages, microwaves, and some miscellaneous. [Book-Campbell_Cookbook-1984]


The Chicken Cookbook: Featuring Recipes Form the 42nd National Chicken Cooking Contest

Book cover The chicken recipe for Wyoming is by Sally Ferris of Gillette for garlic dilled chicken mirage. [Book-Chicken_Cookbook-1997]


Christmas Pantry

Book cover Geneva Rogers of Gillette gives a tip on putting copies of photos in jars as an interesting way to display family photos [Book-Christmas_Pantry-2007].


A Cookbook of Treasures

Book cover Verified, but I don't have a copy. [Book-Cookbook_Treasures-1995]


Cooking With Love

Book cover Verified, but I don't have a copy. [Book-Cooking_Love-1988]

Country Quick & Easy

Book cover Geneva Rogers of Gillette sent in a recipe for garlic green beans. [Book-Country_Quick-2006]


The Encyclopedia of Country Living: An Old Fashioned Recipe Book

Book cover Lou Reed of Gillette gave a recipe for soy nuts. [Book-Encyclopedia_Recipe-2003]


Fix-It and Forget-It Lightly: 600 Healthy Low-Fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

Book cover There are two recipes by Evelyn Page of Gillette in the book; Green Grape Ginger Tea and Viennese Coffee. Recipes in the book include nutritional content as well. [Book-Fix-It_Forget-It-2011].


The Gillette Cook Book: 96 Choice Recipes By Gillette Ladies With Notes on the Town, Country and Citizens

The book includes recipes by Gillette women, poems and advice by White Eagle (Shields Wright), and advertisements for Gillette businesses. [Gillette_Cookbook_96]


Many of the names are misspelled read because of the low print quality.

The Gillette Cook Book: Containing Over Five Hundred Recipes, Some Original, Many New, All Tested

Book cover The Gillette Cook Book was compiled by the women of the Christian Church in Gillette. It was paid for by advertising from businesses in and around the city. [Book-Gillette_Cook_Book-1937]


Not fully indexed.

Novel Cuisine: A Recipe Collection From Patrons and Staff of Campbell County Public Library System

Book cover Among the nearly 200 pages of recipes from the Campbell County Public Library and its patrons are quotes, proverbs, and a few jokes. [Book-Novel_Cuisine-2010]


Practical and Dainty Recipes: Luncheons and Dinner Giving in Woodward, Oklahoma.

Title page Mrs. A. E. Blake and Mrs. W. D. Townsend of Gillette provided recipes for yeast bread, cold meat gravy, english pastry, sour cream salad dressing, creamed cauliflower, reusing cold mashed potatoes, baked tomatoes, green tomato pie, and sliced sweet potato pie. [Book-Practical_Dainty-1907]


Saint Elizabeths Cook Book

Book cover The local cookbook has recipes for appetizers, beverages, soups, breads, cakes, candies, cookies, desserts, doughnuts, pastries, puddings, sauces, cheese dishes, egg dishes, fish, sea food, meats, poultry, salads, sandwiches, vegetables, preserves, and canning. [Book-Saint_Elizabeths-1946]


Soups, Stews & Breads

Book cover Geneva Rogers of Gillette gave a recipe for cream of broccoli-cheese soup. [Book-Soups_Stews-2017]


St. Matthew's Catholic Cook Book

Book cover Verified, but don't have a copy. [Book-St_Matthew-1981]


Sunset Recipe Annual 1991

Book cover Paulette Dunlap sent in a recipe for praline cheesecake. [Book-Sunset_Recipe-1991]


Women's Circle Home Cooking 2001

Book cover Dustan Neyland sent in a recipe for magic pudding cookies which was printed in the Kids in the Kitchen section. [Book-Women_Circle-2001]


Education Books

Great Places to Learn: How Asset-Building Schools Help Students Succeed

Book cover A book about creating a better environment for learning uses a parent-teach conference at Pronghorn Elementary School in Gillette as one example. [Book-Great_Places-1999]


Who's Who and Why in After-War Education

Book cover An inventory of people involved in education in the United States lists Theodore Wanerus who was then a editor of the Gillette News. [Book-Who_Why-1921]


Fiction Books

Dark Angel

The Dark Angel books are based on the TV show and were written after it ended.

Number 1 - Before the Dawn

Book cover Chapter 1 is set in the past when the characters were children at the Manticore facility in Gillette. [Book-Dark_Angel-Before_Dawn-2002]


Number 3 - After the Dark

Book cover Max remembers the night in Gillette when she escaped Manticore and was helped by a nurse of the same facility who took her in. [Book-Dark_Angel-After_Dark-2003]



Number 1 - Directive 51

Book cover Gillette is just one of many places the story bounces back and forth to. [Book-Daybreak-Directive_51-1-2011] [Book-Daybreak-Directive_51-2-2010]

Ghosts of Wyoming

Book cover A surreal and fragmented collection of thoughts of people from different time periods and places around Wyoming. Includes one from the point of view of a fictional nurse at the emergency room at the Campbell County Memorial Hospital. [Book-Ghosts_Wyoming-2010]


Kiss the Morning Star

Book cover Two young women traveling across the United States stop in a fictional Gillette. They describe it as a tiny town with little more than dust storms and a small oil change shop. [Book-Kiss_Morning-2012]


The Legend of Colton H Bryant

Book cover In this fictional biography based on a true story Gillette is mentioned once for the Gillette Syndrome and again in a story about a driller's helper who had his arms ripped off in an accident. [Book-Legend_Colton-1-2008] [Book-Legend_Colton-2-2009]



Motor is a series about car racing for young adults.

Number 3 - Checkered Flag Cheater

Book cover Chapter 7 is partially set in a fictional Gillette. Some of the places mentioned are real while others are fiction. [Book-Motor-Checkered_Flag-2010]


Genealogy Books

1990 Update to the Genealogy of the Brainerd-Brainard Family in America, 1649-1908, in Two Volumes

Book cover Brainerd and Brainard family genealogy. [Book-1990_Brainerd-Brainard-1990]


Alexander Mack the Tunker and Descendants

Book cover Mack family genealogy. [Book-Alexander_Mack-1943]


The American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard: Volume III

Book cover Luce family genealogy. [Book-American_Luce-1994]


Bogue Genealogy

Book cover Bogue family genealogy. [Book-Bogue_Genealogy-1944]


The Curchin Family

Book cover Curchin family genealogy. [Book-Curchin_Family-1963]


Daniel Shed Genealogy: Ancestry and Descendants of Daniel Shed of Braintree, Massachusetts 1327-1920

Book cover Shed family genealogy. [Book-Daniel_Genealogy-1921]


DeJarnette and Allied Families in America

Book cover [Book-DeJarnette_Allied-1954]


The Descendants of Edward Eanes of Henrico and Chesterfield counties, in Virginia

Book cover Eanes family genealogy. [Book-Descendants_Edward-1940]


The Descendants of Gottfried & Wilhelmine Griepp & Their Hintz & Rathke Kinships

Book cover Gottfried, Wilhelmine, Griepp, Hintz, and Rathke family genealogy. [Book-Descendants_Gottfried-1980]


The Descendants of Thomas (5) Buell: Pioneer In Madison County, New York

Book cover Buell family genealogy. [Book-Descendants_Thomas-1956]


Descendants of William Lain and Keziah Mather

Book cover Lain and Mather family genealogy. [Book-Descendants_William-1957]


Descendants of Nathaniel Dickinson

Book cover Dickinson family genealogy. [Book-Descendants_Nathaniel-1955]


The Families McClaughry

Book cover McClaughry family genealogy. [Book-Families_McClaughry-1986]


Family Record of Hiram Dayton and Permelia Bundy Dayton

Book cover Dayton family genealogy. [Book-Family_Record-1961]


Genealogical Data Concerning the Families of Gillet - Gillett - Gillette

Title page The book makes a false claim that Gillette, Wyoming was named after Uri Gillet of Hill City, South Dakota. Gillette, Wyoming was named after Edward Gillette by Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad as a reward for his surveying work. [Book-Genealogical_Data-1953]


A Genealogical History of the Felton Family

Book cover Felton family genealogy. [Book-Genealogical_History-1935]


Genealogy of the Cloyd, Basye and Tapp Families: With Brief Sketches Referring to the Families of Ingels, Jones, Marshall and Smith

Book cover Cloyd, Basye, Tapp, Ingels, Jones, Marshall, and Smith family genealogy. [Book-Genealogy_Cloyd-1912]


Giauques Who Emigrated to Holmes County, Ohio: Their Ancestry and Descendants

Book cover Giauque family genealogy. [Book-Giauques_Emigrated-1981]


Goetz Genealogy

Book cover Goetz family genealogy. [Book-Goetz_Genealogy-1963]


Hiatt-Hiett Genealogy and Family History

Book cover Hiatt and Hiett family genealogy. [Book-Hiatt-Hiett_Genealogy-1951]


History and Genealogy of the Bieber, Beaver, Biever, Beeber Family

Book cover Bieber, Beaver, Biever, and Beeber family genealogy. [Book-History_Bieber-1939]


A History and Genealogy of the Comstock Family in America

Book cover Comstock family genealogy. [Book-History_Comstock-1949]


A History of the Descendants of John and Susanna Cole of Culpepper County, Virginia

Book cover Cole family genealogy. [Book-History_Cole-1962]


Holdeman Descendants

Title page Holdeman family genealogy. [Book-Holdeman_Descendants-1973]


John Beal the Centenarian and Descendants

Book cover Beal family genealogy. [Book-John_Beal-1956]


The Knowles Family Heritage Book

Book cover Knowles family genealogy. [Book-Knowles_Family-1981]


The book does not have page numbers.

Laphams in America

Book cover Lapham family genealogy. [Book-Laphams_America]


The Merwin Family in North America: Volume III

Book cover Merwin family genealogy. [Book-Merwin_Family-1990]


Monnet Family Genealogy: An Emphasis of a Noble Huguenot Heritage

Book cover Monnet and Hugeonot family genealogy. [Book-Monnet_Genealogy-1911]


Our Black Family in America: Some of the Descendants of William Black and Sarah Stevens

Book cover Black family genealogy. [Book-Our_Black-1960]


Our Heritage: Volume I

Book cover Farran, Fleming, and Galbraith family genealogy. [Book-Our_Heritage-1970]


Our Young Family in America

Book cover Young family genealogy. [Book-Our_Young-1947]


Peter Smail of Pennsylvania and His Descendants

Book cover Smail family genealogy. [Book-Peter_Smail-1990]


Robert Colgate the Immigrant: A Genealogy of the New York Colgates and Some Associated Lines

Book cover Genealogy of Robert Colegate. [Book-Robert_Colgate-1941]


The Spaid Family in America

Book cover Spaid family genealogy. [Book-Spaid_Family-1922]


The Story of the Arndts

Book cover Arndts family genealogy. [Book-Story_Arndts-1922]


The Tingley Family: Volume IX

Book cover Tingley family genealogy. [Book-Tingley_Family-2001]


Wolcott Genealogy

Book cover Wolcott family genealogy. [Book-Wolcott_Genealogy-1986]


History Books

1936: The Picture Story of an Unforgettable Year

Book cover While recounting the history of 1936 the book briefly mentions those killed by weather including two couples who froze to death near Gillette. [Book-1936_Picture-1963]

The American Counties

Book cover Campbell County was named after Robert Campbell or John Allen Campbell. Gillette is mentioned as the county seat. [Book-American_Counties-1960]


The Banditti of the Plains or, The Cattlemen's Invasion of Wyoming in 1892: The Crowning Infamy of the Ages

Book cover Banditti of the Plains covers the history of the Johnson County War. Gillette was not part of the war and is only involved indirectly because of its short distance to Buffalo, Wyoming. [Book-Banditti_Plains-1894] [Book-Banditti_Plains-1959]


The Barristers of Northeast Wyoming

History of Gillette, technological changes, and lawyers in Campbell County. [Book-Barristers_Northeast-1997]

Beautiful Bonneville: County of Contrasts

Book cover This book about Bonneville, Idaho history says Guy Garrett of Gillette was one of the original owners of Idaho Livestock Auction Company in 1936. He sold his interest in the company in 1938. [Book-Beautiful_Bonneville-1989]


Campbell County: The Treasured Years

A huge book of county history organized by family name. [Book-Campbell_Treasured-1991]


Campbell County Chronicles: The Way We Were

This short history book was produced by a Campbell County High School freshman English class. It's similar to this index with a small compilation of poems, news articles, photos, and bits of historical information. The photos are both historical and from 1984 when the book was written. [Book-Campbell_Chronicles-1984]


Centennial History of Lemhi County, Idaho Volume II

Book cover The history of Lemhi County, Idaho lists a Frances Barrett born in Junction, Idaho as living near Gillette in 1992. [Book-Centennial_Lemhi-1992]


Devils Tower

Book cover "The same year [1892] the park bill failed, two men now famous in the history of the West traveled to Devils Tower hoping against hope like any other tourists that it would match their own expectations. Photographer William H. Jackson had been commissioned by the State of Wyoming to photograph the State's scenic attractions for the World's Columbian Exposition the next year in Chicago. With him traveled a friend, the landscape painter Thomas Moran. Their round trip from the railhead at Gillette, by horse-drawn wagon lasted four days. Moran described the adventure in a magazine article illustrated by his drawings, and a Jackson photo of the Tower ended up in Chicago. In their one afternoon there, they had produced the first widely known visual records of Devils Tower." [Book-Devils_Tower-1981]


From Wagon Wheels to Jets

Verified, but haven't read it yet. [Book-From_Wagon-1963]

Frontier Industrialists: Fifty Years of Innovation at L&H

The book covers the history of L&H Industrial from the 1960s to 2014 with many photos. Since L&H Industrial is headquartered in Gillette it has a little history of the city. [Book-Frontier_Industrialists-2014]


History of Carroll County, Iowa: A Record of Settlement, Organization, Progress and Achievement

Book cover The book includes a biography of W. I. Kortright who lived in Gillette and was an editor at the Gillette News and eventually moved away. [Book-History_Carroll-1912]


History of Harrison County, Missouri

Book cover "Russel K. Gale, who now lives on a claim at Gillette, Wyoming, enlisted from Harrison County, Missouri, with Company G, and was sent to the Mexican border. When he returned from the border he was discharged and then re-enlisted for the World War, and went overseas with the Thirty-fifth Division. He was promoted to second lieutenant and was in the battle of Argonne and St. Mihiel and was captured at Argonne Forest. He was kept prisoner for several months, but returned home safely." [Book-History_Harrison-1921]


History of Pomona Valley, California, with Biographical Sketches of The Leading Men and Women of the Valley Who Have Been Identified With Its Growth and Development From the Early Days to the Present

Book cover One of the biographical sketches was of Dr. Paul W. Newcomer. He registered as a pharmacist in Gillette in 1913. He moved to Pomona Valley, California in 1916. [Book-History_Pomona-1920]


History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa

Book cover Two paragraphs describe the reaction of Council Bluffs, Iowa to the murder of two of their own who moved to Gillette. Mr. and Mrs. Church were murdered by a man named Clifton and buried in a manure pile. A mob of vigilante ranchers took him from a jail and lynched him over a bridge. The rope was too long and it decapitated him. [Book-History_Pottawattamie-1907]


History of Richardson County, Nebraska: Its People, Industries and Institutions

Book cover The book mentions a few children living in Gillette of those profiled for Richardson County, Nebraska. [Book-History_Richardson-1917]


Images of America: Gillette

Book cover Images of America: Gillette tells the history of the city through photos going from the earliest exploration to modern coal mining. The captions briefly cover the people and their lives, the industry in the area, and history of several buildings. The author made an effort to list the names of the people shown and what streets buildings were on. [Book-Images_Gillette-2010]


Montana: Its Story and Biography

Book cover "August 3, 1904 at Gillette, Wyoming, he [William J. Strever] married Miss Pearl Reed, a daughter of Henry L. and Henrietta (Hargraves) Reed, the latter now deceased. Her father is a retired stockman at Omaha, Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Strever have three children: Laura Belle, born May 12, 1906; Henrietta Reed, born February 15, 1909; and Edith Corinne, born April 4, 1910." [Book-Montana_Story-1921]


On the Bench: The Story of Egin Bench, Fremont County, Idaho

Book cover "Buddy Garth Hillman was born March 25, 1965 at Rexburg, Madison, Idaho to Buddy Dale and Nancy Riggs Hillman. He attended schools at Arizona, Parker and St. Anthony where he graduated from South Fremont High School. He married Kristine Atchley December 31, 1983. She was born December 12, 1968 at St. Anthony Fremont, Idaho to William and Dawnette Riggs Atchley. She attended schools at St. Anthony and Salt Lake City. She also attended Ricks College. Since their marriage they have lived at Egin, then at Gillette, Wyoming and St. George, Utah before coming back to Egin in 1988. He has opened a Radiator Repair Shop at Egin. Their children are Brittney Dawn and Amanda Lynn." [Book-On_Bench-1991]


Past and Present of Hardin County, Iowa

Title page Book includes a short biography of William Chassell that mentions two of his children Norval W. Chassell and Harry J. Chassell lived and worked in Gillette. [Book-Past_Present-1911]


The Plainsmen of the Yellowstone: A History of the Yellowstone Basin

Book cover During a road survey expedition Colonel James A. Sawyer and his men encountered Indians, possibly Cheyenne, killed one man about 12 miles south of what is now Gillette. In another section the books says Malcolm Moncrieffe ranched near Gillette for 13 years. [Book-Plainsmen_Yellowstone-1961]


Powder River Country: The Papers of J. Elmer Brock

Book cover One of Brock's articles in the book is a reprint of A Timely Arrival in the journal Annals of Wyoming. See [Journal-Annals_Wyoming-Timely_Arrival-1943]. [Book-Powder_Country-1982]


Remembering Gillette

"I am writing this book, not as a story of my life, but as a story of Gillette as I remember it. I am also including stories that I have heard from some older timers than I. I have included some of my experiences in and around Gillette and a lot of information that I have gotten from research. Hopefully this book will help preserve some of this history for future generations. All of the information that I have gathered has come from newspapers, museums, personal interviews, and my recollections. I hope most of them are accurate." [Remembering_Gillette-2013]


Standing Witness: Devils Tower National Monument

Book cover Gillette is mentioned several times in the book, but the city doesn't play an important role in the history of Devils Tower. [Book-Standing_Witness-2007]


A Treasury of Catholic Digest: Favorite Stories of Fifty Years 1936-1986

Book cover In September 1957 Francis J. Keller told the story of how in June 1909 he traveled 140 miles to Gillette. He said Gillette had recently been added to his Buffalo, Wyoming parish. While there a woman led him to her brother who was dying. She said her brother had been praying all his life for a priest at his death. Keller heard the dying man's confession and anointed him. As soon as Keller finished the prayers for the dying the man died. The woman had only come upon the priest by chance and had no idea he was holding mass in Gillette. [Book-Treasury_Catholic-1986]


The War on Powder River: The History of an Insurrection

Book cover Gillette wasn't directly involved in the war and is described as a safe place in this book. [Book-War_Powder-1967]


Whispers From the Past: A Compilation by the Campbell County Cemetery District

The title gives away most of what the book is about. It has poems, Gillette newspaper articles, and early burial records. [Book-Whispers_From-1990]


The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost

Book cover In the history of the Wild Bunch outlaws and the Hole-in-the-Wall area the book says Kid Curry, Longabough, and Flat Nose robbed a gambling house in Elko, Nevada. They were caught in Gillette and held for Whiskey Bill from Elko, Nevada to come identify them. He later said he couldn't identify them because they had sacks over their heads when the place was robbed and they were released. While the book doesn't say the exact year this happened it seems from context it took place around 1897-1899. [Book-Wild_Bunch-1973]


Wyoming: A History

Book cover Gillette is mentioned a few times for its oil and coal production and being a boomtown. [Book-Wyoming_History-1984]


Wyoming Blue Book

The state of Wyoming made several volumes of Wyoming history called Wyoming Blue Book. Every so often they made a new volume with updated information. The series is a great resource for factual information about Gillette, Campbell County, and Wyoming. It has the locations of libraries, voting numbers, profiles of state treasurers, state song, significant court cases, top news for each year, list of presidential visits, county histories, history of natural resource production, number of sheep, historical pictures, and much more.

Wyoming Blue Book: Volume II

Volume 2 covers 1890-1943.

Post offices in Wyoming, 1940-

Postmaster - Ernest A. Littleton

Post Offices by Counties

Gillette in Campbell County

Population of Incorporated Places of Less Than 10,000 in Wyoming

Gillette 1930 1,340
1940 2,177

County Statistics

Campbell County

Origin of name--Named for Robert Campbell, who was with Ashley's expedition in this part of the country from 1825 to 1835. Also for the first Territorial Governor, John A. Campbell.
Created--February 13, 1911.
Organized--January 6, 1913
County Seat-Gillette.
Population--1940, 6,048.
Area--3,047,040 acres.
Public Domain--144,708 acres.
State Lands--192,796.14 acres.
Industries--Agriculture, livestock, coal mining.
State Highways--208.653 miles [335.79 kilometers].
Railroads--Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company, 55.45 miles [89.23 kilometers].

Wyoming Newspapers 1941

County | Town | Newspaper | Issue

Campbell County
Gillette News-Record

County Libraries in Wyoming 1942

County | Official Title | Building | Branches | Town

Campbell County
George Amos Memorial Library of Campbell County in Gillette



First airplane visits Wyoming at Gillette's Fourth of July celebration. [Wyoming_Blue-2-1974]


Wyoming Blue Book: Volume III

Volume 3 covers 1943-1974.

Justices of the Supreme Court 1943-1974

Harry P. Ilsley

His son, John [Ilsley], who was an attorney in Gillette, is now District Judge of the Fourth Judicial District of Sheridan.

Government of Wyoming (1943-1974)

Legislative Branch 1945-1974
Twenty-eight State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 9, 1945

State Senators

Campbell County. Alex B. Maycock (R) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. R. B. "Ted" Marquiss (R) Gillette
Campbell County. E. W. "Slats" Record (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Twenty-ninth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 14, 1947

(Members whose names are marked * served four years from January, 1947. The other members served two years from January, 1947.)

State Senators

Campbell County. *Allen Hunter (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. R. B. "Ted" Marquiss (R) Gillette
Campbell County. Wm. E. Taylor (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirtieth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 11, 1949

State Senators

Campbell County. *Allen Hunter (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. R. B. "Ted" Marquiss (R) Gillette
Campbell County. Wm. E. Taylor (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-first State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 9, 1951

(Members whose names are marked * served four years from January, 1951. The other members served two years from January, 1951.)

State Senators

Campbell County. *Allen Hunter (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. Fred S. Wagensen (R) Gillette
Campbell County. Otis Wright (D) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-second State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 13, 1953

State Senators

Campbell County. *Allen Hunter (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. Alice Spielman (R) Gillette
Campbell County. Wm. W. Smith (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch Thirty-third State Legislature of Wyoming Convened January 1, 1955

Members whose names are marked * served four years from January, 1955. The other members served two years from January, 1955.

State Senators

Campbell County. *LeRoy Christnick (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. Alice Spielman (R) Gillette
Campbell County. Otis Wright (D) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-fourth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 8, 1957

State Senators

Campbell County. LeRoy Christnick (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette
Campbell County. Otis Wright (D) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-fifth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 13, 1959

(Members whose names are marked * served four years from January, 1959. The other members served two years from January, 1959.)

State Senators

Campbell County. *LeRoy Christnick (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. Robert I. Laramore (D) Gillette
Campbell County. Otis Wright (D) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-sixth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 10, 1961

State Senators

Campbell County. LeRoy Christnick (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. Otis Wright (D) Gillette
Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-seventh State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 8, 1963

(Members whose names are marked * served four years from January, 1963. The other members served two years from January, 1963.)

State Senators

Campbell County. *LeRoy Christnick (D) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. U. S. Archibald (R) Gillette
Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-eighth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 12, 1965

State Senators

Campbell County. Otis Wright (D) Gillette
Otis Wright was appointed to fill the unexpired term of LeRoy Christnick, deceased. Digest of Senate and House Journals, 165, page 11.

State Representatives

Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Thirty-ninth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 10, 1967

State Representatives

Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Fortieth State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 14, 1969

State Representatives

Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Forty-first State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 12, 1971

State Representatives

Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Legislative Branch
Forty-second State Legislature of Wyoming
Convened January 9, 1973

State Senators

Campbell County. John C. Ostlund (R) Gillette

State Representatives

Campbell County. C. H. "Cliff" Davis (R) Gillette

Changing Patterns in the Public Schools

In 1916, there were 25 four-year high schools in the state. Shortly afterwards a system for accrediting high schools was developed with the University of Wyoming. Twenty-three of these high schools in 18 counties were accredited. County high schools which served more than one district were established at Buffalo, Gillette, Thermopolis, Worland, Lander, Casper, and Douglas around 1920.


By 1930-1931 the number began to decline. During the 1942-1943 school year, the normal training departments went down to two, with a department in the Burns High School and one in the Campbell County High School at Gillette. This was due to the fact that more teachers were attending the university or teachers' colleges in surrounding states and were working toward four-year baccalaureate degrees. Finally the normal training departments were all dropped because no students enrolled.

University of Wyoming Board of Trustees

C. Thomas Morgan, Gillette Member 1963-1967
John C. Ostlund, Gillette Member 1969-

Economic Strength in Natural Resources

As a result of an oil boom in 1967-1970, Gillette doubled its population. The city officials are now preparing for a new boom which is sure to follow the new coal development in the area. Gillette now has a population of about 7,500 with the projected population growth of another 7,500 residents within the next two or three years, and it is predicted that it will have a population of 20,000 by 1980.

As with all the predictions about the population of Gillette the Blue Book was also wrong.

Wyoming Coal: 1868 to 1974

The industry was on the upswing by the 1970's: Hanna became a busy, prosperous coal town once again. Kemmerer, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Glenrock, Thermopolis, and Gillette were the service centers for the nearby mines. [...]

Counties in Wyoming

Campbell County

Upon the arrival of the railroad in 1891, towns sprang up, with Gillette (formerly Rockpile Draw) among the first. It was named for Edward S. Gillette, chief surveyor for the railroad. When Campbell County was created, Gillette, its only incorporated town, became the county seat. With the recent oil boom, the town is expanding rapidly.

County Seat: Gillette

Elevation: 4,544 ft [1385 meters]
Population: 7,194
Assessed valuation (1972) $6,039,616 [$36,817,557 in April 2018]


County | City or Town | Date of Incorporation | Population

Campbell *Gillette 1892 7,194

* County Seat

Population of Wyoming Cities and Towns 1970

8. Gillette 7,194

Post Offices, Post Masters, Zip Codes, and License Plate County Numbers 1974

Post Office | Zip Code | County | County No. License Plate | Postmaster's Name

Gillette | 82716 | Campbell | 17 | Miles Knapp

Radio Stations

Station-Address | Frequency | Telephones AC 307 | Manager

KIML, Gillette--Box 1009 | 1270 Khz | 682-4747 | Roy Mapel

Wyoming Newspapers

Weekly | Editor &/ or Publisher | Telephone AC 307

Gillette News Record | Jack Nisselius & Bruce Kennedy | 682-9306

Chamber of Commerce

Area Code for Wyoming--307

Town | Secretary-Manager | Address | Telephone

Gillette | Ken Baab | Box 1006 | 682-3673

The American Association of University Women Favors Ratification

[...] Francis Hoadley of Gillette was resolutions chairman [...] [Wyoming_Blue-3-1974]


Wyoming Blue Book: Volume IV

Volume 4 of the Blue Book series covers 1974-1990. Gillette is mentioned every few pages. [Wyoming_Blue-4-1991]

Wyoming Blue Book: Volume V

Volume 5 the final volume of the Blue Book series covers 1990-2007. This volume has many pages about Gillette. [Wyoming_Blue-5-2008]

Wyoming Blue Book: Volumes I-V

The library at the Gillette College has a set of 5 CDs with 1 volume in a PDF on each CD. I believe they copied the PDFs from online to the disc themselves. The CD set includes Microsoft Windows software to read the PDFs. [Wyoming_Blue-CD]

Wyoming Historical Tour Guide

Campbell County

Twenty-six miles west of Moorcroft is Gillette (pop. 25,400), the only incorporated town in and county seat of Campbell County. The town, named for Edward S. Gillette, chief surveyor for the Burlington Railroad, was surveyed and platted in 1891. It owes its beginnings to the railroad and is an important shipping center today.

The Campbell County Rockpile Museum, 1000 West 2nd (Highway 14-16 West), features early day artifacts depicting the lifestyles of Indians and white settlers. The museum is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday Through Sunday, from May 15 to October 15. Admission is free.

Wilson Price Hunt and his sixty Astorians passed through the northern part of the county in 1811.

The first airplane came to Wyoming in 1911 when Colorado daredevil George W. Thompson flew his plane at Gillette's July 4th celebration. The first commercial flights did not occur until September, 1920, when Cheyenne and Rock Springs were two of fourteen stops on the New York to San Francisco airmail run.

Gillette is one of the state's fastest growing communities in the state in the 1980's because of the enormous mineral wealth that has been discovered in this region. It is known as the "Energy Capital of the Nation." It is also a major shipping point for livestock, grain and coal.

Noted for its low sulfur coal deposits, Campbell County's growth received a boost in 1951 with the discovery of uranium bearing ore and oil in 1955. One of the largest open pit mines in North America is located near Gillette. [Wyoming_Historical-1990]


Wyoming Place Names

Book cover The list of trivia about Gillette includes how the city was renamed, the first airplane flight in Wyoming, a flight by Charles Lindbergh, and the experimental farm. [Book-Wyoming_Place-1988]


Wyoming Post Offices 1850-1980

Book cover Gillette appears in a few sections. One is about the railroad being built and how Gillette lost its importance after it moved on to Sheridan. Another is a table of post offices and where they sent mail to. [Book-Wyoming_Post-1980]


Wyoming Range War: The Infamous Invasion of Johnson County

Book cover As background information the book says Gillette named a street after a Johnson County Sheriff citing another work. Gillette played a small roll in the war and is only mentioned again as a safe place to send telegraphs from. [Book-Wyoming_Range-2010]


Wyoming Treasures: Profiles of Senior Residents

Book cover Each person is given a few pages with pictures, quotes, and facts about their life. Eva Burton's profile says she was born in Gillette and talks about her family homestead in Campbell County. [Book-Wyoming_Treasures-2006]


Wyoming's Big Horn Basin to 1901: A Late Frontier

Book cover One sentence says Donkey Town was named to Gillette for Edward Gillette's engineering work to shorten the rail line and that he wanted a salary increase instead. [Book-Wyoming_Big-1997]


Wyoming's War Years 1941-1945

Book cover Written a few years after the war the book is a look at how World War II effected life in Wyoming. The book makes minor references a canteen in Gillette, Eugene Bennick welcomed as a town hero, Red Cross locations, salvage committee, where training took place, and the impact World War II had on Gillette and Wyoming. All the Gillette mentions are closer to trivia when taken out of the larger context of the book. [Book-Wyoming_War-1954]


Media Books

Encyclopedia of Television Shows, 1925 Through 2007

Book cover "1866 Dark Angel. (Series; Adventure; Fox; 2000-2002). Manticore is a secret genetics lab in the mountains of Gillette, Wyoming, that is seeking to produce superior humans for the military. Women are used to produce the children whose DNA will be altered by scientists. The mother and child, however, are never permitted to meet." [Book-Encyclopedia_Television-2009]


George Lucas's Blockbusting: A Decade-by-Decade Survey of Timeless Movies Including Untold Secrets of Their Financial and Cultural Success

Book cover In a section listing the facts about the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind the book incorrectly states it was filmed in Gillette, Wyoming. [Book-George_Blockbusting-2010]


Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century

Book cover Walt Farmer's HTML or CD-ROM book looks at the production and history of movies made in Wyoming. Farmer looks at several full-length and short films either filmed in Gillette or where Gillette was involved in the production including Hellfighters, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Dream West, Wyoming Snapshots, and The Outlaws Is Coming. There is also a list of Main Street Wyoming episodes about or including people from Gillette. [Book-Wyoming_Film-2013]


Military Books

25th Naval Construction Battalion: Pacific Diary

Book cover This diary or history of the 25th Naval Construction Battalion is closer to a light-hearted yearbook than a formal history. Mixed with the cartoons are brutal stories of the cleanup of bodies after the fighting. One man from Gillette, Daniel G. M. Bennett appears in a group photo and in the rosters. [Book-25th_Naval-1946]


The 88th Division in the World War of 1914-1918

Book cover Earl C. Todd with a Gillette address appears in the rosters. [Book-88th_Division-1919]


Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Book cover The book includes a biography of George Raymond Eisele the history of the ship named after him. Eisele was born in Gillette and as a soldier in World War II he remained at his post even as a Japanese plane headed towards him. It crashed into his gunnery station killing him. The DE-75 was named Eisele after him, but later the name was reassigned to DE-34. [Book-Dictionary_Naval-1969]


An Historical & Technical Biography of the Twenty-First Engineers, Light Railway. United States Army.

Book cover J. A. Allen of Gillette appears in the rosters. [Book-Historical_Twenty-First-1919]


History of the 110th Infantry (10th Pa.) of the 28th Division, U.S.A. 1917 - 1919

Book cover John F. Calihan of Gillette appears in the rosters. [Book-History_110th-1920]


A History of the Sixty-Sixth Field Artillery Brigade, American Expeditionary Forces

Book cover About half the book is the history of the brigade in World War I and the other half is rosters and lists. Several men from Gillette served in the 148th Field Artillery of the 66th Field Artillery Brigade. [Book-History_Sixty-Sixth-1919]


A History of the Sixty-Third U.S. Infantry 1917-1919

Book cover Albert B. C. Drew of Gillette appears in the rosters. [Book-History_Sixty-Third-1920]


The Price of Our Heritage: In Memory of the Heroic Dead of the 168 Infantry

Book cover Private Carl J. Cook was killed by German shelling in France during World War I. He was serving as a stretcher bearer in the United States Army. He was described as hard working and courageous. [Book-Price_Heritage-1919]


Twelfth U.S. Infantry, 1798-1919: Its Story - By Its Men

Book cover Ed. Moore of Gillette appears in the rosters of men who served in World War I. [Book-Twelfth_Infantry-1919]


When It Mattered Most: Remembering Our Fallen Medical Personnel in Iraq-Afghanistan

Book cover Tyler D. Prewitt was killed in 2004 while serving in the United States Army. He was born in Gillette in 1982, but didn't grow up or live in Gillette. [Book-When_Mattered-2009]


With the 364th Infantry in America, France, and Belgium

Book cover Joseph A. Muller, Clyde R. Clements, and Earl S. Gupton of Gillette appear in the rosters of men serving in the 364th Infantry during World War I. [Book-With_364th-1919]


Mystery Books

Jesse Stone

Joe Pickett

The Posadas County Mysteries

A Walt Longmire Mystery

Nonfiction Books

101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources for Self-Liberation, Monkey Wrenching and Preparedness

Book cover "Here's some advice found on the back of the business card of attorney William Curley of Gillette, Wyoming: If the police officer says... "Please open the trunk." "May I come in the house?" "I'd like you to do some tests." "Do you understand your rights?" "Would you like to give a statement?" Then politely, on the advice of counsel.... Just say NO." [Book-101_Things-1999]


1,628 Country Shortcuts From 1,628 Country People

Book cover Among the tips is one by Hazel Williams of Gillette to freeze flour occasionally to keep bugs out. [Book-1628_Shortcuts-1995]


Adams Resume Almanac

Book cover Gillette is used in a fictional sample resume. [Book-Adams_Resume-1994]


America the Beautiful: Wyoming

Book cover "Gillette lies in the shadow of the Black Hills in parched, treeless northeastern Wyoming. The region is rich in deposits of petroleum and low-sulfur coal. Strip-mining has left its scars on much of the surrounding land. But fossil fuels have also brought prosperity to Gillette, which has one of the best school systems in the state. Gillette students even have their own planetarium." [Book-America_Beautiful-2000]


Brand Book of the Montana Stock Growers' Association for 1899

Title page The index of brands includes a brand and earmark of G. de Saumarey Hamilton of Gillette. [Book-Brand_Book-1899]


Brand Book of the Montana Stock Growers' Association for 1903

Book cover The index of brands includes a brand and earmark of G. de Saumarey Hamilton of Gillette. [Book-Brand_Book-1903]


Britannica Book of the Year

Every year since 1938 Encyclopedia Britannica publishes a book of news and information about the previous year.

Britannica Book of the Year 1971

Book cover A late Middle Period buffalo pound located south of Gillette, Wyo., in the Powder River basin was investigated by George C. Frison, University of Wyoming. The pound, dated about A.D. 250, was almost entirely man-made, consisting of two fence lines in an arroyo meander leading to a restraining structure where the animals were killed. [Book-Britannica_Book-1971]


Britannica Book of the Year 1977

Book cover "Four coal mines in the Powder River Basin of eastern Wyoming got a go-ahead from the U.S. Department of the Interior. The projects had been blocked for over a year by a temporary court injunction requested by the Sierra Club which was lifted in January by the U.S. Supreme Court. The mines were being developed by Atlantic Richfield, Carter Oil, Kerr-McGee, and Wyodak Resources. Secretary of the Interior Thomas Kleppe said that Wyoming's reclamation laws would apply to the four operations. Construction of Sun Oil Co.'s new Cordero mine near Gillette, Wyo., was completed in December. This mine was expected ultimately to reach a producing capacity of 15 million tons per year. When achieved, this would be 60% larger than the top U.S. producer in 1975." [Book-Britannica_Book-1977]


Britannica Book of the Year 1980

Book cover "Kerr-McGee Coal Corp. began operations in August at Clovis Point mine, eight miles [12.87 kilometers] east of Gillette, Wyo. During 1979 about 700,000 tons of coal were mined there and shipped to Cajun Electric Cooperative in Louisiana. By 1981 the mine was scheduled to be producing at the rate of 4.5 million tons a year. Approved reclamation programs for this surface mine would, it was hoped, make the surrounding grasslands more productive than before mining began." [Book-Britannica_Book-1980]


Britannica Book of the Year 1990

Book cover Marvin Garrett of Gillette was the 1989 National Finals champion in bareback riding winning $105,931 [about $220,182.53 in 2019]. It was his second title. [Book-Britannica_Book-1990]


Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist

Book cover The book recounts the Simpson oil well fire of 1967 which was owned by Phil Anschutz. He convinced oil firefighter Red Adair to put it out and paid for it by having Universal Pictures pay him to film it for $100,000 [$750,077.15 in 2019] for the movie Hellfighters. [Book-Broadbandits_Inside-2003]


Censored 2005: The Top 25 Censored Stories

Book cover Gillette is used as an example in the story The Wholesale Giveaway of Our Natural Resources. The book says the practice of pulling methane from the coal beds in Gillette is wasteful because it discards large amounts of ground water and larger methane deposits exist elsewhere. Despite that, Congress promised the companies producing the gas billions of dollars in tax breaks. [Book-Censored_2005-2004]


College Algebra Precalculus I: Study of Functions

Book cover "At sea level water boils at 212 degrees F. At an altitude of 1100 feet water boils at 210 degrees F. The relationship between the boiling point and altitude is linear. (a) Find the average rate of change in boiling point with respect to altitude. (b) Find a formula that gives the boiling point of water in terms of altitude. (c) Find the boiling point of water in each of the following cities: Minneapolis, MN (550 ft); St. Joseph, MO (1300 ft.); Gillette, WY (3120 ft.)" [Book-College_Algebra-2011]


Country Fact Files: The United States

Book cover In a section about natural resources there is a photo of coal mining with this caption. "Strip mines like this one at Gillette, Wyoming, can produce coal cheaply but they damage the environment unless the land is restored afterward." [Book-Country_Fact-1994]

Cowgirls: Women of the Wild West

[photo - not shown here]

Dudine Liz Ludlow of Springfield, Ohio, accompanied by her sister Kathryn, visited Eatons' Ranch from 1919-1928. Daughter of a wealthy industrialist, Ludlow could afford the best. She commissioned Rex Schnitger, a well-known bit and spur maker living in Gillette, Wyoming, to make these classic Wyoming-style, silver-mounted spurs, c. 1920. Ludlow's name and Eaton Ranch are written on the spur straps. Butters Collection. [Cowgirls_Women-2000]


DK Eyewitness Guides: Natural Disasters

Book cover A photo of some gray clouds over praire with the caption "Thunderclouds over Gillette, Wyoming, USA" appears Visual guide to natural disasters for younger readers. [Book-DK_Eyewitness-Natural_Disasters-2006]


Eccentric Circles: Around America in a House on Wheels

Book cover In 1982 the author and his wife drove an RV across the country. He describes the area as treeless with dry creekbeds sitting on top of oil, gas, and coal reserves. While in Gillette two men began flirting with his wife at a cafe. [Book-Eccentric_Circles-1991]


Emma Willard and Her Pupils or Fifty Years of Troy Female Seminary 1822-1872

Book cover One of the former students was Catharine T. Blake and one of her children was daughter Catharine Blake and she was the wife of T. W. Matthews of Gillette. [Book-Emma_Willard-1898]


Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century

Book cover Gillette is mentioned for being a boomtown and the source of the term Gillette Syndrome for the social problems of alcoholism, drug abuse, child abuse, depression, and violence. [Book-Encyclopedia_United-1996]


The Greenpeace Guide to Anti-environmental Groups

Book cover Greenpeace listed The Abundant Wildlife Society of North America (AWS) in Gillette as one of its anti-environmental groups. Its president Dick Mader founded the group in 1989. His son Troy Mader was director of research, while E. L. Leser handled public relations. The group fought the reintroduction of the gray wolf into Yellowstone National Park and was funded by mostly fur trappers, ranchers and hunters. The group was described as a "minor irritation". [Book-Greenpeace_Guide-1994]


Guys and a Whole Lot More: Advice for Teen Girls on Almost Anything

Book cover A girl from Gillette asked for help with a stepfather who rejected and possibly verbally abused her. The advice was to talk to him about what she could do to improve the relationship without being defensive while being a good listener. [Book-Guys_Whole-1998]

Hometown Declarations: America's Self-Proclaimed World Capitals

Book cover The book mistakenly says the Mayor of Gillette, Wyoming proclaimed the city to be the capital of ATVs and donated land for an ATV park on May 19, 2007. The author confused Gillette, Wyoming with Gillett, Wisconsin. Gillette, Wyoming declared itself to be the energy capital of the world. [Book-Hometown_Declarations-2008]


I Didn't Know That About Wyoming!

Book cover "This county was named for two men with the surname of Campbell. John A. Campbell was Wyoming's first territorial governor, from April 15, 1869, until March 1, 1875, when he resigned. Campbell had served as assistant secretary of war in President Grant's cabinet before becoming the territorial governor. The county was also named for Robert Campbell, who was a member of the Willam Ashley expedition which explored the wilderness Wyoming during the 1820s and 1830s. The county of Campbell was formed May 23, 1911. Gillette is the county seat." [Book-I_Know-1987]


Illustrated Dictionary of Place Names: United States and Canada

Book cover "Gillette, Wyo. (co. Campbell Co.). For Weston E. Gillette, surveyor for the Burlington railroad. An earlier name was Donkey Town." [Book-Illustrated_Dictionary-1976]


The Jews of Wyoming: Fringe of the Diaspora

A high-quality photobook with profiles from 1860 to 2000. People in the book are considered Jewish by race, religion, or both. [Jews_Wyoming-2000]


Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression

Book cover Donald Schell of Gillette had an adverse reaction to Prozac. Two days after a different doctor prescribed Paxil he murdered his wife Rita Schell, his daughter Deborah Schell, and his granddaughter Alyssa Tobin. Then he killed himself. Donald Schell's son-in-law Tim Tobin sued SmithKline Beecham for wrongful death. [Book-Let_Them-2004]


The names are based on family relations because the book doesn't specify their last names.


Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern

Book cover In the section about Prisoner's Dilemma a fictional car repair shop in Gillette is used in an example. The repair shop and city it is in are irrelevant. [Book-Metamagical_Themas-1985]


The New Mom's Manual: Over 800 Tips and Advice From Hundreds of Moms For Baby's First Year

Book cover Sheila Billick from Gillette gave several paragraphs worth of advice in 5 different tips spread throughout the book. [Book-New_Mom-2001]


Nicknames of Places

Book cover "Energy Capital of the United States, the Gillette, Wyoming, USA. The city is noted for its coal and oil production. Hence the nickname." [Book-Nicknames_Places-2006]

Portrait of America: Wyoming

Book cover Portrait of America: Wyoming is a short book for children has some state history and shows the lives of people who work in Wyoming. One section titled Not "Women's Work" profiles Marilyn Boone a haul truck driver for Cordero Mining Company in Gillette. She enjoyed breaking stereotypes and earning good money. She is pictured next to a massive coal haul truck. [Book-Portrait_America-1996]


Progressive Men of the State of Wyoming

Book cover Written when Gillette was still young this book has short biographies covering the lives, business, and families of James H. Daly and George A. Fox of Gillette. [Book-Progressive_Men-1903]


Red Fenwick's West: Yesterday and Today

Book cover In a wild mix of fantastic stories (or perhaps tall tales), history, and travel experience Fenwick's book covers much of Wyoming, but only makes a passing mention of a man in Gillette that owns 100,000 buttons. [Book-Red_Fenwick-1983]

Roadside Geology of Wyoming

[...] It crops out along most of the distance between Moorcroft, Wyoming and Gillette, Wyoming; watch for yellow sandstones interbedded with gray shales and coal beds. Gillette is on the Wasatch formation, drab sandstones and variegated claystones.

Gillette was named after Weston Gillette, a civil engineer who directed construction of the Burlington Railroad in 1891. Previous names for the town were "Donkey Town," after Donkey Creek which flows nearby, and "Rocky Pile," after Rocky Draw. The first airplane flown in Wyoming was at Gillette on July 4, 1911. Today, Gillette is a major energy center for the northern Powder River Basin, with numerous coal mines and oil fields in the vicinity.

Interstate 90 crosses the vast expanse of the central Powder River Basin between Gillette and Buffalo. The floor of the basin is covered by the flat-lying Eocene Wasatch formation, noted for its drab sand tones, variegated claystones, and interbedded coals. It was deposited by streams around 50 million years ago, after retreat of the marine Cretaceous seaway and the Laramide orogeny. The rolling hills of Wasatch strata, covered with grass and sage, form a classic Wyoming basin scene.

The unusual "haystack" topography near Gillette is caused by resistant beds of "clinker," or burned coal and clay, that caps individual haystacks. Erosion dissected the land into isolated buttes and hills, each protected by a remnant of clinker at the top. [Roadside_Geology-2007]

The historical data on Gillette is straight out of the book Wyoming Place Names which is also on this list.


Should Junk Food Be Sold In Schools?

Book cover A reprint of a Wall Street Journal article from 2007 discusses a controversial wellness program in Campbell County schools. Parents were sent letters inviting "select students" to join a fitness and nutrition program. The kids thought the schools were joining the bullies and parents were upset their kids were euphemistically being called fat. [Book-Should_Junk-2011]


Technical Report Writing Today

Book cover While explaining how to send a letter when you only know the PO box the book uses a fictional newspaper with Gillette as an example city. The letter was an application for an oil rig manager. [Book-Technical_Writing-2002]


Weather: Spectacular Images of the World's Extraordinary Climate

Book cover A photo of a hailstorm over a scene of the high plains in Gillette is used as an illustration while discussing how hail is formed. [Book-Weather_Spectacular-2006]


Trees and Shrubs for Gillette and Campbell County

Book cover Both a list of trees and shrubs and a guide by the Master Gardener on what to plant and how to take care of it. [Book-Trees_Shrubs]


Wild Again: The Struggle to Save the Black-Footed Ferret

Book cover "I follow the interstate west over the gradual rise of the Black Hills and enter Wyoming. Passing through the gas and coal mining city of Gillette, where a boom in natural gas production has caused a Grapes-of-Wrath style migration of workers from small towns in the Midwest and beyond. Streets are crowded with families who drive new trucks and SUVs but live in shared trailer homes--temporary homes for people who are flush with money from the energy fields but have to wait for construction to catch up with the influx of immigrants. Outside of town, new roads branch out to gas wells in all directions, harshly scraped by bulldozers, looking like varicose veins on the sagebrush steppe." [Book-Wild_Again-2014]


Wyoming Pageant

Book cover "An example of what may be accomplished by group action is shown in the control of the burning coal fields near Gillette. There were at one time thirty burning mines. Obviously the individual could do nothing. These fires, one of which had been burning for almost half a century, were caused either by lightning, campers' fires or spontaneous combustion. No one knows their origin, and they would probably have continued to burn had it not been for young men from a CCC [Civilian Conservation Corps] camp who finally brought the flames under control." [Book-Wyoming_Pageant-1946]


Wyoming Trivia

Book cover The author asks a trivia question then immediately gives the answer. The trivia about Gillette is there a junior college sub-campus in Gillette, the first airplane arrived in Gillette in 1911 by boxcar, and pilot Charles Lindbergh landed in Gillette in 1916. [Book-Wyoming_Trivia-2008]


Wyoming's People

Book cover Gillette is mentioned for its cattle market and having an open-pit mine next to it. [Book-Wyoming_People-1967]


Railroad Books

Burlington Route: A History of the Burlington Lines

Book cover "Then, because of the extremely tight money situation, work was temporarily suspended; after all, the company [Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad] had spent about two and a third million dollars during 1890 [about $65 million in 2018] for the lines into the Black Hills, and another two thirds of a million on extending the main stem to Merino. Not until the summer of 1891 did work begin again; the railhead reached Gillette in August of that year. Once again there was a pause, but in 1892 the line was brought into Sheridan, on November 26." [Book-Burlington_Route-1965]


Corporate History of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad and Affiliated Companies

Book cover "Work was begun on several different sections of the main line during December, 1888, and it was completed from the Wyoming-South Dakota State line to New Castle, Wyoming, 23.1 miles [37.17 kilometers], on November 18, 1889; to Merino, Wyoming (now Upton), 29.3 miles [47.15 kilometers], was begun on May, 1890, and opened August 5, 1890, from Merino to Moorcroft, 20.2 miles [32.50 kilometers], commenced in October, 1890, was completed and opened to traffic July 3, 1891; from Moorcroft to Gillette, Wyoming, 28 miles [45.06 kilometers], was opened on August 20, 1891. From Gillette west the line was opened as follows: To Croton, 30.1 miles [48.44 kilometers], July 7, 1892; to Arvada, 13.8 miles [22.20 kilometers], August 1, 1892; to Regis, 8.1 miles [13.03 kilometers], September 15, 1892; to Clearmont, 11.4 miles [18.34 kilometers], October 5, 1892; to Sheridan, 38.1 miles [61.31 kilometers], November 26, 1892; to Alger, 9.1 miles [14.64 kilometers], July 14, 1893, and to a connection with the Big Horn Southern Railroad on the line between Montana and Wyoming, 19.53 miles [31.43 kilometers], August 1, 1894." [Book-Corporate_History-1921]


Railroad Postcards in the Age of Steam

Book cover The book has one postcard of Gillette from 1913 titled Birdseye View - County Seat Of Campbell County, Wyoming. [Book-Railroad_Postcards-1994]


Trails to Rails: A History of Wyoming's Railroads

Book cover The book tells the history of the railroad with some of its effects on Gillette. It describes the founding and naming of the town due to the railroad, the rail lines built connecting Gillette to nearby cities, and the Orin line built in the 1970s. [Book-Trails_Rails-2003]


Romance Books

B.A.D. Agency

B.A.D. Agency is a spy thriller romance series.

Number 4 - Silent Truth

Book cover Characters drive from Buffalo, Wyoming to Gillette and then fly to Chicago, Illinois. One says they have items in a bank vault in Gillette and later another calls a medical center in Gillette. [Book-Bad_Agency-Silent_Truth-2010]


Celestial Justice

Celestial Justice is an erotic gay series for adults. When I asked Serena Yates to confirm if the books were about Gillette she wrote this back to me.

what an interesting project. And yes, all three novellas are set in Gilette, Wyoming. Taharial's Struggle is set there entirely (well, Heaven and there), in Sachael's Test the main characters end up there, and in Mihael's Trial they start off in Santa Fe but also end up in Gilette and all six main characters stay there as their new center of activity. So yes, Gilette is pretty important.

Number 4 - Taharial's Struggle

Book cover The author told me this book is almost entirely set in Gillette. [Book-Celestial_Justice-Taharial_Struggle-2011]

Number 5 - Sachael's Test

Book cover The author told me characters in this book end up in Gillette. [Book-Celestial_Justice-Sachael_Test-2012]

Number 6 - Mihael's Trial

Book cover The author told me the main characters in this book start in Santa Fe, New Mexico and end up in Gillette. [Book-Celestial_Justice-Mihael_Trial-2012]


A Couple is Three

Book cover The title A Couple is Three refers to content which involves 3-way relationship between two boys and one girl. Chapter 39 is both titled and takes place in Gillette. The author researched Gillette to make the details accurate and even apologizes in the footnotes for any mistakes about the city. [Book-Couple_Three-2017]


Creekside Story

Moonwalker - Pferd Der Freiheit (Horse of Freedom)

Book cover Pferd Der Freiheit is a young adult book written in German. There are several minor mentions of Gillette for the coal mining and travel. One of the characters wears a jacket that says "Rodeo Club Gillette Wyoming". [Book-Creekside_Story-Moonwalker-2006]

I spoke with the author Ulrike Dietmann and this was her response.

I actually spent a whole year in wonderful Gillette, Wyoming, visiting the Campbell County High School as an exchange student in 1980. It was an unforgettable experience.

The memories of the life and people I met there, inspired me many years later, after I had become a professional author, to write three books on the Wyoming Horse world. I have been back to Gillette and Wyoming several times since, doing research for the books. The books; play on the Lake ranch not far from Gillette.

The books are for riders and horse people from the age of 12 on and portrait the life on a typical Wyoming ranch, the riding activities like branding, cattle driving, rodeo, and the deep love for horses and nature. The main characters of the three books are young women who meet the challenges of life in the prairie and and falling in love for the first time in their lives.

The Greys of Montana

Number 1 - Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy

Book cover A run down trailer park in Gillette was the home of one of the characters in the story. [Book-Greys_Montana-Come_Home-2014]

The author Megan Crane also responded to my questions about the book.

I'm not surprised there are a lot of romance novels that mention Gillette. We romance writers and readers love our western cities-and our cowboys!

Why I picked Gillette: I needed the hero to come from a place that it would make sense for the heroine to think about while she drove from Denver to a fictional town near Bozeman, Montana, which meant I wanted something in Wyoming. And I picked Gillette because I thought a smaller western city with a mining background made a nice contrast between the character Dare's somewhat desperate roots with his current lofty, intellectual pursuits."

Home on the Ranch

The Man From Blue River

Book cover While trying to remember the last city a character ate in she wonders if it was Gillette or Sheridan, Wyoming. [Book-Home_Ranch-Man_Blue-1996]


Hope Springs

Number 1 - Second Chance Ranch

Book cover "It involved a flight from Nashville, Tennessee, to Gillette, Wyoming--during the last leg of which she'd prayed for her soul with every bump the tiny plane hit--and an hour drive in a truck several years older than she was." [Book-Hope_Springs-Second_Chance-2014]


Rough Riders

Rough Riders is another western romance novel series. There are 16 books and some short stories in the series which ran from around 2007-2015.

Number 2 - Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

Book cover Gillette is said to have a foundry and is referenced a few times, but it is unimportant to the story. [Book-Rough_Riders-Rode_Hard-2007]

Number 4 - Tied Up, Tied Down

Book cover A character gets a piece of mail with no return address that was post marked Gillette. [Book-Rough_Riders-Tied_Up-2008]

Travel Books

Automobile Blue Book

Automobile Blue Book 1920

Book cover The book has written directions for driving to and from Gillette and nearby cities. [Book-Automobile_Book-1920]


Not all roads or places indexed.

Lodging For a Night

Lodging For a Night 1940

Book cover "Gillette, Wyoming. Pop. 1,500. Alt. 4,529' [1,380 meters]. (Shell J-2) 126 Mi. [202.77 kilometers] W. of Black Hills. 16--Coal. Oil. It is a long drive from Buffalo to the Black Hills. Accommodations are few and far between. At present it seems that Mrs. Wilhelm's Tourist Home is the best bet between these points." [Book-Lodging_Night-1940]


Mobil Travel Guide: Northwest

Book cover The book includes a short description of Gillette with a single hotel listing and Keyhole State Park as something to see. [Book-Mobil_Northwest-2008]


National Geographic's Driving Guide to America: The Rockies

Book cover With a photo of the Gillette Fishing Lake the book gives Gillette a brief description and one paragraph about the Campbell County Rockpile Museum. [Book-National_Rockies-1996]


Top Rated Rocky Mountain Adventures

Book cover Two outfitters - Greer Outfitters and P Cross Bar Ranch serviced the Gillette area and had addresses in Gillette. With no reviews it is not a a guide, but an advertisement with owners writing their own entries. [Book-Top_Rocky-1999]


The Traveling Cyclist: 20 Five-Star Vacations

Book cover The author found the road from Sheridan to Gillette boring and hot. Him and other cyclists stopped in a bar and talked to laid off oil workers. [Book-Traveling_Cyclist-1991]


Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA Petbook

Book cover The list has minimal information of hotels that allow pets. [Book-Traveling_Pet-2009]


Where the Locals Eat

Book cover The Gillette section lists several recommended restaurants in a simple list. There are no written reviews in the book. [Book-Where_Locals-1996]


Wyoming Historical Tour Guide

Book cover In a look at Campbell County, Gillette is mentioned for the first plane flight in 1911 by George W. Thompson, the Campbell County Rockpile Museum, and the city being named after Edward Gillette. [Book-Wyoming_Historical-1990]



Yearbooks are a good source of photos, but be careful. They mix up names, mirror photos, and have other kinds of errors.


Adytum is the Denison University yearbook. It's a private university in Granville, Ohio.

Adytum 1968

Book cover Denison University's 1968 yearbook. [Book-Adytum-1968]



Artemisia is the yearbook for University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada.

Artemisia 1982

Book cover University of Nevada's 1982 yearbook. [Book-Artemisia-1982]



Aurora is the yearbook of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

Aurora 1989

Book cover Olivet Nazarene University's 1989 yearbook. [Book-Aurora-1989]


The Bluejay

The yearbook for Creighton University which is a private Catholic university in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Bluejay 1941

Book cover Creighton University's 1941 yearbook. [Book-Bluejay-1941]


The Bluejay 1970

Book cover Creighton University's 1970 yearbook. [Book-Bluejay-1970]


The Bluejay 1983

Book cover Creighton University's 1983 yearbook. [Book-Bluejay-1983]


The Bluejay 1991

Book cover Creighton University's 1991 yearbook. [Book-Bluejay-1991]


The Camel

The Camel is the yearbook for Campbell County High School in Gillette.

The Chanticleer

The Chanticleer is the yearbook of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

The Chanticleer 1983

Book cover Duke University's 1983 yearbook. [Book-Chanticleer-1983]


The Decanois

The name of the yearbook of Stephen Decatur High School is a combination of the city Decatur and the state it is in Illinois.

The Decanois 1923

Title page In the literary section of the yearbook Lester Foltz wrote a short story about taking a train from somewhere near the Great Salt Lake in Utah to Gillette where he got a hearty Irish stew. It's almost certainly a fictional story. [Book-Decanois-1923]


The Gem of the Mountains

The Gem of the Mountains is the University of Idaho's yearbook.

The Gem of the Mountains 1944

Book cover University of Idaho's 1944 yearbook. [Book-Gem_Mountains-1944]


The Grizzly

The Grizzly is the year book of Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas.

The Grizzly 1982

Book cover Butler Community College's 1982 yearbook. [Book-Grizzly-1982]


The Illio

The Illio is the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's yearbook.

The Illio 1951

Book cover University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's 1951 yearbook. [Book-Illio-1951]


The Illio 2002

Book cover University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's 2002 yearbook. [Book-Illio-2002]



The Indian is the yearbook of Arkansas State University in State University, Arkansas.

Indian 1989

Book cover Arkansas State University's 1989 yearbook. [Book-Indian-1989]


Indian 1991

Book cover Arkansas State University's 1991 yearbook. [Book-Indian-1991]


Indian 1998

Book cover Arkansas State University's 1998 yearbook. [Book-Indian-1998]



Jambalaya is the yearbook of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jambalaya 1959

Book cover Tulane University's 1959 yearbook. [Book-Jambalaya-1959]


Jambalaya 1960

Book cover Tulane University's 1960 yearbook. [Book-Jambalaya-1960]


Jambalaya 2005

Book cover Tulane University's 2005 yearbook. [Book-Jambalaya-2005]


The Key

The Key is the yearbook of University of Dubuque in Dubuque, Iowa.

Key 1961

Book cover University of Dubuque's 1961 yearbook. [Book-Key-1961]


Key 1996

Book cover University of Dubuque's 1996 yearbook. [Book-Key-1996]


Lucky Bag

Lucky Bag is the yearbook of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Lucky Bag 1949

Book cover United States Naval Academy's 1949 yearbook. [Book-Lucky_Bag-1949]



The Marionette is the yearbook of Marion College in Marion, Indiana.

Marionette 1973

Book cover Marion College's 1973 yearbook. [Book-Marionette-1973]



Narva was the yearbook for Park College in Parkville, Missouri. Park College became Park University in 2000. The yearbook was founded in 1901 and was named after an Indian Chief Narva.

Narva 1936

Book cover Park College's 1936 yearbook. [Book-Narva-1936]


Narva 1937

Book cover Park College's 1937 yearbook. [Book-Narva-1937]


Narva 1938

Book cover Park College's 1938 yearbook. [Book-Narva-1938]


Narva 1939

Book cover Park College's 1939 yearbook. [Book-Narva-1939]


Narva 1948

Book cover Park College's 1948 yearbook. [Book-Narva-1948]


The Nugget

The Nugget is the yearbook of Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Nugget 1959

Book cover Colorado College's 1959 yearbook. [Book-Nugget-1959]


The Poly

The Poly is the yearbook of Billings Polytechnic Institute yearbook. In 1947 the college was renamed to Rocky Mountain College and their new yearbooks were titled The Yellowstone.

The Poly 1938

Book cover Billings Polytechnic Institute's 1938 yearbook. [Book-Poly-1938]


The Poly 1939

Book cover Billings Polytechnic Institute's 1939 yearbook. [Book-Poly-1939]


Page numbers are from the PDF.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple is the yearbook for Kansas State University.

Royal Purple 1973

Book cover Kansas State University's 1973 yearbook. [Book-Royal_Purple-1973]


Royal Purple 1982

Book cover Kansas State University's 1982 yearbook. [Book-Royal_Purple-1982]


Royal Purple 1983

Book cover Kansas State University's 1983 yearbook. [Book-Royal_Purple-1983]



A play on the city where the University is at, Tally-Ho is the yearbook of Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Tally-Ho 1957

Book cover Florida State University's 1957 yearbook. [Book-Tally-Ho-1957]



The Tomokan is the yearbook of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Tomokan 1998

Book cover Rollins College's 1998 yearbook. [Book-Tomokan-1998]



The Tribesman is the yearbook of Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi.

Tribesman 1981

Book cover Mississippi College's 1981 yearbook. [Book-Tribesman-1981]


The Wyo

The University of Wyoming yearbook.

The Wyo 1915

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1915 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1915]


Page numbers are from the PDF.

The Wyo 1922

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1922 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1922]


The Wyo 1923

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1923 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1923]


The Wyo 1924

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1924 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1924]


The Wyo 1925

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1925 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1925]


The Wyo 1926

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1926 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1926]


The Wyo 1927

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1927 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1927]


The Wyo 1928

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1928 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1928]


The Wyo 1929

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1929 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1929]


The Wyo 1930

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1930 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1930]


The Wyo 1931

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1931 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1931]


The Wyo 1932

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1932 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1932]


The Wyo 1933

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1933 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1933]


The Wyo 1934

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1934 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1934]


The Wyo 1940

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1940 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1940]


The Wyo 1948

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1948 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1948]


The Wyo 1949

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1949 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1949]


The Wyo 1950

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1950 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1950]


The Wyo 1960

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1960 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1960]


The Wyo 1961

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1961 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1961]


The Wyo 1962

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1962 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1962]


The Wyo 1963

Book cover University of Wyoming's 1963 yearbook. [Book-Wyo-1963]


The Yellowstone

Internet Archive gives this description of the yearbook.

The Rocky Mountain College Yearbook is known as The Yellowstone. It has been published from 1947 to present. It was not published in 1955-1956; 1960; 1969; 1982-1983; 1985-1988; 1991; 2000; 2002-2009. It's predecessor title was The Poly of Billings Polytechnic Institute.

The books were published during those missing years, but under other names.

The Yellowstone 1962

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1962 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1962]


Page numbers are from the PDF.

The Yellowstone 1968

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1968 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1968]


Page numbers are from the PDF.

The Yellowstone 1975

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1975 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1975]


The Yellowstone 1976

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1976 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1976]


The Yellowstone 1977

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1977 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1977]


The Yellowstone 1978

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1978 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1978]


The Yellowstone 1979

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1979 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1979]


The Yellowstone 1981

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1981 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1981]


Rocky Pride 1984 (The Yellowstone 1984)

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1984 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1984]


The Yellowstone 1990

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1990 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1990]


The Yellowstone 1992

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1992 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1992]


The Yellowstone 1993

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1993 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1993]


The Yellowstone 1994

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1994 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1994]


The Yellowstone 1995

Book cover Rocky Mountain College's 1995 yearbook. [Book-Yellowstone-1995]



Callbooks are an index of radio call signs. Each call sign is a unique set of letters and numbers for each station or broadcaster.

CB Radio Callbooks

CB Horizons Callbook-Handbook

CB Horizons Callbook-Handbook: 1962

Callbook cover CB radio callbook of 1962. [Callbook-CB_Horizons-1962]


Ham Radio Callbooks

Ham radio callbooks started as government publications and eventually moved to being published in books and magazines. Call signs are organized by districts and Gillette is always listed in district 7. The documents have searchable text, but the OCR used wasn't perfect so I may have missed some call signs.

Amateur Radio Stations of the United States

Amateur Radio Stations of the United States: Edition of June 30, 1929

Callbook title page Ham radio callbook of 1929. [Callbook-Amateur_Radio-1929]


Amateur Radio Stations of the United States: Edition of June 30, 1930

Seventh District W7AAH | Eddie Pacot | Gillette, Wyoming W7ACR | Eddie Pacot | Box 261, Gillette, Wyoming 1 W7ADN | Harold E. Ross | Box 786, Gillette, Wyoming W7ALI | Olive Marquiss | Gillette, Wyoming 1 Portable; post-office address. [Ham-1930]


Amateur Radio Stations of the United States: Edition of June 30, 1931

Seventh District W7AAH | Eddie Pacot | Gillette, Wyoming W7ACR | Eddie Pacot | Gillette, Wyoming 1 W7ALI | Mrs. Olive Marquiss | Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyo. 1 Portable; post-office address [Ham-1931]


Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine

Once the United States government stopped publishing ham radio callbooks a magazine with a similar format did the same job with the addition of advertisements.

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1932

U. S. Seventh District W7AAH -- (W7ACR Portable) Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7ALI -- Mrs. Olive Marquiss, Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyo. W7BVT -- David M. Sayles, Gillette, Wyoming. [Ham-Fall_1932]


Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1933

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- (W7ACR Portable) Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7ALI -- Mrs. Olive Marquiss, Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyo. W7BVT -- David M. Sayles, Gillette, Wyoming. [Ham-Spring_1933]


Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1934

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- (W7ACR Portable) Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7ALI -- Mrs. Olive Marquiss, Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyo. W7BVT -- David M. Sayles, Gillette, Wyoming. W7CWO -- George A. Lewis, Box 847, Gillette, Wyo. W7CWR -- Garold Simpson, Gillette, Wyoming [Ham-Fall_1934]


Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1935

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- (W7ACR Portable) Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7ALI -- Mrs. Olive Marquiss, Little Buffalo Ranch, Gillette, Wyo. W7BVT -- David M. Sayles, Gillette, Wyoming. W7CWO -- George A. Lewis, Box 847, Gillette, Wyo. W7CWR -- Garold Simpson, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1935]


Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1936

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7CWO -- George A. Lewis, Box 847, Gillette, Wyo. W7CWR -- Garold Simpson, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1936]


Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1937

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1937]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1938

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1938]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1940

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1940]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1941

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7ALI -- Olive H. Marquiss, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1941]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1946

United States -- W7 - K7 W7AAH -- Eddie Pacot, AARS, Box 261, Gillette, Wyo. W7ALI -- Olive H. Marquiss, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI -- Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBR -- Thomas W. McGee, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1946]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1947

United States -- K7 - W7 W7ALI -- Olive H. Marquiss, Gillette, Wyo. W7HNI -- Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI -- Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBR -- Thomas W. McGee, Gillette, Wyo. W7TJ -- T. P. Robertson, 730 S. Main, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1947]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1948

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7MFL Miles L. Fox, Gillette, Wyo. W7TJ Thomas P. Robertson, 730 S. Main St., Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1948]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Summer 1949

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7MFL Miles L. Fox, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Summer_1949]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Summer 1950

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7MFL Miles L. Fox, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Summer_1950]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1951

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7MFL Miles L. Fox, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1951]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1952

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7MFL Miles L. Fox, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1952]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1953

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1953]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1954

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Post Office Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. WN7UWZ Charles E. Rossi, 232 Carey Avenue, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1954]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1955

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Post Office Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1955]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1956

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Post Office Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Spring_1956]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1957

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Post Office Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Fall_1957]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Summer 1958

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Post Office Box 149, Gillette, Wyo. W7TZK Elbert D. Ruland, 334 Richards, Gillette, Wyo. [Ham-Summer_1958]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1959

United States -- K7 - W7 W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 244 Richards, Gillette, Wyo W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo W7NOU Harold E. Ross, P O Box 149, Gillette, Wyo W7TZK Elbert D. Ruland, 334 Richards, Gillette, Wyo [Ham-Spring_1959]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Spring 1961

United States -- K7 - W7 W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette, Wyo K7JNX Howard L. Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette Wyo W7NOU Harold E. Ross, P O Box 149, Gillette Wyo [Ham-Spring_1961]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Fall 1962

United States -- K7 - W7 - WA7 W7EBB Donald L. Allbee, Gen. Del, Gillette Wyo W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette Wyo K7JNX Howard L. Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette Wyo K7NCK Fred A. Barlow, P O Box 898, Gillette Wyo W7NOU Harold E. Ross, P O Box 149, Gillette Wyo KN7TCF Wayne Bird, Gen. Del, Gillette Wyo [Ham-Fall_1962]

Radio Amateur Call Book Magazine: Summer 1963

United States -- W7 - K7 W7EBB Donald L. Allbee, Gen. Del, Gillette Wyo W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Av, Gillette Wyo W7JBI Robert E. Wade, Gillette Wyo K7JNX Howard L. Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette Wyo K7NCK Fred A. Barlow, P O Box 898, Gillette Wyo W7NOU Harold E. Ross, P O Box 149, Gillette Wyo KN7TCF Wayne Bird, Gen. Del, Gillette Wyo [Ham-Summer_1963]

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine: Spring 1966

United States -- K7 - W7 - WA7 W7EBB Donald L. Allbee, Gen. Del, Gillette Wyo K7HHW Aubrey R. Stanton, 709 Brooks, Gillette Wyo W7HNI Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Av, Gillette Wyo K7JNX Howard L. Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette Wyo K7NCK Fred A. Barlow, P O Box 898, Gillette Wyo W7NOU Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette Wyo K7TCF Wayne A. Bird, Gen. Del, Gillette Wyo [Ham-Spring_1966]

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine: Spring 1968

United States -- K7 - W7 - WA7 W7HNI A Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Av, Gillette WY W7JBI C Robert E. Wade, Gillette WY K7JNX C Howard L. Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette WY W7NOU A Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette WY K7TCF C Wayne A. Bird, Gen. Del, Gillette WY [Ham-Spring_1968]

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine: Fall 1969

United States -- K7 - W7 - WA7 W7HNI A Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Av, Gillette WY K7NCK G Fred A. Barlow, 502 W Fifth St. Gillette WY W7NOU A Harold E. Ross, Box 149, Gillette WY K7ZNF C Terry L. Brown, Box 272, Gillette WY [Ham-Fall_1969]

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine: Spring 1970

United States -- K7 - W7 - WA7 W7HNI A Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Av, Gillette WY K7JNX C Howard L Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette 82716 WY W7NOU A Harold E Ross, Box 149, Gillette 82716 WY [Ham-Spring_1970]

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine: Fall 1971

United States K7 - W7 - WA7 W7HNI A Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Av, Gillette WY K7JNX C Howard L Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette 82716 WY W7NOU A Harold E Ross, Box 149, Gillette 82716 WY [Ham-Fall_1971]

Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine: Winter 1972

United States K7 - W7 - WA7 W7HNI A Arlen D. Gaddis, 210 Richards Ave, Gillette WY K7JNX C Howard L Grams, P O Box 463, Gillette 82716 WY W7NOU A Harold E Ross, Box 149, Gillette 82716 WY WA7RZJ A John D Murphy, 608 Osborne Ave, Gillette 827168 WY [Ham-Winter_1972]

Coins and Tokens

Drink Tokens

Gillette Moose Lodge #1957

Coin obverse Obverse "Gillette Moose Lodge #1957 Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Good for 1 shorty beer". [Coin-Gillette_Moose]


Jake's Tavern

Jake's Tavern is bar on Wyoming Highway 59 and went into business in 1994.

Jake's Tavern - Bullwinkles Saloon

Coin obverse One of at least two proof coins made. It is a plastic coin 38 mm in diameter. Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Bullwinkles Saloon Helena, Mt.". [Coin-Jake_Tavern-Bullwinkles_Saloon]


Jake's Tavern - The Cabin Tavern

Coin obverse One of at least two proof coins made. It is a plastic coin 38 mm in diameter. Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wyoming". Reverse "The Cabin Tavern Anchorage, Alaska". [Coin-Jake_Tavern-Cabin_Tavern]


Jake's Tavern: Good for One Beer

Coin obverse Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Good for one beer". [Coin-Jake_Beer]


Jake's Tavern: Good for One Mixed Drink

Coin obverse Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Good for one mixed drink" [Coin-Jake_Mixed]


Jake's Tavern: Good for One Premium Beer

Coin obverse Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Good for one premium beer" [Coin-Jake_Premium_Beer]


Jake's Tavern: Good for One Premium Drink

Coin obverse Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Good for one premium drink" [Coin-Jake_Premium_Drink]


Jake's Tavern: Good for 1 Tap Beer

Coin obverse Obverse "Nearly World Famous Jake's Tavern Gillette, Wy". Reverse "Good for 1 tap beer". [Coin-Jake_Tap_Beer]


Wooden Nickel: Good For One Free Drink

Coin obverse Obverse "Wooden Nickel Good For One Free Drink". Reverse "Ramada Inn Gillette, Wyoming 682-5111". [Coin-Wooden_Nickel]


Other Coins and Tokens

75th Anniversary - 1891-1966 - Gillette, Wyoming

Coin obverse The memento coin is about 36.5 millimeters in diameter and is made of nickel. Obverse "75th Anniversary - 1891-1966 - Gillette, Wyoming". Reverse "Gillette Souvenir 1/2 Buck" [Coin-75th_Anniversary-1966]

Church Jewelry Co.

Coin obverse Obverse "Church Jewelry Co. Gillette, Wyo. 12 1/2 Cents". Reverse "Go to Church for cigars & candy". [Coin-Church_Jewelry]


EZ Auto Wash

Coin obverse Obverse "EZ Auto Wash Gillette Wyoming". Reverse "No Cash Value". [Coin-EZ_Wash]

Gillette Chapter No. 17 R.A.M.

Coin obverse A brass coin 31 millimeters in diameter made by the Masons in Gillette. It was used in the Mark Master degree ceremony in the Royal Arch Chapter of the York Rite also known as the American Rite. Obverse "Gillette Chapter No. 17, R.A.M. Instituted July 10, 1924 Gillette, Wyo. One Penny". Reverse "HTWSSTKS". [Coin-Gillette_RAM-1924]


Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Challenge Coin

Coin obverse A Harley-Davidson challenge coin and advertisement for Deluxe Harley-Davidson of Gillette and Sundance, Wyoming [Coin-Harley_Challenge-2013]


Parking Meter Token

Coin obverse A 21 millimeter round parking meter token which is about the size of a nickel. According to the Campbell County Rockpile Museum it is made of aluminum and was given out by businesses for free. The token was good for 1 hour parking. The obverse says parking meter token with an oil rig in the center. The reverse says Gillette, Wyoming with a pronghorn in the center. [Coin-Parking_Token]

Pastime Pool Quick Lunch Gillette, Wyo.

Coin obverse Obverse "Pastime Pool Quick Lunch Gillette, Wyo.". Reverse "Good for 10c in trade". [Coin-Pastime_Pool]

Roy Montgomery Gillette, Wyo

Coin obverse Obverse "Roy Montgomery Gillette, Wyo". Reverse "Good For 12 1/2 Cts. in Trade" [Coin-Roy_Montgomery]


Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is a story based on a popular work of fiction written by fans. In fan fiction an "x" means a crossover or a blend of fictional universes. For example Buffy x Dark Angel is a story that mixes the world of the TV shows Buffy and Dark Angel.

Brokeback Mountain

The movie Brokeback Mountain has nothing to do with Gillette and doesn't mention it. It was filmed in Canada and set in Green River, Wyoming.

Two Crows Joy

Story screenshot Gillette plays an increasingly important role in the story as it progresses. It mentions Wyoming Highway 59 and the Gillette-Campbell County Airport which it calls Gillette Regional. [Fan_Fiction-Two_Crows-2011]


Buffy x Dark Angel

Buffy was a TV show about vampires and vampire hunters. While Dark Angel was a dystopian cyberpunk show. Both aired around the same time.


Story screenshot The first two chapters are set in Gillette, but only because of the Manticore reference from the TV show. [Fan_Fiction-X5471-2006]


Captain America x The Avengers

Simon Says

Story screenshot A character has a psychotic break and finds themselves living in Sleepy Hollow working at Walmart in Gillette. [Fan_Fiction-Simon_Says-2018]


Dark Angel

The Manticore facility in the TV show is set in Gillette. Because of that reference the city plays a major role in many fan fiction stories despite it being little more than a background mention on TV.


Story screenshot Several chapters are set in Gillette, though little is said about it. [Fan_Fiction-Breakaway-2013]

L'ennemi Cache (The Hidden Enemy)

Story screenshot This entire French fan fiction is set at Manticore in Gillette. [Fan_Fiction-L_ennemi_Cache-2006]


Left Behind

Story screenshot While the entire story takes place in Gillette the characters never leave the Manticore facility. [Fan_Fiction-Left_Behind-2003]

Manticore Remodeled

Story screenshot This story takes place entirely in Gillette and the Manticore facility. The author, 13-year-old Brittany Cooper listed the story as humor. She tried to imagine Gillette as a big city with gigantic schools, luxury apartments, street prostitutes, and 24 story buildings. [Fan_Fiction-Manticore_Remodeled-2006]


Pour te Comprendre (To Understand You)

Story screenshot A few parts of the early chapters take place in Gillette at Manticore in this French language fan fiction. [Fan_Fiction-Pour_Comprendre-2010]


Project Monticora

Story screenshot This nearly 300,000 word fan fiction story recaps what is said the Dark Angel TV show that several children escape a facility in Gillette which was called Manticore. The episode Heat reveals the facility was a strategic air command base and when it was shutdown the staff was reassigned. Project Monticora also repeats that same information. [Fan_Fiction-Project_Monticora-2014]



Story screenshot Half of this story is set in Gillette during season 2 of the TV show. It is about a soldier turned guerrilla fighter. [Fan_Fiction-Sanguine-2009]

The Wound of Sorrow

Story screenshot Half of chapter 1 is about the Manticore facility in Gillette in the past. Nothing new is said about Gillette that the TV show didn't cover. [Fan_Fiction-Wound_Sorrow-2010]


X5 593

Story screenshot While most of the story is set in Gillette it only takes place inside the Manticore facility. [Fan_Fiction-X5_593-2001]


Dark Angel x Supernatural

Dark Angel and Supernatural have little in common. While the Dark Angel franchise mentions Gillette the TV show Supernatural does not.

Crossing Paths

Story screenshot The Australian author imagined a badly maintained cemetery in the middle of Gillette with a second one on the outskirts. There was also a reference to a "Campbell County Hospital". [Fan_Fiction-Crossing_Paths-2017]



The Longmire books and TV show are set in a fiction Buffalo, Wyoming which is near Gillette. One of the books is partially set in Gillette, but the TV show has never mentioned the city.

In The Wind

Story screenshot A character hires an unnamed lawyer from Gillette. [Fan_Fiction-In_Wind-2013]

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a franchise that began with a Japanese comic and spawned toys, games, and several TV shows. The characters are known for their magical transformations and Japanese schoolgirl uniforms.

Shield's Bride

Story screenshot The story takes place in a fictional town called Weaver, Wyoming, and mentions Gillette a few times. These are passing mentions, but it never describes the city. [Fan_Fiction-Shield_Bride-2011]


The Southern Vampire Mysteries

The Southern Vampire Mysteries series is also known as the True Blood Novels or the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. The books and TV show True Blood never mention Gillette.

Now and Then

Story screenshot Parts of the story is set in Gillette. [Fan_Fiction-Now_Then-2012]



Story screenshot Marks is less of a story and more of a story fragment. Gillette doesn't play an important role in it. [Fan_Fiction-Marks-2007]

Hunter Arcana

Story screenshot Hunter Arcana is a rare fan fiction with fan art. It mentions Gillette, but it isn't important to the story. [Fan_Fiction-Hunter_Arcana-2017]


The Last Outpost of All That Is

Story screenshot The characters pass by Gillette while traveling on Interstate 90. [Fan_Fiction-Last_Outpost-2014]



Board Games

Wheeler-Dealer: The Game of Gillette Campbell County, Wyoming

Board game set photo A promotional board game that plays similar to Monopoly with a different version for each city. [Game-Wheeler_Dealer-1980]

Video Games

James Cameron's Dark Angel

Box cover Dark Angel is a video game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 based on the TV show. The opening scene shows the Manticore facility which the show said was in Gillette. The game never explicitly says Gillette unlike the TV show and book based on the show. [Game-Dark_Angel-2002]


Government Reports and Studies

1980 Profile of the Montana Native American

Estimated Indian and Alaskan Service Population Using New Methodology by Area, Service Unit, and County. Fiscal Years 1980-1990.

Service Unit County | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989 | 1990 Gillette, Wyoming | 24 | 25 | 26 | 28 | 29 [1980_Profile-1987]

Annual Reports

Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior

Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior 1934

Report cover "Coal-bed fires.--The work in controlling fires on the outcrop of coal beds on the public land near Gillette, Wyo., which was carried on by a Civilian Conservation Camp during the summer of 1933, has been continued this summer." [Report-Annual_Interior-1934]


Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior 1935

Report cover "The Civilian Conservation Camp established at Gillette, Wyo., for the purpose of controlling the coal fires in the public lands and privately owned lands in which the coal has been reserved to the Federal Government was continued through the third enrollment period until October 15, 1934, and was reestablished June 5, 1935, for the fifth enrollment period." [Report-Annual_Interior-1935]


Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior 1937

Report cover The Civilian Conservation Camp in Gillette put out coal bed fires near Little Thunder Basin, Wyoming from May 9, 1936 to October 15, 1936. There were no lost-time accidents. [Report-Annual_Interior-1937]


Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior 1939

Report cover "Under the supervision of the General Land Office, the C. C. C. has done work of inestimable value in controlling underground coal fires which have been destroying valuable Federal coal beds in public lands in the vicinity of Little Thunder Basin, Wyo. To the close of the fiscal year, 19 separate coal-bed fires have been worked upon, 12 of which are reported extinguished or under control. On the remaining 7 work is progressing satisfactorily, giving promise that eventually they will be extinguished. In addition, there are 10 other coal-bed fires in the vicinity of Gillette, Wyo., upon which work must be done for several years, if these irreplaceable natural resources are to be saved from complete destruction." [Report-Annual_Interior-1939]


Annual Report of the Secretary of the Interior 1941

Report cover The Civilian Conservation Corps continued their work putting out coal fires near Gillette. A photo of a massive coal seam near Gillette appears with a long description of the amount of coal available and how much energy it would provide. [Report-Annual_Interior-1941]


Annual Reports of the Post-Office Department

Annual Reports of the Post-Office Department 1903

Title page "November 13 [, 1902].--Lincoln and Billings R.P.O., train 42, at Gillette, Wyo. A portion of the letter mail was damaged. Clerk Charles E. Bobbitt slightly injured." [Report-Annual_Post-1903]


Annual Report of the Town of Weare

Annual Report of the Town of Weare 2005

Book cover The report starts with a memorial to Matthew Bryan Pelletier who died at age 49. After high school he worked at a coal mine while living in Gillette during the 1970s. Eventually he moved to Weare, New Hampshire where he lived for 20 years. [Report-Annual_Weare-2005]


Climatological Report National Summary

Climatological Report National Summary 1972

Book cover "Heavy rains of 4 to 6 inches [10.16 cm to 15.24 cm] in northeastern Wyoming on the 20th to 22d [June 1964] caused localized flash flooding of the smaller tributaries of Powder River. Flooding was especially serious along North, Middle, and South Forks of the Powder Rever near Kaycee, Wyo. Flash flooding occurred on small creeks and gullies at and in the vicinity of Gillette, Wyo. The greatest loss of property resulted from the flooding of many home basements in Kaycee and Gillette, Wyo. There was also bridge and road washouts plus damage to city streets in Gillette. The minor flooding along the Yellowstone River in Montana was confined to the lowland near and adjacent to the river." [Report-Climatological_Report-1964]


Uniform Crime Reports for the United States

Uniform Crime Reports for the United States 1967

Book cover Gillette had 14 full-time police department employees in 1967. [Report-Uniform_Crime-1967]


Yellowstone River Compact Commission: Annual Report

Yellowstone River Compact Commission: Twenty-First Annual Report

Report cover The commission wanted the states to work together on the best use of the Yellowstone River. It thought the compact was important for the coal mining around gillette because of possible future use of the water from the river. [Report-Yellowstone_Annual-1972]


Jobs Through Economic Development

Several case studies of cities including one on Gillette.


Gillette, Wyoming

The city of Gillette drilled for water but struck oil, and that's the way it has been for the past 18 years.

In those 18 years, Gillette, a small town in northeastern Wyoming, has changed from a group of houses and a railroad depot servicing a ranching and farming community to a mining boomtown, growing at a rate of 15 to 20 percent a year.

Oil was discovered in 1960, and with it came the first boom, doubling the population to 7,000.

Then in the early seventies the coal boom occurred, and in 5 years the population has risen to 12,500. The exploding growth is expected to level off in 1985 at around 35,000 people, but the future doesn't stop there. If the Nation goes to coal gasification to replace natural gas, according to Gillette Mayor Mike Enzi, a third boom will hit, and the population could reach between 75,000 and 100,000 people, making Gillette one of the largest cities in Wyoming.

There's another side to the story of the town with the Midas touch. When you're thirsty and you need water, oil doesn't help. Gillette needs water, sewers, doctors, nurses, and social workers. It also needs public transportation, affordable housing, social programs,... and money.

Wealthy Area, Poor Town

In spite of the surrounding wealth, Gillette is a poor town. There is a tax lag, and the revenues coming into the city's coffers haven't caught up with the growth needs. Gillette is growing faster than it can afford economically and is building water and sewage plants for a future city of 35,000, but is paying for it with the revenues from a city of 12,500. Without money and with the crushing weight of rapidly becoming a large city, Gillette has had to turn to other financial sources for survival.

The issue becomes even more cloudy when much of the available grant money, according to city officials, is being used to help alleviate problems and unemployment in large industrial cities.

Twenty Below--A long, harsh winter is only one of the problems the people of Gillette, Wyo., must face. Now a surge in coal mining means new responsibilities in planning the community's economic future.

"With the situation with coal and the lack of policies, you really can't show the bond market that we're ever going to have that number of people around, it even becomes more difficult to show that you are going to be able to make a nice, evenly staged payments every year," Mayor Enzi elaborated. "What we need for a solution is some kind of loan guarantee, so that when what is projected doesn't happen, we're not filing for bankruptcy."

High Stress Is a Problem

There's another aspect to Gillette's problem, other than the lack of money.

"There's a high stress situation here," Jo Ann Wzorek, former coordinator of the Gillette Human Services Project, explained. "Things are happening here that a normal human being coming into the community with his head together would have difficulty coping with."

Suzey Abrams, a public health nurse, added: "You think you're going to die from just the stress. Then you get a person who might not be normal, who is coming here because he wants to make money. He has problems to start with, and he brings his problems with him. The stress really mounts up."

"I've seen families with 10 kids living in a 10-by-55-foot [550 feet squared][3.04 meters by 16.76 meters][~50.95 meters squared] trailer," Bob Kuchera, director of the Department of Public Assistance and Social Services (DPASS), said.

"It's not what they need, it's what they can get. You see them squeezed in. Tensions get pretty bad. If the father has had a bad day at work and needs rest, and the kids have had a bad day, yelling and screaming, the whole thing gets pretty explosive, a tension-building kind of thing. When a kid lets loose, the father hits him harder than he would if he didn't have all the tension, and as a result, a DPASS case is set up."

Soaring Prices, Heavy Traffic

There has been a 300-percent increase in the reporting of child abuse and neglect cases in Campbell County, and with a staff of only two social workers and a director, these are virtually the only problems the agency is handling.

"The only recreation is drinking, which creates child abuse, which just compounds itself again and again and again," Kuchera concluded.

The stress-creating problems are numerous. The cost of housing, when it is available, has skyrocketed. A $20,000 [$72,274.96 in September 2017] house in Cheyenne costs $50,000 [$180,687.41 in September 2017] in Gillette. Traffic is unbearable, and the wait in the cashier line in the grocery store takes an hour. There are few doctors, so most of the primary health care falls to public health nurses who are forced to devote most of their time to newborns. Working hours are long and hard, and recreation is limited.

Housing Hardship--The cost of housing in Gillette is measured, not only in dollars, but in stress-creating problems caused by overcrowding. Some of the trailer homes in Gillette house families of eight to ten members.

Living in Gillette today is very much like living must have been in any of the hundreds of mining boomtowns throughout the West 100 years ago. Sociologists say that those towns, now deserted ghost towns, had many of the same problems Gillette has, but Gillette is solving its problems differently.

University Program Helps

One of the solutions started at the University of Wyoming with a new program, designed to aid impacted communities, called the Wyoming Human Services Project. The idea was to send a team of graduate students into an impacted area to live and work in the community. For 20 hours a week, team members work in city and county agencies, providing additional manpower to the understaffed agencies, working as social workers, nurses, lawyers, and administrators. In these positions they help the agencies professionally, as well as with additional manpower. For the second 20 hours of a week, the students function as team members with the Human Services Project, helping the community by delivering human services.

By working as a public health nurse, for example, a team member assesses the community's health needs from actual experience. Team members from other disciplines, such as social work, law, and administration, do the same in their fields. Then, together they look at the same problems, each from a different professional point of view, determine needs, and initiate projects to help alleviate those problems.

On the basis of a grant proposal written and submitted to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) the university received a 5-year grant from NIMH to train teams to go into impacted communities. That took care of half the problem; the unsolved half was the funding of the teams in the field.

EDA Provides Funding

Mayor Enzi and the University of Wyoming also wrote a grant proposal to the Economic Development Administration (EDA). A 1-year grant of $60,000 [$216,824.89 in September 2017] was awarded in June 1975, and the Gillette Human Services Project was born.

In September 1975, the first team of seven young graduates from the University of Wyoming arrived in Gillette, along with a field advisor.

Suzey Abrams, a team member from the first year, laughed, "I was going to come here and save Gillette." When she arrived, Suzey found the situation different from the classroom. "Everything was confusing.

"We struggled the first 3 or 4 months. We met every afternoon. There was a craziness in the air. We didn't know our roles in the community. There were no guidelines, no descriptions."

"We were a solution looking for a problem," Felix Sowada, a team lawyer explained. "There were times that we wouldn't know what to do. We would spend a whole week just piddling around, wondering what the hell to do. It wasn't all good."

"When we first came here," Abrams added, "Jay O'Reed--the superintendent of the public schools--thought we wer just another Federal program, another group coming to Gillette to study it, and to do nothing."

Community Joins Effort

Kuchera had much the same feelings. "When the whole thing started, I was rather skeptical. They were going to bring some people, and we were going to tell them all the problems and educate them to all the factors that are here--then they're going to go away."

"The community was not overly receptive," Abrams continued. "But because we were young and graduates, we were not a threat either. We were just some kids getting together, and what harm could we do? They didn't have any expectation of the team ever succeeding. They didn't take us seriously, and those first months just reinforced that. We were meeting, but we weren't doing anything.

Filing the Medical Gap--Public Health Nurse Suzey Abrams provides many Gillette babies with medical care. She is a member of the EDA-funded Human Services Project team working in the Wyoming boomtown.

"After we started doing things, the whole community was just shocked," she paused, "just shocked."

Ideas started coming in from team members working at different agencies, from community people, and from an advisory board of local people. One of the first projects was a youth attention home, called the YES (Youth Emergency Service) Home. The idea for the home, like so many project ideas, came from the community.

The Y.E.S. House which is called the YES Home in the report is still around and has expanded significantly since the 1970s. They confirmed what was said in the report is true. The community was working on the idea and the people sent over by the University of Wyoming helped develop the program with federal money.

Much of the time the team took an idea from the community, developed it, turned it into reality and then returned the fledgling organization back to the community.

Team Promotes Awareness

"Acting as a catalyst had to be their major role," Enzi commented. "It wasn't a situation where the problems weren't recognized, but the catalyst wasn't there."

City Administrator Flip McConnaughy, who came to Gillette in 1976 during the project's second year, added his similar opinion. "They served as a focal point for the concerns of the community," he said. "People in the community wanted to do things' but they didn't have the expertise, such as social services, law, and administration, to put a program together and get it started. The team provided that. I think the concern and support was already here, but they needed some place for that to be focused."

"We also provided a catalyst for enthusiasm," Dave Ebertz, another first-year team member related. "I think this helped other people in the community enthusiastic about the same problems we were enthusiastic about. "We also provided an awareness among a lot of people who would not really be aware of a problem, of, say, child abuse. The fact that we publicized the YES Home, in reference to child abuse and runaways, made these problems more visible," Ebertz said.

Rural Town to City

Project problems were the same for everyone, but for team members designated to work in city hall, the assignment was entirely different. The city of Gillette was in a period of transformation from a small western conservative town, where a "less government, the better," attitude prevailed, to a major energy-producing city. In other words, Gillette was stepping out of the nineteenth century and into the twentieth.

When the team first arrived, the city had a part-time mayor and a full-time city planner. That was the extent of the professional staff. Out of the first team, one team member was assigned to work as the city administrator and another as city attorney.

"The project came to Gillette at a fortuitous time," Sowada said. "The most dramatic part--maybe because I hung around city hall--was city hall. It really just turned around. It was compressing 50 years into 5, transforming a small rural town to, by Wyoming standards, a large city. We were changing from what was a small rural town where records were kept on the backs of envelopes."

Working in city hall, the team members were helping build a government for the future. They spent a great deal of time recodifying all the city ordinances--a massive job which isn't completed yet--and designing the city government, which included writing job descriptions, budget writing, land planning, working with internal police problems and police procedures. Some of the work wasn't what they had planned on in college; when a city judge was sick, a team member sat on the bench for him.

Ideas Into Action--An impressive number of problem-solving agencies have been started by the Gillette Human Services Project team and then taken over by the community. Here, team members Phil Bobrow (left) and Mike O'Hashi prepare materials for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters project.

City Relieved of Some Problems

The lawyer's role is important, beyond what is set down on paper in a job description. "In a growth community, we are in court a good deal of the time, because we're doing a great number of different things, and any time there is change there is a chance it is going to be questioned," Enzi said. "When it is, one of the forms for questioning is the courts, so we needed additional help there."

Aside from creating jobs on paper, city hall team members were able to show the community that the jobs were actually needed.

The mayor continued. "The city administrator helped sell the permanent position. People could see that it wasn't just some more government bureaucracy being poured into the works....He was doing tasks that before were let slip by simply because we didn't have the manpower and the professionalism to handle it. The same was pretty much true of the city attorney."

Court in Session--Felix Sowada, presiding, completed his term as Human Services Project team attorney as a local judge, appointed and approved by the community. Earlier he had helped recodify the city's laws.

There were additional benefits to the local government from staff members working both inside and outside city hall. "We took pressure off the city to worry about other things," Ebertz said.

McConnaughy, the city administrator, elaborated, "One of the biggest advantages from our standpoint, was that we were spending all our time, all our money, just trying to maintain, improve, and expand the physical infrastructure of the community, like the streets, the water, the sewer, and police protection. The Gillette Human Services Project filled a need for social programs. They functioned in one area, letting us devote more of our resources to the physical structure of the community."

Bob Kuchera added that the team not only took pressure off city hall, it also took pressure off other agencies like DPASS. "There are a lot of things in the community that need to be done, but you need someone to do them. We don't have an option. When a crisis comes in, we have to handle it.

"What happens is that you get so you're so involved with the day-to-day crises, just to do the preventative work is very, very difficult. You have lots of ideas in your head as to what has to be done, but you don't have the time to implement them. These people, the team members, we could just dump the ideas on,' said Kuchera.

Major City Solutions

The list of agencies started and taken over by the community in 2 years is impressive. They include: the YES Home, United Way, Planned Parenthood, Parents Without Partners, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the Powder River Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Walk-In Counseling Center, a help line, a project to upgrade and increase the numbers of day-care centers, and the Gillette Information and Volunteer Program. There is a project for high school students to visit the elderly in nursing homes, and a Senior Citizen Center. Still in the planning stages are a venereal disease clinic and a "mini-human services" building.

The services are not unique and can be found in any major city. The problem is that Gillette isn't a major city, but it has major-city problems. Now Gillette has major-city solutions.

The picture of what the Gillette Human Services Project accomplished is broad, touching a great many areas both directly and indirectly. It has played a role in the transition of Gillette from a small town to a city, providing personnel and expertise to help various agencies cope with crisis after crisis, then providing the same personnel and expertise to develop the preventive programs full-time staff people didn't have time to work on.

Catalyst for Change

The team showed the need for jobs, and defined them in city hall, also working long hours on laborious tasks--like the recodification of city ordinances--and writing budgets, working on land planning, and defending the changes in court.

The team was a catalyst for change and enthusiasm, and created an awareness of social problems. Yet, few people were even aware of the team's existence or gave them credit for their accomplishments. Their primary role was in getting projects started, then turning them back to the community and gradually phasing themselves out.

In a rural, western, conservative State, populated with ranchers and farmers, there is a reluctance to take money, especially from the Federal Government, when they feel they can handle the problems by themselves.

Jo Ann Wzorek provided an example. "The school district here doesn't take a nickel from the Feds. They receive no free lunch program, no nothing. As long as Campbell County can afford their own lunch program, they give free lunches to all the kids who need them. It's better to do it all yourself, then you don't have to answer to anybody."

EDA Holds to Support

One thing that the project has done is make some of the more conservative townspeople less afraid of Federal money, because they can see the good it has done.

EDA also realized the worth of the project. The program was funded for a second year, this time with a grant of $88,585 [$320,123.88 in September 2017], bringing the total 2-year funding to $148,585 [$536,948.77 in September 2017].

The second year programs, like those of the first year, were absorbed into the community, along with many of the team members.

Charlie Anderson filled the spot he had created, then filled as a team member, becoming Gillette's city attorney. Susan Brown became a house parent and administrator for the YES Home, one of the projects she helped start. Phil Bobrow founded Big Brothers, then along with six others, applied for the directorship of the agency when the position opened up. Bobrow is now the director of the agency, and part of his job is finding funds.

Dave Ebertz created the position of city administrator, but declined the job when it was offered to him, saying he wasn't ready for it. Suzey Abrams became a public health nurse, which is what she had done when she was with the team. Felix Sowada, the attorney on the second year's team, was appointed and approved by the community as Gillette's third justice of the peace--which in Wyoming judicial structure is a judgeship hearing both criminal and civic cases--making him one of the youngest judges in the State.

With EDA's participation in the program completed, the Gillette Human Services Project now has an office which team members are trying to make into a permanent Human Services Center. The city of Gillette hired and is paying the two team members on the project, having them work in city hall half the time and on human services the other half.

They Also Serve--Young and old alike welcome the Human Services Project program that brings Gillette teenagers to visit older members of the community.

Community Taking Over

According to Mayor Enzi, "The city has seen enough benefit from the program to continue its two positions. We're doing what needs to be done with the program, which is have the community take it over, but this is going to be the trial year on it. A year from now the people working on the project won't be new graduates from the University of Wyoming, they will be people already living in the community.

"This is the year we need to devise the type of training it takes to use community-based people instead of community-imported people. We may fail in this year simply because we don't have the funding to make sure that sort of thing happens."

Everyone familiar with the project, even those who started out as skeptics, agree that the project has been a success. There was a need in the community, and the Gillette Human Services Project filled it.

"It was an idea whose time was right," according to Enzi. Gillette is different now, as far as what it can provide along the lines of basic, necessary human services, than it was before the first team came in. [Boomtown_Problems-1979]


Government Studies

North Central Power Study: Report of Phase I

This report deals with massive expansion and development of the energy industry in multiple states.

North Central Power Study: Report of Phase I: Volume I

In Volume I Gillette is mentioned on almost every other page of this document. There are many types of figures and maps. [Study-Power_Study-1-1971]

North Central Power Study: Report of Phase I: Volume II

Volume II is much larger than Volume I and again Gillette is on many of the pages. Some of the figures from Volume I are reprinted in Volume II. [Study-Power_Study-2-1971]

Project Blue Book

In the famous study done by the United States Air Force investigating UFOs there is a single report of a sighting in Gillette. A man named Thorne took a photo sometime between September 1 to 15 in 1966. The Air Force determined it was a reflection. [Blue_Book-1-1975] [Blue_Book-2-1975]


Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior

The John Morton Sheep Company telegraphed to the Department [of the Interior] on October 11 [, 1906] that the Utes [Indians] camped 15 miles [24.14 kilometers] from Gillette were robbing sheep camps and killing cattle and game; that the people of the settlements were becoming aroused, and that serious trouble was feared.

The governor of Wyoming [Bryant B. Brooks] wired the Department on October 14 [, 1906] that nearly all the Indians were then camped at Gillette, Wyo.; that they were drinking, insulting and stealing, and had defied the local police. He requested prompt action in order to avert serious trouble between the absentees and the settlers.

The Department [of the Interior] telegraphed to the governor the next the next day, inquiring wether he requested the Government to send United States troops into Wyoming to preserve order and arrest and remove the Indians. On receipt of the affirmative response the President [of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt] directed that the matter be turned over to the War Department, and on October 18 [, 1906] the Office furnished Capt. S. A. Cloman, of the General Staff of the Army, a brief memorandum about the trouble.

On October 19 [, 1906] the Secretary of War [William Howard Taft] telegraphed to the major-general commanding the northern division [Greely]:

It having been represented to the President [of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt] that a band of Ute Indians have entered the State of Wyoming, and there committed a series of depredations against the property and rights of its citizens; and a formal application for protection having been submitted in their behalf by the governor of Wyoming [Bryant B. Brooks], the legislature of that State not being in session, and it being impossible to convene it; the President directs that Major-General Greely, commanding the northern division, be instructed to cause a suitable force of cavalry to proceed to the scene of the disturbance and command the intruders to return to their homes. It is the President's desire that they be firmly but tactfully dealt with and that a violent course be avoided unless their defiance of the authority of the United States continues and it becomes necessary, for that reason, to compel them to desist from their unlawful conduct and return to the lands which have been allotted to their use in the Uintah Reservation, Utah.

The Indian agent at Crow Agency reported on October 20 [1906] that the Absentee Utes were camped about 40 miles [64.37 kilometers] north of Gillette, Wyo., on the Little Powder River; that they had purchased subsistence supplies at Gillette, Wyo., but had made no hostile demonstrations, and were heading apparently for the Crow or Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana.

The War Department ordered that troops proceed to the Indian camp and intercept a part of the band reported to be heading toward the Crow Reservation.

Major-General Greely telegraphed the War Department on October 24:

Captains Johnson and Pacton, Tenth Cavalry, striking Ute trail on the 22d, reached their camp on Spring Creek and Little Powder, 40 miles [64.37 kilometers] from Gillette, where a council was held with Chief Appah's band on the morning of the 23d. It would appear that the band camped with Appah consisted of about 300, with few women and children in sight and about 150 fighting men. They are fully armed, have their belts full of ammunition, and from 300 to 400 good ponies, 10,000 pounds [4,535 kilograms] of flour, purchased in Gillette, and a large amount of venison. Their transportation is mostly travois, with a few old wagons. While sullen and uncommunicative with reference to subject of return to Uintah Reservation, yet they expressed themselves on their grievances. They claim that they have harmed no one and expressed an intention of conducting themselves peacefully and lawfully. In this connection I have been unable to ascertain any illegal acts by them except the killing of game. They delayed moving to hold council with Johnson and Pacton, but declined to remain where they were pending further councils. [...]


On November 5 [, 1906] the United States Indian agent at Crow Agency reported that the rumors that the Utes had burned ranch buildings, shot and killed a prominent citizen, raided the cattle of settlers, etc., were all sent out to the press by unreliable persons and were found to be absolutely false; and that the object of such reports was to try to create a feeling against the Utes and thereby arouse the citizens to take action against them. [Report_Indian-1907]


Other Reports

State Summary of War Casualties: Wyoming

Report cover The United States Navy published this report of soldiers from Wyoming killed, captured, and injured in World War II in 1946. Several men were from Gillette, but the addresses are based on where their next of kin lived at the time of notification. [Report-State_Casualties-1946]



Adult Magazines

All of these entries are either articles about energy production or letters sent from readers. The softcore magazines such as Playboy contained more writing than nudity and even the hardcore magazines pale in comparison to what a single search will find. They are a relic from another time obsoleted by internet.


18 is a hardcore magazine featuring young petite women.

Virgin Territory

Magazine cover R. W. of Gillette wrote in to the magazine expressing his sexual preference for young petite gymnasts. He regretted never dating one, but used to skateboard next to a gym where he would watch them. [Magazine-18-Virgin_Territory-2010]



Hugh Hefner, playmates, the Playboy bunny logo, the Playboy mansion, and centerfolds all become icons of the Playboy's impact on popular culture until recently. Hefner is dead and the magazine has struggled with competition from internet. The entries on Gillette are about the energy industry and letters sent by readers from Gillette.


Magazine cover In a rush to develop coal-bed methane gas infrastructure the ranchers are taken advantage of by land men who turn around and flip land contracts they aggressively push. The creeks used by ranchers are disrupted by salty waste water dumped in the creeks which kills grazing areas. Blame is put on federal government policies specifically those by President George W. Bush. The effects are shown through the story of Ed Swartz. He tells of the effects to his ranch and how his grievances were ignored by every level of government which also profitted from it. Gillette is mentioned several times, but is not a major part of the article. [Magazine-Playboy-Ambushed-2003]


Boom Dreams

Magazine cover In a gonzo style article the author comes to Gillette to find work. He describes Gillette as a dirty and ugly place built with out thought for the future and out of proportion crime and suicide. Workers faced harsh conditions and took advantage of the plentiful drugs and alcohol paid for with the fast money. The town was split between natives and transients who each kept to themselves. Women thought Gillette was the wild west with fights, more men than women, and hard work. Eventually the author and the transplants become used to Gillette and even enjoy it. [Magazine-Playboy-Boom_Dreams-1982]


Dear Playboy: Gerry, Gerry, Quite Contrary

Magazine cover Jay Igo of Gillette wrote in declaring the Titan Roadrunner Sport RM the true big bike. [Magazine-Playboy-Dear_Playboy-1999]


Advertiser Magazines


The magazine is nearly all advertisements. Even the local pieces and articles are ads. It's printed as two magazines in one. One half is 82717 for Campbell County and the other is 82801 for Sheridan, Wyoming. [Zip_Code-2017-11][Zip_Code-2017-12][Zip_Code-2018-01][Zip_Code-2018-02][Zip_Code-2018-03][Zip_Code-2018-04]

Anybody's Auto

Autos & More

From the Big Horns to the Black Hills

The articles are Gillette News-Record articles or written by News-Record staff.

Gillette Advertiser

Gillette & Campbell County Relocation Guide

Here's My Card

The Gillette News-Record made at least two of these business card compilations. Unless you want to look at Gilette business cards it has nothing of interest. [My_Card-2013] [My_Card-2014]

Homes & More

House Hunter

House Hunter was published from 1989 to June 2017. [House_Hunter-2017-06]

Images: Gillette-Campbell County, Wyoming

Inside Gillette

Livability: Gillette-Wright and Campbell County, WY

Northeastern Wyoming Hunting Guide

An advertiser with a few articles from the Gillette News-Record staff targeting hunters. [Hunting-2011][Hunting-2012]


Tidbits of Campbell County

Tidbits is printed like a newspaper or newsletter and is a combination of a weekly advertiser and Reader's Digest, only much shorter. The local content is almost entirely advertising with most of it being syndicated bible trivia, national advertising for elderly services, crossword puzzles, recipes, and comics found in Sunday newspapers. Many of the local advertisements are for Crook County despite the name.

Agriculture Magazines

The American Elevator and Grain Trade

Elevator and Grain News

Magazine cover "The Farmers Union will lease the elevator to be constructed at Gillette, Wyo." [Magazine-American_Elevator-Elevator_Grain-1928]


FFA New Horizons

FFA New Horizons is the official magazine of the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

FFA in Action: Iowa Ride'em Rodeo

Article about the Iowa High School State Rodeo Finals.

[...] Thirty-five FFA members competed for the gold buckles and trophy saddles, as well as a chance to represent Iowa at the national high school finals in Gillette, Wyoming. [FFA-Iowa-1993]


Fund Raisers in Action

Wix Corporation recently awarded $250 [$468.32 in December 2017] bonuses to Dawsonville, Georgia; Utica, Nebraska; Brockway, Pennsylvania; and Gillette, Wyoming, Chapters for collecting the most boxtops per capita per region during the 1989 Wix/FFA fundraising promotion. [FFA-Fund_Raisers-1990]


The National Future Farmer

The official magazine of the FFA (Future Farmers of America) until 1989 when the name was changed to FFA New Horizons.

The Chapter Scoop

Thousands of new members are getting the Scoop now. Greenhands coming into FFA. For example, Gillette, Wyoming, took in 27. [National_Farmer-Greenhands-1975]


The Chapter Scoop

Andy Greer reported the Gillette, Wyoming, Chapter's swim party at a local recreation center. [National_Farmer-Party-1975]


FFA in Action: The Heart of the Matter

Article about AMBU a CPR training device and the Lifesaving Kit project.

"AMBU" simulators will also go to eight other state FFA organizations in honor of local chapters that distributed a large number of lifesaving kits in their areas. Those receiving recognition are FFA chapters in Nyssa, Oregon; Connell, Washington; Gillette, Wyoming; Fairview, Montana; Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; Clear Lake, South Dakota; Minico, Idaho; and Carrington, North Dakota. [National_Farmer-Heart-1977]


The FFA News in Brief: Safety Awards Come to FFA

The National Safety Council's Youth Advisory Committee has announced special recognition for seven local FFA chapters.

[...] Awards of Commendation were give to the Gillette, Wyoming, Chapter [...] [National_Farmer-Awards-1986]


The Joke Page

Policeman: "Do you know you were doing 60 miles [96.56 kilometers] per hour?" Sam: "How could I? I've only been driving 10 minutes." Janet Greer
Gillette, Wyoming [National_Farmer-Joke-1973]


Western Farm Life

The Mother Cow

Magazine cover Even though the article is not about Gillette there is a photo and some details about its author White Eagle (Shields Wright). "White Eagle, the writer of this story, is, as his name indicates, an Indian. His home is at Gillette, Wyo., and he was formerly rural mail carrier on a route in that section. He devotes his time to literary work and most of his stories and sketches are leaves from his own experiences on the plains and in the mountains. He has just returned to Gillette after a year's absence in California and Mexico. While in the latter country he witnessed a bull fight and he has promised Western Farm Life to write a story about it. White Eagle interprets the life of the West with an understanding heart and the precision and directness of truth." [Magazine-Western_Farm-Mother_Cow-1920]


A Wyoming Woman Sheep Rancher

Magazine cover Edith Paisley (Reno) of Gillette was praised for not just her toughness as a rancher but her skill with horses. The author is White Eagle (Shields Wright) also of Gillette. He documented her some of her contest achievements, showcased her ranching ability through stories, and described her appearance or beauty. [Magazine-Western_Farm-Wyoming_Woman-1918]


Alumni Magazines

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine

Class Notes


Vivien Guttridge Olsen writes from Gillette, Wyoming, and reports it is cold, snowy, and beautiful in an isolated auslere kind of way. Hubby Chad is Assistant City Administrator, Caleb is 4 1/2, Luke is 2. Viven is working towards a degree in music education. [Sweet_Briar-1993]

Delta State

With the Classes

1975 Carlton D. Campbell is the Career Center Director for Campbell County High School in Gillette, Wyoming. [Delta-Classes-2002]



The Lantern is the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse alumni magazine.

Class Notes

Class of 1965 William [Bill] Heineke, Gillette, Wyoming, is in the 26th year of a Summer Day Treatment Program he developed for high-risk children and their families provided through the Community Mental Health Center, Behavioral Health Services at Campbell County Memorial Hospital. Since its inception, the program has served more than 1,000 children and their families. [Lantern-Notes-2012]

I talked to Dr. Heineke in 2017 about this entry and he said the magazine never contacted him about it.


Arts and Crafts Magazines

American Craft

Creative Outliers

Magazine cover "By one estimate, there are as many full-time craft artists in the United States as there are people in the town of Gillette, Wyoming. Never heard of Gillette? Well, no wonder; like the universe of craft artists, it has a relatively small population." [Magazine-American_Craft-Creative_Outliers-2014]

The Jeweler's Circular

Western Department: Denver

Magazine cover D. D. Gilstrap said to be a wealthy cattleman from Gillette was swindled by H. Solomon in Denver when Gilstrap bought what he thought was a gold watch for cheap. A clerk at a hotel told him it was brass. [Magazine-Jeweler_Circular-Western_Department-1906]


Aviation Magazines


Hall-Scott: Aviation Power Plants Mean Professional Success

Magazine cover E. L. Mathewson wrote this testimonial in 1911 praising Hall-Scott motors, but more importantly described the first airplane flight in Wyoming. Early aviator George W. Thompson flew a biplane for the Independence Day celebration in Gillette from the top of the "foothills". [Magazine-Aeronautics-Hall-Scott-1911]



The Most Convincing Proof of Elbridge Aero Engine: Success is the Unsolicited Testimony of Users

Magazine cover E. L. Mathewson of the Mathewson Aeroplane Company wrote in saying the company's next air show was going to be in Gillette on July 3-4, 1911. He included a photo of early pilot George W. Thompson. [Magazine-Aircraft-Most_Convincing-1911]



Trade Trips

Magazine cover "It is reported that plans are being made for the erection of a hangar at Gillette, Wyo., according to H. J. Jones, N.A.A. member there" [Magazine-Aviation-Trade_Trips-1928]



Flying Mail: Cook Knight-Flat on His Aztec

Magazine cover "As a long-time reader of "I learned About Flying From That," I have been appalled by the apparent ineptitude of those with whom we share the airspace. In many cases, I suspect that the entire episode was a fabrication. Either Cook Knight wasn't in an Aztec or he wasn't qualified to be. James T. Fulkerson Gillette, Wyoming" [Magazine-Flying-Flying_Mail-1971]


On the Record: Cessna P210N

Magazine cover A Cessna P210N crash landed in or near Gillette. The plane was damaged, but the pilot was injured. The probable cause was the pilot didn't refuel soon enough and the rough terrain made the emergency landing worse. [Magazine-Flying-On_Record-2005]

Sportsman Pilot

Howard Odyssey

Magazine cover The article tracks the history of a Howard Expert DGA-15P airplane. The last owner was Ron Rippon who at some point after 1952 spent a year in Gillette before moving to Mansfield, Missouri. [Magazine-Sportsman_Pilot-Howard_Odyssey-1983]


Black Magazines

These magazines are made for Black readers with advertisements tailored to Black interests. The articles typically feature Blacks while talking about controversial racial issues of the day.

Black Ink

A Historic Meeting

Magazine cover One member each of the NAACP and KKK met in Casper, Wyoming to talk about KKK literature given out in Gillette and alleged hate crimes against blacks in Gillette. [Magazine-Black_Ink-Historic_Meeting-2013]


Black World

Black World was similar to Ebony or Jet. It was published 1942-1976. Originally it was called The Negro Digest as a Black alternative to Reader's Digest.

Dear Editor

Magazine cover "In response to your article/novel in your magazine dated December 1973 entitled "Two Thousand Seasons" by Mr. Ayi Kwei Armah, thank you for publishing such a beautiful article. This novel does not seem fiction to us, but the truth of our entire Black history including today. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Williams Gillette, Wyo." [Magazine-Black_World-Dear_Editor-1974]



Ebony is a Black focused magazine with interviews, news, reviews, celebrity gossip, and other things a typical magazine would include. As a Black-focused magazine Ebony covered controversial race issues.

Lady Pioneer in the Oil Fields

Magazine cover Edith Williams was profiled in 1984 while working in Gillette for Mobil. There are several photos of her working, though little is said about Gillette. [Magazine-Ebony-Lady_Pioneer-1984]


Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Magazines

American Motorcyclist

Nine Days in May: Atlanta to Montana by Back Roads

Magazine cover The author Jerry Tyler documented his motorcycle trip from Atlanta, Georgia to Missoula, Montana. He stopped at the Thrifty Inn in Gillette along the way. [Magazine-American_Motorcyclist-Nine_Days-1997]


Road Report: Big Jim and the Sacred Buffalo

Magazine cover The article covers the story of James "Big Jim" Durham and how he got funding for carving a buffalo skeleton based on a vision his son had. Durham first displayed his carved buffalo in Gillette in 1996. A Catholic priest said "I never thought I would see the hand of God on earth, but I saw it this week in the form of a buffalo skeleton, here in Gillette." [Magazine-American_Motorcyclist-Road_Report-1997]


Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide

21-Year Old Studies Diesel Technology (with Hands-on Approach)

Magazine cover Levi Krech of Gillette was inspired by Pat McCreery's truck in high school. Later at 21 he bought and modified a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500. With some help from his friends he was able to build the truck he wanted. Krech was hoping to open his own shop in a few years. [Magazine-Ultimate_Diesel-21_Year-2015]


Children's Magazines

Boy's Life

Hobby Hows

Magazine cover Chris S. Rigsby from Gillette wrote to the magazine in 1987 saying he was going to build an arctic sled and wanted more of Ben Hunt's articles. The response was ask an older relative or check a library for bound copies or on microfilm or to look at one of several other books listed. [Magazine-Boys_Life-Hobby_Hows-1987]


Think and Grin

Magazine cover Think and Grin was a regular article and contest asking boys to send in their jokes. One of the winners was Robert L. Streeter from Gillette, but the it doesn't say who sent in which joke. The prize was a scout diary or a handbook. [Magazine-Boys_Life-Think_Grin-1924]


The Friend

The Friend is published by the Church of Latter-day Saints better known as the Mormons. While it is a Christian magazine the target audience is children.

Friends in the News

Magazine cover "Gillette First Ward The Primary children of the Gillette First Ward, Gillette Wyoming Stake, participated in a talent show. Some children performed on the stage, and others showed their talents on table displays. At the end of the show, the Primary sang "Scripture Power."" There is a photo of the children as well. [Magazine-Friend-Friends_News-2008]


Our Creative Friends: Friends

Magazine cover Ranchester Branch Primary of the Gillette Wyoming Stake sent in a poem that spells Friends using the first letter on each line. [Magazine-Friend-Our_Creative-2003]


St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas was a kids magazine with fictional stories, puzzles, poems, advertisements, riddles, true stories, and so on. It was published 1873-1943.

The Letter Box

Magazine cover Dorothy W. Barney of Gillette sent a letter to the magazine describing where she lived and said she enjoyed their articles. Barney said she used to live in Chicago, Illinois. [Magazine-St_Nicholas-Letter_Box-1906]


Christian Magazines


Knights in Action: Knights Offer Prayers, Funds in 9-11 Aftermath

[...] Msgr. James Ruddy Council 3477 in Gillette, Wyoming, donated the entire proceeds of its October 28 bingo to the Heroes Fund. [...] [Knights_9-11-2002]


College Magazines

Gillette College Insider

Gillette College Insider is the magazine of the Gillette College in Gillette, Wyoming.

Gillette College Insider 2015

Magazine cover Gillette College's 2015 magazine. [Magazine-Gillette_College-2015]


Not fully indexed.

The Triad

Acacia was founded by and only open to Freemasons. Its history and the symbols it uses are based in Freemasony. The Triad is the magazine of the Acacia fraternity.

Wyoming: Buys a New House...

Magazine cover "The climax of rush week came with the pledging of thirteen men: Roland Hart, Douglas, Wyoming; Wayne Anderson, Egbert, Wyoming; Charles Mankin, Gillette, Wyoming; Robert Winton, Brighton, Colorado; Keith Raitt, Gillette, Wyoming; Jack Holoway, Grant, Nebraska; Dave Wilde, Rock Springs, Wyoming; Doy Whitlock, Riverton, Wyoming; Glenn Graham, Dresden, Ohio; Ted Hartung, Belvedere, New Jersey; Russell Sandercock, Fort Laramie, Wyoming; Bob Robinson, Arvada, Wyoming; and Tom Page, Willoughby, Ohio. The pledge group have elected Charles Mankin as pledge caption and Wayne Anderson as scribe." [Magazine-Triad-Wyoming_Buys-1947]



Wartburg is the magazine of Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

Knights in the News: 77

Magazine cover "77 David Hagemann, Gillette, Wyo., is a hospice counselor for Northeast Wyoming Hospice." [Magazine-Wartburg-Knights_77-1998]


Knights in the News: Fritschel Retires to Devote More Time to Composing

Magazine cover The article covers the career of 1951 Wartburg graduate Dr. James E. Fritschel. After graduating he taught high school music in Gillette and from the context it it was somewhere around 1951-1954. The article also includes a photo of him composing. [Magazine-Wartburg-Knights_Fritschel-1993]


Computer Magazines

Interface Age

Mail Code Sort and Print Program

Magazine cover The BASIC program in the article sorts addresses and prints them. The example figure included a Gillette address which was probably fake. "0120 DATA RAYMOND W SHORT, PO BOX 1306, GILLETTE WY,82716" [Magazine-Interface_Age-Mail_Code-1978]



Macworld is as its name suggests a magazine for Apple Macintosh computers. It was printed 1984 to 2014 and then moved to an online format.

Quick Tips: Dvorak Keyboard Layout

Magazine cover Sara Neyer of Gillette asked where to get software to change her keyboard layout to Dvorak in the keyboard control panel. The reply said America Online, CompuServe, and user groups had keyboard-layout files. Also, that in System 7 she could change the hidden keyboard menu by using ResEdit to make it always show. [Magazine-Macworld-Quick_Tips-1994]



The Oracle Contest discussed below was for subscribers to make predictions about everything from weather to politics. Prizes included software, money, and a computer.

(Oracle Contest) Contest Winners Oracle '83: The Saga Continues Lingering Limericks

Magazine cover "The Softalk random number generator was called in to break the tie, and in typical RNG fashion it generated a random number that was guaranteed to upset everyone involved. Everyone, that is, except for David Miles (Gillette, WY), who is this months winner. Miles plans to put the $100 [$250.81 in March 2018] he wins for this part of the Oracle contest toward the purchase of a Votrax Type-'N-Talk speech synthesizer." [Magazine-Softalk-Contest_Winners_Oracle-1983]


(Oracle Contest Part 5) A Hot Day in San Jose

Magazine cover David Miles of Gillette won the 5th part of the Oracle contest where contestants predicted the temperature in San Jose, California on July 4th Independence Day. He is photographed with Jean Mattson of ComputerLand presenting him a copy of Microsoft Multiplan. [Magazine-Softalk-Hot_Day-1983]


(Oracle Contest Part 6) Contest Winners

Magazine cover Part 6 of the Oracle contest to win an Apple IIe computer was predicting the who announced to run in the 1984 presidential election by September 30, 1983. David Miles of Gillette was in second place again. [Magazine-Softalk-Contest_Winners-1983]


(Oracle Contest Part 7) Contest Winners: An Apple Awarded; A Trickster Treated

Magazine cover The Oracle contest to win an Apple IIe computer ended with part 7 which was to predict 5 companies who made the most Top 30 appearances. David Miles of Gillette had won several other rounds, but lost part 7 and finished in second place. [Magazine-Softalk-Contest_Winners_Apple-1984]


Entertainment Magazines


Catching Up With Chop Top...

Magazine cover In an interview with Chop Top (Bill Moseley) HorrorHound magazine asks about his band Cornbugs. Moseley says he is the great grandson of Edward Gillette and named it Donkey Town in honor of Burlington Railroad renaming Donkey Town to Gillette after him for his surveying work. [Magazine-HorrorHound-Catching_Up-2006]


Fiction Magazines


Adventure was a pulp fiction magazine published 1910-1971.

Lost Trails (1)

Magazine cover "I would like to contact any members of the C.C.C. Co. 885, stationed at Chandler, Okla., and Gillette, Wyo., Leon Rainwater, 818-17 Street, N.W., Washington, D. C." [Magazine-Adventure-Lost_Trails-1940-1]


Lost Trails (2)

Magazine cover "I would like to contact any members of the C.C.C. Co. 885, stationed at Chandler, Okla., and Gillette, Wyo., Leon Rainwater, 818-17 Street, N.W., Washington, D. C." [Magazine-Adventure-Lost_Trails-1940-2]


Guns and Ammo Magazines

Guns & Ammo

Reader Blowback

Magazine cover W. A. Murray Jr of Gillette wrote in disagreeing with advice given about using lights mounted on weapons. Nearly half a page was used for two more responses to his argument. [Magazine-Guns_Ammo-Reader_Blowback-2015]


Sure Shots

Women in the Industry: Competitive Shooter Jessie Dussart

Magazine cover In an interview with Sure Shots Magazine competitive shooter Jessie Dussart said she exclusively used Mac's Gunworks in Gillette for gunsmithing. [Magazine-Sure_Shots-Women_Industry-2015]


Women & Guns


Magazine cover Grace Christianson of Gillette wrote in saying she thought a Legally Speaking article called Continuum was a great piece about gun rights legislation and that anyone who supports the 2nd amendment should read it. [Magazine-Women_Guns-Letters-2013]


Health and Fitness Magazines

Weight Watchers

The magazine is an advertisement for the weight loss program called Weight Watchers.

The Journey of a Lifetime

Magazine cover The article is a compilation of testimonials one of which was by Laurie Aarsby of Gillette. She lost 18.6 pounds [8.43 kilograms]. [Magazine-Weight_Watchers-Journey_Lifetime-2018]


Hunting and Fishing Magazines

Forest and Stream

A Reminiscence of Roosevelt

Magazine cover Edward Gillette himself writes how the President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt was traveling by train through Wyoming. Roosevelt asked Edward Gillette for advice about what to say during a speech to the people of Gillette. Edward Gillette told the President to talk about his time at the 101 Ranch. When Roosevelt gave his speech in Gillette the people cheered and voted for him in the election. See the entry Remarks of President Roosevelt at Gillette, Wyoming, April 25, 1903 for the speech. [Magazine-Forest_Stream-Reminiscence_Roosevelt-1919]



Guns and Ammunition

Magazine cover "I should like to learn through Recreation a few facts regarding the performance of 12 and 16 gauge Winchester repeaters, both for all round use and, more especially, for wild fowl shooting. G. H. Hurlbert, Gillette, Wyoming" There was no answer to Hurlbert's question. [Magazine-Recreation-Guns_Ammunition-1900]


Local Magazines

The Sandpoint Reader

The Sandpoint Reader or just The Reader is a local advertiser for Sandpoint, Idaho.

[wo]MAN on the Street

Magazine cover Bre Shifley a cosmetologist of Sandpoint, Idaho said her hero was Cheryl Land a beauty school instructor in Gillette. [Magazine-Sandpoint_Reader-Woman_Street-2016]


Sioux Falls Woman

Travelogue: The Sweet Highway 16

Magazine cover "Gillette, Wyo. might take visitors off the Old West theme for a bit, but it's worth the time to see the town that supplies coal to create the electricity used by one out of every five homes and businesses in the United States. Mine tours are available from June until August, twice a day. Getting back on the horse is easy in Gillette, though. There are rodeos and equestrian events year-round." [Magazine-Sioux_Falls-Travelogue_Sweet-2012]

LGBT Magazines


Gay Native American Wyoming Man Dead in Apparent Suicide

Magazine cover Trevor O'Brien was found dead in a park by the Gillette Police Department. The police were investigating online posts by O'Brien saying he was being harassed. [Magazine-QSaltLake-Gay_Native-2016]


Wyoming Lesbians Denied Communion

Magazine cover Reverend Cliff Jacobson of St. Matthew's Catholic Church in Gillette sent a letter to Leah Vader and Lynne Huskinson denying them future communion at the church. Jacobson said it was because of their lesbian relationship and their promotion of gay marriage. Vader was a member for years and Huskinson was baptized there, but they agreed to not attend the church anymore. [Magazine-QSaltLake-Wyoming_Lesbians-2007]


The TV-TS Tapestry

TV-TS Tapestry describes it self as "the journal far all persons interested in crossdressing and transsexualism".

Personal Listings (1)

Magazine cover "Michelle Ingle (WY-P-3332-63) M. Ingle, P O Box 3285, Gillette WY 82717-3285 Attended Coming Together. MWM, 35, 5'7", 140. Interested in movies, rock'n'roll music, dancing, shopping, fashionable clothing. "Wife supportive and understanding. Enjoy going out as Michelle when I can. Would like to meet, correspond, and exchange photos."" [Magazine-TV-TS-Personal_Listings-1-1992]


Personal Listings (2)

Magazine cover "Michelle Ingle (WY-P-3332-63) M. Ingle, P O Box 3285, Gillette WY 82717-3285 Attended Coming Together. MWM, 35, 5'7", 140. Interested in movies, rock'n'roll music, dancing, shopping, fashionable clothing. "Wife supportive and understanding. Enjoy going out as Michelle when I can. Would like to meet, correspond, and exchange photos."" [Magazine-TV-TS-Personal_Listings-2-1992]


Personal Listings (3)

Magazine cover "Michelle Ingle (WY-3332-K1454-65) M. Ingle, P O Box 3285, Gillette WY 82717-3285 Attended Coming Together. MWM, 35, 5'7", 140. Interested in movies, rock'n'roll music, dancing, shopping, fashionable clothing. "Wife supportive and understanding. Enjoy going out as Michelle when I can. Would like to meet, correspond, and exchange photos."" [Magazine-TV-TS-Personal_Listings-3-1993]


Music Magazines

Cash Box

How To Cope With Success Is Focus of AMOA Expo '81

Magazine cover At the 1981 Amusement and Music Operators Association Expo industry seminar James Trucano from Black Hills Novelty in Gillette was going to review equipment and discus profit. [Magazine-Cash_Box-How_To-1981]


Industry News: Around the Route

Magazine cover Jim Trucano of Black Hills Novelty in Gillette said his sales were down including jukeboxes and other video related entertainment, but that pinball sales were up. He blamed the "video bubble" popping. [Magazine-Cash_Box-Industry_News-1983]


Jim Trucano: 3rd Generation Op Keeps Pace With the Times

Magazine cover Jim Trucano in Gillette was profiled as a 3rd generation operator of Black Hills Novelty in Gillette. He modernized and grew the business which included pinball machines, arcade games, and jukeboxes. His focus was maintenance and service of the machines, customer support for businesses, and appropriate pricing. [Magazine-Cash_Box-Jim_Trucano-1982]


Maximum Rocknroll

Maximum Rocknroll is a punk rock zine.

Columns (1)

Magazine cover "The city council of Gillette, Wyoming, was scheduled to meet April 15th to consider a law that would prohibit folks from yelling, shouting, hooting and whistling in public places. In addition, it would ban motors without mufflers and loud animals." [Magazine-Maximum_Rocknroll-Columns-1-1996]


Columns (2)

Magazine cover "A 49-year-old man in Gillette, Wyoming, was arrested in August and charged with walking under the influence after police said that he stumbled into a moving car on a highway." [Magazine-Maximum_Rocknroll-Columns-1-1996]


Maximum Rocknroll Classifieds

Magazine cover "Wyoming glorifies fake, conventional women, and I'm not! I like punk, Liz Phair, [Quentin] Tarantino films, black and white photos, Lili Taylor, the movie "21," playing guitar, and lots more. Please send letters, friendship books, etc. Response is guaranteed! I also need stuff for my zine, so send poetry, tapes, rants, raves, whatever to Queenie, 7006 Daredevil Ave., Gillette, WY 82718." [Magazine-Maximum_Rocknroll-Classifieds-1995]


Page numbers are from the PDF.


Nonfiction Magazines


Collier's was published 1888-1957.

The Unquiet Utes

Title page The military was sent to investigate claims the Ute Indians were causing problems in Gillette. T. W. Tolman caught up with them in 1906 north of Gillette ahead of the military. He found the Utes hunting deer, drying the meat, and preparing the hides. While the Utes let Tolman photograph them he sensed they didn't trust him. The Utes warned him there would be problems once the soldiers arrived so he left. Tolman planned on going back to photograph the camp again once the soldiers arrived. [Magazine-Collier-Unquiet_Utes-1906]


The Week's Work

Magazine cover "At the age of eight [around 1912], Lester Dent spent several frustrated weeks on the banks of the same treacherous river that plays a villain in River Crossing (page 25). The Dents had been ranching happily north of Gillette, Wyoming, and when a neighbor settled about ten miles [16.09 kilometers] away, they decided it was time to move to less overpopulated territory." [Magazine-Collier-Week_Worth-1948]



Desert magazine was about life in the southwestern part of the United States and was published 1937-1985.

Letters From Our Readers: Friendly Wildcat . . .

Magazine cover "To the Editor: After having read the story "Wildcat" in the November issue of DESERT, I decided to write and tell you I have a bobcat for a pet. She is 9 1/2 years old, and weighs 40 pounds [18.14 kilograms]. She has spent her entire life living with my husband and me in our home. I have never put her in a cage. She has the run of the entire house at all times, is not destructive, is housebroken, and has been a wonderful pet all her life. Mrs. Oscar Tholson Gillette, Wyoming" [Magazine-Desert-Letters_From-1963]


Environment Views

The Other Side of the Boom

The old-timers have to make some unwelcome adjustments.

Big energy developments can mean new jobs and lots of money. They can bring prosperity to dying towns. But they can also bring problems like high divorce rates, increased alcoholism, rocketing crime statistics and the rending of the social fabric that holds a community together.

After decades of relative obscurity, the small and isolated towns of the United States' mountainous northwest have been catapulted into the industrial twentieth century by the search for increasingly rare fossil fuels. Projects from coal mines to nuclear plants, from gas wells to oil shale extraction, have turned formerly sleepy little communities in states like Wyoming, Montana, Colorado and North Dakota into sprawling "boom towns."

Estimates in 1980 showed approximately 200 boom towns had come into existence along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. So many have spring up that the impact of energy developments has become a major study in western U.S. universities.

Two towns that have recently felt the impact of the energy boom are Gillette, Wyoming and Colstrip, Montana.

The citizens of Gillette are a bit sensitive about the fact that their hometown has come to be synonymous with the Gillette Syndrome -- the blanket title for a variety of social, economic and psychological upheavals suffered by citizens in the so-called energy boom towns.

Gillette has become the archetypal boom town. Its transition from peaceful market town of 5,000 to bustling coal mining city of 20,000 has been microscopically examined, studied and discussed by scientists and journalists.

Back in the 'fifties, it was one of several, mid-size market towns in a primarily cattle ranching, rural area of Wyoming. It was the place local ranchers sent their children to school or bought the groceries or had an evening out.

Then in the early 'sixties, the first of two booms hit Gillette when oil wells were opened up in the area.


The oil boom had no sooner peaked in 1967 than a strip mining coal operation was started. This boom, in turn, reached its peak in 1973 when Pacific Power and Light opened a power plant near the town.

During the boom years, Gillette suffered a series of socio-economic problems that have since become a standard of comparison for boom town development.

Ann Ketchin, a private consultant in social conflict problems, who spent many years studying Gillette and other boom towns, says the community was caught in a Catch 22 situation.

"All these people needing all these services came pouring into Gillette and there were no facilities, no infrastructure for them," Ketchin says.

"You can't build this infrastructure without a tax base and by the time you get that tax base from the new people coming in, the problems have already gone too far."

Construction workers, many of them young single men, came pouring into the town. Bored and with nothing to do, they often ran wild. They sent crime statistics soaring and trespassed on neighboring ranches.

Families of construction workers, many of them used to the amenities and entertainment available in big cities, turned to alcohol in their boredom. Wives, torn from familiar surroundings and unable to make new relationships in the transient atmosphere of the trailer camps, left their husbands and the divorce rates climbed.

Gillette found itself facing serious social problems without the facilities to deal with them.

But the problems were not limited to the newcomers. The thousands of outsiders pouring in, during the construction phase of both the oil rigs and the coal mine, disrupted the even tenor of life among long-time residents of Gillette.

Among the hardest-hit were the elderly, says Ketchin.

The shopping areas moved away from the central, older areas where the elderly lived into the bustling new suburbs, leaving the old people isolated from their town and from each other.

Such a simple occurence as the transfer of the post office caused extreme social disruption among the old, says Ketchin.

"When you were used to going down to the post office every day to meet people, to talk to them and to have that social interchange, it had a powerful effect when that daily routine was no longer there."

Gradually, as the tax base increased and as the corporations and various levels of government became more aware of boom town problems, the situation in Gillette improved. In fact, says Ketchin, a recent survey showed most residents of Gillette now judge it as a great place to live.

"From Gillette's point of view, the people there now can say, yes, you can get through it, you can survive and have a nice place to live.

"But that's the survivors speaking, not the people who bit the dust during the boom."

However, some residents of Gillette feel the boom was blown out of proportion by journalists and scholars.

"I think there was some sensationalism, that the whole thing was played up by journalists for their own reasons," says rancher Bill Barlow, whose family has lived in the Gillette area for three generations.

"Sure, there were a lot of little things, minor annoyances and there was a cultural shock for the old-timers, but I, personally, don't know of any real horror stories from that time."

In fact, Barlow believes Gillette's past problems may pale into insignificance beside the threat it is facing now.

That specter is a proposed coal liquefaction plant. The problem, says Barlow, is that the plant will use tremendous amounts of water in an area where ware is scarce.

"We just don't know what that water use will do to the aquifers and to the water table. There's no way of knowing and it's not worth the risk," says Barlow.

Ironically, Barlow is pinning some of his hopes for fighting the new plants on Gillette's thousands of newcomers, the very people brought to the town by its previous booms.

"A lot of them have come to like the life here in Wyoming and we hope they'll help us fight to preserve it." says Barlow.

Wyodak coal mine east of Gillette. News Record Gillette.

[....] [Environment-Boom-1982]

The rest of the article is about Colstrip, Montana.


Industrial Worker

Industrial Worker is the magazine of Industrial Workers of the World better known as IWW. It has been in publication since 1906.

Barbarians in America

Magazine cover The author comes to Gillette in 1911 and gets on an actual soap box to tell the people about the benefits of unionism. A group of "young hoosiers" begins throwing eggs at him from the livery barn after about 30 minutes. He eventually gives up declaring the people of Gillette the dumbest he ever met. [Magazine-Industrial_Worker-Barbarians_America-1911]


National Resource Defense Council Annual Report

Pushing Boundaries With All In

"We felt that those individuals--their presence, their words--would make the biggest difference," says NRDC senior campaign manager Claire Morgenstern. In response to the outreach, NRDC [National Resource Defense Council] activist Amy Scott, a native West Virginian, testified, focusing on the dirty legacy of coal mining and the importance of supporting renewable energy. Scott noted that she spoke in the third hearing room at the West Virginia Capital Complex--not only did the event require multiple rooms to accomodate the crowd, but the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] also added a second hearing day. After that event, the agency eventually scheduled three more hearings in San Francisco, Kansas City, Missouri; and Gillette, Wyoming, in response to public demand. [NRDC-Boundaries-2018]



Blockchain Valley: Wyoming is Poised to Become the Cryptocurrency Capital of America

Screenshot of article Article includes an older stock photo of an American flag on Wyoming Highway 59 south of Gillette [Magazine-Newsweek-Blockchain_Wyoming-2018]



Sunset is a lifestyle magazine focused on the western United States that first published in 1898.

Readers, Gentle and Otherwise: Homesteading in Wyoming

Q. I am very much interested in taking up a homestead near Gillette, Wyoming. Can you give me any information about the land and the possibilities in that section? Is a homestead proposition really worth while, and can one really make anything at it? I might add that I am an agricultural college graduate and an ex-soldier.--R. F., Danvers, Massachusetts.

A. Gillette is the county seat of Campbell county, in the northeastern part of Wyoming; the county is traversed by the Burlington Railroad and by good highways. The elevation is round 4300 feet [1,310.64 meters] in the vicinity of Gillette. At this elevation and in this latitude, of course, the growing season is rather short, with killing frosts up to the middle of May and starting again about the middle of September. The rainfall averages from 15 to 18 inches [38.1 to 45.72 centimeters] a year but it is ample for dry-farming. Up to a few years ago stock raising was practically the sole industry, but during the 1918 and 1919 a great deal of land was broken and cultivated by dry-farming methods. Land prices range from $10 to $30 [$147.71 to $443.12 in November 2017] an acre [4,046.85 square meters].

If you can get 320 acres [1.29 kilometers squared] of good homesteading land within a reasonable distance from the railroad and highway, if you have a fair amount of capital and the necessary grit to stick it out, we would say that you should be able to make it a go. As a graduate of an agricultural college you know what it costs to create a producing farm from the raw soil. If you do not have the money necessary to create this farm at once, you will have to produce improvements out of your own labor. Such a process of course means long hours of manual work, strict self denial and continuous sacrifice over a period of years of everything that is supposed to make life worth living. Of course, your compensation comes out of the joy of seeing the raw land transformed into a real farm, but this compensation quite frequently is denied the pioneer who often has to abandon the enterprise after several years on account of lack of capital, coupled with bad luck. If you have the real pioneering instinct within you, if you do not mind the loneliness, if the treeless plains do not depress you and if you can stand severe winters in a homesteader's shack, go to it. [Sunset-Homesteading-1922]


Talking Machine World

Talking Machine World was published 1905-1928.

An Active Bunch of Dealers in Denver Territory

Hard work is the recipe used by Dick Stone, Victor dealer at Gillette, Wyoming, for obtaining Victrola business, and it has proved to be very effective. Mr. Stone's store is one of the most attractive and best equipped in the state. [Talking_Machine-Dealers-1921]



Vape magazine exists to advertise and promote vaping in general. If you are unfamiliar with vaping you might recognize the word e-cigarette. It heats a liquid made of sweet chemicals and flavoring to a vapor that is inhaled like a cigarette. Some e-liquids contain nicotine or synthetic THC.

Ask Grimm Green

Magazine cover Craig Voss of Gillette asked which vaping advocacy groups could he trust. Nick Green responded with Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, American Vaping Association, and NotBlowingSmoke. [Magazine-Vape-Ask_Grimm-2017]


Photography Magazines

Digital SLR Photography


Magazine cover Photographer James Smart writes "The accidental storm... we were driving from Texas to Montana for the next day whilst stopping over in Gillette, Wyoming. Some small storms rolled through providing a little lightning and some nice clouds illuminated by the orange glow of the setting sun." [Magazine-Digital_SLR-Portfolio-2016]



The NZ in the title stands for New Zealand.

Chasing Storms

Magazine cover While on a trip the photographer was in Gillette during a time severe weather was predicted, but the next morning went to Devils Tower. The photos taken were not in or near Gillette. [Magazine-NZPhotographer-Chasing_Storms-2018]


Political Magazines

Mother Jones

Moving Gary, Indiana, to the Great Plains

Magazine cover This article talks about pollution and the human costs of the planned coal development and boom town areas in Powder River Basin in the 1970s. Gillette was one of the places at the center of it all. It changes pace from listing facts to human interest stories with most of the focus was on planned development. There are a few black and white photos of mining and ranching. [Magazine-Mother_Jones-Moving_Gary-1976]


Razing Appalachia

Magazine cover There is a brief part about how Arch Coal bought Atlantic Richfield's strip mine in Powder River Basin. Ricky Light, a miner from Sharples, West Virginia was laid off and was told he could go work at Arch Coal's new mine in Gillette, but he didn't want to leave his hometown. The article also points out it didn't have any unions unlike the mine he worked at. [Magazine-Mother_Jones-Razing_Appalachia-1999]


Radio Magazines

Monitoring Times

Domestic Broadcasting - AM, FM, and TV DXING

Magazine cover "Mike Riordan of Goleta, California, was excited over his FM DX catches -- all rare E-skip, which rarely seems to get into the SoCA [Southern California] area. Mike was using a GE Superadio II and Panasonic RF 2200, neither of which have digital readouts, and had to estimate the frequencies, but by using my "FM Atlas" and his descriptions, I suspect that his three catches were KZIN-96.3 Shelby, MT; KENB-96.1 Worland, WY (which may simulcast KWOR, explaining why he heard those AM calls on FM), and KOLL-96.9 Gillette, Wyoming. Mike says these are the best FM DX catches in his life." [Magazine-Monitoring_Times-Domestic_Broadcasting-1988]


Radio Digest

Contest Decides Slogan for KFAB

Magazine cover In 1926 Dick Stone of Gillette sent in the winning motto "Home Sweet Home Station" for Lincoln, Nebraska broadcaster KFAB's contest. KFAB received 13,909 telegrams, 2,639 long distance calls, and 126,088 cards and letters. Stone's prize was a Buick Standard Six car. [Magazine-Radio_Digest-Contest_Decides-1926]


Science and Technology Magazines

Fighting Infernos Underground

Magazine cover While explaining how coal mine fires start the article says a mine in Gillette was set on fire in 1885 by a horse thief who used it as a hideout. It was put out by the Bureau of Mines in 1950 which was 65 years later. [Magazine-Popular_Mechanics-Fighting_Infernos-1951]


Letters: Right Bike?

Magazine cover Gary Goodrich of Gillette wrote in saying he thought the magazine was unfairly comparing higher end touring motorcycles against a Harley-Davidson that wasn't. The magazine responded that Harley-Davidson themselves suggested they test that model since it had the same drive train as their other motorcycles despite not having many of the extra features. [Magazine-Popular_Mechanics-Letters_Right-1989]


Nine Hundred Miles on Horseback Along the Custer Highway

Magazine cover White Eagle (Shields Wright) rode his horse Red Bird over 900 miles on the Custer Battlefield Highway. He started out on September 29, 1920 in Hardin, Montana and eventually reached Omaha, Nebraska on December 12, 1920. He estimated he spent over 24 days in the saddle riding his horse. White Eagle describes the signage, construction, bridges, and sights along the way. He mentions the highway runs near his home in Gillette. [Magazine-Popular_Mechanics-Nine_Hundred-1921]


Hellfire Made to Order

Magazine cover This article is a behind the scenes look at the special effects of the movie Hellfighters which is about the men who put out oil rig fires loosely based on Paul "Red" Adair. Fred Knoth a special effects expert came to Gillette to observe a real oil fire. He was checking to see how close they could record near the fire and how to work with the specialized explosives used to put out the fires. [Magazine-Popular_Science-Hellfire_Made-1968]


Say Smokey-

Magazine cover In 1967 James O. Bishop of Gillette wrote in asking in a mechanic column if he should buy a new Porsche 911 because he was 300 miles (482 kilometers) away from the nearest specialized servicing. The answer was it would take long wrenches to reach 300 miles away or simply no. [Magazine-Popular_Science-Say_Smokey-1967]



Big Bang! Zu Besuch beim Festival der Buller- und Raketenbauer in Wyoming

Magazine cover In 2015 Wired Germany came to Gillette to see Pyrotechnics Guild International's (PGI) yearly convention which is a meetup and show of fireworks enthusiasts. The convention took place at CAM-PLEX. One of the photos has Wyodak Power Plant in the background. Little is said about Gillette because the focus was the fireworks. [Magazine-Wired-Big_Bang-2015]


FCC Offers Small ISPs a Boost, But a Bigger Setback Looms

Magazine cover In an article about the FCC requiring companies to share telecommunications access with smaller companies Mammoth Networks in Gillette is mentioned in one example. Mammoth Networks was installing equipment and lines to combine unused copper lines and connect them to network backbone lines. [Magazine-Wired-FCC_Offers-2018]


Sports Magazines

Pro Fantasy Rodeo

Barrel Racing

Magazine cover Cassidy Kruse of Gillette is listed as one of the possible picks for a fantasy team in barrel racing. She is number 8 based on her real life 2014 winnings. The magazine writes this about Kruse "Cassidy and her horse, JJ, seem to shine in any arena set up. Fresh off a Championship in Omaha, NE, where the arena is as close to the Thomas & Mack as you can get, this rookie should be comfortable in Las Vegas." [Magazine-Pro_Fantasy-Barrel_Racing-2015]


TV and Film Magazines


BoxOffice was founded as The Reel Journal in 1920 before changing its name to BoxOffice in 1931.

The Exhibitor Has His Say About Pictures: Dr. No

Magazine cover "Dr. No (UA)--Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Action, color. My people at it up. Business only fair due to circus in town. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Fair.--Dave Merrill, Fiesta Theatre, Gillette, Wyo. Pop. 3,600." [Magazine-BoxOffice-Exhibitor_Has-Dr-1963]


The Exhibitor Has His Say About Pictures: Follow the Boys

Magazine cover "Follow the Boys (MGM)--Connie Francis, Paula Prentiss, Russ Tamblyn. A real disappointment, business and picture both. Nice scenery but a weak plot. Played Thurs., Fri., Sat. Weather: Warm.--Dave Merrill, Fiesta Theatre, Gillette, Wyo. Pop. 3,600." [Magazine-BoxOffice-Exhibitor_Has-Follow-1963]


The Exhibitor Has His Say About Pictures: My Six Loves

Magazine cover "My Six Loves (Para)--Debbie Reynolds, Cliff Robertson, David Janssen. They love Debbie here. Story is old hat, but it's what people like to see. Play Sun., Mon. Weather: Rain, cool.--Dave Merrill, Fiesta Theatre, Gillette, Wyo. Pop. 3,600." [Magazine-BoxOffice-Exhibitor_Has-My-1963]


Gillette, Wyo., Fiesta Assigned to Dave Merrill

Magazine cover "Gillette, Wyo.--Dave Merrill, who had been managing the Denver Paramount Theatre, now is in charge of the local Fiesta Theatre for the Commonwealth circuit. Merrill's previous assignments include an assistant managership at the Denver Denham and management of two drive-ins. He is married and his wife expects to join him here in the near future. Merrill's predecessor at the Fiesta was Jim Markham, who resigned to manage the Sands motel under construction in east Gillette." [Magazine-BoxOffice-Gillette_Fiesta-1963]


Shopping Center Theatre Building Booms

Magazine cover Ski-Hi was built in the same year as the article, 1963, and supported 350 cars. Its owner was William C. Semple. [Magazine-BoxOffice-Shopping_Center-1963]


Western Service & Supply Equips Wyoming Drive-In

Magazine cover Western Service & Supply installed audio, video, and food equipment for the new 300-car Ski-Hi drive-in theater in Gillette owned by William C. Semple. [Magazine-BoxOffice-Western_Service-1963]


Not everything was indexed.



Split Reel: Notes For Theatre Men

Magazine cover "A report from Gillette, Wyo., states that plans are being formed for the opening of a new moving picture theatre in that city. Ben Morgan is to be the manager of the new enterprise. Chairs and other fixtures have arrived ready to be installed in the new picture house." [Magazine-Motography-Split_Reel-1918]



Photoplay was a magazine for movie fans published 1911-1980.

Questions and Answers

Magazine cover "B. R. C., Gillette, Wyo.--There is something pathetic in the number of actors who start their careers with a perfect profile and end with the crepe hair of the character man. Ruth Roland is appearing in a Pathe serial, "Hands Up!" Constance Talmadge, Morosco studios, L. A. William Desmond, Triangle, Culver City; he has dark hair and blue eyes. Mary Pickford, I think." [Magazine-Photoplay-Questions_Answers-1918]


Take a Dip- in Your Inkwell

Magazine cover A notice in the magazine encouraged readers to write 25 words or less why they liked a movie star. The prize was a signed portrait of a movie star of their choice. One of the previous winners was Morilyn Scott of Gillette. [Magazine-Photoplay-Take_Dip-1949]



Starlog was a magazine for science fiction fans published 1976-2009.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Magazine cover The film crew for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind flew to Rapid City, South Dakota and drove to Gillette for filming. [Magazine-Starlog-Close_Encounters-1978]


TV Zone

Interview: John Savage

Article screenshot During an interview with TV Zone, John Savage the actor who played Donald Michael Lydecker in the TV show Dark Angel mentions Manticore is in Gillette. [Magazine-TV_Zone-Interview_Savage-2001]


Women's Magazines


Reply All: Tummy Tuck Truths

Magazine cover "I just read "Would You Get a 'Mommy Tuck'?" and I really relate to the writer. I've worked out five days a week for over a year, and I can't get rid of my baby weight--people even still ask if I'm pregnant! I'm getting a tummy tuck this summer. This article was very informative, and although I'm not looking forward to the pain and recovery, I just can't live like this anymore! --Kari McLaughlin, Gillette, WY" [Magazine-Redbook-Tuck-2011]



Fiction Movies

Bright Angel

Promo image The only scene in this road trip movie that mentions Gillette happens near the end. One of the characters is offered a job to work on the oil rigs near Gillette, but first they have to prove their worth by fighting their future employer. The movie was filmed in Billings, Montana; Broadview, Montana; and Casper, Wyoming from July 10, 1989 to August 30, 1989. The movie stars several recognizable actors such as Burt Young, Delroy Lindo, Kevin Tighe, and Bill Pullman. [Movie-Bright_Angel-1991]

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Promo image Close Encounters of the Third Kind is the classic Steven Spielberg movie famously filmed at Devils Tower. Several people from Gillette were extras in the movie and helped in production, but Gillette isn't mentioned or shown. [Movie-Close_Encounters-2017]

Outlaws is Coming

Poster image The Three Stooges were a trio of comedians known for their slapstick routines and short films. Outlaws is Coming is set in the Old West and is rare because it is full-length movie. There are two scenes of buffalo near the beginning and end of the movie filmed at Bud Basolo's ranch which had a Gillette address. The credits thank Bud Basolo and the B-Bar-B Ranch. [Movie-Outlaws_Coming-1965]


Powwow Highway

Promo image During road trip of two Cheyenne Indians traveling from the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana to New Mexico they stop briefly in Gillette. They were on Wyoming Highway 50 and likely had just came off Interstate 90. In the next scene they are in a restaurant which was in Sheridan. [Movie-Powwow_Highway-2011]


Nonfiction Movies

Civic Pride: A Story of the People and Businesses of Campbell County

An advertisement promoting local businesses with a mix of stock footage and clips of local businesses. Includes testimonials by local businesses, politicians, and long-time residents. [Civic_Pride-2008]

Ten years later in 2018 several of the businesses have closed and many of the people interviewed no longer work in the positions mentioned.


Crystal Clear: The Jessica Dooley Story

Title screencap Crystal Clear is a documentary about the murder of Gillette resident Jessica Dooley by drug addict Jared Rosling while visiting Montana in 2004. It several anti-methamphetamine messages by ex-addicts. Jared Rosling was sentenced to life without parole for stabbing Jessica Dooley over 100 times, suffocating her with a bag, and lighting her body on fire. [Movie-Crystal_Clear-2008]


Dry Fork Station: Powering Rural America

DVD cover This short informational and promotional video about Dry Fork Station covers the planning, construction, and usage of the power plant. [Movie-Dry_Fork-2011]


Through All Time: The American Search for Community - Part 2: Pleasure Domes and Money Mills

Title screencap This documentary looks at company towns, boom towns, and resort towns discussing individual rights, loss of community, and transient populations. It uses Gillette as its example boom town which are described as never growing up and only existing as long as the product they sell does or as long as the market needs it. [Movie-Through_Time-1977]



Saturday University

The University of Wyoming hosts talks on variety of topics around the state. The speakers have included professors from the university and local teachers at the Gillette College. Saturday University in Gillette is hosted at the Campbell County Public Library. The audience is given time at the end to ask questions. The University of Wyoming doesn't publish every talk and usually edits the questions out.

A Biological Arms Race

Title screencap Holly Martin a biology teacher at the Gillette College gave a presentation on the basics of the human immune system. While informative, the biology talk had nothing to do with Gillette. [Movie-Saturday_University-Biological_Arms-2015]


Campbell County Rockpile Museum

The museum hosts rotating exhibits, events, and sometimes talks. These presentations are focused on the history of Campbell County.

Searching For Jake W. Benson

Title screencap Robert Henning starts with an introduction of Jake Benson's life with several images before Benson's granddaughter Doris Mitchell talks about her experiences as a child with Benson and researching his life. It concludes with Doris Mitchell's nephew Carl Beck's experience and journey to Gillette. The talk was also a promotion of Doris Mitchell's book by the same title. [Movie-CCRM-Searching_For-2012]


Indexed items may not be spelled correctly.

Women Coal Miners in the Powder River Basin

Title screencap Robert Henning briefly introcuded the speaker Dr. Jessica Smith Rolston who previously lived and graduated high school in Gillette. She worked in the mines around Gillette as part of her research into gender issues in coal mining. Her talk was also a promotion of her upcoming book Mining Coal and Undermining Gender: Rhythms of Work and Family in the American West. [Movie-CCRM-Women_Coal-2013]



Music Albums and Songs

Donkey Town

Album cover Donkey Town is an album by the band Cornbugs made up of Bill Moseley, Buckethead (Brian Carroll), Pinchface (Michael Hakopian), and Travis Dickerson. During an interview with HorrorHound magazine Bill Moseley said he was the great-grandson of Edward Gillette and named the album in honor of Gillette's surveying work that lead Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad to rename Donkey Town to Gillette. [Music-Donkey_Town-2004] [Magazine-HorrorHound-Catching_Up-2006]


Gillette, Wyoming

Album cover Track 4 appears to be about singer Riley Dakota traveling from his home in Williston, North Dakota to Denver, Colorado passing through Gillette along the way. The chorus says driving down a red highway he might end up in Gillette, Wyoming. [Music-Gillette_Wyoming-2014]


The Kid from Gillette, Wyoming

Album cover Both the album and track 8 are titled The Kid from Gillette, Wyoming. The song lyrics also repeat those words. [Music-Kid_Gillette-2017]


Mary Had a Baby

Album cover Mary Had a Baby is an album of classic Christmas songs sung by the Gillette Chamber Singers and recorded at First Presbyterian Church in Gillette. [Music-Mary_Baby-2004]


Triple C.S

Promotional photo Brock Finn holds nothing back as he pokes fun at people from Gillette on his album Tugnificent Eleven. Track 4 is titled Triple C.S. which is short for CCCS or Campbell County cock suckers. Finn's country song covers people from Gillette's bad driving, poor money handling, and their ability to ruin everything around them. [Music-Triple_C.S.]

Music Videos

Campbell County High School

The Campbell County High School has produced lip dub videos involving the entire school for a few years.

2015 CCHS Lip Dub, One Shot?

Video screencap Campbell County High School students dance through a continuous shot of walking through the high school as popular songs are played. The question mark was because there are several cuts in the video, but it was done in one shot. Many student clubs participated and dressed appropriate to their club. [Music-2015_CCHS-2015]


CCHS Lip Dub 2k16-2k17

Video screencap Campbell County High School students dance through a continuous shot of walking through the high school as popular songs are played. [Music-CCHS_2k16-2016]


Campbell County High School 2017 Lip Dub Senior Video

Video screencap This video is a single uncut shot of students lip syncing as they walk and dance backwards through the high school. [Music-CCHS-2017]


CCPLS Lip Dub 2018

Video screencap Librarians and staff dance backwards while singing along to old songs. [Music-CCPLS_Dub-2018]


Save Love

Video screencap The band Big Bang played their song Save Love live in Gillette, but the song itself doesn't refer to the city. [Music-Save_Love-2017]


Songs in the Key of Art: Live!

DVD cover In 2008 Greg Percy performed children's songs for students at the CAM-PLEX Heritage Center in Gillette. While the songs don't mention Gillette, Percy sells video recordings of his performances. [Music-Songs_Key-2008]



Online News

E&E News

Booming Bakken Town Struggles to Adapt as "Gillette Syndrome" Sets In

Article screenshot Williston, North Dakota struggles with becoming a boom town. Williston is compared to Gillette from the 1970s to the date of the article and what lessons could be learned. The Gillette Syndrome is referenced and discussed. [News-EE_News-Booming_Bakken-2012]



A Wyoming Town Looks Beyond Coal ... To New Uses For Coal

Article screenshot The writer visits several places around the city and includes photos of them in the article. It covers the hundreds of coal miners laid off and the economic impact with interviews of those still hopeful of turning Gillette into a Carbon Valley similar to Silicon Valley. [News-PRI-Wyoming_Town-2018]


Syndicated News

Associated Press


Local Newsletters

Heard on Main Street

Gillette Main Street publishes this newsletter promoting businesses in the downtown area. Only one was ever published online.

Heard on Main Street: Spring/Summer 2015

Newsletter cover The newsletter has advertisements for local businesses, updates on construction, and information about upcoming events. [Newsletter-Heard_Main-Spring-2015]


Political Newsletters

Left Tribune

The Left Tribune is from Labour Youth wing of Ireland's Labour Party.

Seroxat: "The Wonder Drug"

Newsletter cover The article calls for restrictions on anti-depressants in Ireland using a murder suicide in Gillette as an example. Donald Schell killed family members and himself in Gillette after taking just two Paxil. The trial revealed GlaxoSmithKline hid clinical data of the side effects of their drug and they lost the case. [Newsletter-Left_Tribune-Seroxat_Wonder-2006]


Sports Newsletters

Barrel Racing Report

Headin' For Home (2015-01-13)

Newsletter cover Sherry Morrison of Gillette writes the only important relationship is the one with God. [Newsletter-Barrel_Racing-Headin_Home-2015-01-13]


Headin' For Home (2015-12-01)

Newsletter cover Sherry Morrison of Gillette writes the upside to early Christmas lights is the ability to worship Jesus Christ earlier. [Newsletter-Barrel_Racing-Headin_Home-2015-12-01]


It's Finally Here, the 2015 NFR

Newsletter cover The 2015 National Finals Rodeo was going to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cassidy Kruse of Gillette would be competing in her first National Finals Rodeo. She was ranked 8th in the world. Her horses were Jkr Assured Win (JJ) and Guys Dashing Girl (Ellie). [Newsletter-Barrel_Racing-It_NFR-2015]


Other Newsletters

The Cactus

The newsletter of the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Gillette during the 1930s.

Rockpile Roundup

The Rockpile Roundup is sent to members of the Rockpile Museum Association of Campbell County Rockpile Museum in Gillette.

Rockpile Roundup: Spring 2012

Newsletter first page Rockpile Museum Association's Spring 2012 newsletter. [Newsletter-Rockpile_Roundup-Spring-2012]


Rockpile Roundup: Summer 2012

Newsletter first page Rockpile Museum Association's Summer 2012 newsletter. [Newsletter-Rockpile_Roundup-Summer-2012]


Scrip Talk

Scrip Talk is a newsletter for the National Scrip Collectors Association. Scrips are substitute currency such as parking meter tokens, game tickets, arcade tokens, and company-issued tokens used in company towns.

Membership Contest Scoreboard

Newsletter cover "1357. Marcy Berge, 3203 Knollwood Dr., Gillette, Wy 82716" [Newsletter-Scrip_Talk-Membership_Contest-1989]


UFO Investigator

Law Enforcement Continue to See UFOs

Newsletter cover An anonymous Sheriff's deputy reported seeing a UFO in Gillette with multi-colored rotating lights about the size of a semi-truck. It was in a valley and 100 yards [91.44 meters] from the car and about 10 feet [3.04 meters] off the ground. [Newsletter-UFO_Investigator-Law_Enforcement-1976]



Gillette News

Thousands Celebrate

Newspaper front page This article covers the Independence Day events of 1911 in Gillette including the first airplane flight in Wyoming. George Thompson flew a Mathewson Aeroplane and made two flights that day. The rest of the article details what other events happened at the celebration. [Newspaper-Gillette_News-Thousands_Celebrate-1911]


Gillette News-Record

The News-Record is the only daily newspaper in Gillette. The articles here expand upon other entries.

Bo Douglas Morgan

Bo Morgan appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil where his parents wanted to get him help for his drug abuse and his dangerous behavior. He died soon after the show aired.

(2016-09-27) Teen Accused of Running Over Pedestrian

Bo Morgan was charged with driving under the influence and felony possession. He ran over a pedestrian on East 4th Street somewhere between Green Avenue and South Gurley Avenue. Police found LSD, Xanax, and a pipe that was used to smoke marijuana in his car. [Newspaper-News-Record-Teen-2016]


(2017-07-07) Obituaries: Bo Morgan

Morgan was found dead in his home a few days earlier on July 1, 2017. Services were going to be held at St. Matthew's Catholic Church and Gillette Memorial Chapel. [Newspaper-News-Record-Morgan-2017]


(2017-07-10) Obituaries: Bo Douglas Morgan

The coroner was still preparing a report about Morgan's death. [Newspaper-News-Record-Douglas-2017]


Simpson Oil Well Fire

Trover Murder

(1998-12-06) Manhunt Continues for Gillette Killer

First in a series of articles about the murder of John Trover . Cheryl Trover claimed a 6 foot tall [182.88 centimeters] dark man who was 30 to 50 years old bound and gagged 2 of the 3 children at home, murdered her husband John Trover, kidnapped her, and set her truck on fire. She was found hiding in a culvert. More details came out in the following articles. [News-Record-Manhunt]


(1998-12-07) Wife Killed Husband, Then Herself

At this point most of the Trover story becomes known and Cheryl Trover kills herself. The police and sheriff's office found out she had stole a gun from neighbor John Riley who was the principal of the school Cheryl Trover worked at, tied up her own children, shot her husband twice, stabbed him to death, burned herself with a cigar, then set her own truck on fire waiting for police to arrive. She then told them lies about it being a mysterious man who had been threatening them for months.

She set the fire to destroy the coveralls and ski mask she wore when she murdered her husband. There was a mystery about some names cut out from a phonebook found in the truck. [News-Record-Wife_Killed]


(1998-12-08) Investigators Tying Loose Ends in Murder of Teacher's Husband

Little new is said in the article. It does mention the weapon used in the murders was a .22-caliber handgun. Here it says a caller reported the truck being near the new branch of Campbell County High School. [News-Record-Loose_Ends]


(1998-12-08) Murder-Suicide Shocks, Friends, Students

A story about the personal impact the murders had. [News-Record-Murder_Suicide]


(1998-12-09) Principal John Riley Resigns Job

After testing it was revealed the murder weapon Cheryl Trover used to kill her husband John Trover with was a .22-caliber gun she stole from Campbell County High School principal John Riley. She had cleaned the gun before returning it. Riley was out of town at the time. He not only resigned, but also planned to move away from Gillette. He lived across the street from the Trover family. The affair he was having with Cheryl wasn't revealed yet. [News-Record-Principal_Resigns]


(1998-12-10) Police Tell of Trover Affair With Her Boss

Once the affair between Cheryl Trover and Campbell County High School principal John Riley was revealed Riley resigned. Police believed John Trover suspected Cheryl Trover of cheating, but that it was Cheryl was who stressed about it because John wasn't sure yet.

Police said Cheryl had several murder novels and a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle called "To Kill A Husband". When I first read about the jigsaw puzzle in Weekly World News I thought they had to be joking, but here it is in print. Whenever someone commits murder or some other crime everyone always begins to go back and examine all the details of their lives and interactions with others trying to find some piece of evidence that will make sense of it all. Maybe it was just as simple as her wanting rid of her husband to avoid a messy and embarrassing divorce. [News-Record-Affair_Boss]


(1998-12-10) John Trover Was Quiet Family Man, Devoted to Children

The article is closer to a wake where John Trover's friends and coworkers describe him as a dedicated family man who was an accountant at Eagle Butte Mine. They tell stories of him golfing, playing softball, and running. They describe him as a humble family man always with a smile on his face. His coworkers planted a tree with his name at Lasting Legacy Park. [News-Record-Family_Man]


(1998-12-11) Community Lays to Rest the Trovers

Newspaper front page The final article of the series about the Trovers covered their funeral. [Newspaper-News-Record-Community_Lays-1998]


1, Neither of the Trover's are buried at Mt. Pisgah or anywhere in Campbell County. 1, Find A Grave says John Trover is buried at Larkin Sunset Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

(2014-08-22) Investigative Show in Gillette to Research 1998 Trover Murder Case

Article screenshot The article said the TV show Redrum was going to reenact the Trover murder in an upcoming episode. [Newspaper-News-Record-Investigative_Show-2014]


Article screenshot Bette Britt of Gillette sent photos to Tim Ross on RFD-TV who paints scenes of rural america for Tim Ross' Heartland: A Picture of Rural America. He made two watercolor paintings of the Goings Hotel and one of the Arrowhead Motel based on the photos. [Newspaper-News-Record-Gillette_Couple-2019]


KKK Fliers Found On Doorsteps On Sunday

Article screenshot A man called police when he found Ku Klux Klan fliers in his driveway. The police investigated and found the same fliers in Heritage Village and Bitter Creek subdivisions. [Newspaper-News-Record-KKK-2012]


School Newspapers

Northwest Missourian

The Northwest Missourian is the newspaper of Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.

Obituaries: Clayton Ware Rogers

Newspaper front page "Clayton Ware Rogers, 81, of Barnard, died Sunday, March 17, at Barnard Housing A-4 in Barnard. He was born May 30, 1914, to William and Ellen Ware, of Barnard. Survivors include two stepnephews, Donald and William Pete June; and two cousins, Reba Maffitt-Dorsett, of Gillette, Wyo. and Francis Maffitt Holmes, of St. Joseph." [Newspaper-Northwest_Missourian-Obituaries_Clayton-1996]


Untitled (Maurice Wright)

Newspaper front page "Maurice Wright, formerly a member of the faculty of the College Conservatory of Music, was at the College for a short time Monday. Mr. Wright, who has been teaching music in the Gillette, Wyoming, school during this last year, is to teach in the Boulder, Colarod, school system next year. Mr. Wright had charge of instrumental music and conducted band and orchestra at the College. He is on his way to Chicago where he will attend Northwestern University this summer." [Newspaper-Northwest_Missourian-Untitled-Maurice-1935]


Other Newspapers

Campbell County Record

Campbell County Observer

No longer published, but many of the old issues are still available.

Casper Star Tribune

Wyoming Coal Is Likely Declining Faster Than Expected

Article screenshot In an article about the decline of coal production Wyoming Senator Michael Von Flatern of Gillette says if the production quickly decreased Gillette would become a ghost town. [Newspaper-Casper_Tribune-Wyoming_Coal-2019]



Since the Homesteader was published in Wright, Wyoming which is in Campbell County it printed news about Gillette.

Los Angeles Times

Telltale Tattoo Trips Up an Accused Killer After 10 Years

The article has a few extra details about murderer and identity thief Robert William Greer Jr. While on the run he he worked as a mechanic in Gillette during the early 1990s while using the identity of Michael Bertinot. [Newspaper-Los_Angeles_Times-Telltale_Tattoo-1999].


Pronghorn Gazette

The Pronghorn Gazette is the Gillette College newspaper. It moved to an online format in 2015.

The Washington Post

Gun Violence's Distant Echo

Article screenshot A highly political article about 16 year old Moriah Engdahl of Gillette and her campaign to prevent teachers from bringing guns to her high school. Engdahl and her family are interviewed and photographed while the story of her efforts unfolds. [Newspaper-Washington_Post-Gun_Violence-2018]


Map: The Largest Company by Revenue in Every State

Article screenshot The article repeats what the map a Broadview Networks shows. Cloud Peak Energy listed in Gillette was the largest company in Wyoming with $1.39 billion in revenue. [Newspaper-Washington_Post-Map_Revenue-2014]


Obama Just Granted Commutations to More Than 150 People. Here Are Their Names.

Article screenshot President of the United States Barack Obama commuted the sentence of several drug offenders. One of those was John Gronski from Gillette. He was convicted of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and to distribute methamphetamine and was sentenced to 360 months imprisonment, five years of supervised release, and given a $4,000 fine in May 14, 2001 [$5,692.40 in October 2018]. His sentence was commuted to expire on December 19, 2018 with the condition he enroll in a residential drug treatment. [Newspaper-Washington_Post-Obama_Commutations-2016]



A tabloid is a physical newspaper format not a description of content. Printed tabloids are about 17 in x 11 in (43.18 cm x 27.94 cm) or about half the size of newspaper broadsheet.

Deaf-Mutes Journal

The Mexico Independent and Deaf-mutes' Journal was published 1872-1874 and was followed by the Deaf-Mutes Journal published 1874-1938, which was followed by New York Journal of the Deaf starting in 1938.

Miller Praised by Sioux Poet: Impressions are Penned by Remarkable Deaf-Mute?

Newspaper cover The article begins with an introduction of White Eagle being a poet, writer, ranch owner near Gillette, and a Sioux Indian. After looking at his current and previous jobs the rest is White Eagle praising another traveling poet named Joaquin Miller. [Newspaper-Deaf-Mutes-Miller_Praised-1920]


Seven Days

Seven Days is an alternative newspaper published in Vermont.

Hackie: A Jacket for Dad

Newspaper cover In a conversation about bartering the author says his friend in Gillette was once paid with a gold brick for major work as a lawyer. [Newspaper-Seven_Days-Hackie_Dad-2011]



Slingshot! is an anti-government and anti-capitalist tabloid. It describes itself as a radical anarchist newspaper and is published in Berkeley, California.

Growing the New World in Our Hearts: Radical Spaces Around the Globe

Newspaper cover "Pizza Carrello - Gillette Wyoming A mobile wood-fired pizza truck that acts as a gathering spot for alternative community in a very rural, isolated area. Check for each day's location: (307)363-1743" [Newspaper-Slingshot-Radical_Spaces-2013]


The Village Voice

Village Voice claims theirs was the first alternative newspaper in the United States. The newspaper is no longer in print, but their website is still up.

A Yonkers Mosque Is Blocked by Land-Use Bigotry

Article screenshot This highly political article uses what it calls "alleged harassment and physical intimidation of 'ragheads'" in Gillette as example of attacks on muslims around the United States. [Newspaper-Village_Voice-Yonkers_Bigotry-2016]


Inside the Pigskin Studio

Article screenshot Long after professional football player John Riggins retired he began acting in plays in 1994. One of those was William Hauptmann's Gillette which is a play about the city. [Newspaper-Village_Voice-Pigskin_Studio-2002]


Weekly World News

Weekly World News helped redefine the word tabloid with its outrageous fake stories, but beyond the cover many of the articles inside were collections of weird news based in fact.

Crimewatch: Pretty High School Teacher Caught Up In Lurid Sex Scandal

Newspaper cover Cheryl Trover a math teacher was cheating on her husband John Trover and planned to kill her husband. She created an elaborate fake story of a man breaking into their home, stabbing and shooting her husband, tying up her children, and raping her. Her own children identified her as the person who tied them up and when police found the murder weapon she killed herself. [Newspaper-Weekly_News-Crimewatch_Pretty-1999]


Ask Christie: Hollywood Answer Girl!

Newspaper cover Carl T. of Gillette asked when were we going to see actor Tom Hanks play something different than his usual roles as a good guy. [Newspaper-Weekly_News-Ask_Christie-2000]


Christie ... Hollywood's Answer Girl

Newspaper cover Terri N. from Gillette wrote in asking if rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers) pistol whipped a man who was kissing his wife Kim (Kimberly Anne Scott) and if someone tried to kill Kim. [Newspaper-Weekly_News-Christie_Hollywood-2000]


Hijacked Bulldozer Tears Through Town and Does $3 Million Damage

Newspaper cover A 24-year-old electrician in Gillette named John Thompson stole a bulldozer and proceeded to destroy cars, power polls, and trees before the bulldozer crashed into an apartment building. Police tried to stop him by shooting the radiator with a shotgun with no effect. They didn't know what his motive was, though no one was injured and Thompson was caught. [Newspaper-Weekly_News-Hijacked_Bulldozer-1981]


Mom Chopped Her Babies' Head Off, Say Cops

Newspaper cover Laura Lee Rice used a large butcher knife to decapitate her 15-month-old and 4-month-old daughters in Gillette. She thought the children were clones and if she killed them then her real children would come back. The father Daniel Runyon found his daughter's head in a plastic bag. [Newspaper-Weekly_News-Mom_Chopped-1989]


Police Beat: Kid Breaks Into Homes to Steal Porn!

Newspaper cover A 17-year-old in Gillette broke into homes to watch porn paid for by checks he stole earlier. [Newspaper-Weekly_News-Police_Beat-2003]



Gillette Avenue Postcards

What is now considered the historic downtown area on Gillette Avenue was the subject of many of the Gillette postcards especially before more hotels and motels were built on Highway 14/16.

Business Section of Gillette, Wyoming

Card front "Business Section of Gillette, Wyoming Pop. 3,580. Elev. 4,544 ft [1,385 meters]. County Seat of Campbell County and trading center of one of Wyoming's largest ranching areas. Also the center of hunting." [Postcard-Business_Section-1] [Postcard-Business_Section-2]


Campbell Co. C.H. Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Campbell Co. C.H. Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Campbell_Co]


East Side, Gillette Ave. - Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "East Side, Gillette Ave. - Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-East_Side]


Gillette Ave - Looking North - Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Gillette Ave - Looking North - Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Gillette_Ave-North]


Gillette Ave. - Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Gillette Ave. - Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Gillette_Ave]


Gillette Ave., Looking North, Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Gillette Ave., Looking North, Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Gillette_North]


Gillette Ave., Looking South, Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Gillette Ave., Looking South, Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Gillette_South]


Gillette Avenue Gillette, Wyoming

Postcard front "Gillette Ave. Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Gillette_Avenue-1] [Postcard-Gillette_Avenue-2]


Gillette, Wyoming (Campbell County Courthouse)

Postcard front "Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Gillette_Wyoming-Courthouse]


Gillette, Wyoming (Gillette Avenue)

Postcard front "Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Gillette_Wyoming-Gillette_Avenue]


Gillette, Wyoming (The Home of the Antelope)

Cart front "Gillette, Wyoming, "The Home of the Antelope," is on a direct route between the beautiful Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. It is the seat of Campbell County which is rich in coal, uranium and bentonite mining, and oil production. It is, and always has been, primarily a ranching community producing highest quality market and feeder cattle and sheep." [Postcard-Gillette_Wyoming-Antelope-1] [Postcard-Gillette_Wyoming-Antelope-2]


Looking South on Gillette Ave, Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Looking South on Gillette Ave, Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Looking_South]


Main St. Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Main St. Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Main_St]


Main Street - Gillette, Wyo. (1)

Postcard front "Main Street - Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Main_Street-Melody]


Main Street - Gillette, Wyo. (2)

Postcard front "Main Street - Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Main_Street-North]


Main Street Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Main Street Gillette, Wyo. [Postcard-Main_Street-Corner]


Main Street Looking South - Gillette, Wyo

Postcard front "Main Street Looking South - Gillette, Wyo" [Postcard-Main_Looking]


Street Scene Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Street Scene Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Street_Wyo]


Street Scene Gillette, Wyoming (1)

Postcard front "Street Scene Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Street_Scene-1-1] [Postcard-Street_Scene-1-2]


Street Scene Gillette, Wyoming (2)

Postcard front "Street Scene Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Street_Scene-2-1] [Postcard-Street_Scene-2-2]


String Team - Gillette, Wyo.

Card front String Team - Gillette, Wyo. [Postcard-String_Team]


Untitled (Blizzard of 1922)

Card front After blizzard of 1922 [Postcard-Untitled-Blizzard-1922]


Untitled (Snowy Street Scene)

Postcard front Untitled [Postcard-Untitled-Snowy_Scene-1927]


West Side Main Street. Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "West Side Main Street. Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-West_Main]


West Side, Gillette Ave., Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front West Side, Gillette Ave., Gillette, Wyo. [Postcard-West_Gillette]


West Side - Gillette Ave - Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front West Side - Gillette Ave - Gillette, Wyo. [Postcard-West_Ave]


Hotel Postcards

Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Gillette_Wyo-Goings_Hotel]


Goings Hotel - Gillette, Wyoming

Postcard front "Goings Hotel - Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Goings_Hotel]


Sam Goings Behind the Front Desk in the Lobby of the Goings Hotel

Postcard front "Sam Goings behind the front desk in the lobby of the Goings Hotel" [Postcard-Sam_Goings]


Mining Postcards


Today Wyodak is an unincorporated community that includes Wyodak Power Plant. North of the plant is Wyodak Mine. Several postcards feature the mining operations there.

The Wyodak Coal Mine

Card front The Wyodak Coal Mine along U.S. Highway 14-16 and Interstate 90, and east of Gillette, Wyoming, 6 miles is the largest strip coal mine in the world, and has long been a major industry in Campbell County. Black Hills Power & Light Company's electrical generating plant supplies electrical power to Gillette, and a 3 county R.E.A. line area." [Postcard-The_Wyodak]


Wyodak Coal Mine - Largest of its Kind

Card front "Wyodak Coal Mine - Largest of its Kind Gillette, Wyoming". [Postcard-Wyodak_Largest]


Wyodak Coal Mine, Gillette, Wyoming (1)

Card front "Wyodak Coal Mine, Gillette, Wyoming "Largest Open Strip Mine in the World"" [Postcard-Wyodak_Gillette-1]


Wyodak Coal Mine, Gillette, Wyoming (2)

Card front Front "Wyodak Coal Mine, Gillette, Wyoming". Back "Wonderful Wyoming. The Wyodak Coal Mine, is located just east of Gillette, Wyoming, known as the largest lignite deposit in the world, and has long been a major industry in Campbell County." [Postcard-Wyodak_Gillette-2]


Wyodak Coal Mine

Card front Front "Wyodak Resources Development Corp Wyodak Coal Lump-Stoker Open 24 hrs Closed Sundays & Holidays". Back "Wyodak Coal Mine, is six miles [9.65 kilometers] east of Gillette, Wyoming. The open pit mine is the largest known lignite deposit in the world, and has long been a major industry in Campbell County. Black Hills Power & Light Company's electrical generating plant supplies electrical energy to Gillette and R.E.A. lines extending over a three-county area." [Postcard-Wyodak_Mine-3-1] [Postcard-Wyodak_Mine-3-2]


Motel Postcards

Arrowhead Motel

Arrowhead Motel (1)

Card front "Arrowhead Motel Gillette, Wyoming on United States Highway 14 & 16 Enjoy modern new units at reasonable rates in a friendly western cow town. Good cafe and service station across street. Antelope [pronghorn] and deer hunting. See our Indian artifact and rock collection. Kitchenettes - Air Condition. Phone MU 2-4853. Ralph and Dot Kintz, owners and operators." [Postcard-Arrowhead_Motel-1]


Arrowhead Motel (2)

Card front "Arrowhead Motel Gillette, Wyoming on United States Highway 14 - 16 & Interstate 90 25 air conditioned units - Telephones - TV's and Kitchenettes. Enjoy modern new units at reasonable rates in a friendly western cow town. Good cafe and service station across street. See our Indian Artifact and Rock Collection. Antelope and deer hunting. Phone 307-682-9327. Post Office Box 402 Ralph and Dot Kintz, owners and operators" [Postcard-Arrowhead_Motel-2]


Corner Motel

The Corner Motel

Card front "Ralph and Bessie Holmes Modern Units - Air-Conditioned and Reasonable Rates. Located Between Black Hills and Big Horn Mountains on Interstate 90 and U. S. Highways 14 and 16 - Also Wyo. Highway 59. Phone 682-3279 - Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Corner_Motel-1] [Postcard-Corner_Motel-2]


The Corner Motel, Gillette, Wyoming

Card front "The Corner Motel, Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Corner_Gillette]


Greetings From Corner Motel Gillette Wyoming

Card front "Greetings From Corner Motel Gillette Wyoming" [Postcard-Greetings_Corner]


Gillette Cottage Motel

Card front "U.S. Hwys. 14 & 16 410 W. 2nd St. P.O. Box 1034 Gillette, Wyo. Modern - some Kitchenettes - Hunters - Tourists Welcome Ted, Opal & Cathy Hughes - Owners & Operators," [Postcard-Gillette_Cottage]


Gillette College Park

Card front "Gillette Cottage Park, East Gillette on Highway 14 and 16. Clean comfortable Modern Cabins, with Inner Spring Mattresses. T. C. Wassenberg, Manager." [Postcard-Gillette_Park]


Gillette Motel

Gillette Motel (1)

Card front "Gillette Motel 231 E. 2nd St., Gillette, Wyo. Highway 14 & 16. Two blocks from Downtown. 3 Modern Units - Tiled Showers - Wall to Wall Carpeting - Phones & T. V. - Air Conditioned - Steam Heat. Phone Mutual 2 4781. Everyone Welcome. Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Lowery, Owners" [Postcard-Gillette_Motel-1-1] [Postcard-Gillette_Motel-1-2]


Gillette Motel (2)

Card front "Gillette Motel - 32 Units - Highways 14 & 16 - Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Gillette_Motel-2]


Gillette Motel (3)

Card front "Gillette Motel - 32 Units - Highways 14 & 16 - Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Gillette_Motel-3]


Gillette Motel, Gillette, Wyoming

Card front Front "East Wing Gillette Motel, Gillette, Wyoming". Back "Gillette Motel 231 East 2nd St., Gillette, Wyoming Highway 14 & 16. Two blocks east of Main St. 32 units. 10 with kitchenettes, gas range and Frigidaires. Tiled showers -- carpets -- air conditioning -- steam and hot air heat. Phone: 84. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Lowery, Owners." [Postcard-Motel_Gillette-1] [Postcard-Motel_Gillette-2]


Green Trim Court

Card front "Green Trim Court - Highway 59 - Gillette, Wyo. - Phone 530"


Koala Tepee Gillette, Wyo.

Postcard front "Koala Tepee Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Koala_Tepee]


Kola Motel

Card front "Kola Motel Deer and Antelope Hunters' paradise in center of town on Highways 14 and 16. Member A. M. H. A. P. O. Box 776, Tel. 107, Gillette, Wyoming." [Postcard-Kola_Motel]


Sands Motor Lodge

Several similar postcards were made with photos of Sands Motor Lodge also known simply as the Sands. The Sands is no longer around, but the building is still a motel. Later owners painted over the brick and removed the sign. Both were examples of motel Googie architecture.

Sands Motor Lodge (1)

Card front "Sands Motor Lodge U.S. Highways 14-16 And I-90 Gillette, Wyoming 56 air conditioned unites -- TV -- 24 hr. phones -- heated swimming pool -- convention and banquet facilities -- coffee shop -- dining room and lounge. Phone: 682-9341" [Postcard-Sands_Lodge-1]


Sands Motor Lodge (2)

Card front Sands Motor Lodge U.S. Highways 14-16 And I-90 Gillette, Wyoming 56 air conditioned unites -- TV -- 24 hr. phones -- heated swimming pool -- convention and banquet facilities -- coffee shop -- dining room and lounge. Phone: 682-9341" [Postcard-Sands_Lodge-2]


Sands Motor Lodge (3)

Card front "Sands Motor Lodge U.S. Highways 14-16 Gillette, Wyoming 56 air conditioned units -- TV -- 24 hr. phones -- heated swimming pool -- convention and banquet facilities -- coffee shop -- dining room and lounge. Phone: 682-9341" [Postcard-Sands_Lodge-3]


Gillette, Wyoming, "The Home of the Antelope,"

Card front "Gillette, Wyoming, "The Home of the Antelope," boasts well over 6,000 population. The natural resources of coal and oil and many large cattle and sheep ranches keep this little town bustling. Gillette is famous for its antelope and deer hunting, along with that, the fisherman will find a delight. Many fine restaurants and motels, city park, swimming pool and campground accomodate guests." [Postcard-Gillette_Sands-1] [Postcard-Gillette_Sands-2] [Postcard-Gillette_Sands-3]


Spur Motel

Card front "Spur Motel 23 Units - Air Conditioned, Kitchenettes Tubs and Showers Located on Highways U.S. 14 & 16 West Side of Town -- Phone 682-3181 Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-Spur_Motel]


Triangle Motor Lodge--Hiways 14 & 16--Gillette, Wyo.

Card front "Triangle Motor Lodge--Highways 14 & 16--Gillette, Wyo. Hot Water Heat--Air Conditioning. Just A Day's Drive To Yellowstone Park Home of the Antelope Hunt Telephone MU 2-4793 Mrs. S. M. Lowery (Owner)" [Postcard-Triangle_Wyo-1] [Postcard-Triangle_Wyo-2]


Triangle Motor Lodge, Hiways 14 & 16, Gillette, Wyoming

Card front "Triangle Motor Lodge, Hiways 14 & 16, Gillette, Wyoming Hot Water Heat - Air-Conditioning Just A Days Drive To Yellowstone Park Home Of The Antelope Hunt Telephone - 239" [Postcard-Triangle_Wyoming]


Western Motel

Card front "Western Motel U.S. Highways 14 and 16 and Interstate 90 Gillette, Wyoming 23 air conditioned units, hot water heat, 24 hour phones, ice, heated swimming pool. Free cable TV in every room. Phone (307) 682-4744. [Postcard-Western_Motel-1] [Postcard-Western_Motel-2]


The Wyoming Motel

Card front "For The Best In Western Hospitality The Wyoming Motel on U. S. Highway 14 and 16 in Gillette, Wyoming, with Room Phones, Tiled Tub and Shower Combination, and Free TV and Coffee. Stay with friendly Jim and Naomi Morrow, Phone 682-4785, Gillette, Wyoming. [Postcard-Wyoming_Motel-1] [Postcard-Wyoming_Motel-2]


School Postcards

The building was previously the Campbell County High School and now it is Twin Spruce Junior High School.

Campbell County High School

Postcard front "Campbell County High School, Gillette, Wyoming. Building has eleven recitation rooms, one large study hall, domestic science, sewing and manual training rooms, gymnasium and auditorium. Steam heated, automatic ventilation modern plumbing and fire-proof stairs and hall ways. Built of concrete and brick and covers 14,000 square feet [4,267.2 square meters] of ground, cost $110,000 [$1,533,572.07 in March 2018]. Randall & Jordon Architects" [Postcard-Campbell_School-Architect]


Campbell County High School, Gillette, Wy

Postcard front "Campbell County High School, Gillette, Wy" [Postcard-Campbell_School-Gillette]


Gill Grade School

Card front "Gill Grade School Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Gill_School]


Grade School Gillette, Wyoming

Card front "Grade School Gillette, Wyo." [Postcard-Grade_School]


High School Gillette, Wyoming

Card front "High School Gillette, Wyoming" [Postcard-High_School]