Adblock Plus Filters

Supplemental filters to block ads, trackers, social networking, and other annoyances.

Mr. Satterly

Updated February 23, 2018

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The filter list has a couple thousand filters sorted into several groups and sub-groups. Some of the filters are broad regular expressions which can break sites, but keeps the list small and manageable. A single regular expression filter can equal tens or even hundreds of thousands of regular filters.

Filter Groups


Adblocking should be called web filtering, a firewall, content-control software, or any other number of things because adblockers can block anything from social icons to smooth scrolling scripts. Many lists block more than just advertisements. Even the word advertisement includes counters and trackers since most online advertisements are all of those and more.

uBlock Origin has a wiki explaining how to add 3rd-party filter lists, but beyond that there are too many adblockers available today to write how to use each of them. Read their documentation to understand how to import and edit lists.


I suggest you subscribe to the following filter lists. See the resources section for links. While my list has some overlap with these lists it is a supplement to them.

The Fanboy lists have white list filters that allows ads and trackers. Adblock Plus also has a built-in whitelist of what it calls acceptable ads that is on by default. White list filters override blocks from other lists. Disable any filters that get in your way.

Carefully read the Firefox hardening user.js in the other resources section. It has more information than I could give about securing and improving Firefox. I removed several filter groups because those features or defects can be disabled in the browser instead of breaking sites trying to block them. As absurd as it sounds browsers now ship with ads and tracking built into them so if you aren't using Firefox try to find a similar hardening guide.

The filter list is licensed as WTFPL version 2.

Other Resources


For now the only adblocker I can recommend is uBlock Origin. While it isn't perfect it is the best. I suggest using HTTPS Everywhere which redirects to HTTPS when available and Decentraleyes which redirects CDN requests to local files.

Privacy Badger is great, but it's detection of bad behavior is limited. If you followed the Firefox hardening guide it wont work because you exceeded what Privacy Badger offers.

List Management

Adblock Plus has a few nice tools to help manage either your own subscription or a large personal list.

Other Filter Lists

You need several filter lists to make browsing webpages tolerable these days.

Firefox Tweaks

Configuring Firefox is not only a great idea, but several options block ads, trackers, and other garbage better than some lists do.

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