Adblock Plus Filters

My supplemental Adblock Plus filters block ads, social buttons, trackers, crypto miners, trust seals, cookie warnings, and other annoyances. I use many regular expressions, a few domain filters, but no CSS or white list filters. The list works in any program that supports the Adblock Plus filter format which includes uBlock Origin.


File: abp_filters.txt
Size: ~50 kilobytes
Type: plain text


Adblocking should be called web filtering, a firewall, content-control software, or any other number of things because adblockers can block anything from social icons to smooth scrolling scripts. Many lists block more than just advertisements. Even the word advertisement includes counters and trackers since most online advertisements are all of those and more.

The filter list isn't a subscription because it lacks an update interval. Some ways to use the filters are copy individual filters, import as a custom list using the restore backup feature in Adblock Plus, and add as a subscription and manually update it.


I suggest you subscribe to the following filter lists. While my list has some overlap with these lists it is a supplement to them.

The Fanboy lists have white list filters that allows ads and trackers. Adblock Plus also has a built-in whitelist of what it calls acceptable ads that is on by default. White list filters override blocks from other lists. Disable any filters that get in your way.

Disable JavaScript because most of the garbage on websites relies on it. It is also insecure and you lose some privacy using it.

The filter list is licensed as WTFPL version 2.


Filter Groups

Removed Groups

I removed some filter groups because Firefox has the option to block or turn off features listed below. Most of those features and defects are documented on pages linked in resources. The settings I list here may not be the only ones that control those features.

I removed other filter groups because they broke too many sites. Here are some of them.

Beyond groups I have removed CSS filters. CSS attribute selectors are limited so it requires tens of thousands of them to do what 1 line of regular expressions can. Using that many is too slow in Firefox.



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