Gillette, Wyoming in fiction

Much of the research into Gillette ends up being historical. While it can be funny or exciting it is fiction that aims to entertain. These works of fiction are another way of seeing Gillette through the eyes of others. It doesn’t take long to know if the author picked the name off a map having never stepped foot in Wyoming.

As in real life, Gillette typically only plays a minor role in most works. No movie has ever featured Gillette for more than a passing moment. Books rarely stop longer necessary while traveling through the West. Those that do repeat stereotypes about Gillette being a bleak and dark place. Unless, of course, it instead repeats a stereotype that all of Wyoming must be full of mountains and forest-filled wilderness. If you don't understand that remark then know Gillette is an isolated city in the treeless high plains, but it isn't flat.

I have listed works containing even the most minor of mentions. But what can we do with such a list of fictional works about Gillette? Maybe nothing. Maybe enjoy them. Well, assuming they are actually worth going through.

Updated July 30, 2022
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B.A.D. Agency - #4 Silent Truth

In this spy thriller romance a character drives from Buffalo, Wyoming, to Gillette and then flies to Chicago, Illinois. Another character says they have items in a bank vault in Gillette. Later, another calls a medical center in Gillette. None of these three references have any importance.

Celestial Justice series

Celestial Justice is an erotic gay series for adults. When I asked Serena Yates to confirm if the books were about Gillette she wrote this back to me.

what an interesting project. And yes, all three novellas are set in Gillette, Wyoming. Taharial's Struggle is set there entirely (well, Heaven and there), in Sachael's Test the main characters end up there, and in Mihael's Trial they start off in Santa Fe but also end up in Gillette and all six main characters stay there as their new center of activity. So yes, Gillette is pretty important.

Celestial Justice - #4 Taharial's Struggle

The author told me this book is almost entirely set in Gillette.

Celestial Justice - #5 Sachael's Test

The author told me characters in this book end up in Gillette.

Celestial Justice - #6 Mihael's Trial

The author told me the main characters in this book start in Santa Fe, New Mexico and end up in Gillette.

A Couple is Three

In a story about 3-way relationship between two boys and one girl chapter 39 is both titled and takes place in Gillette. The author did research to make the story accurate and even apologizes in the footnotes for any mistakes.

Creekside Story: Moonwalker: Pferd Der Freiheit

Pferd Der Freiheit (Horse of Freedom) is a young adult book written in German. There are several minor mentions of Gillette for the coal mining and travel. One of the characters wears a jacket that says "Rodeo Club Gillette Wyoming".

I spoke with the author of the Creekside Story book series Ulrike Dietmann about the Gillette references and this was her response.

I actually spent a whole year in wonderful Gillette, Wyoming, visiting the Campbell County High School as an exchange student in 1980. It was an unforgettable experience.

The memories of the life and people I met there, inspired me many years later, after I had become a professional author, to write three books on the Wyoming Horse world. I have been back to Gillette and Wyoming several times since, doing research for the books. The books; play on the Lake ranch not far from Gillette.

The books are for riders and horse people from the age of 12 on and portrait the life on a typical Wyoming ranch, the riding activities like branding, cattle driving, rodeo, and the deep love for horses and nature. The main characters of the three books are young women who meet the challenges of life in the prairie and falling in love for the first time in their lives.

Dark Angel - #1 Before the Dawn

Chapter 1 is set in the past when the characters were children at the Manticore facility in Gillette.

Dark Angel - #3 After the Dark

Max remembers the night in Gillette when she escaped Manticore and was helped by a nurse of the same facility who took her in.

Daybreak - #1 Directive 51

About 20 pages scattered across part 1 are set in Gillette as the story bounces around the country. Gillette as a setting does not seem important. All the parts about Gillette aren't just fictional, but also completely made up. None of the businesses have existed in the city and the scenery described are not commonly found in the area.

Destroyer - #92 The Last Dragon

A murderer was living in Gillette and was later killed while hunting pronghorn north of the city. The book mistakenly thinks Devils Tower is in Gillette. Also, the animals being hunted in the book are called pronghorn, but the book calls them pronghorned antelope. That is also wrong.

Eileen Reed - #3 Thirteenth Skull

Gillette is mentioned in passing a few times as people are either coming or going to the city.

Elite Dragoons - #2 Nicole's Military Men

In the book Gillette becomes a city large and tough enough to field Japanese criminals, sex slavery, and internet cafes. The depiction of Gillette is so wildly different from reality it borders on comedy while the book itself appears at first glance to be little more than literary porn.


American soldiers carved and scrawled graffiti in a phone booth in Iraq. One of them had made a nude image of a fictional women from Gillette.

At any given time, a choir of babble fills the phone center, punctuated by the occasional slam down of a receiver. The voices rise and fall, rise and fall. As they ride the wave of sound, some soldiers doodle on the wooden cubbyholes with knives and pens, carving names and anatomies of certain girls left behind. Even today, if you over there, you'll find--just below the motto Saddam suxx–an impressive nude study of a Miss Sammie Grafton of Gillette, Wyoming.

The Girl in the Box - #4 Family

Gillette is mentioned in passing saying a character had left Gillette before committing some robberies along the way.

The Greys of Montana - #1 Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy

One of the characters in the book lives in a run down trailer park in Gillette. I asked author Megan Crane about the Gillette reference and she responded with this.

I'm not surprised there are a lot of romance novels that mention Gillette. We romance writers and readers love our western cities-and our cowboys!

Why I picked Gillette: I needed the hero to come from a place that it would make sense for the heroine to think about while she drove from Denver to a fictional town near Bozeman, Montana, which meant I wanted something in Wyoming. And I picked Gillette because I thought a smaller western city with a mining background made a nice contrast between the character Dare's somewhat desperate roots with his current lofty, intellectual pursuits.

The Highway - #2 The Highway

A prostitute said she was attacked at a truck stop in Gillette. The reference isn't important to the story.

Home on the Ranch - The Man From Blue River

A character tries to remember the last city she ate at. It was either Gillette or Sheridan, Wyoming.

Hope Springs - #1 Second Chance Ranch

A character flew from Nashville, Tennessee, to Gillette. The plane experienced turbulence along the way. Immediately afterwards she left the city in a truck.

Jesse Stone - #1 Night Passage

One of the minor characters is from Gillette and all the other references of the city are about Jesse Stone driving towards Gillette. None of the mentions appear important to the story. The 2006 movie Jessie Stone: Night Passage based on this book does not mention Gillette.

Joe Pickett - #1 Open Season

The book says Joe Pickett and another game warden were permanent trainees in Gillette in the past. This is the only mention of Gillette and it is not important to the story.

Joe Pickett - #4 Trophy Hunt

One of the characters is from Gillette, but it is not important to the story.

Joe Pickett - #6 In Plain Sight

A character says sandbags for a flash flood are being brought in from Gillette. It is not important to the story.

Kiss the Morning Star

Two young women traveling across the United States stop in a fictional Gillette. They describe it as a tiny town with little more than dust storms and a small oil change shop.


During a road trip that crosses Wyoming a character lies about barrel racing in Gillette as a kid.

The Legend of Colton H Bryant

Gillette is mentioned once when the book refers to the Gillette Syndrome a term coined by ElDean V. Kohrs. Gillette appears again in a story about a driller's helper from a Volunteers of America program. The man had his arms ripped off in an accident. Remember that the story is fiction.

Liv Bergen Mystery - #3 Widow's Might

A character tries to remember someone who lived in either Sundance, Wyoming or Gillette.

Motor - #3 Checkered Flag Cheater

Chapter 7 is partially set in a fictional Gillette. Some of the places such as the Gillette Thunder Speedway exist in real life. Others such as Denny's are made up.

On the Rez

Rez in the title is slang for an American Indian reservation. The book is loosely a fictional biography about life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In the book a man worked as a section hand on railroad lines for Northern Pacific in Gillette. Which city he worked in wasn't important.

Outlaw Valley

Gillette plays a minor role in the story. It appears in only one paragraph about an outlaw passing through.

The Powwow Highway

On a road trip characters stop off in Gillette to use the restroom and buy gas, candy, and a porn magazine at a fictional business called U-TOTE-UM. Part of this scene appears in the movie by the same name.

Protecting the Source

A character flying a plane follows the interstate to Gillette. The city is only mentioned in passing.

The Real Life Diary of a Boomtown Girl

Verified, but haven't read it yet.

Rough Riders - #2 Rode Hard, Put Up Wet

A fictional foundry in Gillette is referenced several times, but it was unimportant to the story.

Rough Riders - #4 Tied Up, Tied Down

A character gets a piece of mail with no return address. It was post marked Gillette.

Sideways - #2 Vertical

Characters travel through Gillette on a road trip. It's briefly described as a place that had "surrendered to one of the worst methamphetamine epidemics in the country".

Sunny Randall - #4 Melancholy Baby

Money is wired from a fictional Wellington Bank in Gillette. Neither Gillette or the bank play an important role in the story.

To Be A Mother

Gillette is mentioned several times as a place characters come or go from, but it isn't important to the story.

An Unfortunate Prairie Occurrence

A missing character's car is found empty in Gillette. Nothing more is said about the city.

Van Shaw - #1 Past Crimes

A character supposedly had a job in Gillette and was leaving the city by car. This detail isn't important.

A Walt Longmire Mystery - #1 The Cold Dish

The book mentions Gillette a few times, though none of these are important. One character says the Christmas decorations in Gillette are ugly.

Wyoming: A Novel

Gillette is described as a rough and ugly boomtown due to coal and oil production. It is mentioned a few more times for its bars, but it does not play a role in the story.

Fan fiction

Fan fiction is a story based on a popular work of fiction written by fans. In fan fiction an "x" means a crossover or a blend of fictional universes. For example, Buffy x Dark Angel is a story that mixes the world of the TV shows Buffy and Dark Angel.


Dark Angel fan fiction

Several chapters are set in Gillette, though little is said about the city.

Crossing Paths

Dark Angel x Supernatural fan fiction

The Australian author imagined a poorly maintained cemetery in the middle of Gillette with a second one on the outskirts. There is also a reference to a "Campbell County Hospital".

There is a real cemetery in the middle of Gillette called Mount Pisgah Cemetery, but it is well maintained. The county is planning on building a second one on the outskirts called Mount Nebo Cemetery. The hospital's full name is Campbell County Memorial Hospital.

Hunter Arcana

Supernatural fan fiction

Hunter Arcana is a one of the few fan fictions to include fan art. It mentions Gillette, but it isn't important to the story.

In The Wind

Longmire fan fiction

A character hires an unnamed lawyer from Gillette.

L'ennemi Cache

Dark Angel fan fiction

L'ennemi Cache (The Hidden Enemy) is a French fan fiction. It is set at the Manticore facility in Gillette.

The Last Outpost of All That Is

Supernatural fan fiction

The characters in the story pass by Gillette while traveling on Interstate 90.

Left Behind

Dark Angel fan fiction

While the entire story takes place in Gillette the characters never leave the Manticore facility. Nothing is said about the city.

Manticore Remodeled

Dark Angel fan fiction

This story takes place entirely in Gillette and the Manticore facility. The author, 13-year-old Brittany Cooper listed the story as humor. She tried to imagine Gillette as a big city with gigantic schools, luxury apartments, street prostitutes, and 24 story buildings.


Supernatural fan fiction

Marks is less of a story and more of a story fragment. While Gillette is part of the story it doesn't play an important role.

Now and Then

The Southern Vampire Mysteries fan fiction

Parts of the story are set in Gillette.

Pour te Comprendre

Dark Angel fan fiction

A few parts of Pour te Comprendre (To Understand You) in the early chapters take place in Gillette at the Manticore facility. This fan fiction is written in French.

Project Monticora

Dark Angel fan fiction

Project Monticora is an absolutely massive fan fiction coming in at over 300,000 words. That puts it up there in length with Don Quixote, The Fountainhead, Ulysses, or the entire Narnia series. Not a light read.

The story recaps what is said in the Dark Angel TV show. Several children escape a facility in Gillette which was called Manticore. The TV episode Heat reveals the facility was a strategic air command base and when it was shutdown the staff was reassigned. All of this is repeated by the author.


Dark Angel fan fiction

Half of this story is set in Gillette during season 2 of the TV show. It's about a soldier turned guerrilla fighter.

Shield's Bride

Sailor Moon fan fiction

The story takes place in a fictional town called Weaver, Wyoming. It mentions Gillette a few times in passing. Gillette is never described in any detail.

Simon Says

Captain America x The Avengers fan fiction

A character has a psychotic break and finds themselves living in Sleepy Hollow working at Walmart in Gillette.

Two Crows Joy

Brokeback Mountain fan fiction

The story revolves around the main characters from the film. Gillette plays an increasingly important role as the story progresses. The Holiday Inn mentioned is not downtown. It is on Cliff Davis Drive just off East Boxelder Road near Wyoming Highway 59 and Interstate 90. Also, the airport might be considered a regional, but its name is not Gillette Regional. It is was Gillette-Campbell County Airport at the time this was written.

The Wound of Sorrow

Dark Angel fan fiction

Half of chapter 1 is about the Manticore facility in Gillette in the past. Nothing new is said about Gillette that the TV show didn't cover.


Buffy x Dark Angel fan fiction

The first two chapters are set in Gillette, but only because the TV show says the Manticore facility is in Gillette.

X5 593

Dark Angel fan fiction

While most of the story is set in Gillette it only takes place inside the Manticore facility.


James Cameron's Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a video game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 based on the TV show. The opening scene shows the Manticore facility which the show said was in Gillette. The game never explicitly says Gillette unlike the TV show and book based on the show.

A brief part of the intro shows the children at the Manticore facility in the video game Dark Angel. The TV show by the same name says the facility is in Gillette.


Bright Angel

Gillette is said to be half a day by car or 20 years by bus. This scene was filmed at a bus station in Casper which in reality is about 2 ½ hours by car and 20 years by bus.

The only scene in this road trip movie that mentions Gillette happens near the end. One of the characters is offered a job to work on the oil rigs near Gillette, but first they have to prove their worth by fighting their future employer.

Outlaws is Coming

The Three Stooges were a trio of comedians known for their slapstick routines and short films. Outlaws is Coming is set in the Old West. It's one of their rare full-length movies. There are two scenes of buffalo near the beginning and end of the movie. Those were filmed at Bud Basolo's ranch which has a Gillette address. The credits thank Bud Basolo and the B-Bar-B Ranch.

Screencap of Outlaws is Coming credits thanking Bud Basolo and the B-Bar-B ranch.
The credits thank Bud Basolo and the B-Bar-B ranch.

Today, the ranch is owned by the Flocchini family and it's called the Durham Buffalo Ranch. It sits right at the edge of what is considered Gillette right next to Wright, Wyoming.

Powwow Highway

Two Cheyenne Indians take a road trip from Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana to New Mexico. They briefly go through Gillette. The book the movie is based on describes a longer scene where one of the men goes to buy a porn magazine at a fictional business called U-TOTE-UM.

Gillette is shown from Interstate 90 on ramp to the intersection of Wyoming Highway 50 and US 14/16. Pizza Hut and Campbell County Memorial Hospital are in the background.

Short stories

The Case of the Bloodless Sock

Jane Watson leaves London and visits her rich uncle in Gillette. While there Professor Moriarty kidnaps Jane's cousin then releases her promising to continue to kidnap and release her again and again. It is part of scheme to demoralize the uncle and force him to sell all his shares in the local mines. Doing so would lower the price of the stocks and allow Moriarty to buy them cheap. Sherlock Holmes comes to Gillette and deduces Moriarty only kidnapped the girl once and hypnotized her to trigger new memories whenever the ice cream man played his songs.

I contacted the author Anne Perry about why she used Gillette. The response I got was from someone representing her. They told me she didn't remember the story because so many years had passed since then.

Oil & Gas

I find the story difficult to describe other than as a surreal and fragmented collection of thoughts. It's from the point of view of a nurse at Campbell County Memorial Hospital's emergency room.

TV shows

Dark Angel - S01E00 Pilot

In the opening scene genetically engineered kids attempt to escape a secret government lab called Manticore. The text on the screen says Gillette, Wyoming 2009; 10 years before the show was set in 2019. That single mention is the basis of all Gillette references in the entire Dark Angel universe. The commentary track on the DVD said the escape scene was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. Later in the episode Gillette is mentioned again when the main character works with a private investigator to research her past.

Some of the children are caught as they attempt to escape Manticore.
10 years later Max enlists the help of a private investigator to find the woman who helped her escape.

Dark Angel - S01E01 Heat

The episode opens with the children escaping Manticore and it says Gillette, Wyoming 2009 on the screen. Later, a character says that a Strategic Air Command base at Gillette was shutdown in 2009 which was the past for the characters. During the SAC base scene a list of names appears, but these are likely either fictional or names of the cast and crew as part of an easter egg.

Dark Angel - S02E01 Designate This

Because this was the first episode in a new season a recap is given at the beginning telling the story of Manticore saying it was in Gillette. After a few scenes and the intro a character mentions going through physical rehabilitation at the Veterans Affairs in Gillette.

Dream West

Dream West is a 3 part western miniseries about explorer John C. Fremont. According to Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century a scene with buffalo was filmed at the Durham Buffalo Ranch. The ranch has a Gillette address.


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