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We fulfill photo requests posted on Find A Grave in Gillette, Wyoming and as we travel. The photos here are the unedited versions.


The purpose of this page is to host the unedited versions of the photos on Find A Grave which has an 8 MiB file size limit. Many of the photos exceed that so I had to recompress them at a lower quality before uploading to that website.

Find A Grave has cemetery records, some genealogy, virtual memorials, and photos of graves and cemeteries. Family, friends, and genealogists use the site to see the markers of those they can't visit or to complete their research. They can request photos and that is where we come in.

We do our best to photograph the graves with the same quality as the other photo sections on this website. Due to the weather, shade, or unevenness of the marker on its base they may not be excellent, but the photos will be in focus, high resolution, centered, and readable. Reflective markers will be at an angle to prevent us from being in the photo.

If you need a photo of a cemetery or grave then use Find A Grave to make a request. If it's in the Gillette area or a place we travel to we will try to fulfill it.


We try not to trample all over the graves and don't touch or clean the markers and items left behind. Despite that it takes some walking, kneeling, squatting, and hovering to get the shot. The photos are for friends, family, and researchers so the person wont die the final death of being forgotten. If the dead or living are watching we hope you understand.

The full sized photos are licensed as WTFPL version 2.

Grave Photos

The names and dates in the tables is what appears on the markers. The information on the markers may be wrong. The photo label is based on my intention. If I intended to capture the marker and blur the background it will be shown as marker even if it is an area shot. Area shots are when I stand further away to capture fences, statues, and possibly show nearby markers. Photos labeled back mean the back of the marker.

Campbell County, Wyoming

Mount Pisgah Cemetery

On a hill in the center of Gillette, Wyoming is Mount Pisgah. It is the biggest cemetery for Campbell County with thousands of people buried there. Graves date back to a little over 125 years ago.

Front gate
Front gate

We plan to finish photographing and eventually supplement all the other photos for this cemetery on Find A Grave. Aside from grave photos the place is peaceful and has several new gardens. The south end of the cemetery has a great view of Gillette south of the I-90 overpass over South Douglas Highway.

Name Birth Death Photo
Beck, Daniel D. 1957 1957 marker
Beck, David D. 1957 1957 marker
Beck, Emeria G. 1956 2003 marker
Brown, Ed 1890 1918 marker
Davis, J. F. 'Fred' 1883 1957 marker
Eberlein, Patrick James 1946 2009 marker
Garrett, Laurel ? 1961 marker
Gibson, Beatrice Mae 1905 1995 marker
Hatfield, Emory Verle 1918 1981 marker
Hatfield, Garland W. 1914 1943 marker, area
Hedlund, Iva Kay 1937 2011 marker
Howell, B. Duffield 1886 1957 marker
Keck, Barbara Rose 1945 1948 marker
Rodgers, Jimmie D. 1937 2016 marker
Rose, Demitria M 2011 2012 marker
Stuckey, Willam F. 1966 2003 marker


Recluse Cemetery

Front gate
Front gate

For around every 10 people in the cemetery there is 1 living in Recluse, Wyoming which has a population of 7. The photo of the gate is straight, but the cemetery is on a hill. If you noticed the stones are wet that is because it was raining that day. The weather doesn't care if you drove out of the way to see a cemetery.

Name Birth Death Photo
Amende, Albert 1869 1963 marker
Amende, Selma 1843 1918 area
Barbe, Dorie Joshua 1984 2000 area
Crose, Kendel Boyd 1944 2008 marker
Cumpton, Harley W. 1893 1946 marker
Howard, Hattie Mae 1893 1942 marker
Howard, Retha Mae 1914 1922 marker
Howard, Ruthie M 1919 1919 marker
McClure, Duane 1935 2013 marker
Odekoven, Edna F 1921 2011 marker
Owen, Robert Slim 1891 1921 marker, area
Ross, Verna 1910 1933 marker, area
Snyder, Basil E 1888 1935 marker, area
Tays, Ida E. 1879 1940 marker
Tays, William L. 1875 1954 marker


Crook County, Wyoming

Beulah Cemetery

Beulah Cemetery was easy to find because it can be seen from Interstate 90. It is named after the city as many others are.

Front gate
Front gate

When driving through the town we saw a dead snake on the road and found a shed snake skin a couple feet long in the cemetery. I hope it they were harmless snakes that eat bugs and not rattlesnakes. Ant hills have mounds sometimes a foot high on the graves. There are holes and uneven ground everywhere. Most rural cemeteries are like this.

Name Birth Death Photo
Blakeman, Roger D. 1944 2016 marker
Ericsson, Karen K. 1947 1999 marker
Julian, John 1932 2016 marker, area
McDowell, Lew Michael 1969 2017 marker


Moorcroft Cemetery

Moorcroft Cemetery named after Moorcroft, Wyoming has hundreds of graves that date back over 100 years ago. I forgot to take a picture of the gate and area, maybe next time. The cemetery records are held at the town hall which is combined with the police department.

Name Birth Death Photo
Forney, David Clark 1890 1959 marker
Forney, Layton C. 1923 1990 marker
Garoutte, Helen Forney 1900 1968 marker
Scott, Henriett A. 1873 1961 marker
Scott, John P. 1871 1955 marker
Zimmerschied, Helen R. 1990 1998 marker
Zimmerschied, Thomas W. 1895 1948 marker


Pine Haven Area Cemetery

Front gate
Front gate

Pine Haven Area Cemetery is in the small rural town of Pine Haven, Wyoming. The cemetery is down a dirt trail off to the side of the road. It is well maintained and has a fancy gate for such a small cemetery. The oldest marker here is dated 1988.

Sign near road
Sign near road
Name Birth Death Photo
Allen, Steven 1971 2005 marker
Bingham, Lightning Leo 1958 2013 back
Ellerton, Dwayne L. "Dewey" 1944 2012 marker
O'Dell, Ronald J 1961 2008 marker
Woinarowicz, Gregory J. 1955 2014 area


Sheridan County, Wyoming

Arvada Cemetery

Front gate
Front gate

Arvada Cemetery is right outside of Arvada, Wyoming which appeared to have many historical buildings, but had seen better days. The cemetery is on a road marked private, but an old timer told us we had the right to drive on it to reach the cemetery.

Name Birth Death Photo
Collins, Charles 1941 2015 marker
Malli, Carol Ann 1936 2015 marker
Malli, Lloyd 1936 2005 marker
Purves, Oscar 1894 1967 marker


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